Rules of Surrender

Rules of Surrender By Christina Dodd, Rules of Surrender The Rules of Employment for The Distinguished Academy of Governesses Always remember your station after all you are higher than the house servants but certainly not a member of the family Be sure to
  • Title: Rules of Surrender
  • Author: Christina Dodd
  • ISBN: 9780380811977
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rules of Surrender By Christina Dodd, The Rules of Employment for The Distinguished Academy of Governesses Always remember your station after all, you are higher than the house servants but certainly not a member of the family Be sure to maintain a disciplined schoolroom and to take your meals on a tray And never become too familiar with the master of the houseLady Charlotte Dalrumple is known as EnglanThe Rules of Employment for The Distinguished Academy of Governesses Always remember your station after all, you are higher than the house servants but certainly not a member of the family Be sure to maintain a disciplined schoolroom and to take your meals on a tray And never become too familiar with the master of the houseLady Charlotte Dalrumple is known as England s most proper governess, a woman who has never taken a misstep socially or romantically So, on the surface, she seems perfectly suited to accept the challenge of reforming English born Lord Wynter Ruskin, sadly uncivilized by his travels abroad.But the ruggedly handsome man has no desire to be taught manners He has glimpsed an uninhibited beauty hiding beneath her prim exterior, and he d much rather spend his days and nights instructing her in the ways of love.And when ardor erupts between them, Charlotte learns the pleasures of desire and Wynter the passions of the heart, but before they can love both must first master the rules of employment.
    Rules of Surrender By Christina Dodd,
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    1. Christina Dodd

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    1. I m going to be honest Christina Dodd has long been on my list of favorite authors of romance fiction The Governess series was one of my first forays into the genre, back in the day While I intend to give Ms Dodd another chance, I remember liking this book a lot better back then Perhaps because I got into romance novels after my roommate and I got dumped from long term relationships in the span of the same weekend, so we cheered ourselves up by buying a bunch of romance novels and trading them b [...]

    2. T E R R I B L E Not the writing but the characters OH GOD the characters.Charlotte is the improbably prim proper perfect governess cum heiress with a secret past OF SCANDAL who falls for the improbably named Wynter, the young Englishman who moved to a desert country and returned with young children in tow They and he need to be Civilized posthaste for some vague English ceremony involving Queen Victoria hence, Lady Miss Governess Charlotte and then it gets icky.Wynter decides early on that Charl [...]

    3. I am going to just copy and paste my comments from the group.What started off romantic ended up nothing but I could not even figure out when or how either of them fell in love with the other Yeah, I got that both of them loved his children, and the children loved both of them However, is that really enough I cannot imagine things will look well for their relationship after the book.

    4. I didn t hate it but I didn t swoon over it either Don t need a fan, or a tissue, don t have a smile or a gasp over the ending or anything else for that matter Could probably use a therapist to interpret or clue me in on what the heck Wynter was about Could be me, but the guy made no sense Ever Meh I m vexed.

    5. For a historical romance book this was really disappointing for me Pretty much awful to be honest And the most frustrating because I tried so hard to like it I had major issues with this book Both the hero and heroine came off obnoxious and pretentious Wynter who I tried very hard to like came off abrasive, chauvinistic and stupid Which really confused me considering in the beginning he pretended to act inept to fool people but reading through the very end, the man was completely clueless and IM [...]

    6. I gave this 2 stars because as usual, Christina Dodd is a wonderful writer In fact, that s the only reason I picked up this book I ve never yet enjoyed an Arabian Regency They often involve kidnap, coersion, and rape, none of which I like I do like strong men who go after and conquer their women, but the conquest has to be an emotional one, not a physical one I actually thought this might end up being an emotional conquest in the end, but let s not mince words he rapes her and then he tells her [...]

    7. The best part was when Wynter fell off the balcony A smug, presumptuous, disrespectful, annoying rapist is not a romantic hero Just awful.

    8. ETA I m still shocked I haven t pastede_in the incoherent rants I typed somewhere else and had intended to place around the one funny and countless awful quotes, so the quotes stand alone below Dodd must have intended The Sheik romance but this is the most awful non con, see also final quote with sickening non con language below the book ended after her last realistic outcry for me, the following endless molestation incl public Frenching ended with all of his funny pretensions actually coming tr [...]

    9. Lovable characters, both povs interesting and realistic, stubborn love story.Lady Charlotte is governess, and she and two friends are trying to start a governess school.Lady Adorna hires her to teach her grandchildren, who were born in the middle east some manners, a job perfectly fit for Charlotte What she fails to mention is that their father needs a few lessons as well The children are quite wild but still very sweet, and Charlotte quickly loves them, and their wild spirits But Wynter, their [...]

    10. 1.5I thought this book was alright until they decided to marry That in itself isn t the problem, it is what happened after that I had such poor opinion of After that, it delved deeper and deeper into idiotic territory that I finished the book thinking poorly about the story I think the main characters were dumb I think this was mainly because of the very contrived conflict She didn t want to marry him but is forced to because she will lose her reputation Meanwhile, he is spouting his perspective [...]

    11. good story gag bakal rugi kalo baca buku ini 4 thumbs bingung mau nulis apa lagi,, hahadan beruntungnya, penerbit oak tree sudah memperbaiki kualitas penerjemahan mereka, sehingga buku ini bener bener layak dibaca dengan bahasa yang setara sama GPU grinnceritanya ini ada akademi guru privat terkemuka yang didirikan oleh Lady Charlotte Dalrumple, Miss Pamela Lockhart, dan Miss Hannah Setteringtonalnya Lady Adorna, hanya ingin merekrut seorang governess untuk 2 orang cucu cucu nya Leila dan Robert [...]

    12. The only thing i liked in this novel was the kids, they were refreshing Kids are not always likable in Historical Romance, especially Regency, so accolades to Dodd on that one However, she failed in the alphamale category Wynter is a domineering asshole So you found the woman you wantGREAT However, there is no need to overwhelm her How is it that he can be pegged as this SUPER SMART man when he cant even understand the concept of LOVE He supposedly is the best thing ever for Darumple but he thin [...]

    13. The story of two people who were raised in cultures that have little in common and make their points of view so different that it s hard for them to understand each other.Wynter s point of view, instilled in him by his adoptive father and leader of people of the desert, make him arrogant and barbaric in the eyes of the proper English governess Charlotte, who has a reputation as a stickler for the rules of polite society.The couple struggles with the rules of both cultures as well as their own na [...]

    14. Una novela que encontr por casualidad Cuando la protagonista es una institutriz, mi atenci n est garantizada, esta figura siempre me ha llamado la atenci n despu s de leer Jane Eyre.De esta autora lo poco que hab a le do no me hab a convencido, pero me ha encantado en este libro El protagonista masculino es arrogante, un poco barbaro y espero que todo el mundo haga lo que l quiere, no es muy razonable pero la protagonista femenina me ha gustado mucho, su manera r gida de expresarse, su buen cora [...]

    15. Who doesn t love a handsome wastrel with hidden complexity This is one of the best of Christina Dodd s addicting Governess Brides series to be fair, I say that every time I m tempted to review ANY of the Governess Brides Classic historical romance with enough steam to power a railroad, and Ms Dodd s inimitable wit If you like a touch of humor with your dark anti heroes and blushing, tight laced governesses, this series is your nirvana.

    16. This is my first and last Christina Dodd book it was that awful Me man, you woman You will do what I say and like it That s pretty much the gist of this book and that s being nice The hero was a jackass to put it mildly and the heroine a spineless idiot I didn t think they wrote books like this any, but I guess I was wrong.

    17. Good read The heroine owns a brand new business with her friends, a governess hiring agency, and is trying to hire herself out as one of the first bits of business After polishing several young ladies and gentlemen for society, she would rather teach younger children so she can be employed longer So she gets hired on spec to see if she can civilize a pair of hooligans who have just returned to England with their father from one of those Arab countries where all three of them ran wild The hero is [...]

    18. Su rostro era dulce, no hab a mejor definici n para l, y sus labios eran demasiado carnosos y sugerentes Su cabello ten a una tonalidad cobriza que parec a reflejar a la perfecci n el brillo del fuego entre sus mechones La suya era una voz suave y perfectamente modulada, y su cortes a, as lo apreci Adorna, era un preciso ejemplo de lo que deb a ser la cortes a Era mayor de lo que parec a Joven y hermosa, pero tambi n fuerte y resuelta Surrey le ol a a rosales que se enredaban en una vieja verja, [...]

    19. I m glad I m not the only reader that was disturbed by this book Ladies this is not love This is not romance This is RAPE I was uncomfortable from start to finish with this one, and really regret wasting my time on it, as I have several other library books in the wings I just hoping it would get better But it didn t.This book is bad, and you should feel bad for writing it It sends a dangerous message about consent, love, and relationships.

    20. This romance was amusing, but the reason was because the main characters were just so odd, especially Wynter This lead to some very unbelievable conversations that had me laughing out loud For that reason I give it 3 stars, but the romance itself was so far fetched, I was just ready for the whole story to be over and done with 1 star for that.

    21. DNF at 20 34 chapters Wynter is an a hole and I would happily kick him where the sun doesn t shine I wanted to keep on reading to see of Charlotte and the children, but I can t take any of the lead s misogyny and smug high handedness.

    22. Le doy un 7 Est muy bien la historia Me ha gustado mucho el personaje de Charlotte Pero el prota me sacaba de quicio cada vez que dec a Es lo que dec a mi padre del desierto

    23. Lady Charlotte Dalrumple has been hired as governess for the children of Lord Wynter Ruskin After his father died, he ran away and ended up in a desert country where he married and had two children The wife died and Wynter has word of theft in his father s company Now he is back in England to find the thief His mother wants the children taught English manners and hired Charlotte but her real aim is to help her son become the English lord he was meant to be Wynter is smarter than everyone thinks [...]

    24. STUPID astaga ni satu satunya buku yg ga akan pernah kubaca dua kali dan mungkin bakal aku simpen di lemari buku paling belakang dan paling sudut biar ga ada yang nemu ni buku buat dibaca maap berlebihan, tapi agak kesel juga soalnya da mahal mahal beli terus kecewa berat sama pengarangnya bisa bisanya dia nulis buku yang ga ada meaningnya sama sekalim, kenapa aku selesin ni buku salah satu alesannya karena sejauh ini aku suka buku buku yang ditulis Christina Dodd sampe akhirnya aku baca ni buku [...]

    25. Kalau mau membaca buku hero yg punya kelebihan keberanian dan kenekatan daripada daya kerja otaknya, pilihlah buku ini Menghibur dan super duper kocak.Dikisahkan Charlotte Dalrumple, dipekerjakan oleh Adorna, Lady Ruskin, untuk mengajar cucu2nya yg baru kembali ke Inggris dari tanah sebelumnya El Bahar di gurun antah berantah Dan sesampainya Charlotte dan Adorna di manor, Charlotte dikejutkan dgn penampilan Lord Wynter, bertelanjang kaki, berpakaian ala pangeran gurun lengkap dgn anting emasnya. [...]

    26. da sognipensieriparoleInghilterra, 1839 1843 , in piena epoca vittoriana e in effetti la regina Vittoria ed il consorte Alberto figurano spesso tra i personaggi di questi romanzi , tre intraprendenti ragazze di nobili natali, ma cadute in disgrazia, si ribellano al destino gi scritto che le vorrebbe bollate come zitelle bisognose sempre alla ricerca di qualche parente che le mantenga in effetti in quell epoca era davvero la vita per una giovane donna, priva di una famiglia e di una dote alle spa [...]

    27. It starts out with Lady Charlotte Dalrumple who is a governess, and one of the proper ones When a client comes in asking her to be a governess to her grandchildren, who are as she put it savages and needed to be put in society, well Charlotte agree s, wanting a change from helping young ladies with their come out s into society So she is ready to accept that challenge of reforming her grandchildren When she arrives at Autsinpark Manor, she is surprised to find that Lord Wynter Ruskin is there t [...]

    28. Rules of Surrender4 StarsSynopsis Impoverished and cast out from her family, Lady Charlotte Dalrumple is forced to work as a governess Ostensibly hired to teach Lady Ruskin s Eastern born grandchildren in the ways of English society, Charlotte soon realizes that her real assignment is to turn their barbarian father into a true English gentleman The only problem is that the outspoken and sensual Wynter Ruskin has every intention of turning the tables and seducing the prim and proper Charlotte.Rev [...]

    29. Rating saya 4,5 5Done Betapa bahagianya perasaanku setelah dua kali terkecoh dengan hisrom ngenes akhirnya aku memilih series yang tepat Rules of Surrender adalah buku pertama dari series Governess Bride nya Christina Dodd yang ditulis dengan gaya penceritaan yang khas, penuh petualangan dan cukup lucu sehingga beberapa adegan membuatku tertawa Di samping itu scene romance nya juga tak kalah mendebarkan sehingga di setiap halaman yang bergulir jalinan cerita itu terasa seperti berputar putar di [...]

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