Love Busters: Overcoming the Habits That Destroy Romantic Love

Love Busters: Overcoming the Habits That Destroy Romantic Love By Willard F. Harley Jr., Love Busters Overcoming the Habits That Destroy Romantic Love Helps readers identify and overcome the five most common destructive habits that threaten marriages
  • Title: Love Busters: Overcoming the Habits That Destroy Romantic Love
  • Author: Willard F. Harley Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780800718077
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Love Busters: Overcoming the Habits That Destroy Romantic Love By Willard F. Harley Jr., Helps readers identify and overcome the five most common destructive habits that threaten marriages.
    Love Busters: Overcoming the Habits That Destroy Romantic Love By Willard F. Harley Jr.,
    • [E-Book] ✓ Love Busters: Overcoming the Habits That Destroy Romantic Love | By ✓ Willard F. Harley Jr.
      373 Willard F. Harley Jr.
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    About "Willard F. Harley Jr."

    1. Willard F. Harley Jr.

      Willard F Harley, Jr Ph.D is best known as author of the internationally best selling book, His Needs, Her Needs Building An Affair proof Marriage Over three million copies have been purchased, and it is available in twenty two foreign translations.Dr Harley earned a Ph.D degree in psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1967 and has been a Licensed Psychologist in Minnesota since 1975 For the first ten years after earning his degree, he taught psychology at both the graduate and undergraduate levels During those years, he was also a frustrated part time marriage counselor with little success in helping couples.In 1973 he discovered that he was not alone in his failure to save marriages almost everyone in the marital therapy profession were also failing So he spent the next two years designing an entirely new approach see How Dr Harley Learned to Save Marriages When his success rate skyrocketed in 1977, he resigned from his teaching position to counsel full time Over the next ten years his solo practice developed into the largest network of mental health clinics in Minnesota thirty two locations with over one hundred psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and chemical dependency counselors working with him to provide a full range of mental health services He became the exclusive provider of mental health and chemical dependency services in ten counties, and had offices in other counties as well.One of his responsibilities was to write support materials for the clinical program he directed He created over one hundred questionnaires and wrote numerous articles that were given to clients as part of their therapy Among the materials he wrote was His Needs, Her Needs, which was first published in 1986 Although it was written to be a support text for his marriage counseling program, within three years it had become a national best seller and a basic reference for marriage counselors throughout the nation.By 1988 he found himself spending almost all of his time administering his clinics, and very little time doing what he enjoyed most improving his marital therapy program So he began turning his clinics over to the counselors who worked with him, and the ownership of his last clinic was transferred in 1993 Since then, he has written 16 books and hundreds of articles.Dr Harley and his wife, Joyce, are actively involved in the Marriage Builders Online Program, which introduces couples to his highly successful plan for marital recovery An online seminar offered by Dr Harley kicks off a one year home study program that includes personal accountability He supervises the progress of those who enroll, and answers their questions on a special Marriage Builders Weekend section of the Forum.Dr and Mrs Harley have been married for 47 years and live in White Bear Lake, Minnesota They have two adult children, who are now working with them as marriage coaches, and four grandchildren.

    515 thoughts on “Love Busters: Overcoming the Habits That Destroy Romantic Love”

    1. My hubby and I are best friends and have been married 14 years We got the first book His Needs Her Needs years ago, which we reread at least yearly Last month I bought this book for us to read Just like His Needs, Her Needs it has changed our lives, instantly Out of all the marriage books we love his best Dr Harley just gets to the point and helps you clearly be able to help yourselves We love working on our marriage and these books have helped us grow even closer I d say marriages are like car [...]

    2. For a non fiction, self help book I really liked this one It really makes things easy to understand, as far as interpretting your marriage I love the way he explains that we each have Love Banks and that certain, negative actions make withdrawals while other, positive actions make deposits I look forward to eliminating the love busters from my marriage and moving on to read, His Needs, Her Needs to learn about how to make love deposits.He offers examples from couples he has counseled, which I f [...]

    3. While I thought this book was a worthwhile read, I don t feel like it changed me much Dr Harley has some good ideas for resolving marriage conflicts, as well as how to maintain a romantic relationship However, I m not sure I agree with everything he suggests and I probably won t be integrating all of his suggestions into my marriage I have read His Needs, Her Needs and thought it was helpful to me.

    4. The advice is a little extreme at times, but overall, the principles are sound and thought provoking Worth while.

    5. I can t help it every time I say or read the title of this book, it s always to the tune of Ghostbusters AnywayThis book was interesting when he would introduce a topic, I would think that it seemed too simplistic, but then he would expound and then it made complete sense For example, one of the love busters is annoying habits like the way someone sits, eats, takes care of themselves, etc and it seemed a little silly, but then as he explained it, I could totally understand how something seemingl [...]

    6. In this book, the Author describes five behaviors that he says destroy romantic relationships as well as friendships He calls them love busters He offers a plan for identifying which of these behaviors are involved in your relationship and then teaches you how to reduce them or illuminate them all together I found this book to be helpful and think it s definitely worth reading, despite its age.

    7. If you want to take your marriage from bad to good, or from good to great, this book is a great resource for you

    8. I found Dr Harley s book to be a great source for understanding how and why we love our spouse one day and can barely tolerate them the next It s like a checking account making deposits and making withdraws No book is going to change you, that is something that you have to want to do for yourself If you truly desire to be a better person, which will make you a better spouse, you will find guidance within these pages One word of caution if your intention is to read this book in the hopes of getti [...]

    9. This was a bit cheesy, but it turned out to be better than I originally thought it would be For me, the main takeaway was that in order for marriage to be successful it really has to be your priority Family, friends, career, and interests are important, but if you prioritize them above your marriage, your marriage will probably suffer And since your marriage is an extremely important part of your life, both qualitatively and quantitatively, it probably makes sense to make it such a priority.

    10. This was decent, but there s a LOT of reused content from his other books here I thought many points were useful, though It mostly seems as a book for marriages on life support that are under threat of imminent divorce Thankfully, my marriage isn t anywhere close I can highly recommend He Wins She Wins, which has a lot of same content but condensed I plan to read HIs Needs Her Needs apparently I m doing this all out of order haha I think I need a break from marriage family books for a while.

    11. There is an old saying, When the student is ready, the teacher will appear Learning about these Love Busters and seeing them in myself have helped me in my marriage than anything else I have read This book, and it s companion, His Needs Her Needs receive my highest recommendation

    12. Probably the most important book on marriage I ve ever read after the Bible, of course It called me out on some things that I d never addressed squarely before I read this book as part of a marriage enrichment class offered at my church, Fairfax Church of Christ The impact of the class, including this book, was profound.

    13. A great book I think if both people were prepared to embrace his suggestions a wonderful relationship would result It all sounds very sensible His ideas about our Giver Taker made a great deal of sense to me He seems slightly dogmatic and repetitive at times but also has the feeling of a wise person with a huge volume of experience.

    14. Borrowed this book from a friend and reading it slowly so I can really absorb the info So far, my opinion is that this should be required reading for all people It has great info for how to a good participant in any relationship It is geared for married couples but this info is pertinent to any relationship you care about.

    15. Good book I wouldn t recommend reading it on its own but rather in sequence after Harley s His Needs, Her Needs This most definitely paints a broader picture on what to avoid and how to avoid them once we read what to do and how to do them in his first book.It was definitely a good read, and something tells me I will be returning to this book once again later on.

    16. I was just emailing with Ray Parker Jr about the irony of this title given all the trouble he has had over the last two decades sustaining committed relationships and making alimony payments He didn t find that as amusing as I did but he s kind of a cock sometimes until you get him loosened up.

    17. Great book with excellent advice.wish Id read this when I was 20 Basically it covers the habits that destroy romantic love angry outburts, disrespectful judgements,annoying behavior, selfish demands and dishonesty.

    18. Will read in its entirety someday I have read bits and pieces of it and have found that I need to work on making deposits in my relationships A must read for everyone in a relationship Lots of great pointers for making it last.

    19. Five stars I would make this required reading for all married, engaged, or in a relationship people He has the policy of joint agreement and many otherhelpful ideas and principles that clarify what love is and how we keep it and grow or shrink it.

    20. Fantastic advice for not only marriages but relationships with others While my husband and I are still considered newlyweds the advice in the book ensures that our marriage will always be in the newlywed stage A definite recommend to anyone who is married or considering marriage.

    21. I guess I didn t need most of the information in this book, so it was not as helpful as I was hoping.

    22. Interesting perspectiveed me understand about certain aspects of relationships, but some parts are not very realistic.

    23. Excellent guide to prevent you from adopting habits that can weaken or destroy your marriage This will become my wedding present to newly weds.

    24. Another great book on avoiding habits that bust up the love my wife has for me Good book to help you grow in discipline.

    25. I was a little wary of reading this, as I didn t not enjoy this author s book HIS NEEDS, HER NEEDS But it was a great resource I d recommend it to any married or engaged couple.

    26. I REALLY enjoyed this book He has so many good points and it certainly gave me a LOT to think about and work on

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