Time Windows

Time Windows By Kathryn Reiss, Time Windows When Miranda moves with her family to a new house in a small Massachusetts town she discovers a mysterious antique a dollhouse Through the windows she is shocked to find what seem to be living peopl
  • Title: Time Windows
  • Author: Kathryn Reiss
  • ISBN: 9780152023997
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback
  • Time Windows By Kathryn Reiss, When Miranda moves with her family to a new house in a small Massachusetts town, she discovers a mysterious antique a dollhouse Through the windows, she is shocked to find what seem to be living people in the tiny rooms, and gradually she realizes that scenes from the lives of the big house s past inhabitants are being replayed there.
    Time Windows By Kathryn Reiss,
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      Kathryn Reiss was born in Massachusetts, grew up in Ohio, and received B.A degrees in English and German from Duke University, and an M.F.A in Creative Writing from the University of Michigan After college, she lived in Bonn, Germany as a Fulbright Scholar, and during this time wrote the first draft of her first novel.Ms Reiss has been a Writer in Residence for the Princeton Arts Council, a recipient of the New Jersey State Council on the Arts Grant for Writers, and has been a featured speaker with among others Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, The Society of Children s Book Writers and Illustrators, The Northern California Library Association, The International Reading Association, Fresno County Office of Education, California Reading Association, The American Library Association, and the National Council of Teachers of English She lives in Northern California with her husband and five children, and teaches Creative Writing at Mills College.

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    1. I read this back in elementary school after my mum bought it for me at a book fair, and I read it so many times that the cover fell off Did I replace the book NegativeI taped the cover back on, and I still re read it to this day.Time Windows is the story of Miranda Browne, the quintessential city girl from New York who moves to the suburbs in Massachusetts The house is old, quaint, and everything her parents could ever hope for Miranda isn t so sure, but she finds an antique dollhouse in the att [...]

    2. This may have been the first book I ever read twice Looking back now, it s not monumental enough to me for a 5 as far as story, and yet it really stuck with me over the years I remember how vividly I was able to picture what was happening, the fear associated with certain moments, especially thecret room, to try and avoid spoilers too much A great story for a younger reader who enjoys being scared Though this may have further attributed to my irrational fear of dolls

    3. Time Windows is a middle grade book that would probably appeal to 10 14 year olds the most I found it to be enjoyable but predictable I thought the dollhouse aspect and seeing into the past through it was interesting, but nothing that happened in the book really surprised me By the time everything happened I had figured it out already My only real complaint is I felt like the girl in the book was written a little too young for her age at times I had to keep reminding myself that she was a teenag [...]

    4. I just re read this book after reading it when I was in 6th grade, because this story always stuck with me even tho for many years I could not remember the title But thanks to the modern power of the internet I was able to search the plot and figure it out when I was trying to think of good books for my little bookworm daughter to read over the summer I re read it before I let her read it because she is a little younger than I was when I read it and I remember it being a bit scary However, other [...]

    5. My favorite part was when Dorothy escaped the attic, and lived till she was over 90 years old, unlike before when she died in the airtight room in the attic She escaped the attic with the key that Miranda put in the dollhouse, a few minutes after Dorothy was locked in the attic by Lucinda The worst part was when Dorothy died, the first time, before Miranda helped her What happened was she was thrown in the attic, for spilling perfume, getting locked in the attic, and getting scared, so she fell [...]

    6. This book was in high demand in elementary school you had to wait on a list to check it out Imagine You move into a new house In the attic is a dollhouse replica of the one you live in, and when you look inside it, you are transported back to 1904 to see the house s creepy history play itself out.

    7. I read this right after reading The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall, so lets just say it took me a while to fall asleep Time Windows is much scarier than the other book, but not so scary I couldn t read it, but both books combined put a spook in me and made me think about life and death too much, and I don t need any extra help when it comes to that.I was mesmerized by the scenes that took place in the doll house, which only Miranda could see I can honestly say that if I had a doll house that was a [...]

    8. Check out my other reviews, discussions and link ups at Fantasy of the Silver Dragon.This is the perfect slightly creepy book to read during October It isn t too creepy, certainly something you can read while alone at night, but it s just creepy enough to get that little shiver every once in a while.I loved how the dollhouse worked And the way events Miranda saw through the windows there played out in her own family like some kind of psychic echo effect The secret rooms in the houses were neat, [...]

    9. Time Windows was a really good book, I had a copy that I bought a few years back so I decided to read it and it was certainly worth it It was a little slow starting off, but otherwise I liked it a lot.

    10. If I really, really had to pinpoint a favorite book Time Windows would probably be it This was my first Kathryn Reiss book and I initially read it 15 years agowow I feel old I love the storyline with mystery and time travel I feel like this review is inadequate for how much I love it but my feelings are hard to articulate Definitely recommend

    11. Many haunted dollhouse books have a similar theme, this one was a cut above though The interconnections of the modern day girl with the house, and the ghosts that appeared to her was quite ingenious Also, the ultimate reason the house was haunted, you never saw coming as a reader A shocking, mysterious story.

    12. One of my very favorites from my childhood and a book I ve always cherished over the years Please note it is a middle grade book, thus the story and plot may seem too simplistic for adults Personal experience tells me this book is a great tale from the perspective of a child.

    13. Miranda is a teenage girl who moves from New York to Massachusetts to live in a nice, old house Her dad quits his job to be a stay at home parent while his mom opens up a clinic in Massachusetts I d recommend this book to young teens.

    14. Great, classic ghost story mystery pay attention carefully in the beginning b c the details come back at the end Perfect story for the Goosebumps age range

    15. Miranda and her parents move from New York City to a small town in Massachusetts Miranda is a little sad to leave behind her old life, but is excited all the same The house is immense and improbably in good shape after 50 years of vacancy this isn t a plot point, I just know how much damage one unheated winter can do to a house, especially one as early as the Galloway House Resilient haunted houses are a staple of the genre however, so I shouldn t complain.The house has a history A clause in a f [...]

    16. Miranda atau Mandy, harus pindah dari New York ke sebuah kota kecil bernama Garnet, Massachusetts Ia menempati sebuah rumah besar yang sebenarnya cantik, namun entah kenapa sedikit menyeramkan Apalagi setelah Mandy menemukan sebuah rumah boneka yang merupakan miniatur dari rumah barunya itu di sebuah loteng yang gelap dan pengap Apalagi lagi , Mandy menyadari bahwa rumah boneka itu berhantu Awalnya Mandy menyadari bahwa ada boneka penjahit di loteng itu, namun beberapa saat kemudian boneka itu t [...]

    17. Misteri Loteng Rahasia merupakan lanjutan dari kisah Mandy sebelumnya yang berjudul Misteri Wangi Bunga Magnolia.Novel ini bertemakan misteri yang cocok untuk para remaja yang suka dengan kisah kisah misteri.Di novel ini Mandy beserta ayah dan ibunya dikisahkan baru saja pindah ke daerah yang sepi yang sebelumnya mereka tinggal di kota yang ramai.Kebetulan di rumah yang baru ditempati itu terdapat lotengnya.Ddi loteng tersebut Mandy Miranda biasa menghabiskan waktunya bermain dengan rumah boneka [...]

    18. Kathryn Reiss was one of my favorite authors during my elementary and middle school years and I decided to revisit this book the first one she wrote after being stuck in a bit of a reading rut As an adult reader now, I definitely noticed some weak spots that Actual YA Alexandra probably wouldn t have thought too much about view spoiler my I took some WGST classes in college and now everything ever gets read critically senses were very tingly re LucindaI couldn t tell if she actually wanted to be [...]

    19. Time Windows by Kathryn Reiss was my favorite book when I was in elementary school The main character Miranda is a thirteen year old girl who moves into a new house with her family The old house she has moved into houses an old dollhouse which mimics the house she now lives in Through the windows of the dollhouse, she begins to see bits and pieces of the house inhabitants of the past These scenes play out in the dollhouse and begin to make their way into Miranda s own life The children she sees [...]

    20. At first I didn t think I d like this book it was slow moving and the writing style wasn t in my taste A few things were pretty annoying First off, Miranda calling her mother Mither was on par for me with the name abomination Renesme from the Twilight series Second, Miranda seems to be written too young for her age She seemed like she d be about 10 or 11, but around halfway through the book, it is finally mentioned that she s 13 and starting eighth grade, not fourth or fifth like she seems Final [...]

    21. A young girl moves with her family into an old house, and discovers a replica of the house in the attic When she looks through the windows of the dollhouse, she can see dark, creepy scenes from the real house s past the lives of from three different families that lived there before her Her own mother starts behaving very strangely, and it seems to be related to the events happening in the dollhouse windows The girl has to solve the mystery of what happened to a little girl from the early 1900 s. [...]

    22. I began reading this in 5th grade but then the school year ended and I had to give the book back to the library For years I had the story stuck in my head but never got to finish it because I couldn t remember the name of it Finally in late high school when my internet searching skills had improved, I found it, lent it from a library, and loved it all over again I did get really spooked, though It gave me some serious nightmares But overall, the fact that I never forgot this book means that it s [...]

    23. i ve read this book before yeaaaarrrssss ago and loved it during one of my mother s i need to throw everything away purges it somehow became someone else s possession i ve been looking for the book ever since It has taken YEARS to finally find it because i completely forgot the name of the book and my mom finally found it for me at half priced books so i ll forgive her for throwing it away in the first place soo i m reading it again to see if i liked it as much as i did in elementary school.

    24. This was my favorite book in 5th grade I probably read it 6 times between 5th and 7th grade because I loved it so much The concept must be appealing to kids of that age, since I have read others reviews who all said how much they loved it when they were about 10 years old In short, the novel is about a girl who moves into a new home and discovers a doll house in her attic which is an exact replica of her new home When she looks inside she sees peopled what she learns his haunting.

    25. Probably a 2.5 star, though if I had read this when I was in middle school, it would probably have received 4 stars This fits the middle school mystery ghost story that was popular when I was growing up I enjoyed it for sentimental reasons and the plot was decent view spoiler I could have really done without the seances near the end, though I felt they were rather unnecessary hide spoiler I think a 4th grader and up who enjoys a fun ghost story would enjoy this.

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