Sophocles: Philoktetes

Sophocles: Philoktetes By Sophocles, Sophocles Philoktetes This is an English translation of Sophocles tragedy of Philoctetes an archer who had been abandoned on Lemnos by the rest of the Greek fleet while on the way to Troy Focus Classical Library provides
  • Title: Sophocles: Philoktetes
  • Author: Sophocles
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  • Sophocles: Philoktetes By Sophocles, This is an English translation of Sophocles tragedy of Philoctetes, an archer who had been abandoned on Lemnos by the rest of the Greek fleet while on the way to Troy Focus Classical Library provides close translations with notes and essays to provide access to understanding Greek culture.
    Sophocles: Philoktetes By Sophocles,
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    1. Sophocles

      Sophocles born c 496 bc, Colonus, near Athens Greece died 406, Athens , Greek German editions Sophokles, Russian , French editions Sophocle was an ancient Greek tragedy playwright Not many things are known about his life other than that he was wealthy, well educated and wrote about one hundred and twenty three plays of which few are extant One of his best known plays is Oedipus the King Oedipus Rex.

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    1. A tale of the forgotten wounded soldier23 October 2012 Okay, we only have seven plays by Sophocles, so dividing them up into categories probably does not do much, however I will do that anyway The three categories that I propose are the Theban plays namely the ones that deal with Oedipus and the fallout from that rather sticky episode , the war plays which I will get to shortly and Electra Yes, I know, Electra is only one play, but as far as I am concerned, it simply does not fall into either of [...]

    2. Sofokles bu oyununda, inkar edilen ahlak sonda inad na yeniden do rultarak daha prologda Odysseus un ak ll ca r lm hilesi i in sophisma s zc n kullan r sofistlerle hesapla r Bu hesapla ma Aristophanes in Bulutlar nda daha da y k c d r Antik Yunan Tragedyalar Joachim Latacz notlar mdan

    3. This dude s foot is fucking gross He wounded it on the way to the Trojan War he s like a low rent Achilles, that guy s one vulnerability was his heel, and he got hit in it and died Philoktetes gets the same wound but in his case it just gets infected So here he is all screaming in agony, plus it smells awful and it s oozing pus and the whole thing is just really unpleasant, so here s what ol wily Odysseus does with him he just fuckin dumps him on a deserted island and sails off Seriously He leav [...]

    4. The sacred doesn t diewhen men do Whether they live or die,holiness endures Philoktetes Philoctetes has been dumped on an island with a festering wound on his foot he was abandoned there by the Greeks because his sickness made his presence insufferable It turns out, however, that they need his bow the one given to him by Herakles for helping the hero die in order to finally attain victory in the Trojan War Odysseus sends the neophyte Neoptolemos, son of Achilles, to trick Philoktetes into giving [...]

    5. Philoctetes is a fantastic play by Sophocles that explores themes of trauma suffering, and making the morally correct decisions Philoctetes s situation is immensely pitiable, and Odysseus is certainly in his pre trials and tribulations humbling experience stage Sophocles is my favorite Greek tragedian, and he is in top form in Philoctetes.

    6. I read E.F Watling s translation.Beautiful play by the greatest ancient greek writer Sophocles.Smart and beautiful dialogues, Well written characters, Interesting told events, powerful drama, What else one can wish from a play.The only defeat is Heracles appearance at the end, it spoils what could be a unique end for a greek play.

    7. Mais uma trag dia magn fica de S focles imposs vel n o sentir como privil gio, o facto de esta obra ter chegado at aos dias de hoje Segundo o que pesquisei, foram apenas sete os textos que sobreviveram de entre as mais de 125 obras do autor Esta foi a quarta que li, e foi a quarta que adorei.No entanto, momentos ap s termin la, senti que esta trag dia n o era bem como as anteriores, mas n o consegui identificar de imediato por que motivo isso tinha acontecido Na altura, lembro me de pensar que a [...]

    8. My review will be brief, as I am than ready to move on after reading this for the thousandth time I wanted to finish the collection I was re reading and wouldn t have felt complete without doing so and have studied the text in the past and taken an exam on it, so I would like to feel I can move on from it I will say that it is not a great play to study there are a few themes and moral dilemmas to discuss, but the characters are not particularly complex and the threads of the play beyond a few f [...]

    9. A no ser que uno sea docto en la materia y controle al dedillo los mitos, h roes y dioses griegos, no viene mal alg n diccionario o manual, ni tampoco las notas a pie de p gina que Gredos pone a disposici n del lector y que nos proporciona valiosa informaci n sobre lo que leemos, y nos informa de aquellos fallos del autor o de aquellas cosas que una vez traducidas no tienen mucho sentido No viene mal tampoco haber le do La Odisea y La Il ada, de tal manera que as sepamos, al leer esta obra de S [...]

    10. Filoctetes 409 a.c es una tragedia sobre la amistad philia y su relaci n con los intereses colectivos de la polis El siglo V a.c se conoce como el Siglo de oro de Pericles por el gran desarrollo que Atenas, como polis organizada democr ticamente, consigui El teatro tuvo un rol fundamental para lograr esta evoluci n de oikos a polis, ya que la democracia ateniense utilizaba como una herramienta para conseguir la paideia, los di logos, las situaciones, los mensajes y los valores que se transmit an [...]

    11. Despite most critics bewilderment at the fact that this play has a happy conclusion, I found it moving than any other Greek tragedy I ve read The poignancy of the man who s not just rejected and isolated by everyone because of an illness, but who is humbly aware himself of the repugnance of this illness, is hard to put into words The moment when the men who had betrayed his trust turn around to leave Philoctetes, and his reaction is a simple, penetrating Friends , is absolutely heartrending Dra [...]

    12. spoilersPhiloctetes is the last extant play of Sophocles that I have read and for some reason that I cannot put my finger on my least favorite The play concerns Odysseus and Neoptolemus, the son of Achilles, travel to Lemnos to recover the bow of Heracles from Philoctetes without which they cannot win the Trojan war Philoctetes has been marooned on Lemnos because he was bitten by a snake and his cries of pain and the smell of the festering wound were intolerable to his fellow Greeks In particula [...]

    13. The version I read was translated by David Greene Philoctetes was set during the Trojan war and before the fall of Troy Philoctetes was a famed war hero who was exiled after suffering from a putrefied wound that rendered him outcast among his brothers at arm and he kept his grudge especially at Odysseus who betrayed him by leaving him behind Upon which he begrudged Odysseus so much that he refused to help him when Odysseus was sent back to retrieve Philoctetes s magical bow and arrow which was p [...]

    14. A sick and damaged man, Philoctetes, is abandoned on an island for ten years with only a bow, which he used to hunt for food The gods tell Odysseus that unless this man and his bow are recovered, the Greeks can not win their war with Troy So Odysseus, who was instrumental in the abandonment, tries to find a way to persuade Philoctetes to leave the island and help the Greeks Now if you had been deserted for ten years, would you want to leave the now familiar island, and go with your enemy Neither [...]

    15. This is a really interesting drama It was really interesting and exciting and I always like learning about Greek mythology Also, I loved the themes of individual vs community and accepting the downs in life.

    16. El pobre Filoctetes es v ctima del comunismo y como no existe la propiedad privada le quieren quitar el arco pero despu s como viven en China tiene que asaltar la muralla troyana.Es bromi.

    17. Lektura Inna ni wszystkie, ale wci nieprzystaj ca do mojego gustu Mo e ja i tragedia nie jeste my sobie pisane

    18. Produced in 409, Sophocles Philoctetes is yet another Attic production which avoids the telos of Shakespearean tragedy for no one dies in this play but our protagonist has been virtually dead for years from the start of the Trojan War up until about Trojan Horse time by being completely isolated on the uninhabited island of Lemnos, sacred to the god Hephaestus the limping god, appropriately enough We learn from Dio Chrysostom that Aeschylus and Euripides, who each staged versions, did not make t [...]

    19. La tragedia de Filoctetes me ha gustado mucho m s que la de Ayax, que a diferencia de esa, sta no es tan tragica, me refiero a que la de Ayax comienza con tragedia y termina con una la muerte de Ayax, primo de Aquiles sin embargo en Filoctetes la tragedia termia en algo bueno para Fil.Esta la cuestion de que por una parte estoy confundida del posible antagonismo de Odiseo Ulises ya que en la de Ayax el actua como una persona noble, que es capaz de perdonar a sus enemigos y de respetar a quien qu [...]

    20. Well, this is the last play on my list of Sophocles works, and I m honestly glad I finished with Philoctetes Though it is somewhat flawed, this is still a damn good play.Philoctetes follows Neoptolemos who is assigned by Ulysses to steal Philoctetes legendary bow that formerly belonged to Hercules and will ensure Ulysses victory in the war against Troy Ulysses tells Neoptolemos to lie to Philoctetes in order to obtain this powerful weapon, but as Neoptolemos learns about the story behind why Ph [...]

    21. A trag dia retrata o dilema de Filocteto Abandonado por 10 anos em uma ilha deserta, por causa de um ferimento no calcanhar que emana um cheiro horr vel e n o pode ser curado, recebe a visita de quem o abandonou, Odisseu, que precisa dele para tomar Tr ia Partir com Odisseu significa a gl ria, mas implica tamb m no triunfo do homem que passou uma d cada odiando Vale triunfar ao mesmo tempo que seu grande rival Odisseu, sabendo que Filocteto negaria, tenta engan lo atrav s do filho de Aquiles, Ne [...]

    22. Philoktetes, Neoptolemos ve Odysseus ad nda canl karakterin ba tan sona temposu d meyen diyaloglar yla, deus ex machina Herakles ortaya kmasayd , Sophocles in en iyi oyunu say labilirdi Yanl anla lmas n, Yunan tragedyalar nda g ky z nden inip oyunu sonuca ba layan bu s rpriz unsuru g rmek de keyifli Oyun Sophokles in Antigone, Oedipus Rex, Elektra oyunlar n n g lgesinde kalsa da onlar kadar, hatta yer yer daha daha canl bir oyun Bu oyunun en nemli fark , diyaloglar n daha nde olmas ve trajedinin [...]

    23. wietna, i wci aktualna, ksi ka k ad ca nacisk na etyczny dylemat pomi dzy s uszno ci nakierowan na dobro konkretnej wsp lnoty a sprawiedliwo ci odnosz c si do zasad i praw Sofokles zadaje mn stwo pyta , o to jak powinni my post powa i co nale y czyni w sytuacji, w kt rej wydawa by si mog o, obie strony maj racj Opr cz tego Filoktet , za po rednictwem postaci Odyseusza, ukazuje jak odmienne od wsp czesnego by o my lenie staro ytnych Grek w, w kontek cie moralno ci, cnoty arete czy obowi zku Bohat [...]

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