The Vicar of Bullhampton

The Vicar of Bullhampton By Anthony Trollope, The Vicar of Bullhampton Frank Fenwick the vicar of the title and a likeable and energetic clergyman sets out to prove a young man s innocence in a murder and to prevent the eviction of a prostitute from her home Choosing a
  • Title: The Vicar of Bullhampton
  • Author: Anthony Trollope
  • ISBN: 9781845880972
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Vicar of Bullhampton By Anthony Trollope, Frank Fenwick, the vicar of the title and a likeable and energetic clergyman, sets out to prove a young man s innocence in a murder and to prevent the eviction of a prostitute from her home Choosing a prostitute as a central female character, Trollope addresses a topical question of histime how women should maintain due and proper regard for themselves without adopting eFrank Fenwick, the vicar of the title and a likeable and energetic clergyman, sets out to prove a young man s innocence in a murder and to prevent the eviction of a prostitute from her home Choosing a prostitute as a central female character, Trollope addresses a topical question of histime how women should maintain due and proper regard for themselves without adopting either the manners of a prostitute or the political excesses of a feminist.
    The Vicar of Bullhampton By Anthony Trollope,
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      Anthony Trollope became one of the most successful, prolific and respected English novelists of the Victorian era Some of Trollope s best loved works, known as the Chronicles of Barsetshire, revolve around the imaginary county of Barsetshire he also wrote penetrating novels on political, social, and gender issues and conflicts of his day.Trollope has always been a popular novelist Noted fans have included Sir Alec Guinness who never travelled without a Trollope novel , former British Prime Ministers Harold Macmillan and Sir John Major, economist John Kenneth Galbraith, American novelists Sue Grafton and Dominick Dunne and soap opera writer Harding Lemay Trollope s literary reputation dipped somewhat during the last years of his life, but he regained the esteem of critics by the mid twentieth century.See also enpedia wiki Anthony_

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    1. What a wonderful writer Trollope is, I admit that Dickens is the greater contemporary writer, but Trollope s women are so alive While with Dickens women are either sluts or saints, Trollope manages to create women of flesh and blood This novel is highly recommended to experienced Trollope readers, others new to Anthony s universe, should begin with the Barchester novels or the Paliser ones.

    2. I do so enjoy reading Trollope He isn t deep, and perhaps doesn t give the reader much to chew over either during or after His characterizations are excellent Mr Fenwick, the Vicar of the title, is not so much the central character as the man who knows all of the characters of the major plot and the various sub plots He and his wife have a very solid marriage and wish for the same for two of their close friends This leads them to play match maker and is the main plot line Near to the vicarage is [...]

    3. I have discovered from reading so many of his novels that Trollope wrote eight or nine great novels for every merely good one He is so consistently on message and so consistently in control of his material that few authors give me so much pleasure when opening a new book of theirs In addition, Trollope comes across as a force for reason and morality in a world where the verities are beginning to crumble He is a man of his time and place, so one has to be somewhat used to Victorian modes of thoug [...]

    4. I love Trollope He is so good at exploring the group dynamics of a society although only a small mainly upper middle class section I think he s especially good at smaller groups a family, a few friends and showing how we misunderstand each other our friends, our enemies, and ourselves I don t think there s a better chronicler or our in between states of mind okay, okay, Shakespeare Hamlet I know indecision, drifting malaise, an unsureness about what our next steps should be or would it be better [...]

    5. Reread for book group Jan 2016 Thoroughly enjoyed again Not to my brain s credit that a reread four years later can seem like reading a new book, I could remember main characters but couldn t remember details like who Mary actually ended up with or if the murderer s were ever found Still, really love Trollope s characters He s so good at making real, live people This time I was interested in his thoughts on the differences between female friends and male friends, his description of what two man [...]

    6. This is one of my favourite Trollope novels I ve read them all because the central character of the stubborn and likeable vicar, Frank Fenwick, is so vividly alive his relationship with his wife is also a refreshing example of a happy marriage in literature where there s nothing cloying or over sweet about it Also very interesting that a prostitute is a central character I really ought to reread this one.

    7. After reading The Way We Live Now and then this book, I don t know how I haven t read Anthony Trollope before now He is great This book has interesting characters, an intriguing story, and writing that is funny, poignant, and insightful.

    8. I picked up The Vicar of Bullhampton because I was looking for a Trollope that didn t centre around a will or a court case I should have read the synopsis a little carefully because there is a court case one concerned with crime this time, not inheritance but I didn t mind too much, because I found much to enjoy in the three entangling stories involving said vicar.This isn t my favourite Trollope and it s very nearly a curate s egg but I did find a great deal to enjoy.I wad very taken with the [...]

    9. Anthony Trollope is an amazing writer His work is as fresh today as it was when it was first published in 1870 The Church of England vicar of Bullhampton has his hands full with a murder and a young woman who is seen to have lost her virtue over a miscalculation due to her innocence This last incident is one of very few that dates this work and reminds us of how far we have come, ironically, both in tolerance and in loss of moral standards.Vicar Fenwick also has a woman in his parish who is prep [...]

    10. Not many nineteenth century novels contain sympathetic portrayals of prostitutes, but this one does The vicar s defense of Carry Brattle, the fallen daughter of a miller, is only one of several plot strands in this novel.I think this is one of Trollope s best, but you don t find a lot of people who have read it Perhaps because it s a bit dark And I think that is probably why it s not one of the ones that pops into my head when I m asked for Trollope recommendations But no Trollope novel lacks co [...]

    11. An interesting story that combines a murder trial, the rescue of a fallen woman, a rivalry between the established church and the dissenting Methodists, and a typical love story in which the groom is not rich enough to support the woman he loves The first three plots are interesting the love story is too typical and has been done too many times, especially by Trollope I liked the novel, but I would have preferred something a little less typical in the love story I appreciated the fact that the v [...]

    12. Very enjoyable Lots of interesting characters, although I ran out of patience with Squire Gilmor s suffering Mary s plight is quite striking in the classic Victorian girls must be married sense The Vicar is another one of Trollope s delightful clergymen, whose feud with the Marquis supplies the heat and the humor Trollope s depiction of the Methodist minister shows his typical disdain for dissenters One of my favorites.

    13. There are three main characters in this novel Mr Fenwick the vicar , Mary Lowther a single woman who must choose between suitors , and Caroline Brattle a fallen woman Septimus Harding in Trollope s The Warden is one my favorite literary characters and I was hoping this vicar might measure up to him in some way Fenwick is an appealing character because of his earnestness in avoiding village quarrels and in his desire to help Caroline leave her past behind But he is much of a hot head than dear S [...]

    14. As Vicar, Mr Fenwick has much to deal with Mary and her loves , young Sam who is in much trouble, Carry who eventually returns home, an entire church built on Glebe Land which belongs to his vicarage, the hard miller Brattle, a murder, court proceedings, and broken hearted GilA rather exciting tale with trilling little events on every page, and through all its characters and situations depicting the importance of forgiveness and peace of mind

    15. I loved this book I really liked the way the vicar was a person of his time, and yet beyond his time someone who was generally able to see past the prejudices and behaviours of his age, and yet was immersed in that environment and subject to the confines of it.

    16. I thought it was a good book It is an easy read I liked how the author would pull you aside and tell you the story behind the story He would be whispering in your ear I really liked that detail.

    17. I ve read a lot of Trollope in the past year, and I have to say that this is one of my favorites He tackles the issue of the fallen woman with such compassion way ahead of his time.

    18. This is not one of Trollope s better known novels, and, not knowing anything about it, it came as a delightful surprise Trollope created some very real, warm, living and breathing characters in the Brattle family, and in the Vicar and his good wife I could have wished for much moxie from the supposed heroine, Mary, and I found her story to be only mildly interesting, but indeed the Vicar, Francis Fenwick, is the true central character of the book, and one likes him all the better for his openly [...]

    19. The Vicar and his wife end up being a bit like Emma from Austen Playing matchmaker just doesn t work no matter how much the circumstances seem exactly right.This book has some precious dialogue about sin and redemption, reconciliation, forgiveness, and Christian charity The Vicar Fenwick takes great risks to reconcile a young woman out of prostitution He suggests that a nobleman locally should love this daughter of a miller in the same way he loves his own daughters This is totally intolerable t [...]

    20. How I love the novels of Anthony Trollope This novel comes right after He Knew He Was Right, his sprawling, magnificent study of obsession and jealousy, and the short, melancholy Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite This book falls just between them in ambition and scope.One of the great joys of reading many books by an author this is my 27th Trollope is watching how he plays with the same theme to different effects One of the staples of the Trollope novel is the long suffering heroine who either [...]

    21. As with all of Trollope s books, I took a good, long time to read this one luxuriate in 19th century prose and pace of life Very much a book about what was expected of a young woman in the 1840 s in England, and the social issue and politics of a small country area.Frank Fenwick, the vicar of the title, is a fair, compassionate man, a wonderful vicar, happily and wisely married But dealing with a local burglary and murder, involving a young man who is the son of the local miller, said miller who [...]

    22. A wonderful story of the lives of a village community The characters are realistic even today One character struggles with knowing true love and suffering from the hurt it will inflict on someone, another character struggles with following his Christian training even when he is faced with unjust rumors, and a third set of characters struggle with forgiveness Trollope s story is still very valid even today.

    23. Reread.The story is all right, but I d forgotten how tedious Henry Gil is with his obsession with the studiously good Mary Lowther though she becomes interesting when she hooks up with her cousin The murder plot and the Carrie subplot compassionate treatment of the Girl Gone Wrong are nothing new Other than the Vicar and his wife and their marriage all of which I especially like, the people here are ones we ve seen before in Trollope, and better done.

    24. Excellent characterizations and story telling, as in all of Trollope s novels Don t look for a classic romance here go instead to Dr Thorne I bought this book Vicar , but it may be downloaded free on Project Gutenberg , recommended because this edition is poorly printed The Vicar is most likeable.

    25. Bucolic, but morally compelling Like Trollope s other pastoral novels, it s rather slow, but so charming and uplifting.

    26. If Tony wasn t already dead, I would cheerfully have strangled his last breath out of him for writing this book view spoiler I keep thinking why do I keep reading Trollope The answer it s easy There is nothing exalted or difficult in his writing it s in no way extraordinary or memorable and therein lies the lure I can almost read on autopilot He so wrote for the sake of it How else is the background history on people like Mr Jay and Edith Brownlow explained Of what relevance is it None He was ju [...]

    27. One of the better of Trollope s novels, Vicar takes place in the rural West Country of England, where the titular vicar tries to create a village idyll by engaging in matchmaking, family reconciliation, church dissenters and an abrasive and self important lord of the manor.To the modern reader, what most stands out, I would say, is the critical treatment of women in mid Victorian society Unlike some of his early novels, Trollope subtly condemns the restrictive situation for women of the lower a [...]

    28. 3.5 rounded up Mary Lowther refuses to marry Frank Gil because she does not love him and then almost immediately meets, falls in love with and becomes engaged to her cousin Walter This engagement has to be broken off when Walter s father leaves him penniless Broken hearted, Mary agrees to marry Frank, reasoning that this will make him happy, but she does so explaining clearly to him that she can never love him Readers of Trollope s other novels will realize that this is a big no no There is a se [...]

    29. Now, this was an interesting read I found it dense heavy going for quite some of the way, but the wide cast and very different entertwined plots were all treated with equal care and respect It s hard to say what the unifying theme of the book is perhaps something about living with consequences of one s actions.I was pleased to see that Trollope didn t cut Gil too much slack for being a pestering, whiny git, even though the narrative is very sympathetic to him as a person The Vicar and his wife a [...]

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