Judgment Ridge: The True Story Behind the Dartmouth Murders

Judgment Ridge: The True Story Behind the Dartmouth Murders By Dick Lehr Mitchell Zuckoff, Judgment Ridge The True Story Behind the Dartmouth Murders On a cold night in January the idyllic community of Dartmouth College was shattered by the discovery that two professors had been hacked to death in their own home Investigators searched helples
  • Title: Judgment Ridge: The True Story Behind the Dartmouth Murders
  • Author: Dick Lehr Mitchell Zuckoff
  • ISBN: 9780060008444
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Judgment Ridge: The True Story Behind the Dartmouth Murders By Dick Lehr Mitchell Zuckoff, On a cold night in January 2001, the idyllic community of Dartmouth College was shattered by the discovery that two professors had been hacked to death in their own home Investigators searched helplessly for clues linking the victims, Half and Susanne Zantop, to their murderer or murderers The residents of Hanover, New Hampshire, speculated endlessly could the killerOn a cold night in January 2001, the idyllic community of Dartmouth College was shattered by the discovery that two professors had been hacked to death in their own home Investigators searched helplessly for clues linking the victims, Half and Susanne Zantop, to their murderer or murderers The residents of Hanover, New Hampshire, speculated endlessly could the killer be a disgruntled student a spurned lover while the grisly nature of the crimes themselves destroyed, perhaps forever, the sanctity and invulnerability of their academic arcadia.By contrast, the hardscrabble community of nearby Chelsea, Vermont, was relatively unaffected The big news in Chelsea came when the school s basketball star scored his 1,000th point on a Friday, three weeks after the murders As parents and teenagers streamed into the night to celebrate after the game, a stunning scene stopped them in their tracks Outside the house of high school senior Robert Tulloch were the flashing lights of a swarm of police cars His neighbors couldn t imagine what the trouble could be a prank gone overboard, perhaps but they were confident it was all a misunderstanding that would be sorted out in due course.But they were wrong The town discovered the incomprehensible reality that Tulloch and best friend Jim Parker, two of Chelsea s brightest and most popular sons, were now fugitives, wanted for the murders of Half and Susanne Zantop.Afterward, their classmates and teachers would admit to noticing subtle changes in Robert and Jim over the previous year Robert, a former Student Council president, and Jim, a member of the school band and drama club, had been popular kids, benign mischief makers their escapades included breaking into an empty home and raiding the refrigerator But as their friends thought about college and futures beyond Chelsea, Robert and Jim began plotting a very different life Split off from their peers, with too much free time and too little structure, normal teenage ambition took, in these two boys, an unthinkably dark and sinister turn.Authors Dick Lehr and Mitchell Zuckoff provide a vivid explanation of murders that captivated the nation, as well as dramatic revelations about the forces that turned two popular teenagers into killers Could poor parenting, psychological abnormalities, or a community that fails to challenge and engage its young people be blamed Or was it complex Judgment Ridge conveys a deep appreciation for the lives and the devastating loss of Half and Susanne Zantop, while also providing a clear portrait of the killers, their families, and their community and, perhaps, a warning to all parents about what evil may lurk in the hearts of boys.
    Judgment Ridge: The True Story Behind the Dartmouth Murders By Dick Lehr Mitchell Zuckoff,
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    1. Dick Lehr Mitchell Zuckoff

      Dick Lehr is a professor of journalism at Boston University From 1985 to 2003, he was a reporter at the Boston Globe, where he was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in investigative reporting and won numerous regional and national journalism awards He served as the Globe s legal affairs reporter, magazine and feature writer, and as a longtime member of the newspaper s investigative reporting unit, the Spotlight Team Before that, Lehr, who is also an attorney, was a reporter at The Hartford Courant.Lehr is the author of The Fence A Police Cover up Along Boston s Racial Divide, a non fiction narrative about the worst known case of police brutality in Boston, which was an Edgar Award finalist for best non fiction He is coauthor of the New York Times bestseller and Edgar Award winner Black Mass Whitey Bulger, the FBI and a Devil s Deal, and its sequel, Whitey The Life of America s Most Notorious Mob Boss.Lehr was a John S Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University in 1991 1992 He lives outside Boston with his wife and four children.

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    1. So much useless detail Do I need to know that little Jimmy Parker s 4th grade substitute teacher allowed him to stand on his desk Is it important that escargot with soft polenta and beurre rogue cost 7.75 at the Hanover Inn Is it important that the movie Diane and Mike watch as the troopers search their house is Air Force One , which, the authors helpfully point out, stars Harrison Ford playing the president during a terrorist hijacking Next, the redundancies The books shifts through time often [...]

    2. I understand why some have given this offering a lesser rating due to its heavy and as they say, seemingly useless detail, as I also found myself getting a little distracted during such sections of the book however, I found that these useless details were essential in telling the whole story, and made the read that much richer To come to a true understanding of the depth of this account, and why it truly shocked so many, one needs to be exposed to the intricacies of life in Chelsea and Hanover M [...]

    3. As far as true crime books goes, Judgement Ridge is one of the best I have read in a very long time The book is so detailed, you almost feel as though you are a member of the small community of Chelsea Having lived very close to Hanover, NH and spent a lot of time at Dartmouth, I can picture these areas in great detail But the way the writer writes about these places, he is able to transport anyone to the beautiful green mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire He also is able to show the lives of [...]

    4. Blrgggg Sounded like an interesting real life crime I really likedIn Cold Blood This was SO not that The writing was atrocious If I received a paper written like this from my students, esp when it was NOT the first draft, I would FAIL it Run the other way Read another book Read any other book Find an article that sums up the story of the murders and be done with it.

    5. Although somewhat captivating, I found there was too much filler in this book There were detailed examples of police terms, background information on insignificant characters and opinions from random townspeople.

    6. This is a chilling portrayal of teenagers turned evil 17 year old Robert Tulloch, whom the authors persuasively argue was a psychopath, was best friends with 16 year old Jim Parker in the tiny town of Chelsea, Vermont The two friends thought of themselves as intellectually brilliant, far smarter than everyone around them This was in fact belied by their high school grades, B s and B minuses, their numerous misspellings and grammatical errors in notes and emails the authors viewed, their subpar s [...]

    7. Just finished it and I am so glad it is over Over is the constant talk about the smallest things.Over is the constant talk that poor little innocent Jim was a victim of the mean nasty Robert.Sorry I do not buy it for a second Jim was the actor and Jim was the only one who told the story so it is so easy to say yes Roger made me do it.This author fell for it hook line and sinker.I did like the first half of the book although I did think there was way too much filler but because I was interested I [...]

    8. VERY good book Well written and well rounded reporting on the murder of two College professors in a small town In the minds of what seemed to be two normal boys was a murderer and a follower Their violent acts left a town forced to deal with the aftermath and their new normal.

    9. This book is definitely chilling and beyond belief how could this ever happen in real life Just seems like a type of ghastly, made up tale you d tell around Halloween or by campfires to scare everyonet hear about on the news The book did an amazing job of re telling this event I was enthralled by how it all came about and transpired.

    10. Some say there is too much detail but I loved it I think a big part of this is I m from VT and work in the Upper Valley I appreciated the descriptions of the people and the area which seemed pretty apt for a flatlander The layout of the book was a bit confusing it wasn t until the end that motives or lack thereof were revealed It could have all been a bit streamlined.Overall, terrifying Especially striking was the support and eventual horror of the townspeople that these two local boys couldn t [...]

    11. I suppose reading In Cold Blood spoiled me In this genre, it s hard for any author to live up to that one Apart from any fault in the writing, I think the problem with this book stemmed from the subject matter idiotic motives of the two teenage killers, Tulloch Parker Randomness.lityteen angst These guys were such boring morons that it was probably hard for the author to create a lot complexity to this book They were so absolutely guilty that even they realized that going through a contested tri [...]

    12. I liked this book overall It was an interesting story with some interesting characters It was, however, a little too long As true crime books go, this one wasn t that thrilling There was too much background information that didn t really seem to add much to the story As an example, the authors went into a great deal of detail about Robert Tulloch and Jim Parker s high school exploits, which, beyond helping us understand why investigators were initially reticent to believe two high school kids co [...]

    13. Because I mostly buy books on my nook, sometimes I don t read all the fine details before purchasing That was the case with this one I did not catch The True Story Behind the Darmouth Murders subtitle When I began reading I was disappointed that it wasn t written story like Then I figured out that it was a TRUE story and I wanted to start it over again I read whole thing and was amazed and stunned by the attitudes and behaviors of the boys accused and what they did What a scary time for that wh [...]

    14. This book examines the killing of two Dartmouth professors by two teens from a nearby town in Vermont I have long since stopped opening my door to strangers and this book supports the wisdom of my decision In the context of BlackLivesMatter, it was striking to read about police incredulity regarding the guilt of the boys They were so convinced that the pair couldn t have done it that the boys were never under surveillance and thus allowed to take flight It s hard to imagine this being the case i [...]

    15. A pretty good true crime book I didn t know the details of this case, and was struck by how much it reminded me of the Leopold Loeb murder famously fictionalized in Compulsion, an excellent book, and Hitchcock s quirky movie Rope It was well written in a journalistic style, which means a little dry but still interesting.

    16. This is a true story behind the Dartmouth murders in 2001 Two teenagers murdered a couple of Dartmouth professors in their home The telling of the story reminds me of Truman Capote s In Cold Blood It deals with the days and weeks leading up to the murders, the capture of the boys and their sentences Very well writtenobably a 4

    17. Meticulously researched and fairly and objectively told A very comprehensive look at the causes and effects of this horrible crime A great read for anyone interested in crime and the psychology of violent criminals.

    18. It s always weird reading an outsider s perspective to a real life experience While it s bound to be weird, I wish the writing had been better.

    19. An in depth investigation of the murders of a married couple of Dartmouth professors in early 2001 I remember the case, or at least the shocked disbelief at the time the bodies were discovered, well I remember the speculation that these apparently blameless German academics might have led spectacularly depraved double lives, or that a disgruntled student might have been involved The truth, I learned from this book, was quite different but equally chilling two teens from a neighboring town had co [...]

    20. This book details the murder case of two Dartmouth professors who were murdered by two teenagers, Robert Tulloch and Jim Parker Both boys were seemingly good kids who excelled in school and seemed to be week adjusted Robert was the dominant personality of the two boys He thought of himself as superior to other people and intelligent Jim was the follower and under the spell of Robert They felt they needed to escape their small town and live the life of criminals in Australia They began by commi [...]

    21. Fascinating story, but the book gets bogged down in details I found myself skimming quite a bit The same story could have been told in 2 3 of the length with nothing lost Still, a really good read.

    22. Way, way too many details about inconsequential things An interesting story, but I found myself skipping pages and pages of useless detail

    23. It seems wrong to say that I liked this book I liked that it was well written and well researched We aren t that far from the date when James Parker will be eligible to apply for parole I expect he will be denied There are a lot of people still living and working in the area who vividly remember the Zantop s who will testify how horrible it would be to have him out in public Still, there will be those will see that he was 16 at the time of the crime and did acknowledge his part and expressed rem [...]

    24. Most murders I read about don t seem close to home but this one was chilling in that the murderers were two high school aged boys living in a Vermont town next to my sister and in an area I m quite familiar with Their escapades started with breaking into empty homes to raid the refrig and then one night deciding they would commit a murder at random, even digging the graves beforehand The would be victims were a New York man and his son on a getaway weekend to their Vermont cabin Luckily, the dad [...]

    25. Growing up in New Hampshire and spending time in Vermont, I was very aware of this case and recall the almost constant news coverage that went on for weeks covering this case That being said, I didn t really know many of the particulars and this book certainly digs deep The reviews compare it to In Cold Blood and indeed I can see that the authors attempted to model the pace, atmosphere and seeming lack of motive that Capote artfully captured However, I felt that they spent too much time talking [...]

    26. Was acquainted with the family and Robert and have always wondered why the neurological differences in the Tulloch family have never been looked at as a piece of this tragedy I found this book chilling and the interpretation believable We lived two towns away from Chelsea and I found my own children s development influenced by the insular meanness which seemed to go hand in hand with the jocular, woodsy conservatism of the locals So the mixture of culture you are not one of us, there is nothing [...]

    27. Such a well told storyI read quite a bit of true crime literature There are several things I, personally don t care for One is when the author goes into a lot of non essential descriptive details about such things as the geographies or history of the location of the crime Next, I am not fond of the crime murder being the immediate opening of the book I prefer getting to know the characters and how the crime comes about before the onslaught Lastly, I do not like lengthy pages covering the trial s [...]

    28. The author certainly goes into depth with attempting to give the reader enough background information about the lives of these two high school students turn killers Was Jim really in Robert s web Where was the reality check for these boys How could they really do this The author answers this by establishing Robert as a psychopath, and Jim as Robert s tool for lack of a better word.I read this book with the hope of gaining some insight into what happened along the way with these two high school b [...]

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