The House Sitter

The House Sitter By Peter Lovesey, The House Sitter The discovery of a woman s body on a Sussex beach seems irrelevant to the police force in Bath until she is identified as a resident of that city and the unique investigative talents of Inspector Pe
  • Title: The House Sitter
  • Author: Peter Lovesey
  • ISBN: 9780751534580
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • The House Sitter By Peter Lovesey, The discovery of a woman s body on a Sussex beach seems irrelevant to the police force in Bath, until she is identified as a resident of that city, and the unique investigative talents of Inspector Peter Diamond are brought into play.
    The House Sitter By Peter Lovesey,
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    1. Peter Lovesey

      Peter Harmer Lovesey born 1936 in Whitton, Middlesex is a British writer of historical and contemporary crime novels and short stories His best known series characters are Sergeant Cribb, a Victorian era police detective based in London, and Peter Diamond, a modern day police detective in Bath Lovesey s novels and stories mainly fall into the category of entertaining puzzlers in the Golden Age tradition of mystery writing.Most of Peter Lovesey s writing has been done under his own name However, he did write three novels under the pen name Peter Lear.Lovesey s novels and short stories have won him a number of awards, including both the Gold and Silver Daggers of the Crime Writers Association, of which he was chairman in 1991 92 In 2000, he received the Cartier Diamond Dagger Award for lifetime achievement in crime writing.Peter Lovesey lives near Chichester His son Phil Lovesey also writes crime novels.

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    1. Read by Steve HodsonTotal Runtime 12 Hours 33 MinsDescription The identification of the woman found murdered on Whiteview Sands poses questions than it answers Emma Tysoe was a respected psychologist and an official criminal profiler with several successful cases to her credit Why was she sun bathing alone so far from home How did she get there Who is the mysterious Ken in her private life What was the murder weapon Why did the man who noticed she was dead then completely disappear from the sce [...]

    2. We ran into a friend at the library recently who said she had been under a lot of stress and I just needed to read about people being killed, which was her jokey way of saying a good murder mystery is just the mind candy we often want That s why I picked up this book, my first Lovesey mystery, and I would declare it as an enjoyable experience, but not one where I was awed by the characters or the plot.This apparently was a transitional novel, where Lovesey was shifting from his well known detect [...]

    3. I could not resist, this is the third Lovesey book in a row, but I had to see what happened to the characters after a death in the last book What I enjoy most about this author is his ability to keep his cast of regulars fresh and interesting, by rotating the old and bringing in new He respects the intellligence of his reader and does not rehash previous books Now I shall practice discipline and wait a few months before reading the next book, which is in my stack.

    4. In the middle of a crowded beach in Sussex, a woman is murdered without a single witness to the crime In addition, her bag is missing and therefore anything that could identify her When the Sussex police finally identify her, she is found to be a Bath resident and Peter Diamond is called in to be part of the joint investigation with Inspector Hen Mallin of the Sussex police The woman is identified as a professor at a University and also a consultant profiler for the police The last case she was [...]

    5. The body of a criminal profiler is discovered on a crowded beach DS Diamond co leads the ever complicated case with another DS from a neighboring district, Henrietta Hen Mallin 4 stars for an absorbing, surprising mystery with a dash of humor that I stayed up past midnight reading.

    6. THE HOUSE SITTER 2003 Peter Lovesey 1 2.Here s another terrific mystery from Lovesey featuring his series detective, Peter Diamond This episode devolves around what seems to be a serial killer who uses images from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner as his calling cards Whoever the killer is, he is arrogant enough to announce his future victims in advance He is methodical and extremely careful in his plotting able to reach his victims in the most protected places His motives are initially unclear, b [...]

    7. I think that Sherlock Holmes called them his Three Pipe problems when he meant his most intriguing cases My reading time is late evening when I can settle down in my favourite armchair with a glass of whisky and relax and enjoy my read I am usually very good and stick to just one glass but sometimes,very occasionally, reaching THAT place in the right book at the right time makes a second glass inevitable and that is why this book gets the 2nd Glass Award as I just had to finish it off tonight.Ha [...]

    8. This is another one of those much acclaimed mystery series that I can t understand the appeal of There was cleverness in the puzzle, which involves the connection between the murder of a sunbathing woman who later turns out to be a criminal profiler, and a methodical killer intent on killing 3 specific people who leaves quotes from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner at the crime scene Peter Diamond and various colleagues from various jurisdictions pursue this case from all angles and come up agains [...]

    9. Thanks to friend, Sue Wyatt, for alerting me through a review to author Lovesey She always finds great mysteries from the Soho series I liked this book a lot It has some of the standard British mystery devices, i.e a protagonist detective, Peter Diamond, who is crusty and has had a terrible wound, i.e his wife murdered But everyone tolerates since he is brilliant However, the author breaks the mold, since the woman sidekick, Hen, isn t his underline, she is in charge of a police department herse [...]

    10. I spent this whole book wondering why it was titled the way it was then, as soon as I figured it out, it ruined the ending.I figured this one out, by the way, perhaps because I ve read eight of Lovesey s books in a row and I ve learned to always suspect the minor character who is beyond suspicion, even if connecting him her to the crime requires convoluted somersaults of plot development.Yep.But still hella readable and fun On to the next one.

    11. It s been a long while since I read any of the Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond series of mysteries I always enjoyed them This one started out well but I didn t find it very satisfying ultimately The two different plots tied in just a little too neatly The novel begins with a murder on the beach the victim is eventually identified as a psychologist who works occasionally as a profiler for the police I still like the character of Diamond, who is often amusing.

    12. Sometimes what I most need after a long day at school is a hot bath and a mystery with a curmudgeonly old Brit solving crimes Peter Lovesey s Detective Diamond is just my man If you are longing for some dry British wit with murder on the side, I suggest curling up with one of these excellent novels from the Soho Crime Series.

    13. This was by far the weakest book I have read in this series so far There seemed like a lot of juvenile sniggering about sex, foolish characters, and plot lines that went nowhere I m glad this was not the first Peter Diamond book I d read because it would have been the last.

    14. A very good and enjoyable read, one in the Peter Diamond police procedural series The story centres around the murder of a criminal profiler and the serial killer she was attempting to profile Excellent characterisation and a well paced plot kept my interest to the end.

    15. I m liking Peter Diamond and I especially liked that I fell for the red herrings I also liked the introduction of Hen, the detective from Surrey, and I m looking forward to reading one of the novels in which she is the main character

    16. Would have rated this classic english mystery higher except for potential spoiler no professional would mix personal and case notes in a single file Made everything a little too accessible, and the killer a little bit of an afterthought in character development.

    17. Great beach read I have had this book and passed it over for 3 4 trips Also passed over buying in the series and now they are not easily available here Oh well, enough with the regrets and recriminations This book is the 8th Peter diamond investigation and for now I intend to read them all This book also introduces Henrietta mallin who apparently got her own series Both diamond and Hen are great fun as they interact and work their way through crimes that at times appear related and at other tim [...]

    18. Although the solution in this mystery wasn t a surprise for me, the DI Peter Diamond series remains one of my favorites Peter gets involved in a case from another jurisdiction because the victim strangled on a crowded beach on a sunny afternoon in front of hundreds of people lived in Bath And he further gets tangled up with the Special Branch crowd because said victim was a top ranked psychologist from the local university who was often consulted by Special Branch as a serial killer profiler, an [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this book The murders were nice and clean meaning no great description of blood and guts which I like I didn t even guess who was the killer and that is rare for me There were so many red herrings that the author had me totally fooled For those who don t know Peter Lovesey he writes police procedurals set in the UK and he is very skilled at what he does If you enjoy a good puzzle he is the one to pick.

    20. This was a great mystery that kept you interested from start to finish Diamond is tracking a serial killer and trying to solve an unrelated murder at the same time Three police forces are involved, not always amicably Is Diamond mellowing a tad now that he s reached 50 Making his peace with technology Read the book and find out.

    21. Strange choice of title, considering that the house sitter is a famous rock star under police protection in a Bath mansion Diamond is working in Sussex with Hen Malin because her murder victim was a professor from Bath who was a profiler The work with Hen earns Peter her respect, and it would seem that a friendship could grow out of that.

    22. This is the first mystery I have read by Peter Lovesley and I will certainly read His main character is chief Detective Peter Diamond and it largely takes place in Bath England.

    23. A good chunk of the first part of this book does not include Peter Diamond Where d he go What s happening As someone who has been reading two or so of these a month in order for the past several months, not having the series character in the book was different At first But I really grew to like Hen At first she seemed to be a female Diamond not easy to get along with, tough, quick, funny but she did develop her own quirks She eats like a racehorse, smokes a lot and doesn t approve of Diamond s i [...]

    24. Lovesey is a new author to me on the whole, I really enjoyed this book An intriguing entertaining read throughout but I can t help somehow feeling cheated by the ending From the start I liked the humour tone of the writing I took to the characters immediately I particularly liked the fact that the one of the lead characters DI Hen Mallin also had a female DS, it s rare to get two strong females together in fact I don t think I ve encountered it before While Diamond was also a credible character, [...]

    25. A woman is strangled on a crowded public beach and no one sees a thing Amazing While the way Lovesey describes it it seems possible I had a hard time picturing it The device used to screen the victim from view was something called a wind screen that she put around herself, and that people couldn t see around or even over I found a picture of one and they are three sided tent like structures which are three or so feet high I have never seen one on our local beaches because I think they would prob [...]

    26. Actually, the book starts off with the killing of a well known movie director He s killed in his backyard, watching the sun go down, by a crossbow bolt Not your average weapon The killer leaves a message with a quote from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and telling the police who his next two victims will be Then the profiler who is brought in is strangled on a beach Because the profiler is from Bath, Diamond can t resist getting involved in the hunt for the killer The killer who is nicknamed th [...]

    27. The House Sitter is the latest Peter Diamond mystery and fans of Peter Lovesey s flawed detective, will not be disappointed As ever, the Bath locations are skillfully recreated and Lovesey s warmth for the city certainly comes through The plot, concerning the apparent murder of a psychologist whilst sunbathing on the beach, is well constructed, with plenty of twists to keep the reader wrong footed At first it appears that the case isn t going to allow Diamond to take centre stage, with much of t [...]

    28. Found this in the bargain bin at the used bookstore I m glad I did I was in the mood for a classic murder mystery and this delivered in spades The last mystery I read was so pretentious and boring that it made this one seem great Set in current day well, 2003 Britain, the plot concerns both a woman being strangled at a crowded beach with no one noticing and a serial killer who has named several future victims who seem to have nothing in common Are the two crimes related or not The reader gets to [...]

    29. a woman is fund dead on the beach after the tide starts coming in and she does not move she is identified as emma, a top psychologist and criminal profiler the case she is working on is based on the mariner an apparent serial killer who has targeted 3 high profile but totally different persons is her murder linked to this case or r they separate enter hen and diamond, two detectives from different forces who join together to solve the mystery their chemistry and repartee is brilliant made for a [...]

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