The Double-Jack Murders

The Double-Jack Murders By Patrick F. McManus, The Double Jack Murders None
  • Title: The Double-Jack Murders
  • Author: Patrick F. McManus
  • ISBN: 9781439131350
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Double-Jack Murders By Patrick F. McManus, None
    The Double-Jack Murders By Patrick F. McManus,
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      327 Patrick F. McManus
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    1. Patrick F. McManus

      Patrick F McManus is an American outdoor humor writer A humor columnist for Outdoor Life and other magazines, his columns have been collected in several books Series Sheriff Bo Tully

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    1. I greatly enjoyed the audiobooks of Patrick McManus that include his stories of Rancid Crabtree and his other zany characters While the characters and stories were hilarious, the narration by George S Irving made the audiobooks truly great I was expecting over the top capers here as well, but McManus keeps the humor in a steady low gear view spoiler The gag repeated throughout the book was the Annual Sheriff Bo Tully Empty the Freezer Day a kind of pot luck, try your luck picnic hide spoiler It [...]

    2. I read this for a reading group discussion sponsored by the local library I m surprised that this type of book was selected for such a forum While the book is entertaining and enjoyable, for my tastes it is decidedly light fare and frankly does reach the levels of literary quality expected by me, anyway in a book group discussion selection The discussion has yet to take place, and perhaps afterwards my feelings about the merits of the book will be modified Sheriff Tully is an entertaining charac [...]

    3. Fourth one I ve read in the series and I needn t say than to say it s as good as the others with amusing characters, an interesting mystery, and a fun way to spend an afternoon.

    4. Blight County Idaho Sheriff Bo Tully and associates attempt to solve an 80 year old double murder over a lost gold mine in this very entertaining if slow paced third book in the series Wonderfully engaging characters keep me turning the pages even if the plots were are a tad lightEd

    5. I can t help itI ve gotten attached to these quirky, fun, characters and the stories are always interesting with just that little twist at the end.

    6. Brain candy.McManus s laconic style in a novel is different from his hilarious essays on huntin n fishin etc Sheriff Bo is also competent in the woods than McManus s alter ego in the essays The sheriff is now being pursued by an escaped convict whom he had had convicted and now promises revenge This will not interfere with Freezer Day, where everyone empties their freezer of game they haven t been able to eat in time and brings it to a community pot luck Bo s old very old professor sends her se [...]

    7. I thought the first two books in the Bo Tully mystery series were pretty good, but something happened with this third book and the quality went downhill a bit It s almost like the publisher changed editors The dialog was kind of jumpy, as was the story, and I had to make some assumptions about some of the jokes in order for them to make sense The book was decent and the story was entertaining and I still plan on finishing the series.I m a HUGE McManus fan and I love his humor Although I like his [...]

    8. Wildly wonderful wacky characters This is the third book I have read by Patrick F McManus I have enjoyed all of them tremendously McManus has some wonderful and quirky characters in his books There is humor and surprises Sometimes I catching myself laughing out loud I can t wait to get another.

    9. Just because he s had a death threat is no reason to call off the Fourth Annual Sheriff Bo Tully Empty the Freezer Day that always takes place on his property All the other local politicians have been beside themselves for four years now over missing out on a free vote gathering extravaganza that doesn t cost Bo a dime Although he does draw the line at eating any mystery meats the voters bring in But the death threat is a serious one, and Bo decides to head for tall timber in an attempt to get t [...]

    10. This was the second book I read in this series Here s an excerpt on the review I wrote for mostlyfiction in late 2009 This is the second book I have read by Patrick McManus, after Avalanche I ve enjoyed both of the books, but I enjoyed The Double Jack Murders much than Avalanche I think the story and characters are a little believable and the story seemed to flow a little better The Double Jack Murders features fewer characters so you get of Pap and Bo and their interaction with each other an [...]

    11. Idaho s Blight County Sheriff and respected artist Bo Tully is the target for prison escapee Lucas Kinkaid, who has vowed to kill Bo for putting him in jail Bo decides to use himself as bait to catch Kinkaid, so he goes on a camping trip with his Pap and his friend Dave to smoke him out At the same time, his elderly friend Agatha Wrenn asks him to investigate what happened to her father who disappeared, along with his helper, Sean O Boyle, in 1927 when they were working their small gold mine Luc [...]

    12. I grew up reading McManus columns in Field and Stream, never realizing at the time that he was actually a local and the places and people he was describing, I was recognizing for a good reason Stopped reading Field and Stream MANY years ago, but have continued to enjoy anything by Patrick McManus If you re a fan of Rancid Crabtree and the crazy cast of characters that have filled his columns and short stories forever, I think you ll like Sherriff Bo Tully McManus is a great story teller fun, wit [...]

    13. Sherriff Bo Tully is out to solve an old murder while being chased by a seriel killer bent on revenge Bo is asked by an aged and beloved friend to find out what happened to her father and his young assistant, who never returned home after striking gold in the nearby hills So Bo, his dad Pap and their friend Dave head to the hills to solve the mystery.I really hated the ending of this book It was like the author got tired of writing and summed up the book in one sentence I was left scratching my [...]

    14. P McManus is a funny guy, but I think much so in his writing of articles, and short stories His Outdoor Life and FS stuff was is killer In this third offering, Sheriff Bo is a cross between Spenser and a rodeo clown, and I m never quite sure if he s putting me on or not Likeable enough, I must say that the good sheriff must put on some seriously aphrodisiac laced aftershave in order to have the ladies young,old, in between swoon for him so The other characters are the usual suspects, named Pap, [...]

    15. Bo Tully, sheriff of Blight County, is in the sights of an escaped psycopathic prisoner, and he s getting tired of it So he persuades his father the wealthy ex sheriff , and his friend Dave to go on a camping trip, ostensibly to do a little fishing and find the father of an elderly woman, who disappeared when she was a little girl But Bo also sends a deputy back to the woods to see if he can spot the escapee getting ready to take aim at Bo.

    16. This was a book club read Once I started, had to make myself finish Although a short, easy read it was hard to make myself pick it up after each reading break Characters flat Dialog flat When describing country, wildlife, anything having to do with the outdoors, the writing was fine But dialog was succinct and humerous for the wrong reasons Plot was thin The stereotypical characters and cliche ridden comments were gagging No desire to visit this series ever, ever, ever again.

    17. Because I totality enjoyed reading about Patrick as a young man in his memoir How I Got This Way I thought everything he wrote would be good, not so much His memoir is so much better and so completely worth reading and I have suggested it to many, but this was a huge disappointment and I probably won t read by him.

    18. McManus writes a hillarious, light, fun read The sheriff, Bo Tully, is tongue in cheek type who doesn t take himself too seriously but the bad guys should A tough sheriff who knows when to be gentle and is also a up and coming painter Toss in his interesting family and characters of Blight County Idaho and you have a wonderful read.

    19. Sly and understated Sheriff Bo Tully is trying to think one step ahead of his criminals Then he s asked to solve an 80 year crime and find a gold mine.Why I started it I needed humor in my reading line up.Why I finished it This series is growing on me I didn t know what to expect with the first book but now they are old friends.

    20. I really enjoy reading Pat McManus, and have really enjoyed the first two books in the series I have to say that Avalanche was much better This one seemed a bit half hearted, it s a lot shorter than the first two in the series, but I love the Bo Tully character, and hope that he will continue with the series

    21. I love humor, especially local humor I think Blight County, Idaho spans the whole of the state at times with the descriptions Pat McManus puts in, but I still like the characters A lot is fit into a little book I ve read all 3 of the Sheriff Bo Tully books, and am anxiously awaiting 4.

    22. I found this book rather ridiculously plotted and executed The sheriff, the primary character, is a womanizer and I suppose the corny dialogue was supposed to be humorous It didn t make me smile much less laugh I had to force myself to finish it I ll pass on this series.

    23. Did not enjoy this quite as well as the first two, but I still laughed out loud in a couple parts The murder they were solving was about 80 years old, so the suspense was a bit weak as the murderer was most certainly deceased Regardless, it hit the spot of a much needed light read right now.

    24. A kind of small town, folksy mystery Heavy on the folksy very light on the mystery Good enough for an evenings read The mystery gets solved on the next to the last page and I was beyond caring who dun it Probably won t choose this author again.

    25. Bo Tully is at it again This time he has an escaped criminal trying to kill him while he s investigating a 70 year old crime A little shorter than the past two, but still good for some laughs.

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