Fire Star

Fire Star By Chris d'Lacey, Fire Star There is a fire star coming signaling a time of new beginnings A time for dragons to rise againA research trip to the Arctic and a contract for a new book life can t get much better for David Rain Bu
  • Title: Fire Star
  • Author: Chris d'Lacey
  • ISBN: 9780439845823
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fire Star By Chris d'Lacey, There is a fire star coming, signaling a time of new beginnings A time for dragons to rise againA research trip to the Arctic and a contract for a new book life can t get much better for David Rain But as soon as David finds himself in the icy climes, he begins to write his legend of bears, dragons, and the mmysterious fire star Soon he realizes that his tale is stThere is a fire star coming, signaling a time of new beginnings A time for dragons to rise againA research trip to the Arctic and a contract for a new book life can t get much better for David Rain But as soon as David finds himself in the icy climes, he begins to write his legend of bears, dragons, and the mmysterious fire star Soon he realizes that his tale is starting to mirror real life, and that an old enemy is on her way to meet him.Can David thwart her terrible master plan Or will his world be destroyed forever
    Fire Star By Chris d'Lacey,
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      He was born in Valetta, Malta, but as a child moved first to Leicester and then to Bolton After gaining a degree in biology from the University of York, he returned to Leicester and got a job at the University of Leicester in their Pre Clinical Sciences department.Originally his writing was confined to songs and he didn t turn to fiction until he was 32 His first piece of work was a 250,000 word story about polar bears for his wife, Jay, to accompany a stuffed polar bear he had bought her as a Christmas present.He didn t write another story for seven years, until he heard about a competition to write a story for young children with a prize of 2,000 The resulting book, A Hole at the Pole, also about polar bears, didn t win but he sent it off to a publisher, who accepted it.His first children s novel, Fly, Cherokee, Fly, was published in 1998 and subsequently shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal It was inspired by the time he found an injured pigeon in Victoria Park and nursed it back to health at home It became a family pet and lived for 14 years in a birdbox attached to the back of the house All of its offspring were given the names of different Native American tribes, which is where the title of the book comes from He has since written over twenty children s books, including Pawnee Warrior a sequel to Fly, Cherokee, Fly , a collaborative novel with fellow children s author Linda Newbery From E To You , and the best selling, award winning The Last Dragon Chronicles His books often contain environmental themes, and events based on things that have happened to him.In July 2002 he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Leicester for his contributions to children s literature Although writing is now his main source of income, he still works at the university as the operator of the confocal microscope.His favourite children s books are the Paddington Bear series and The Hobbit, and his favourite children s authors are Allan Ahlberg and Roald Dahl Chris D Lacey has written many books like Ice Fire and Fire Star, but his most famous book was Dark Fire, the fifth book in The Last Dragon Chronicles.

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    1. I grabbed this book, thinking it was the 2nd of the series After being about 1 2 way though it, I found out I was on the 3rd No worries, though, as the author does a good job explaining and recapping so I feel like I didn t miss much by skipping a book.Like The Fire Within, this story is about dragons Little clay dragons that live in the Pennykettle house David, the tenant, is a writer with his special dragon, Gadzooks.I won t reveal too much of the story, but I will say I m surprised this hasn [...]

    2. As with the first two books in this series, I was reading Fire Star out loud to my 7 year old son Why he likes these books, I simply cannot understand I think it s the hope that there may, at some point, actually be dragons in the story they are in there, but certainly not the focus Lucky for me, we had to return this one to the library while we were only halfway through it.I might actually put my foot down on this one and refuse to finish it Beyond the fact that I simply don t like it, it s com [...]

    3. Boy, this sure took me a while to get through At parts, it was really interesting, at parts, i was just like dafuq But i did really love the way all those subplots came together in the end Also, the characters are great And by characters i mostly mean the dragons.

    4. This review was originally posted on my site.I found out that this was suppose to be the final book in the series So the extension that was book 4, 5, 6, and 7 were intentionally written to It all makes sense now This book is neither thrilling nor final.Half way through Fire Star was where Mr d Lacey started to lose me I love the beginning What with the Polar bears and everything About midway in, the author got too environmentalist for me I felt like I was reading a report on global warming rath [...]

    5. This book is the third in a series by d Lacey, the first of which, The Fire Within I bought for my daughter to read over a summer holiday when she was 7 The story was partially about dragons china dragons that are alive, but not to everyone, and also about squirrels When the next book Icefire came out, I bought that too, but when I read it, I felt that my girl was not old enough for it The content was a lot grown up than book one, and so I held onto the book for a while before I passed it to my [...]

    6. Chris d Lacey is an amazing author In just over a year I have read 25 books by him To be honest I started this series and then set it aside to read a bunch of his other works, before returning to it, because of how many books were remaining The Last Dragon Chronicles is an excellent series and this in a wonderful read This book ramps up the action from the earlier books This book continues from the earlier books At the beginning David and Zanna are in the Artic on a research project David contin [...]

    7. Even when I was stuck in the same empty room for six consecutive hours with no one to talk to and nothing else to do, I still couldn t read this whole book I had the time and the means, but not the desire I tried, I really did, but nothing of the charms of the first book carried over into this installment I m all for modernizing, mixing, and mashing old myths and legends, especially across cultures, but this was just too much for me I gave up half through and googled the summaries for the rest o [...]

    8. This is the Third and final book in the first trilogy In this book, David is faced with a dangerous task Gwilanna, or Aunt Gwyneth, has returned and is bent on revenge This book starts out with David on a college trip to the artic with his class, primarily, his new girlfriend Suzanna, or Zanna for short During his trip to the Arctic, Gwilanna kidnaps Liz s daughter, Lucy, in order to revive the legendary dragon Gawain David returns to Scrubbley but soon enough is sent back to the arctic in order [...]

    9. This is the 3rd in the series It jumped pretty quickly into the fantasy realm I was not happy with the ending which for most books counts as a failure But there was plenty of interesting stuff going on.Not as kid friendly as the first 2 books There is a relationship that involves staying over and main characters die in this book Also, takes some pot shots at the church It always seems like such a disappointment to me when someone with so much imagination stereotypes the church Where did the imag [...]

    10. The problem with this book is that it meanders so far from the plot of the previous two it entirely destroys the series The plot that was once well established has been thrown out the window and new concepts and characters create gaping plot holes Most of the characters are far from likable, and thene protagonist dies and there are books This is sad.

    11. it was very easy to read in the beginning but they keep adding and perspectives it made it a bit overwhelming but other than that there is nothing except spoilers ahead so stop reading it if you do not want spoilers the main character they have been following the whole series is either dead or gone missing.

    12. Personal Response I really enjoyed this book Chris D Lacey does a great job explaining the plot and gives good detail He also made a good storyline even better Plot Summary David and Zanna left for the Arctic, and stayed there for a few months Lucy disappeared with Gwilanna to the Tooth of Ragnar Lucy was used to try and bring Gawain back to life Zanna was attacked by a polar bear and disappeared with the one that attacked her David felt hopeless, but eventually saved Lucy and Zanna When he save [...]

    13. Fire Star is the third installment of the Last Dragon Chronicles, and the plot is finally beginning to heat up Much of the setting takes place in the arctic, where serious events are beginning to escalate Now three books into the story, I am devouring Chris D Lacey s writing with a passion I am now very familiar with his writing style the way he incorporates vast, complicated, and fascinating ideas into a a simple script that anyone could read with ease I am in awe In this fascinating book, Chri [...]

    14. In this story, we follow the happenings of the dragons, as they try to assist their creator, Liz Pennykettle, her daughter, Lucy Pennykettle, and their friend and tenant, David Rain In this edition of The Last Dragon Chronicles, the dragons are trying to stop the awakening of a large, actual dragon, instead of a clay one We also meet a new character, Brother Vincent, or by David, Arthur, as well as travel to many places, such as the Arctic, Wayward Crescent the Pennykettles s town, and an island [...]

    15. I really like the context of the book, it really keeps you on the edge of your seat Firstly the book starts out slow introducing the characters, the plot, and the setting I think the rising action was really exciting because it gives so much information of the conflict between the protagonist and his own state of mind When the climax hits that s when most of the action happens, the protagonist finds what he s been looking for the whole book When the falling action comes the story calms down that [...]

    16. In all honesty, these are books that are fun at the time of reading them but as you get older they quickly lose their allure.I ve always enjoyed dragons books and because of that I think it took me longer to realise it is a rather repetitive read Not that such a thing really matters all that much with children s books, so long as the child is engaged with the story, but as I worked my way through the series they seemed to lose their fun somewhat because of this.By the time I reached the fourth b [...]

    17. The saga continues with unexpected twists and a surprising and, for me, disappointing ending The introduction of the dark star and the additions it brings to the plot I found somewhat obscure and in this book at least, unresolved The fate of the character I most connected with leaves me a little less motivated to read the next, but my daughter will be motivated enough for us both, I m sure.

    18. I didn t like this book nearly as much as the previous ones To my extreme dissapiontment, there was something dark about it that scared me I was highly dissapionted with this book.

    19. I simply cannot stop reading or shall I say devouring this series I m 34 years old and I m allowing my imagination to run wild with The Last Dragon Chronicles.

    20. The ending was such I shock, I never saw anythink like that comming I don t want to ruin it for so I shall say just this, when you get near the end expect something big, very big.

    21. Warning Might contain spoilers FInally The importance of the squirrels and David s ability to write occurring events which are the focal points of the very boring first book of the series are finally put into play a bit in this book I still don t think the whole first book should ve been about squirrels just so they could show up a bit in this one Can you tell I m still bitter about it.Anyhow, this book has a fair bit excitement, and much about dragons and polar bears, and somehow an alien spe [...]

    22. Firestar is the third book in the last dragon chronicles and David is in the arctic on a three month field trip and is writing a book about a polar bear and a shaman who are traveling together and the shaman who is a man and a bear can change between the two characters of himself And is teaching the younger bear the ways of the stars but at the same time he has to defeat the evil sibyl Gwilanna who is trying to raise Gawain the last living dragon on the earth from the dead And David has to stop [...]

    23. This book is definitely very interesting, if you like dragons and mythical things I would say someone who is really into fantasy would like this book This book is the third book from a series I recommend you read the first book to completely understand who everyone is and what is happening This writing in my opinion is very detailed and a little confusing I think this because it is a novel and they want you to be able to picture what is happening in your mind The book has so much detail, that it [...]

    24. 4 choice book 2nd quarter To not spoil the entire book I shall talk about the perfect lead up into the third book of The Last Dragon Chronicles Alright as all of you should know is that at the end of Ice Fire David was leaving for the Arctic s Well Chris d Lacey did a outstanding job connecting the end of Ice Fire and started the beginning of Fire Star The reason why I say that Chris d Lacey did an outstanding job is that I remembered the end of Ice Fire so vividly with Gretel trying to make Gro [...]

    25. Firestar is good book This book is the third book in The Last Dragon Chronicles and this book also contains many characters The characters are either people animals, dragons, clay dragons, or even polar bears There are many characters in this book and the amount of characters get me confused at times The book can also be confusing to me because so many thing happen This book is strong at having a good plot and developing characters I would recommend this book to people who are interested into dr [...]

    26. review to follow soonLuna Lovebooks says Likes Readers get to travel all over the world from the comfort of their favorite reading chair in this novel We go from the Artic to Scrubbly to Northern Scotland and back all within 400 some odd pages But the best element of this series is the characters Yes, David can be a bit immature at times, but the interaction between the humans and dragons and bears is amazing I also found it a little amusing that in the belief system of this novel God is essenti [...]

    27. I ll try to resist spoilers in this review, but I think that intense hyperventilation from extremely.rable events in the book is a form of spoiler, so all I ll say is that things get twice as intense as the previous book, and we go deeper still into legends and and I promised no spoilers THIS BOOK IS SO AWESOME

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