The Lavender Hour

The Lavender Hour By Anne D. LeClaire, The Lavender Hour Downsized from her teaching job Jessie longs for a sense of renewal and decides to spend a year on Cape Cod seeking to be cleansed by rushing ocean waters and comforted by the lavender hues of the s
  • Title: The Lavender Hour
  • Author: Anne D. LeClaire
  • ISBN: 9780345460486
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Lavender Hour By Anne D. LeClaire, Downsized from her teaching job, Jessie longs for a sense of renewal and decides to spend a year on Cape Cod, seeking to be cleansed by rushing ocean waters and comforted by the lavender hues of the setting sun While there she volunteers with a local hospice program, where she meets Luke, a once proud fisherman whose life and body have been ravaged by cancer Jessie s preDownsized from her teaching job, Jessie longs for a sense of renewal and decides to spend a year on Cape Cod, seeking to be cleansed by rushing ocean waters and comforted by the lavender hues of the setting sun While there she volunteers with a local hospice program, where she meets Luke, a once proud fisherman whose life and body have been ravaged by cancer Jessie s presence is a great help to Luke s mother, who has moved in to take care of her son.After initial misgivings Jessie and Luke forge a deep friendship, and the former teacher is surprised to find herself opening up about her life, the loss of her father when she was a girl, her often difficult relationship with her mother, and her own battle with illness When Luke makes a critical request of his new friend, Jessie must look deep within herself for an answer, knowing that her actions will have far reaching effects on Luke s family and forever change the bonds within her own.
    The Lavender Hour By Anne D. LeClaire,
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      415 Anne D. LeClaire
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    1. Anne D. LeClaire

      I grew up on a farm in a small town in Western Massachusetts, the middle of three daughters of a school teacher mother and an electrician father I was the family story teller, not always meant in the good way In fact, I love that while I was once punished for making up stories, I now get paid for it.Okay, so I was a small town girl But my ambitions were as fanciful as they were impractical My early career choices were fueled by dreams nurtured in our town library where books fired my imagination At various times I dreamt of being an FBI agent, a girl detective, a pilot, a spy and a cow girl.I m a graduate of the MacDuffie School in Springfield, Massachusetts and an alumna of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, North Adams, Massachusetts and Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.I met my future husband, Hillary, while on summer break from college It s a classic summer story Co ed goes to Cape Cod for a summer job, meets and falls in love with a native and ends up living on the Cape We now live in the seaside village of South Chatham and have two children, Hope D Avril and Christopher, and sixteen chickens.While raising a family, I was no closer to being the F.B.I agent or cowgirl but did work as a radio broadcaster, an actress, a journalist and a correspondent for The Boston Globe My work appeared in The New York Times, Redbook, and Yankee magazine, among others.It wasn t until 1983 that, pursuing a long held dream and encouraged by the fiction editor of Yankee, I quit my journalism jobs and began a novel, Land s End, which was published by Bantam Books in 1985 I have since written eight other novels, including the critically acclaimed Entering Normal, The Lavender Hour, and Leaving Eden My work has been published in many countries including Great Britain, Italy, Greece, France, Japan, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, Netherlands, Brazil and Israel.My first book length non fiction, Listening Below the Noise, is a meditation on the practice of silence In addition to novels and the memoir, I write short stories and essays I also teach and lecture here and abroad on the creative process, as well as on the practice of silence I have taught creative writing on Cape Cod, in France, Ireland and Jamaica, at the Maui Writers Conference, and to women in prison.My essays have been included in a number of anthologies, among them I ve Always Meant to Tell You, Letters to Our Mothers An Anthology of Contemporary Women Writers From Daughters and Sons to Fathers What I ve Never Said and A Sense of Place An Anthology of Cape Women Writers.My interests are gardening, yoga, theater, travel and aviation I am a private pilot I m also interested in genealogy and am a cousin of the poet Emily Dickinson.

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    1. I loved Anne D LeClaie s Entering Normal and she continues introducing quirky eccentric but lovable characters in this book The Lavender hour it is rich with funny, neurotic and lovable women The protagonist Jess is a young art teacher laid off and cancer survivor who decides to spend a year in her family cottage on Cape Cod Her only source of income is the hair jewelry she makes on commission for cancer patients who send her their shorn locks pre chemo The side info about hair art is gross yet [...]

    2. I hate books like this I WANTED to read it so badly The plot revolved around a woman who was seeking healing in her mission as a new in home hospice volunteer But the language, the language, the LANGUAGE I couldn t get past chapter three Too bad I ll never be able to find out if the book has any redeeming qualities It really sounded so lovely, but I just couldn t do it

    3. I wonder if I d feel differently about this book had I not been witness to my mother s death from cancer in the local Hospice and were this not the second anniversary of that passing The book had passed through too many hands unread, and I felt it deserved a reading, but didn t expect to be drawn in so by it That we learn from the dying is very true A lesson in courage, a lesson in strength One has to be very strong to live fully while dying I ve heard the expression to live like you were dying [...]

    4. Jessie Long is a cancer survivor who has passed the crucial five year all clear mark Still unsettled, unattached at 33, with a self proclaimed habit of looking for love in all the wrong places, Jessie moves to her family s empty cottage on Cape Cod where she hopes to find some equilibrium while working with a view of the sea In the first of a series of increasingly destructive decisions, Jessie hides her medical history and volunteers to be trained as a hospice worker She is assigned to Luke Ryd [...]

    5. I typically don t read fictions I feel like I already have enough drama in my life that I don t need to read about another person s If I really wanted it, I d rather watch a movie I used to read a lot of fiction until high school, but I guess I matured.Anyway, from time to time I pick up a fiction w o a specific reason, and this book happened to be one it was in the new books section at the library and the cover caught my attention yes, I know what they say about book covers and judgments What a [...]

    6. I loved this book The main character Jessie moves back to the family s Cape Code summer home after losing her teaching job, planning for a year to figure out what to do with her life She s brought plenty of baggage with her failed relationships, parental issues one gone, one still living , grief and guilt Looking for something to do and having special insight as a cancer survivor, she volunteers as a home hospice caregiver, where she meets Luke, a handsome once proud fisherman wasting away with [...]

    7. liked than i expected to i picked this up because it was endorsed by adriana trigiani, and i was hoping for the small town fiction of the big stone gap books, but i got something controversial with a twist as in jodi picoult s books hospice worker jessie, herself a cancer survivor, is starting over in cape cod when she sees a photo of her patient, luke, she has the i know you feeling reclusive luke lets jessie into his life, but what kind of life can there be for two people when one is dying l [...]

    8. Liked it a lot Couldn t quite decide on the stars This was a heavy topic, but every time things were going to get intense the writing cut out and there was a time lapse At first, I thought this was a bit of a pansy way to deal with things, but by the end of the book I really liked the style I never felt like I missed anything and it almost gave me a needed break from the story There were also some great phrases in the book I m going to start using the wrong side of stocky in my daily conversatio [...]

    9. This has a strange plot 32 yr old Jessie, a cancer survivor, has moved to Cape Cod to rejuvenate and to cast about for a new direction in life She signs up as a volunteer for Hospice and then, with her first dying client, proceeds to fall in love with the man And that is just the start A very needy lead female here, who lacks common sense and makes bad choices.Good descriptions of the Cape.

    10. I am not really a reader of tales like this one but I have to say I love this author s writing so much I will read anything she writes This one deals with death, dying, and assisted suicide in a nonjudgemental thought provoking manner Anyone who has worked in nursing, hospice, or simply cared for an ill family member, will undoubtedly find something to relate to in the main character s dilemna resulting from her missteps and big heart.

    11. Anne LeClaire s beautiful writing kept me engaged in this book, even when my irritation with the central character might have otherwise caused me to toss this one aside While the story deals with complex emotional issues, Jessie is at times operating with such a narrow vision as to seem very selfish and astonishingly naive My favorite of LeClaire s is her nonfiction memoir, Listening Below the Noise , also set on Cape Cod, and I would recommend it much so than this novel.

    12. This book was a little strange for me I read it for book club in December I was unable to attend the discussion and I think that would have helped me sort out how I felt about this book I just got angry a lot with the main character falling in love with a photo Also her artistic activities with hair jewelry was a slightly odd I am on the fence about this book.

    13. Well written I liked what the author quoted at the end of the book in her interview Only an optimist can dare look life fully in the face And, We learn how to live from the dying I would have given it 4 stars if there wasn t so much offensive language.

    14. This book will tug at your heart strings A young hospice worker falls in love with a man dying of pancreatic cancer The story has many unexpected twists and turns and is a page turner The author is a resident of Cape Cod and features the Cape s local color.

    15. A story of what happens when a hospice volunteer gets drawn to her patient, and forgets the guidelines Read for my book group It generated a lively discussion, especially when we got to talk about end of life issues.

    16. I do not like reading about human pain, but I found this book by chance and it was interesting to discover that it caused me so much curiosity to know about the decision of the protagonist, that I finished

    17. I read this for a bookclub I was in and did not care for it I never understood the main character s need or motivation to fall in love with a dying man in his last days to the point she broke so many rules on so many levels me it felt like exploitation and was very depressing and disturbing.

    18. This was the first book I have read by Anne LeClaire I enjoyed reading it She kept me guessing throughout the book, as she dropped hints The story was intriguing why we do what we do, asking if what we do is really for others, or for out of own own self interest.

    19. This book was just okay in my mind The ending was too much too predictable for me and I found the main character not really that likeable Not much to say about it It s been a while since I read it so I can t get too specific.

    20. I loved the style of the author s writing From the beginning little hints that something big was coming I also enjoyed the local Cape Cod landmarks that the author would reference in Harwich Port and Chatham.

    21. I liked this now that I m done than I did while in the middle of it I think that there s too much blatant foreshadowing, but I liked the characters.

    22. A hospice worker learns the very fuzzy and often grey lines that exist within our own everyday judgements and what it means to provide care A quick, very satisfying read Highly reccomended

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