My False Heart

My False Heart By Liz Carlyle, My False Heart When Elliot Armstrong the dissolute marquis of Rannoch pursues a spiteful mistress into the wilds of Essex to sever their relationship he is surprised to find himself hopelessly lost in ways than o
  • Title: My False Heart
  • Author: Liz Carlyle
  • ISBN: 9780671040543
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • My False Heart By Liz Carlyle, When Elliot Armstrong, the dissolute marquis of Rannoch, pursues a spiteful mistress into the wilds of Essex to sever their relationship, he is surprised to find himself hopelessly lost in ways than one Inexplicably drawn to a warmly fit house along an isolated country lane, he is mistaken for an overdue guest but he dares not reveal his identity for fear of beWhen Elliot Armstrong, the dissolute marquis of Rannoch, pursues a spiteful mistress into the wilds of Essex to sever their relationship, he is surprised to find himself hopelessly lost in ways than one Inexplicably drawn to a warmly fit house along an isolated country lane, he is mistaken for an overdue guest but he dares not reveal his identity for fear of being tossed back out into the torrential rain, a fate he admittedly deserves The loving family that innocently welcomes Rannoch into their midst soon challenges his cynical convictions, and ultimately, resurrects his shattered dreams.Drawn by desire, Elliot and Evangeline discover a powerful love neither thought possible But malevolent forces surround them, and soon their secrets will be exposed and their hearts tested to unthinkable limits Only if they can forgive the past will they have a future.
    My False Heart By Liz Carlyle,
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      322 Liz Carlyle
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      Dear Readers, The awful truth about novelists is that we are mostly dull, introverted homebodies who only write in order to live our fantasies vicariously I came to writing rather late in life, and I m still amazed I can get paid for doing something I love, and that I get to stay home while I do it My favorite comedian Steve Martin once said, I believe entertainment can aspire to be art, and can become art But if you set out to make art, you re an idiot I have never tried to create art, but I do try to tell one heck of a good story Yes, I try to write with a hot iron, while the heat of the story is in me And I try, always, to entertain my readers.Regards,Liz

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    1. This is what happens when I reread a book I could only vaguely remember I thought it would be better I was wrong.Reading My False Heart was a chore It started promisingly and there were some truly interesting moments, on Elliot s part Evangeline, the heroine, too perfect to be true, the plot stuttering all over the place, Elliot a man in dire need of redemption of his dissolute life A subplot that was unnecessary and took away quite a chunk of the actual story That could have been used to show w [...]

    2. Loved this I really enjoyed Elliot and Evangeline s story Elliot decides one night that he is going to break it off with his mistress that night Only problem is, she is in the country and it is pouring rain No matter, he takes off on his horse after her Once he realizes he is lost, he decides to stop and ask for directions This is where you know it is fiction, because as we know, men don t ask for directions, when they can drive around and waste gas instead When the door is opened they have mist [...]

    3. One of the worst feelings in the world has to be believing you ve made so many mistakes and taken so many wrong turns in life that you ve irrevocably destroyed any chance for happiness you might ve had Elliot Armstrong, the Marquess of Rannoch, finds himself in just this situation in My False Heart, and watching him find his way out of the darkness and into the light is at the center of this really lovely book by Liz Carlyle.Ten years before the story begins, Elliot was a naive young man from Sc [...]

    4. I tried Really, I did I am definitely not one to endure pages and pages of a character pondering all their conflicting thoughts It s confusing I definitely like to get into the head of a character to understand where they re coming from but this read didn t give me that I was like OK, already This was also one of those where the hero was huge, in all respects, and the heroine, a small wee thing, realized that if she were to get close, her head would match the place where his heart was and she co [...]

    5. Reviewed for thcreviews 4.5 stars My False Heart was the first book Liz Carlyle wrote and the first book by her that I have read All I could think of throughout the story and especially after finishing it was that if this is her debut novel, I can t wait to see what else she has to offer in her later works Ms Carlyle wrote two absolutely wonderful characters in Elliot and Evangeline, as well as a full complement of secondary characters from friends and relatives to servants I loved watching Elli [...]

    6. I have heard raves about this book and this author I bought this book and several others by Carlyle knowing that I had found another gem author Boy I tried to like this bookI struggled through each chapter hoping the next would get better didn t I read for enjoyment and the words struggle and tried should not be on my radar when I am reading for an escape I love this book premise Reformed Rake stories are my favorite and the premise of a disillusioned Lord finding a family is a notion that appea [...]

    7. I remember LOVING the first part of this book, when the hero wet, cold, hungry, and totally lost sits on his horse looking at the glowing windows of a country estate A portrait of yearning Dare he approach the strangers Surely they might offer him directions, soup, and a bed for the night Perhaps some space in the barn He s a lonely man, and when this warmhearted woman and her fun loving family welcomes him wholeheartedly, mistaking him for another he cannot resist.If memory serves, the first ha [...]

    8. I am growing quite attached to Carlyle s stuff This one involves the Earl of Rannoch, a bitter and disillusioned man with an awful reputation who accidentally stumbles over the rambling, warm, loving house of Evangeline, a portrait painter and her eccentric family , is mistaken for a client, and cannot help but want to be drawn into all that warmth It s just so darling and lovely and I love the hero and heroine and want them to be happy so desperately It s really good

    9. This is Liz Carlyle s first book and one of my favorites I read this first and am glad I did Many of the characters appear in her later works I loved the whole story of Elliot and Evangeline You could feel the warmth that Elliot felt when he stumbled upon Evangeline s house I found myself rooting for Elliot, that he would become part of this loving family, something he desperately needed.

    10. I should probably stop trying to read books about men with scandalous, dark pasts who fall in love and try to reform That whole trope is really my catnip, but I find the execution often not what I want I want the hero to actually be dissolute and scandalous and dark and I want him to actually be tortured by his past and how maybe that makes him unworthy for TWU LOVE Instead very often the hero is not that dissolute or unworthy Part of why I think this trope is potentially compelling is that you [...]

    11. I really liked the beginning of this book But by the middle I just started skimming whole pages There was way too much time spent in characters heads Sometimes the characters would get so lost in the own thoughts that I would forget they were in the middle of a conversation and what that conversation was about I did really like all the characters and I wanted to see them all happy It was just a little or a lot boring in parts

    12. So beautiful I just LOVE Elliot s and Evangeline s story I have a weakness for broody moody Scottish noblemen A

    13. It s good but there s too much time spent on things that could have been summarized Some parts were a little bit boring.

    14. Unequivocal five stars for this sweet story of finding love and redemption even though you have a false heart and made a couple of wrong turns in life Reminded me of Judith Ivory at her best.

    15. Libertinos tamb m tem cora oCome ei esse ano com o p direito nas leituras S livros timos DMy false heart, de uma autora que nunca li nada na vida, peguei a dica do livro dela no mesmo lugar que peguei a indica o de To Have and to Hold, no blog da Rosario rosario blog em ingl s, que s tem dicas porretas Mas voltando ao livro, aqui temos a hist ria de Elliot, Marqu s de Rannoch escoc s, lindo, rico e enooorme que na sua juventude amou muito uma mulher, mas foi enganado por ela Depois dessa decep o [...]

    16. Excellent debut novel from Liz Carlyle She s a new author for me, recommended by my coworker Kim, so even though this series has been out for a while, I m just discovering it.Briefly, Evangeline is a Flemish refugee who escapes to England with the remains of her family and sets up a quiet life in the countryside where she supports her family by painting She s very talented and beautiful of course Elliot, the very dissolute Marquis of Rannoch gets to know Evie by a long winded case of mistaken id [...]

    17. My first book by Liz Carlyle I loved Elliot and Evangeline and wanted them to work things out I felt Elliot was ready for a change in his life and meeting Evie was the catalyst that started it The secondary characters were wonderful too I felt that these were real people and wanted to know about them.

    18. I really have a mixed feeling about Evangeline When she first found out about Elliot s true identity, she was into a flying rage and refused to hear his explanation And she even made up excuses about why Elliot deceived her I was soooo disappointed and I disliked her a lot Skimmed a lot of pages after that Even after he wore his heart on his sleeve, she still had her doubts and always ready to think the worst of him I just couldn t warm up to her any Fortunately, she was a bit better in the end [...]

    19. I started this book many, many years ago I read it when it was new I loved so much I bought the ebook so I would always have it I read it every several years when I can t find a new book that interest me.This a book where I really liked the heroine and thought the hero was a jerk He gets better as the book goes on It s a DIK for me.

    20. It was ok, long and stretched out The parts when lead characters are together were mind numbingly dull I almost gave up after first couple of chapters, it was so dreadfully pathetic, but luckily it improved somewhat after that There were few interesting bits, specially the murder mystery It was obvious who the killer was and why, but still it was by far the most interesting part of the book.

    21. It took me about 3 weeks to read this book However I don t think the book was the real problem I think the inauguration stole my concentration This is my second Liz Carlyle the first was The Earl s Mistress which has been on my re read list for a couple of years now Her novels have complex familial relationships, which sometimes I can t follow even though she explains multiple times Oh you know how they re related It s his first wife s brother s sister in law s cousin Huh Also, this is the way m [...]

    22. Let s begin.We have Elliott who s introduced as this charming young man who is completely besotted with his betrothed Like annoyingly so.I almost chose not to read this book because the characters in the first chapter were so outrageously cheesy with their need for each other We then find out Elliot s betrothed is preggo with someone else s child and obviously the engagement is called off.Thus leads to Elliot s debauched life where he s constantly whoring drinking In an attempt to find his last [...]

    23. Let s talk about the Dark Side of Romance Those moments of hopelessness, when our hero and heroine are at their lowest point they feel they ve lost the love of their lives, or death is approaching with so much left unsaid, and loneliness is a vast, open chasm of pain Ah the angst, the pain, the despair I love it.It s a clich , but suffering in romance, at least makes one a better person I make a distinction between your run of the mill romance novel torment an abusive childhood, being tortured b [...]

    24. I m following suggestions with regards to stars This book was okay I didn t think it was fantastic or bad I liked it okay however, I wasn t impressed with it Carlyle s writing was skillful, and she seems to recreate the era admirably I found the supporting characters in the story far interesting than the main players The Weyden Stone household was lively and fun Kemble was intriguing Zoe was darling Elliot and Evie Eh Boring I didn t get their supposed passion Why were they attracted to each ot [...]

    25. Even though I had read this story some years ago some parts of it still stuck with me and at this point in my life that is saying something The biggest thing that sticks in my mind is Elliot finding Chatham Lodge in the rain He is soaked through to the skin and he is for all intents and purposes heart sick The glowing windows in the house call to him and show him that families can be happy and rowdy and loving It is something that he has longed for all his life Elliot Armstrong is a rake of the [...]

    26. I believe this is Liz Carlyle s debut novel and I have to say it was very good It was full of intriguing characters, both the main and secondary ones It had a nice family feel to it which I absolutely love Quite a few of these characters I know are in The Devil You Know and it s one of the big reasons I m going through her backlist The mystery was well written, I didn t even know who was behind it It s rare when that happens because I do think many authors just dangle the answer right in front o [...]

    27. Oh, Jesus He loved her Beyond reason The hero of this book really made it for me It started off good, got a little slow in the middle, and then picked up the pace at the end Elliot is one of my favorite heroes He is described as a big hulking titled Scotsman with a vicious reputation and a glower that could make grown people shake Deep inside, he s not sure if he can feel any He is emotionally vulnerable because of events from his past Ms Carlyle takes you on a journey of self reflection with El [...]

    28. I did not know this was Carlyle s first book, I am usually very good about reading series in order, and have read many other books by her, so the characters were familiar as they show up in other book I loved Elliot and actually didn t mind reading about his constant turmoil I was reading along and suddenly 2 murders Quite surprised And there were many other surprises, in a good way Evangeline is also a wonderful character and enjoyed her also We also meet Kemble, who plays such an important rol [...]

    29. My False Heart VGLiz CarlyleBitter, vengeful Elliot Armstrong, whose provincial ways once left him vulnerable to the cruelties of the Ton, stumbles upon an isolated country estate that overflows with warmth, love, and innocence things completely foreign to him He quickly tumbles head over heels in lust with Evangeline van Artevalde, a complex and passionate artist who lives with her boisterous family at the estate And while the passion between them is undeniable, neither is completely honest abo [...]

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