The Book of Mormon: A Reader's Edition

The Book of Mormon: A Reader's Edition By Grant Hardy, The Book of Mormon A Reader s Edition Regarded as sacred scripture by millions The Book of Mormon first published in is one of the most significant documents in American religious history This new reader friendly version reformats t
  • Title: The Book of Mormon: A Reader's Edition
  • Author: Grant Hardy
  • ISBN: 9780252073410
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Book of Mormon: A Reader's Edition By Grant Hardy, Regarded as sacred scripture by millions, The Book of Mormon first published in 1830 is one of the most significant documents in American religious history This new reader friendly version reformats the complete, unchanged 1920 text in the manner of modern translations of the Bible.
    The Book of Mormon: A Reader's Edition By Grant Hardy,
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      160 Grant Hardy
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      Dr Grant Hardy received a Ph.D from Yale University in Chinese Language and Literature and a B.A from Brigham Young University where he studied Ancient Greek He is Professor of History and Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Ashville Below is a quote by Dr Hardy taken from the Faces of UNC web page I am interested in how people use literature to make sense of their experience, whether that be historical, personal or religious.

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    1. If you think it s odd that I spent 30 on a copy of the Book of Mormon after spending 2 years of my life begging people to take a free copy, you might be right If you think it s odd that I spent 30 on a book for which I have no fewer than 8 copies sitting around the house, and which is freely available on innumerable websites, you may be right.But if you want to read the Book of Mormon, not so much study and cross reference and mark it, this is the one to get Grant Hardy has formatted the Book of [...]

    2. After profitably using this version for reference study purposes for a few years now, I decided to actually read straight through it, as was one of the primary purposes for this edition It turns out that the habit of studying and topically analyzing the Book of Mormon as opposed to simply reading it is deeply ingrained in me I literally sought to read straight through this edition without taking detours, yet, by the time I was concluding First Nephi, the first book, my Kindle informed me I d mad [...]

    3. This is my all around favorite edition of the Book of Mormon and the one that spoiled the standard Church edition for me Hardy s edition is designed to be reader friendly and help the underlying logic of the text come out through the formatting Without changing any words, he modernized the punctuation adding quotation marks, parenthesis, etc , organized the sentences into paragraphs, inserted descriptive titles above sub sections, and arranged poetry into poetic stanzas Useful footnotes note cal [...]

    4. I ve read The Book of Mormon many times, but never in this format It was so easy to read I was able to really focus on the message without being bogged down by all the chapter headings, footnotes, numbers, and columns Though that type of formatting and information has its place, it really was enjoyable reading it this way for a change The only thing I didn t like was how thick heavy it was it made it difficult to sit and read it for long periods of time perhaps it would have been better on an e [...]

    5. Written in novel form and broken up into sections with bold brief summary to help readers understand the many authors and history and poetic form I enjoyed another way of reading this book.

    6. A review of the actual scriptural text would be an ambitious project that far exceeds my talent, so I ll just comment on what is different about this edition My favorite thing Hardy does is organize the verse into poetic stanzas, which I absolutely love An appendix Appendix 5 Book of Mormon Poetry pp 658 664 discusses various poetic forms of Hebrew poetry poetic parallelism in its synonymous, antithetic, synthetic including chiasmus , and climactic forms He also arranges text into reader friendl [...]

    7. This reader s edition help make what Mark Twain called chloroform in print slightly bearable But not much.As a work of literature, the Book of Mormon is a middling attempt by a talented young man inspired by the religious milieu of his time Perhaps if he had not needed to keep up the charade of translation by peering into a hat, and had the time to revise his work not to mention the help of an editor it would be a interesting piece of work As it is, its main literary device and it came to pass [...]

    8. I doubt I will ever read the Book of Mormon from the LDS publication again To be sure, I will study from that version, but when I want to read the book, I ll pick up this reader s edition I was surprised how much the footnotes, which only deal with the narrative, helped me I took for granted each time a BoM author prefaced a commandment with as the Lord has said , and yet most of the time there is an earlier reference The poetry formatting was also helpful for finding the main ideas in some pass [...]

    9. this is the first edition of the book of mormon that actually makes it approachable for the mormon and non mormon alike anyone with mormon ties family, friends or is themselves a member of the mormon community in some way should read this edition of the book before they pretend they know what they are talking about this is also a great edition for those who are critics of the book or the mormon lifestyle it lays everything out in an intuitive and completely approachable format that is not only w [...]

    10. The words in this Book of Mormon are the exact same as the text in the navy blue scriptural version published by the LDS Church, except for the italicized chapter summaries Those weren t a part of the original manuscript and they aren t included in this edition.What Hardy did with this edition was to change the punctuation and paragraph breaks.Those sound like relatively minor changes, but it makes an incredible difference Punctuation matters The other formatting changes, such as putting poetic [...]

    11. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A REVIEW OF THE BOOK OF MORMON, BUT GRANT HARDY S EDITING AND FORMATTING I am always looking for new ways to study The Book of Mormon, and Grant Hardy s Reader s Edition sounded interesting He puts the text back into paragraph form, breaking things according to literary convention, and adds quotation marks when appropriate When the writing lends itself to poetical form, he puts it into stanzas There are some helpful footnotes, and an excellent series of appendixes I [...]

    12. I m a big fan of the Book of Mormon This Reader s Edition changes the layout of the text from the classic verse format to a paragraph format, and modernizes the punctuation at the same time These seemingly small details make a big difference Not as dramatic as when we first learned to separate words with white space, but certainly in the same vein of readability improvement.As to the content of the book itself, I m a little late to the game to write a review that adds anything new, but I find th [...]

    13. I love the formatting of this edition of the Book of Mormon It makes the text feel contemporary and makes reading it enjoyable When I m preparing my Sunday school lesson I read this edition first to get a good overview of the events, then go back and look at the footnotes in the standard edition Another nice thing about this edition is the font size and opacity of the paper The bleed through of the standard editions is starting to drive me nuts.

    14. Wow, this is so much easier to read I never realized how much verse numbers slow you down This really flows well This is the same Book of Mormon LDS members know and love, but it s just been reformatted into paragraphs for easier reading The poetry and chiasmus are arranged as lines of poetry, and that, too, is infinitely easier to read I m definitely glad I got this Now I m on the hunt for a Bible with this same kind of format.

    15. This is fantastic I had been looking for a version like this forever Something easy to read with verses and chapters that stay out of your way The LDS edition is great for study, this edition is great for READING The introduction by the editor is wonderful, the poetic stanzas make the Isaiah chapters really come to life The additional info at the end of the book was a very pleasant suprise Great for those who have read it 100 times, even better for those who have never read it before.

    16. Grant Hardy has done a beautiful job, editing this book into chapter form, particularly for the the non mormon He does a beautiful job with the forward, giving a background into what will be read, and answers many questions that may arise I highly recommend this to anyone interested in religion.

    17. This edition of the Book of Mormon was recommended to me by a member of my extended, complicated family Since these particular folks are LDS, and they ve hitherto recommended the works of Hugh Nibley and Richard Lyman Bushman, I was intrigued.Haven t made it far yet, but I m impressed with the scholarly notations.

    18. Reading the Book of Mormon without the distractions of chapter breaks, headings, and verses was a new and great experience for me I plan on continuing to read the BOM in the regular format most of the time, but this was great for appreciating the book as a cohesive series of events, rather than getting bogged down in the How many verses chapters have a read mindset Highly recommend.

    19. The most accessible version of the Book of Mormon With the useful study tools in the back, the enlivening formatting and footnotes, the accessible punctuation, I m getting out of my study of the Book of Mormon than in all the twenty plus years I ve studied it combined I highly recommend this version in conjunction with Hardy s Understanding the Book of Mormon.

    20. I loved reading the Book of Mormon this way I finished it in two weeks and that was only possible because of the ease in reading it in this format The reparagraphing, quotations, stanzas, and parentheses really improved the flow I actually got caught up in the story sometimes gasp If you want to read the Book of Mormon quickly, or treat it like a novel, try it this way.

    21. Definitely my preferred version to read through now It makes reading the BoM a joy I like the way he did the headers the style was based off of one of the translations of the bible and paragraphs I wish he would have done his own chapters too since the current chapter separations don t make since One could read through the LDS version and never realize it.

    22. Brent and I are reading this together every night The formatting makes it easier to follow the story and remind you of the different narrative voices Having recently read Hardy s Understanding the Book of Mormon gives a whole new perspective to our reading.

    23. Excellent I looked forward to reading it for daily inspiration Nice that the narrative flowed, almost like reading a great biography Supplemental information also included in depth, but didn t bog down the reading experience because included at end of chapter or in appendix.

    24. Great way to read the Book of MormonMakes the Book of Mormon much easier to read and understand Should be on every member s tablet Also a ton of information in the appendix that you won t in any other single book.

    25. So much easier and pleasant to read The words are not changed, but the punctuation and paragraph breaks which in the standard edition are straight from the non lds original publisher and arranged in a much less jarring way.

    26. hoping to like this better than the blue book I m hoping it ll turn out to be a good format for a child s first BoM Well, for a child who likes to read like I did when I was 8 9 10.

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