Justice, Volume 2

Justice, Volume 2 By Jim Krueger Alex Ross Doug Braithwaite, Justice Volume Book by Jim Krueger
  • Title: Justice, Volume 2
  • Author: Jim Krueger Alex Ross Doug Braithwaite
  • ISBN: 9781401212070
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • Justice, Volume 2 By Jim Krueger Alex Ross Doug Braithwaite, Book by Jim Krueger
    Justice, Volume 2 By Jim Krueger Alex Ross Doug Braithwaite,
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      459 Jim Krueger Alex Ross Doug Braithwaite
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    1. Jim Krueger Alex Ross Doug Braithwaite

      Jim Krueger Alex Ross Doug Braithwaite Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Justice, Volume 2 book, this is one of the most wanted Jim Krueger Alex Ross Doug Braithwaite author readers around the world.

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    1. Good, but not exceptionally good Justice is essentially the same premise of Identity Crisis, except for the fact that it s a REAL identity crisis All of the Justice League members have been under attack and their identities are compromised Brainiac wants to eliminate life on earth by fooling the people of earth into thinking the super villains are the good guys And the heroes fight the villains to try and stop them The artwork is beautiful, but so far the story has not impressed me, even though [...]

    2. The promise of the first volume wains here a bit for me as the story devolves into what I feel is a liberal re hash of two landmark JLA stories, Identity Crisis and Tower of Babel.Doug Braithwaite writes the intro notes for this volume and he comes across as utterly charming In fact, I really love his artwork throughout all three volumes He does a fantastic job balancing realism while adhering to the roots of the characters.There is also one moment in this volume that bothers the crap out of me [...]

    3. Volume two is just as amazing as volume one, maybe even better The combination of Braithwaite s penciling and Ross painting makes this a true work of art That is not to say that the plot is lacking anything This really has everything that I love about comics all rolled into one perfect package.Seriously, the only problem I have is that my library doesn t have volume three Thank God for Google and Wiki If you get a chance to read this one, don t pass it up

    4. Volume two brings of the same of volume one action, huge stakes, and gorgeous artwork A very fun read, and even fun to look at.

    5. If Volume 1 was the JLA getting their asses handed to them, this is the bounce back, lead by some of the B team members However, given the power, I don t know why Captain Marvel is seen as a B teamer, he takes a whole pile on solo, and wipes the floor with them, making me wonder just how powerful he is in comparison with Superman There is also the appearance of others, like Ralph Dibny Elongated Man , Plastic Man yes this is dumb to have 2 identical men, and they make fun of it themselves , Meta [...]

    6. The first half of this volume lacked clarity in narrative and layout, but it gradually refocuses and becomes a fun throwback, all star story by the middle There is a clear love of comics history and Silver Age zaniness here, while updated with a contemporary sensibility The multitude of cameos they manage to shoehorn in is amazing, with the Doom Patrol, Metal Men, and the Phantom Stranger all making appearances alongside typical Justice League players There is also an embarrassment of riches i [...]

    7. Well, this was much better than the volume 1 I thought This book is about all the primary and secondary Justice League members together to plan against the League of Doom and Brainic It flowed pretty well and the art work seemed to be better than volume 1 I look forward to volume 3.

    8. 7 Artwork Still as good as volume 1, just not as iconic throughout Story Still entertaining and engaging, but often lose focus with its plethora of plot lines and character it s sometimes not clear.

    9. In this, the second act of Justice, the world s greatest superheroes finally manage to fight back against the bad hand of cards dealt out to them by Lex Luthor Co However, deception and malevolent intent bubble to the surface when Luthor senses impending doom as a result of his precarious pact with Brainiac That is, a hunch turns into a strong suspicion that there is a price to be paid for his villainous colleagues utopian belief in delivering humanity from evil.The most powerful aspect of Krueg [...]

    10. Ooooh This was a good one Tense was my middle name during my reading trance There was so much that happened I loved the story and the dialog I was really feeling this one I can t wait to read the last volume and see how it all turns out I am sooo glad I m reading this now and not when they started coming out I don t know if I could have stood the suspense of waiting I definitely wanted to open a can of Ka Pow on the villains There were some good twists and turns, some AWESOME moments, some Oh no [...]

    11. The second volume of this series is by far better than the first In this one we find out that our favourite heroes have not been killed off by the advancing hordes of bad guys Instead, they have used their smarts and experience to defeat them and escape The problem is that they are not smart enough to capture them, as would have happened in a classic Justice League comic or cartoon.When our heroes reconvene, they discover several things One, the B team Leaguers and associate members have begun t [...]

    12. Surprisingly good I ve never been much of a DC girl Wonder Woman gets a good showing and I m a fan of hers The art is really great The strange premise is intriguing too Another comic book story about supervillians who promise to solve everyone s material problems I ve seen this lots of times and it always feels like anti Communist ideology in action I notice the similarities between this sort of plot and the golden age Catholic anti Communist comic book tract I was reading the other day Definite [...]

    13. As the series continues, the art remains just as amazing However the writing is just getting and ludicrous I especially like the random fight between Plastic Man and The Elongated Man that just comes out of nowhere and confused the hell out of me, however if you know the history both fictional, and real world DC politics of the characters, I guess it would not seem so jarring.Which leads to the major problem for me the comic is of a call out to various heroes and villains, throughout the hist [...]

    14. just look at the cover how can you say no i have a soft spot for anything alex ross the way he can make over the top superhero panels look like photographs on the news will never stop amazing me but joker in his classic suit, trenchcoat and half covering hat is awesome much like the cover, this sequel is great picks up right where it left off and has similar plot twists that make it feel very justice league y, but thats what they were going for i think if you can appreciate a good ole fashioned [...]

    15. Volume 2 of Justice continues with of the same we saw in the first Volume This time around, the heroes are getting back on their feet and mounting their final assault, which will be in Volume 3.Great story, great art, recommend.but i think i would get out of this story if i knew who all the DC people were on sight I am familiar with most of them, but when I see a character I don t know, it does throw me off a little bit.

    16. What started out as an intriguing idea about supervillains turning the tables on superheroes turns into just another evil plan Then again, I guess volume one was just a rehash of Watchmen in a lot of ways, but this still feels like a disappointment Ross art is still beautiful, of course, but aside from the pretty pictures, I ve kind of lost interest.

    17. The art of Alex Ross is nice as usual Also, the story has improved from volume 1 This volume shows the Justice League working together as a team successfully, which is nice to see especially after the beating they took in the first volume One thing that I m not a fan of is how Wonder Woman is treated The women heroes seem to be sidelined.

    18. The second part is actually very promising especially if you re tired of seeing the bad guys always triumph It s puzzling why there s very little involvement of Joker in the whole series, yet he s the in the centre of the cover,

    19. The much expected improvement does not make an appearance for me The concept is still very strong but the execution still does not deliver the desired results Slowly but surely I am beginning to feel the artwork is very dull and irritating Now I just want to finish this

    20. I m not a frequent reader of graphic novels This is my second one in fact The timeline is a little hard to follow for me, but the story is interesting I probably need to read about the minor justice league characters before fully appreciating this one.

    21. Whilst the idea is good there is too much chopping and changing and not enough development of any individual storyline.

    22. So after the annoyance I felt with the first book in this series, I was surprised at how much sense this one made It was good and entertaining Can t wait to see how book 3 goes.

    23. I know that the story is kind of typical and rehashed, but I never get tired of it I really enjoyed it, and of course, I am forever a loyal Alex Ross fan so I m biased.

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