Turtle Diary

Turtle Diary By Russell Hoban, Turtle Diary The turtles in London Zoo become the mutual obsession of two lonely strangers who dream of setting free the turtles and themselves Detail by detail their diaries record a world in which thought leads
  • Title: Turtle Diary
  • Author: Russell Hoban
  • ISBN: 9780747548317
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • Turtle Diary By Russell Hoban, The turtles in London Zoo become the mutual obsession of two lonely strangers who dream of setting free the turtles and themselves Detail by detail their diaries record a world in which thought leads to action and action brings William G and Neaera H to their own open sea.
    Turtle Diary By Russell Hoban,
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    1. Russell Hoban

      Russell Conwell Hoban was an American expatriate writer His works span many genres, including fantasy, science fiction, mainstream fiction, magical realism, poetry, and children s books He lived in London, England, from 1969 until his death.

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    1. Review published in 3 AM Magazine 3ammagazine 3am turtleIt would be understandable to expect Russell Hoban s Turtle Diary to be a light hearted romantic comedy, one where two lonely protagonists come together over a crazy caper, a plan to set free the sea turtles in the London Zoo, fall in love, and live happily ever after Fortunately, Hoban s 1975 novel bears little resemblance to this simplistic narrative Instead, Turtle Diary is a quiet, thoughtful examination of the loneliness of middle age [...]

    2. washingtonpost news mo This is my first Hoban, and I hope others will follow it, but perhaps not his volumes for children, although I wish I had grown with them.Anyway I will try to summarise my impression of this novel with a small firmament.Story Four starsStructure Four and a half starsLanguage Seven stars what a pleasure it was to read his clear and unencumbered prose.Characterization Four stars.Ecological content Fourteen stars not Fifteen for as the video included in the link above, thanks [...]

    3. The things that matter don t necessarily make sense My end seemed immanent in every breath and my beginning seemed never to have happened William G page 160 In my end is my beginning cries out William s subconscious in desperation, quoting T.S Eliot s words, while three fine specimens of turtles swim in the green deep ocean towards a destiny they carry within themselves He doesn t know if they will ever get there, that s why they will always be swimming in his mind.William is a middle aged man w [...]

    4. I read and reread this years and years ago when it was one of the few Hobans around until the end of the nineties if you were a Hoban fan it was hard going I had to quit rereading it because I worried I d burn it out for myself this actually happened with Good Omens and a few other books SAD Now there s a Hoban renaissance, and NYRB has just reissued it my first, very used copy has this amazingly ugly cover ocelotfactory hoban td So now I m going to read it through again for the first time in a [...]

    5. What happens if a man with the past meets a woman who s been through a lot Two embittered mid aged loners drifting on life s surface William, the divorced father of two girls , living in rented room and working in bookshop And Naera, single writer of children s stories, with a water beetle as a pet Get the picture I can imagine what you re thinking now But it s not just like that It was quite easy to spoil it and write another unbearable mawkish easy read, bogged down in sentimental pseudo psych [...]

    6. An ode to loneliness.Two people, in alternating voices, takes the reader though their life experiences, thoughts, and social disconnection from society William G 45 , a bookstore clerk, and Neaera H 43 , a successful children books author, both, independently, share a solicitous passion for sea turtles They become erudited about the animals in their lonely pursuit of meaning in their lives Just to mean something to someone or something would validate their existence They both write diaries and w [...]

    7. Green Turtles Chelonia mydas They feed along the coast of Brazil but once a year they swim 1,400 miles to Ascension Island to breed Ascension Island is only five miles long How the turtles find that little out of way island motel, no one knows They ve always been going there, as long as man has tracked these things The turtles are hard wired, in some naturally selective way, to do this The very idea is irresistibly beautiful.The turtles tryst there in spite of real peril, such as sharks And huma [...]

    8. I think of the turtles swimming steadily against the current all the way to Ascension I think of them swimming through all that golden green water over the dark, over the chill of the deeps and the jaws of the dark And I think of the sun over the water, the sun through the water, the eye holding the sun, being held by it with no thought and only the rhythm of the going, the steady wing strokes of the flippers in the water Then it doesn t seen hard to believe It seems the only way to do it, the o [...]

    9. They won t stop killing the whales They make dog and cat food out of them, face creams, lipstick They kill the whales to feed the dogs so the dogs can shit on the pavement and the people can walk in it A kind of natural cycle There are some books that can accommodate much than the number of their pages may suggest, and Turtle Diary is one of those.Turtle Diary is a tale of loneliness and isolation When I opened the door to my flat it was like opening a box of stale time Old time, dead time The [...]

    10. This is the third Russell Hoban book I ve read and even though the writing and the storyline are very different to those of Riddley Walker and Kleinzeit, in a blind reading test , I would still guess Hoban had written this book as there are little clues dropped here and there which echo details from the other two books, eg smoking, mirrors and advertising advertising is all smoke and mirrors Also common to the three is the sense of a journey needing to be made but one which may or may not lead v [...]

    11. How do they not think about the sharks when they re swimming that 1,400 miles Green turtles must have the kind of mind that doesn t think about sharks unless a shark is there That must be how it is with them I can t believe they d swim 1,400 miles thinking about sharks Sea turtles can t shut themselves up in their shells as land turtles do.So shrieked Sartre, Man is condemned to be free This condemnation is as difficult to imagine as it is obvious and plausible Freedom as condemnation is as real [...]

    12. A bewildering story in its simplicity I cupped its crystalline wine glass with both hands, soft.Delicate in its structure it could crack without event The thin line was likely to traverse in a snaked spread I felt the first skein separate towards the end Many of my preconceptions tumbled, then the glass fall apart in my palms Small pieces reflected light with gem shine Although a slow reader, and following Kris s advisory warnings to read this book slow, I finished within two days Smooth as the [...]

    13. A change of pace and a slow stroll, if that s what you re seeking The theme is loneliness, in this case that of a middle aged bookstore clerk William G and a middle aged children s book author Neaera H , who are brought together by a singular and singular desire to free not the whales but the sea turtles in a London zoo s aquarium.What s odd is how the plot and actual execution of the turtle liberation is incidental to the book The delightful devil is in the details, the casual everyday observat [...]

    14. Simply a five star read A little gem of a story William and Naera, each lonely and looking for a way forward in life find their paths inexplicably joined after visiting the London Zoo Their quest is to free the giant sea turtles from captivity.At heart this novel is about loneliness and the desire to connect Can t give too much away without spoiling the plot but the title is a little misleading as it s not just a turtle story , it s so much It s beautifully written humorous and sad in parts, a [...]

    15. This is a quiet and charming little book, the kind of thing you d imagine Wes Anderson to adapt into a film, awkward and patently patiently low key Two middle aged, flailing people in London plot, quite independently at first, to kidnap sea turtles from the zoo and set them free in the ocean Then they meet, quite by accident That s about it The story doesn t require much In fact, it s real beauty lies in the simplistic way that it behaves the novel does nothing that you want it to do It s softl [...]

    16. I came across this book when I read Proustitute s review, and as always, he steered me in a good direction When I first read the description, it sounded a bit like John Irving s debut novel, Setting Free the Bears, and Hoban does use a few ideas from Irving, but the similarity is limited.Turtle Diary is actually two diaries, one written by William G a recently divorced father of two currently working a deadend job in a bookstore, and one written by Neaera H a 40 something single woman and succes [...]

    17. Last night I had a dream thought that I held on to carefully until this morning It was Those who know it have forgotten every part of it, those who don t know it remember it completely Aggravating Those who know or don t know what I haven t a clue and what s most annoying is that something in me knows what was meant Aggravating is right So close to finishing, but I just can t take any .

    18. A very bleak look at middle age loneliness in a contemporary city, London, with the existential questions about moder life that come from it Hoban is probably always a very philosophical fiction writing, with grand ideas running through quite explicitly through the narrative of his novels at least Riddley Walker and this one which are the only ones I ve read At times there might not be too much of this, and not enough plot to push the reader through But I think the patient reader ends up being v [...]

    19. A perfect day for turtle soup File this somewhere between The Tennants of Moonbloom, short form Salinger and perhaps Amis Lucky Jim So easy to read due to a light touch and great character development Turtle Diary will please just about anybody interested in romance, reflection and reality Set in the 1970 s England the characters are intelligent and observant people gently shaving parmesan cheese into the slowly cooling minestrone of their lives both past and present And like that 10CC song ther [...]

    20. Today I had a realization the books I like best are the books about lonely people Give me lonely people, and lonely people only I give less than a damn about the others.Seriously who would want to watch, say, a romantic comedy about a handsome chap who can get any girl he wants, so he sits around being choosy, saying, Anna s nose is rather nicer looking than Bertha s, but Cynthia has a better investment portfolio than either, while Daphne makes just the kind of lemon cake I like best, so maybe I [...]

    21. Thanks to Rod for recommending this to me I d seen the film at least 20 years ago before reading the book and, as I recall, the film was pretty much true to the book, which is somewhat unusual in my experience.

    22. By the author of my favorite children s book A Mole Family Christmas Didn t ruin my childhood memories, and that s saying something for a book that has both sex and phrases and themes you recognize from the life of Delver Mole and his family.

    23. This was a wonderful read which I didn t expect it to be in the beginning I had to adjust to the rhythm of the book, I have no way of explaining it otherwise Also being less tired helped to give all the words the attention they deserved.A tale of loneliness and of belonging and of much there are turtles but also birds, stones, people and a fountain, or not a fountain Everything fitted so well together that at times it felt a bit overdone but it s very powerful I think, all in all I got a bit ma [...]

    24. Rather gloomy tale about two soul weary people who share an adventure that slowly allows them to emerge from their bleak everyday existence and develop a bit of optimism about the world and their future in it I liked that this didn t quite go as I d assumed I thought it would be a bit of an adventure story, stealing sea turtles from the zoo and setting them free in Cornwall I fancied the experience wrought by the adventure would change the rescuers in an obvious and dramatic fashion, but their [...]

    25. A brilliant, funny, bittersweet and ultimately redemptive meditation on middle aged loneliness Russell Hoban is best known for his children s books especially the picture books about Frances the Badger and two of my favorites, The Mouse His Child, and Emmett Otter s Jug Band Christmas but he wrote fiction for adults too, and this slim 1975 novel about two socially isolated Londoners who meet accidentally at the London zoo and bond over their fierce desire to free the sea turtles housed there is [...]

    26. Two people, stuck in their respective lives, are suffering from a sort of middle aged slump The high points of their lives are going to the London Zoo and occasionally their respective literary professions Neaera H is a children s book writer who watches her water bug looking for inspiration for her overdue next book William G works in a book shop after his marriage dissolves, frustrated that his life has come to this point Turtle Diary is told in alternating points of view from each of the two [...]

    27. In the mid 80s I saw the film version of this book and have finally gotten around to reading it As someone who has always despised zoos and their anachronistic existence, this book personalizes and embodies an urge that I would like to do to all of the zoos and all of the animals held captive within them I am not necessarily an animal rights activist, even though I consider zoos to be cruel concepts, but rather my arguments against zoos are that they make no sense on environmental, economic, and [...]

    28. If I could, I would turn this one up all the way to 11 One of my top all time favorite films is an even better book and one thing I love is that reading it now I get to understand how faithful the film was to the sense of this beautiful novel I was reading it on my Kindle at Starbucks this afternoon, misty eyed with a big grin on my face so rapturous that a total stranger came up to me and said I have to ask What ARE you reading So sad and joyful all at once The big scene at the ocean made my he [...]

    29. I liked this because it was different than anything I had read before But it is a little strange I think people who are lonely would really relate to the characters in this book There is a lot of stuff about feelings, although by the time the book is over, I still didn t feel like I was invested in the characters It didn t really end as I expected it too either, which for me is probably a bonus, even when I don t love the book.

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