Immediate Family

Immediate Family By Reynolds Price, Immediate Family Mann s subjects are her small children a boy a girl and a new baby often shot when they re sick or hurt or just naked Nosebleeds cuts hives chicken pox swollen eyes vomiting the usual trials o
  • Title: Immediate Family
  • Author: Reynolds Price
  • ISBN: 9780893815189
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Immediate Family By Reynolds Price, Mann s subjects are her small children a boy, a girl and a new baby , often shot when they re sick or hurt or just naked Nosebleeds, cuts, hives, chicken pox, swollen eyes, vomiting the usual trials of childhood can be alarmingly beautiful, thrillingly sensual moments in Mann s portrait album Her ambivalence about motherhood her delight and despair pushes Mann to deMann s subjects are her small children a boy, a girl and a new baby , often shot when they re sick or hurt or just naked Nosebleeds, cuts, hives, chicken pox, swollen eyes, vomiting the usual trials of childhood can be alarmingly beautiful, thrillingly sensual moments in Mann s portrait album Her ambivalence about motherhood her delight and despair pushes Mann to delve deeper into the steaming mess of family life than most of us are willing to go What she comes up with is astonishing Vince Aletti, The Village Voice
    Immediate Family By Reynolds Price,
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      Reynolds Price was born in Macon, North Carolina in 1933 Educated at Duke University and, as a Rhodes Scholar, at Merton College, Oxford University He taught at Duke since 1958 and was James B Duke Professor of English.His first short stories, and many later ones, are published in his Collected Stories A Long and Happy Life was published in 1962 and won the William Faulkner Award for a best first novel Kate Vaiden was published in 1986 and won the National Book Critics Circle Award The Good Priest s Son in 2005 was his fourteenth novel Among his thirty seven volumes are further collections of fiction, poetry, plays, essays, and translations Price was a member of both the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and his work has been translated into seventeen languages Photo courtesy of Reynolds Price s author page on

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    1. Emmett, Jessie, and Virginia, 1989This is the first time I had a closer examination of Mann s work Her name is familiar, yes, but if you d have asked me to describe her oeuvre, I would ve stood there and said.The Hot Dog, 1989The images show a carefree world in which Mann s children grow up It is also where she herself had had her youth There is this ethereal quality, fleeting moments of family life.Most of them spontaneous, some are set up But who can tell Or will tell As the children don t see [...]

    2. There is something slightly disturbing about Sally Mann s images of her children Of course, having grown up in a hippie household I wasn t shocked by any of them in fact they kind of seemed familiar to me, her scenes around the place her family calls home I definitely could have seen my family and hers hanging out But she really walked to that edge where child nudity walked close to being inappropriate She was unflinching, looking into the heart of childhood, into humanity I love that people wer [...]

    3. Last night, I was pretty tired but since I figured it was beneath me to go to bed at 8.30, I decided to have a look at a photo book instead.Sally Mann is one of my favorite photographers Her works display moments of life with such honesty These are photographs of her immediate family, mainly her children They show the most intimate family moments, unapologetically and unashamed, and most importantly, informal The photos are very honest that way, and at times, vulnerable too.As a whole, this is a [...]

    4. Simply brilliant photography Appeals to me firstly because the subject matter are Sally Mann s own children, and she really subverts overarching societal notions of what childhood is innocence, immaturity, and purity, for example The images are not nearly as controversial as the conservative backlash she got in the 90 s would lead you to believe, but there is most certainly an eroticism to some of them that implies what conservative thinking does not want to admit that children are emotive, sens [...]

    5. When me and my three year old looked through this together he said he wanted us to have magic and go into the book and play with Sally Mann s youngest daughter.

    6. I love Sally Mann s final acknowledgments at this end of this incredible photographic journal of her children above all, my warm love goes to the three bright spirits whom this book celebrates Her vision and ability to capture on camera some of the most intimate and candid moments of a child s life are what make her such a great artist with the camera The images are both evocative and, at times, provocative, but always extraordinary Mann introduces this collection of her work with some recollect [...]

    7. I begged for this book for Christmas back in high school and wad thrilled to receive it from my brother I remember an ensuing argument with my brother in law about the content I think beauty, love, and tenderness are displayed He thought it pornographic Still boggles me.

    8. i remember seeing this book in my high school photography class I remember being somewhat conflicted every time i have had to discuss or comment on her work my previous recent experience her book on death made me want to discard her from my personal inspiration but somehow THIS book was calling me.I m so glad I listened Now being a mother and a user of a large format camera myself , these images are INCREDIBLE Intimacy with children without any sense of voyeurism i certainly would hope not, her [...]

    9. Mann s images in Immediate Family beautifully capture the joys and wonder of youth This is a collection of photographs of her children over the course of several years There was some controversy over the subject matter her often nude children , but there isn t the dreadful sense of latent sexuality present in some of the skeezy quasi pornographic work of people like David Hamilton or Jock Sturges.

    10. Absolutely beautiful These images were photographed on a large format camera with glass negative, which is in and of itself a labor of love The quality and intensity of these images are just breathtaking I know some people like to put negative condensation on these images, and some of them are definitely provoking I don t think people see it as worse than the reality really was Everyone likes a good controversy.

    11. My absolute favorite photographer I heard her lecture at RISD and I love how she really doesn t give a care what other people think about her work, she just tries to create something she likes cares about I talked to her corresponded with her about apprenticing and still would like to do that someday, if that remains a possibilityunfortunately, I couldn t really afford to do that in college

    12. Almost every photo absolutely blew me away Even impressive that she took these with a medium format camera This has given me a lot to think about in terms of my own photography as I am drawn to these images in a way that I am not drawn to the typical cheesy smile photos I wish I had seen these photos before I watched the documentary.

    13. Sally Mann has some beautiful children The confidence these children ooze cannot avoid discussion of infant sexuality But the children are in typical poses and situations blood, shit, piss, mud All these fluids bathe the gorgeous white bodies juxtaposing innocence and filth Beautiful black and white photos from a very talented photographer.

    14. An inspiring photographer and documentarian of her domestic life Sally Mann creates powerful images with the help of her children and the high impact of beautiful black and white photos I can t say it enough inspiration

    15. I discovered this book in a wonderful shop in Ashland before I realized I wanted to study photography The way Mann uses her family to create art instead of just snapshots really opened my eyes Her lighting is gorgeous.

    16. A friend of mine had this book on her coffee table and I looked through it cover to cover several times I think Sally Mann s photography is really beautiful and evocative and occasionally a little creepy.

    17. Well written, illustrated memoir by Sally Mann, including the stories of many generations of her family, photographs of her work, and the nature of making art.

    18. Although the portraits are intense and artistic, I mostly didn t like them They certainly didn t strike me as reflections of a family I would want to be raising.

    19. incredible and unmatched this book inspires meynolds price s essay at the close of the book is a perfect written accompaniment to the images.

    20. The Japanese have a word for this dual perception mono no aware It means something like beauty tinged with sadness Sally Mann, Immediate Family

    21. I m not a big fan of Saly Mann s black and white photos of children in unusual poses and often not dressed They re well done but I don t find them very interesting.

    22. Equal parts gritty, surprising, and lovely, Mann s images stay with me in a way that so many others do not.

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