A Coyote's in the House

A Coyote's in the House By Elmore Leonard, A Coyote s in the House A Coyote s in the House
  • Title: A Coyote's in the House
  • Author: Elmore Leonard
  • ISBN: 9780060544041
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Coyote's in the House By Elmore Leonard, A Coyote s in the House
    A Coyote's in the House By Elmore Leonard,
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    1. Elmore Leonard

      El John Leonard lived in Dallas, Oklahoma City and Memphis before settling in Detroit in 1935 After serving in the navy, he studied English literature at the University of Detroit where he entered a short story competition His earliest published novels in the 1950s were westerns, but Leonard went on to specialize in crime fiction and suspense thrillers, many of which have been adapted into motion pictures.Father of Peter Leonard.

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    1. For a children s book, this one s quite deep We would often think that children s books have simple stories but this particular cute orange book about a coyote, dogs, a cat and a crow is different It s just the second time that I ve read a children s book that I m not sure if it s really a children s book The story is simple but has depth The character and plot development was simply narrated but you ll see that it s reaching peak The pacing of this book is fast yet you can grasp all the message [...]

    2. Title A Coyote s in the HouseAuthor El LeonardIllustrator Lauren ChildGenres Fable, Animals, Children LiteraturePaperback, 154 pagesPublished by Puffin Books, 2005 first published in 2004 Antwan is a coyote, wild as they come He likes his meat raw, not out of can He likes hanging with his gang, the Diablos He does not want to be a pampered pooch No way Budy is a doggy movy star with a taste for fame and luxury Since he retired, Buddy has been bored with everything except the delicious poodle Mis [...]

    3. Antwan has decided he d like to live it up for a while Right now, he lives on the outskirts of Hollywood, enjoying life vicariously, but now he s putting a plan into action to get into a house to stay for a while He chooses Buddy to be his pal and ticket inside, and as a bonus, he finds that Miss Betty likes him, too Buddy isn t convinced he can convert Antwan for the rest of the family, but they give it a try, and Antwan becomes Timmy for two weeks While he s living in Buddy and Miss Betty s ho [...]

    4. I loved this book, and thought it was a very fun middle reader 3rd 6th Unfortunately, Leonard calls the female dogs bitches about 4 times in the first chapter, and I know some parents who will be upset with this in my elementary school library Darn it I don t have a problem with the word it s the real meaning, after all but I dread the conversations this will require Besides this, the story moves along quickly and has a quirky dialogue that some of my advanced readers will love Reading other rev [...]

    5. This book is about a coyote who is learning that dogs and coyotes are very munch alike I learned that a pointer is a bred hunting dog that sniffs bush and if there is game the dog barks and the animal is scared out and the hunter shoots it POW I love loved this book because it show if we look at the good and bad side we will see its true nature.

    6. I picked this up at the library Turns out it was incorrectly labeled as adult I ve never read anything by El Leonard, just seen some of the films based on his books Although this is a kids book, it s still the Leonard style and the story takes place in the Hollywood Hills It s a fun listen and I am enjoying it.

    7. begins here was antwan, living the life of a young coyote up in the hollywood hills, loving it, but careful to keep out of the way of humans good storyeasy readonward and upward

    8. This is a fun book for someone who enjoys reading from a dog s point of view The author made it wholly believeable and funny that a wild coyote and a house pet a famous German shepherd would want to trade places The mother in the story has a feeling the animals can talk to each other, and can understand everything we say perfectly well, and in this case, it is true This is El Leonard s first children s book, and it was a delightful chapter book, with some cool illustrations Any adult who reads i [...]

    9. 3 1 2 stars A great young adult book by the best damn crime writer ever Harry Zimm Get Shorty even makes an appearance

    10. I read this a while back in middle school and found it recently unpacking old boxes The art was what initially drew me to the story and it is what drew me to it again such a fun, vintage, almost Disney esque style.The story itself, on the other hand, didn t really stick out to me In fact, I had to put it down this go round because I couldn t stand the prose Sure, the target audience is younger, but there was a lot of slang both in narration and dialogue that made it difficult for me to slog thro [...]

    11. When El Leonard, the master of crime fiction, the man who wrote such novels as Get Shorty, decides to write a children s book he goes all in This is a fun story of Antwan, a cool coyote who decides that it might be fun to pose as a dog With the help of Buddy the movie star German Shepherd and the show dog poodle Miss Betty he tries to assimilate into the lifestyle of a Hollywood pet.This is a cute story and a lot of fun I listened to the audiobook version read by Neil Patrick Harris Harris did a [...]

    12. Imagine my surprise when a friend gave this book to my oldest daughter El Leonard wrote a children s book Leonard peppered this story with textbook characters but in the form of animals There s a showgirl or show bitch meaning dog The coyote is a gang member A German Shepherd is a Hollywood actor on the downside of his career I found this aspect of the story really interesting.I think my daughters enjoyed the story I thought it was a reasonable diversion Not as fun as adult version Leonard, but [...]

    13. I read this on the recommendation of my son, who thought it was good.It s a YA book that has a coyote moving into the house of a movie star, a dog The owners of the dog think he s a stray They also have a show dog who has won loads of awards The premise is pretty much that one shouldn t judge others by what one thinks one knows about other people Not all coyotes are the same, and neither are all show dogs or hero dogs A subtext is that people are remarkably stupid about animals A nice story, too [...]

    14. A coyote living in the wilds of Hollywood becomes friends with a German Shepherd actor and lives with the family for awhile, with the idea of eventually changing places Doesn t happen I didn t really care for the writing Even though he is a famous author, I don t think children s fiction is his forte The style he chose for the coyote s character seemed contrived and much of the characterization seems phony.

    15. This is a funny, light hearted story about a coyote who befriends a dog, and hatches a scheme to trade places with him so that he can experience life in the wild I listened to the audio book, which was narrated wonderfully by Neil Patrick Harris If I had read this book instead of listened to it, I probably would have given it 2 stars Harris narration gave much life to an otherwise sort of flat story.

    16. This was a cute story about learning to accept yourself and others and making friends told through the experiences of a coyote, Antwane,who decideds to live with a family in the Hollywood Hills and two dogs Buddy German Shepard and Ms Betty Poodle It was pretty entertaining, the story line moved along, and the audio narration was pretty good Neil Patrick Harris.

    17. Short, okay, kid s book.Buddy, an aging movie star dog, convinces Antwan, a free coyote, to trade places Buddy will teach him to be a dog before Antwan will teach Buddy to be a coyote.It would have been great if the author spent time with Buddy being in the wild Another shortfalling is that there is too much going on at the end and the ending was too abrupt.

    18. Kids may love this book Some parts should have had description or plot development others had too much Overall the story was fun and would appeal to both boys and girls The idea of a coyote becoming a pet dog in the Hollywood Hills was so unique that it s worth reading just to see what plays out.

    19. I liked it a lot Buddy and Miss Betty meet a coyote named Antwan Antwan is taught how to be a regular pet dog I liked it when Buddy pretended to save a cat named Lola Miss Betty had beautiful poofs and pompoms but they were taken off by the pooch caboose And then she was a normal dog This was a very good book.

    20. I m pretty sure I read an advanced copy of this and thought it was ok But the audio book performed by Neil Patrick Harris was great His voices made the story come alive Buddy, the aging German shepherd film star who longs for the old daysAntwan, the truly wily Hollywood Hills coyote with attitudeLola, the stuck up Persian show cat Hilarious Really fun Loved it.

    21. Reading all 40 books in El Leonard s catalog means reading this, his only Teen YA novel I would imagine it would be great if I were still that age You can still hear the author s signature voice despite the subject matter I think this would actually make a good animated movie Pixar

    22. We listened to this book on tape while traveling to San Diego for Spring Break It was so good Neil Patrick Harris did an amazing job for all the voices The kids were really intrigued with the story I am now buying the book for my 4th graders teacher.

    23. like a 3.5.Well, I can t say that this was my favorite book ever, but it was worth reading This isn t going to be a very long review because I can t think of much to say Oh, one thing about the story, though the story itself wasn t that good, the writing style was great.

    24. This was a fun, feel good story about 2 dogs and a coyote They don t need to have much in common to become friends In the end they accept themselves for who they are.

    25. Loved it I read this at my daughter s recommendation and it was a lot of fun Same El Leonard style only in a smaller package for smaller readers.

    26. I found this a very amusing and funny book about a coyote who tries to go domestic and makes many grave and comical errors.

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