Fools Rush In: A True Story of War and Redemption

Fools Rush In: A True Story of War and Redemption By Bill Carter, Fools Rush In A True Story of War and Redemption Published in Britain to great acclaim a startling gut wrenching memoir of war personal dissolution and rebirth based on the author s experiences in Bosnia When tragedy strikes Bill Carter s life he
  • Title: Fools Rush In: A True Story of War and Redemption
  • Author: Bill Carter
  • ISBN: 9781932958508
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fools Rush In: A True Story of War and Redemption By Bill Carter, Published in Britain to great acclaim a startling, gut wrenching memoir of war, personal dissolution, and rebirth based on the author s experiences in Bosnia When tragedy strikes Bill Carter s life he finds himself drawn to an unlikely place Bosnia, in the midst of its civil war Searching for meaning in the heart of darkness, he manages to find lodging in an abaPublished in Britain to great acclaim a startling, gut wrenching memoir of war, personal dissolution, and rebirth based on the author s experiences in Bosnia When tragedy strikes Bill Carter s life he finds himself drawn to an unlikely place Bosnia, in the midst of its civil war Searching for meaning in the heart of darkness, he manages to find lodging in an abandoned tower block and sets out getting supplies to the starved, besieged citizens of Sarajevo It is there that Carter emerges from his stupor Inspired by a community of people working to bring relief to the city, he daringly enlists the help of music group U2 and its lead singer, Bono, who set up satellite links on the band s Zooropa tour that allowed ordinary citizens of Sarajevo to speak unedited and live on 90 foot television screens to thousands of concertgoers worldwide Just as Michael Herr s Vietnam memoir Dispatches captured the horror of war for the 60s generation, Bill Carter s Fools Rush In will be the seminal book for this generation on the visceral and transformative impact of war in our time.
    Fools Rush In: A True Story of War and Redemption By Bill Carter,
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      Bill Carter

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    1. Bill Carter

      Bill Carter, a native Californian, is an award winning documentary filmmaker, photographer and journalist He s the director of the documentary film, MISS SARAJEVO produced by Bono of the Irish rock band U2 and author of the books FOOLS RUSH IN and RED SUMMER.

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    1. A vivid call to awareness, to the sacredness of no expectations, to learning a lesson deeply for seeing its complete fruition through the horrors of war Bill Carter is in his twenties and joins a caravan of circus like vehicles and performers delivering food to Sarajevo and other spots in Bosnia during the ethnic conflict He s not a journalist, not on any side of the conflict, which highlights his mindset, his innate need to move, travel, by one turn remember and on the other turn forget his pas [...]

    2. Fools Rush In is about a love story during war but not your typical love story it is the story of human connection, of survival and of the love you find for your own life only after a surreal experience Bill Carter writes in an engaging style that keeps you hooked and wanting He tells of his experiences in Sarajevo during the Bosnian war to such detail that you can clearly envision everything in your own mind down to the ping pong table and crazed looks on people s faces You fall in love with t [...]

    3. This is a very good book, not just in terms of a genre hardly travel writing, reportage but on a larger scale, about what it means to be alive.It opens with American Bill Carter hitching a ride to besieged Sarajevo with a rather wacky aid organisation called The Serious Road Trip, who deliver food dressed as clowns Why is he there Over the next few chapters we gradually learn about a difficult childhood and a love affair cut short by his girlfriend Corrina s death in a car accident Since then B [...]

    4. This is one of the best books I ever read It s non fiction my favorite It s about a guy who goes over to Bosnia during the war It s an incredible read tragic, hopeful, at times funny, at times one of the saddest things I ve ever read Can t recommend it enough Warning you will cry when you read this book I dare you not to

    5. This is one of the most important books I ve ever read Inspiring, uplifting, tragic all those things A book to remind you to seize the day, and a floating device to cling to when you ve forgotten what it feels like to truly live.

    6. Read this while working in Sarejevo, which made it particularly haunting I actually met Shibby and worked with one of the Surrealists No joke I thought this was a great read It dove deep into the reality of personal tragedy, war, and the personal journey that we all might be on.

    7. Excerpted from review originally appearing here aDuring the hellishness of living in a war zone, what can music possibly bring to the equation Through its primal power, can it be a hand to reach out and pull us away Bill Carter is a twenty something from the West Coast who begins his journey into the Bosnia region as a man unmoored From his earliest memories of abuse at the hands of a terrifying, nauseating, damaged father, he begins his book by telling of his lifelong gravitational pull to plac [...]

    8. I promised myself I d stop reading books about war, genocide and tragedies, partly because I feel like historic fiction is all I ve been reading lately, but mostly because they make me feel utterly and unbelievably helpless But I m really, really glad I broke that promise.I have no idea what to say about this book except that I was probably born to read this The way it was written was lovely, very simple and yet very poetic The combination and link between the author s personal life and the even [...]

    9. Fools Rush In what a shame that a romcom snatched the title from Bill Carter after the fact This movie flies fiercely in the face of the entire philosophy, value system of romcoms If the latter are intended to be topical, easy laugh and feel good analgesics of the entertainment variety, this book and I suspect the film, Miss Sarajevo are anything but This memoir is about a young man finding himself shattered by grief, so shattered that he becomes indifferent to whether he lives or dies And only [...]

    10. Mixed feelings about the book It does give insight to the war in Bosnia the dynamics involved, the history of the war, the impact on the residents of Sarajevo and how they get through the day However, I couldn t escape the feeling that the book was all about Bill Carter how HE was impacted by events going on around him how Corrina s death influenced everything HE did how other people felt about HIM His self absorbed style of writing about the Bosnian experience doesn t seem appropriate for the s [...]

    11. Bill Carter, an American, is a witness of the siege of Sarajevo, and tries to make sense of the conflict A conflict complex than the media often portrayed We learn there were not two sides in the conflict but at least six different groups with different interests, for example, in the defence of Sarajevo Bosnia Serbs were fighting against Serbs from Serbia This is the closest we can get to the siege of Sarajevo without actually being there.

    12. An excellent depiction of the existence of life in BiH during the period of ethnic cleansing in the nineties While the writing was very informal, it was very strong and effective in communicating the complexities of war and the interpersonal interactions during such times I highly recommend this book, there are strong universal truths that Carter beautifully distills throughout the piece.

    13. Brilliant autobiography about Bill Carter s experiences in war strafed Sarajevo at the height of the Bosnian conflict and his success in bringing it to the world s attention with the band U2.

    14. As with most books of consequence, it took me a while to digest Fools Rush In to the extent that I felt authorized and considerate enough to comment on it.Without question it is one of the most visceral books I can recall reading, testament not only to experiences Bill Carter chronicles during his mid 20s, but the manner and sensitivity with which he does so.Carter is, to me, one of those people you admire not only for their wanderlust, but their ability to exercise and wring every last drop out [...]

    15. Pretty crude and raw depiction of the Sarajevan conflict back in the early mid 90 s This kid, Bill Carter, was young, running, and broken writing about his experience working for a humanitarian aid organization that stole from the NGO s and worthless bureaucratic UN trucks and walked the plateau between embattled trenches, literally, to deliver food to the needy Ask and it shall be given to you He also strings his personal story in and out of the chapters, some fully dedicated to his former life [...]

    16. I was caught up in the story from the start Trying to imagine why anyone who didn t have to be in Sarajevo at that time would place themselves there in harms way But as he is there, Carter allows us to share in his experiences thereby the experiences of the people of Sarajevo.After reading the book, I want to see the 30 minute documentary, Miss Sarajevo I found some excerpts on YouTube and watched the video of U2 s performance of the title song But the documentary would be quite interesting.Full [...]

    17. This one was nearly made into a movie one of the best scripts of 2008 The story works better as a novel if you like epic humanitarian tales, this is worth a read.

    18. I have yet to finish this book, but plan to get going on it again soon I highly recommend watching his film, Miss Sarajevo, which would be a good companion for the book.

    19. I cannot recommend this enough Possibly my most favorite book to date About the Bosnian war, vagabonding, love, life, etc I can t WAIT to re read this one.

    20. I m so glad I read this I picked it up for 50 cents at an op shop, and even then I only did so because the blurb on the back was so far out that I couldn t even begin to imagine what the book would be like.Let me say before I go any further I don t know Bill Carter, I don t know his reputation, I haven t followed his career Nothing So all impressions and opinions I have on this book are from someone reading, for all intents and purposes, an unknown author It was only after I finished Fools Rush [...]

    21. The prolonged ending did not add anything to the book and felt self indulgent Otherwise very personal and honest, interesting and informative.I went to Sarajevo shortly after reading this book While I was there I wished I had Bill Carter s book with me because it was fascinating to see the landmarks he mentioned.A Sarajevan recommended I read The Cellist of Sarajevo which I did when I came home Now I want to go back again with BOTH books

    22. Fascinating story about losing love and finding a certain solace by delivering aid to Sarajevo during the height of the Bosnian war How the author managed to live through this experience is phenomenal Oh yeah, He also writes Bono, eventually meets U2 and convinces them to fund regular satellite transmissions that were broadcast during the ZooTV tour Amazing read.

    23. An excellent book, enhanced by the fact that Alex and I stayed in Bosnia for a week last year A fantastic insight into the siege of Sarajevo and a heartfelt tale of some of the most significant events of Bill Carter s life.

    24. Solid memoir Author weaves in a personal storyline to explain why he is in Sarajevo during the war, but doesn t overdo it I was still very young, about 9 12, when the war was going on, so this book helped me wrap my head around the basics The focus is on real Bosnians and not on politics.

    25. mesmerizing an epiphany of questions for deep soul searching vivid scenes that take you there, both in reality and in his subconscious what an amazing account

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