The Warlord's Daughter

The Warlord's Daughter By Susan Grant, The Warlord s Daughter In this follow up to Moonstruck the war is over but Wren s life is in tatters She s the most wanted woman in the galaxy and as the only living offspring of the notorious Drakken Warlord her genes c
  • Title: The Warlord's Daughter
  • Author: Susan Grant
  • ISBN: 9780373773619
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Warlord's Daughter By Susan Grant, In this follow up to Moonstruck, the war is over, but Wren s life is in tatters She s the most wanted woman in the galaxy and as the only living offspring of the notorious Drakken Warlord, her genes could very well start a new dynasty of terror And the Coalition can t have that Original.
    The Warlord's Daughter By Susan Grant,
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      281 Susan Grant
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    1. Susan Grant

      When NY Times USA Today bestselling author and Air Force veteran Susan Grant isn t driving an 18 wheeler a 747 jumbo jet she loves writing romantic, action packed stories featuring gutsy woman and honorable men Flying to exotic places and trying every kind of food imaginable helps Susan bring her sci fi worlds alive for readers She is a winner of the prestigious RITA award for her book Contact, an alien abduction sci fi romance.

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    1. I do love a good romantic space opera, and they re so hard to find any I m finding Susan Grant quite enjoyable

    2. More love This one was a bit different from the others Only one major sex scene, and a lot spaceship fun It follows several stories, eventually converging into two seperate stories and then into one One follows Wren, the Warlord s neglected Daughter as she tries to stay alive in the new, unified universe that just happens to want her dead for her father s sins Another story follows Aral, one of the Warlord s battlelords who turned spy and single handedly brought down the Warlord Then there s Va [...]

    3. The Warlord s Daughter by Susan Grant is a futuristic, intergalactic, paranormal romance that s book two in a spin off series from her Otherworldly Men books Without having read the other books in the series, I was a bit confused at times regarding repeat characters from earlier stories, but it didn t impact my enjoyment too much I found this book to be a fairly quick and entertaining read, but would really classify it as s f with romance than anything else.The war is finally over after thousan [...]

    4. This is book 2 in a well developed universe that is trying to recover from a devastating war book 1 I read the first book a while ago The author does a good job with plot, descriptions and characters, though there are some minor editing oddities The adventure is exciting and has tension, though not the intense we re all gonna die type.The romantic elements are typical of this author Three couples are interwoven into the story they are also interlinked There were some good build ups Hmm, I wonder [...]

    5. Living under the abusive and terror of his battlelord father, the hero had dedicated his life to doing everything in his power to destroy his father and the Warlord Gaining popularity with the tyrant, the hero won favor and is offered the hand of the warlords daughter as reward Now, all those years of planning had come to a head and the hero has managed to wipe out the Drakken power and kill the warlord All the hero lives for now is his search for his bride The heroine knew a similar torturous c [...]

    6. Good read You spent your life hidden away on a remote planet, half blind and ignored by your father Then it turns out your father was the poster boy for the Evil Warlord s Society and with his death everybody wants a piece of you Some want you dead, some want you as a figurehead and some want you to legitimize a claim to the throne And with a 50 million credit bounty on your head, half the galaxy wants to capture you What s a girl to do You spent your life as a double agent with the sole goal to [...]

    7. I liked Moonstruck but I loved this book Wren, the warlord s daughter, is raised away from him She s quiet, small, with glasses that most people don t have any but her father never got around to getting her eyes fixed At 13 she s to be brought before her father She s scared and looking around at all the men her father might choose for a husband and sees Aral, a Drakkar commander s son Their eyes meet and something flashes between them Neither forgot When her father is assassinated, she s on the [...]

    8. Not my kind of book but enjoyable just the same I picked it up because I like Susan Grant s romances Intergallactic warfare and warlords galore I liked Wren though she was innocent, naive and sheltered from the atrocities of her warlord king father.Aral, also a warlords child, was physically abused by his father and turned traitor to rescue the planet from the constant warring Aral vowed to rescue Wren from her father s tyrany and sparks flew when he actually gets the chance Wren and Aral s cour [...]

    9. Enjoyable, but disappointing as it could have been a lot better The concept was pretty good but I didn t think it was written very well, which was a shame as I really liked the first book in the series and don t remember there being the kind of sloppy writing in that oneMany things didn t really seem realistic or make sense, such as the way the H H just were automatically in love pretty much and accpeting of each other was odd d a few times through the book I actually checked back to make sure I [...]

    10. The Warlord s Daughter Borderlands, Bk 2 by Susan GrantAwrenkka Wren daughter of Supreme Warlord of the Drakken Horde is on the run from the Coalition that has a price on her head, the Loyalist that would us her to rebuild the Horde Her father and half brother where killed after they kidnapped the Queen, and touched of a revolution inside the horde Somebody of their blood has to pay for the crime She possess the key to the treasure only she can open.Aral Mawndarr son of Battle Lord Kardon Mawnda [...]

    11. The second Tale of the Borderlands takes us back to the struggle for peace between the Coalition and the Drakken The war is over, but peace is hardly a sure thing Wren is the only living child of the evil Drakken Warlord, and she is the key to a treasure that can heal with galaxy Both sides are seeking her, but she is tired of being a pawn Aral is the son of a Drakken Battlelord and a feared Battlelord in his own right For years he has worked to destroy the Drakken Empire he hates and win the Wa [...]

    12. I really did enjoy this book Ms Grant always delivers a good story.I marked this particular book down for one reason The romance of Aral and Wren seems a bit rushed to me.Part of the reason is that there are two romances going on, and a third budding Kaylie and Bolivar were a budding romance in Moonstruck, another great story, and their romance fleshes out in this book But that means that Aral and Wren are sharing their book with the other couple and I felt somewhat cheated on theirs In addition [...]

    13. Sweet, young Wren is ripped from her idyllic home and thrust into danger when she becomes the most wanted woman in the galaxy The only man who can save her is another outlaw, Battlelord Aral Mawndarr Pledged to each other as husband and wife by proxy years ago, they ve no time to explore their relationship As the fledgling alliance called the Triad attempts to take shape, Wren and Aral must race to the legendary planet of Ara Ana to uncover a treasure that will unite them all But will they find [...]

    14. 1 1 2 stars I think I m just not a space romance kinda gal I love Gena Showalter s Alien Huntress series, I loved Sherrilyn Kenyon s The league series fact this starts out in a world similar to the League series But it falters It is almost like it was a 400 page book that they cut to 200 pages, but never connected parts Parts were confusing, parts were annoying, and the viewpoint shifted between unnecessary characters It was okay But not for me The ending was good, if abrupt, but that s the only [...]

    15. I was hoping that the next Susan Grant book would be Hadley and Bolivarr s story characters from Moonstruck Luckily I got two stories in one The main story is for Wren the aforementioned Warlord s daughter and Aral, a battlelord her father intended her to marry But Hadley and Bolivarr are here too and they get screen time so that their story can continue.It would be best to read Moonstruck first Otherwise, there might be confusion.

    16. Although I ve loved the other Susan Grant books, this one didn t quite gel for me, possibly because there were so many relationships going on and none of them in any depth The story was well paced, on the other hand, but the climax was somewhat anti climactic in that it was over too quickly after the build up had the reader dreading the confrontation for almost half the book It just didn t hold up to all the hype.

    17. As much as I loved Moonstruck, where the drama between characters was on the backdrop of relevant drama of post war tensions, I was disappointed with this one Main characters relationship develops seemingly out of nowhere, Bolivarr s and Hadley s story is not as steamy as in the first part, and overall chasing around for a treasure is too much sci fi and too little romance for my taste.

    18. I really enjoyed this book, which follows Moonstruck Both books are loosely tied to Your Planet or Mine, My Favorite Earthling and How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 Days, but set in the Borderlands the no man s land between two mighty civilizations that have just declared peace after a thousand years of war.

    19. I have absolutely enjoyed many of Susan Grant s books Some of them are falling apart because I have read them so many times I bought the book in e format and downloaded it the first day it was available This book had a lot of potential but fizzled at the end However, new characters were introducted which I hope to see in future books.

    20. Sci fi story that kept my interest but there was only a small amount of romance which didn t even start until middle of the book Drakken warlords daughter Wren holds a key to treasure Aral secretly worked for coalition and now that war is over searches for Wren.

    21. As a sequel to the prevuous book, it was a very enjoyable read I didn t fall for the characters as much as I did with the previous book, but I still loved the plot twists and the romance and another take on the end of the war as described previously.

    22. I like romance novels and I like science fiction I judge them by very different standards Unfortunately, this book didn t have enough romance to hold my interest, and the science fiction wasn t high enough quality that I believed it It left me feeling apathetic.

    23. While the beginning seemed a bit disjointed and the fight at the end was a bit short, I really enjoyed this story The setting is dark without being fucking miserable, which many authors seem to get stuck in I would highly recommend reading Moonstruck first, though.

    24. The book is good, but not great The main couple aren t as interesting as Hadley and Bolivarr, characters from Moonstruck Catching up with their relationship was fun.

    25. This was a great sequel to Susan Grant s Moonstruck I thoroughly enjoyed this story about a sheltered girl who had to escape persecution because of her father s deeds.

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