Sun and Shadow

Sun and Shadow By Åke Edwardson, Sun and Shadow From the three time winner of the Swedish Crime Writers Award A couple are found murdered in their flat in Gothenburg their bodies symbolically arranged in a mysterious and grotesque fashion As Winte
  • Title: Sun and Shadow
  • Author: Åke Edwardson
  • ISBN: 9780099472056
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sun and Shadow By Åke Edwardson, From the three time winner of the Swedish Crime Writers Award.A couple are found murdered in their flat in Gothenburg, their bodies symbolically arranged in a mysterious and grotesque fashion As Winter follows the trail of clues into the cult world of the gothic, he becomes enmeshed in a riddle of nightmares, where he must untangle good from evil and sun from shadow.
    Sun and Shadow By Åke Edwardson,
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      219 Åke Edwardson
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    1. Åke Edwardson

      ke Edwardson is a Swedish author of detective fiction, and a professor at Gothenburg University, the city where many of his Inspector Winter novels are set Edwardson has had many jobs, including a journalist and press officer for the United Nations, and his crime novels have made him a three time winner of the Swedish Crime Writers Award for best crime novel His first novel to be translated into English, in 2005, was Sun and Shadow The second, Never End, followed in 2006.Series Inspector Winter

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    1. This is apparently the third book in Ake Edwardson s Erik Winter series, but it was the first one to be translated into English from the original Swedish and so was the first one I was able to read This put me a bit at sea as a reader because there were frequent references throughout the book to events that had happened earlier and that were, I suppose, covered in the other books I had to guess at their significance.Another problem that I had with the book was its formatting in Kindle Edwardson [...]

    2. Sun and Shadow, the first Detective Erik Winter novel by Swedish writer Ake Edwardson to be translated into English 1999 , is a dark psychological mystery that chronicles two grotesque double murders and the exhausting investigation that follows The plot is complex, and it delivers the build up to a fine suspenseful ending.Edwardson s style is literary The writing is strong, especially the descriptive language and the dialogue After Detective Winter visits his father, who has just had a heart at [...]

    3. No, I didn t read this in Swedish, they had it on , maybe for free, and I read it there because, apparently, I wasn t already bored enough with Swedish mystery novels I have to wonder at myself I hated every Dragon Tattoo book and read them all Not really read Listened to on Audible Sometimes its best to not listen to really good things on Audible so you don t mind interruptions and you don t care that really only heard half of it.I never read an Erik Winter novel before, but Erik Winter is bori [...]

    4. Sun and Shadow rolls out month by month, and begins in the months just prior to the new millenium Set in Goteborg, Sweden, the action begins to heat up with the discovery of a truly grizzly double murder that leads Detective Chief Inspector Erik Winter and his team into a very dark place The only clue left behind is a tape of some bizarre kind of metal music, and Winter knows that he and his team are going to be lucky to solve this gruesome crime That s the basic story, but there s a lot to thi [...]

    5. So I got to page 197 and realized that I didn t care about Winter, Angela, the other cop s marriage, whether Winter did anything with the girl in Spain, or anything.

    6. Although Edwardson has been on my list of Scandinavian crime authors to read for some time, I had previously put off reading any of his novels because they had been described as rather stringent procedurals, and as a rule, I am not a huge fan of this genre I understand that meticulous investigations with their red herrings and dead end leads and countless interviews with doddering old women who may have seen something relevant to a crime but really just want to serve the dashing inspector biscui [...]

    7. After too many mediocre Scandinavian crime stories, this was just what I needed A proper noir Classic in the Sj wall Wahl elements and atmosphere, yet much modern Meet Erik Winter, 39, in a crisis because of his life changing his girlfriend just moved in, and he ll soon be a dad While he and his fiancee should be spending their time getting ready for Winter Jr s arrival, Winter gets involved in the investigation of a brutal murder of a couple a few steps from his home The beginning before the i [...]

    8. Translated from Swedish by Laurie ThompsonIt had started raining.At page 100 After an amazingly confused start where only stalwart fans of Edwardsson s Detective Chief Inspector Erik Winter would bother to continue, it has settled down I love these stories because they are based in G teborg and I can picture the places involved, the lurking teenage gangs and the abundance of buskers I have been reading these as and when I can lay a hand on one so have been taking them out of order There is a pro [...]

    9. Although Sun and Shadow is not ke Edwardson s first book featuring Erik Winter, the youngest chief inspector of Sweden s police force, it is the first book published in English Go figure My criticisms of the book have much to do with the fact that the main character particularly was not fleshed out enough for me to care much about him Undoubtedly this has something to do with the order of publication I picked up P.D James after some time away and found I could make a similar complaint about her [...]

    10. I m glad I didn t begin reading Ake Edwardson series from the beginning It might be that the author needed some time to really reach his stride, and so he does with this Erik Winter series issue Much better than the second of the series and a good suspenseful yarn despite giving us a few extra clues that pointed to the villain sooner than I expected In all, an enjoyable book.

    11. First I have to say that I haven t read the first two books of this series, therefore I can be missing some facts The story is told on interesting way, there are many things happening in parallel from which the author jumps suddenly This is something new for me and I have only seen it on moves, but is interesting The suspense is there until the end like it should for every crime book In all, fast read and interesting.

    12. Such fun at first, the clues are so obvious, that you start to think the writer s not very good Then as the clues start to pile up all pointing in different directions you have the delicious fun of an author telling a crashingly good murder mystery with a twinkle in his eye Yes, it s gruesome it s a Scandinavian murder mystery after all , but Edwardson has a wonderful touch.

    13. 2.5 Maybe it reads better in Swedish but I struggled Very choppy, too much extraneous detail in every section The attempts to make you suspect multiple characters are far too heavy handed.

    14. ok plot but the motive of the killer remains largely unexplored It s as if the author towards the end decided to just end the book and be done with it.

    15. Summary DCI Erik Winter, newly bereaved of his father, is confronted with a gruesome double homicide of two sexual swingers , the possibility of involvement within his own ranks, and a pattern of clues that suggests that his partner, pregnant with their first child, may be at risk.I am a fan of Penguin mysteries I will often buy one even if I m not familiar with the author, because I ve found them to be consistently well written and well crafted as mysteries I came across this one in a second ha [...]

    16. A policeman with relationship problems No Does he have a drinking problem No Any existential crisis Not really, unless you consider the adjustment period when two people decide to get together to be a existential or relationship crisis Ake Edwardson s ErikWinter does not check many of the standard tropes of the main protagonist of a police procedural and that itself is a refreshing change and gives him a head start over his other contemporaries who are busy solving crimes Oh yes, there are refer [...]

    17. My first venture into Sweden s celebrated mystery scene Sun and Shadow is set in September 1999 through January 2000 Anyone old enough will remember the excitement for the approaching millennium tinged with fear of a Y2K disaster Although the latter is never mentioned, a sense of disquiet underlies the city of G teborg Gothenburg that is further heightened by a horrifying double murder A couple has been found dead in their apartment, their heads removed and switched, with the proverbial message [...]

    18. Back to the Scandinavian Crime scene, we are going to look at Sun and Shadow from ke Edwardson, the very first novel that put Inspector Erik Winter on the map We recently reviewed Frozen Tracks from this series here.Sun and Shadow, talks about the beginning, when Edwardson introduces readers to detective Erik Winter, the youngest chief inspector in Sweden, who wears sharp suits, cooks gourmet meals, has a penchant for jazz, and is about to become a father He s also moody and intuitive, his mind [...]

    19. 3rd book in the Erik Winter series and 1st translated into EnglishThis detective fiction brings us to Gothenburg Sweden at the turn of the millennium Erik Winter, a soon to be father, is highly talented and the youngest chief inspector in the country In its first chapter, a gruesome double homicide has police investigating the shadier side of Sweden The underground world, black metal music and unconventional sex quickly surfaces in their investigation The murderer has left a riddle of clues at t [...]

    20. Erik Winter is the youngest chief inspector in Sweden He s quite the snappy dresser, an intuitive if slightly moody cop, consumed with his job and with his very pregnant girlfriend When his father has a massive heart attack in Spain, he is pulled away from his job to spend a little time with him before he dies His time in Spain is very conflicted, a completely different culture and experience which his parents have embraced totally, away from his girlfriend and his job, he s lost and uncomfortab [...]

    21. Sun and Shadow is much better than Death Angels, I m glad I gave this author another chance While I liked this book better it still had some flaws Not having read the second Erik Winter book I feel like I missed out on a few things like what happened between Erik and his family and what happened to Bergenhem who in this book pretty much just lies around being sick Even though many of the characters had been introduced in Death Angels I still had a difficult time understanding them But I think wh [...]

    22. I wanted to like this book Things that were good 1 The setting Gothenburg, Sweden I loved the cold, both in the landscape and in the relationships between the characters 2 The murders Black metal, dismembered bodies, and obvious female issues Yes Gruesome, just the way I like it in my thrillers And that was about it The book was LONG It took me, an seasoned fast reader 25 DAYS TO FINISH True, I ve been busy But I also haven t wanted to pick it up at night or at work during my lunch breaks becaus [...]

    23. This mystery is slow to start and for the most part I felt like there were too many plot devices being used For example, the protagonist, Erik Winter, begins the book having to fly to Spain to be with his dying father, leaving his pregnant girl friend behind who is moving into his apartment While in Spain another plot complication develops And none of it really has anything to do with the mystery The mystery portion starts too late in the book There is too much evidence that apparently points in [...]

    24. When I found myself 47 pages in, and only a hint of a crime to come at some later point, I put this book down As in other Euro police procedurals I ve read recently, this book is a domestic tale with a crime element than a crime genre story with domestic elements Along with this torpid plot pacing issue, the writing style is annoying to me Short chapters are meant to give motion to the story they just chop up the flow to me And the device of double spacing between paragraphs to suddenly jump to [...]

    25. Well this is first I have read of ke Edwardson s Inspector Winter series I was rather annoyed when I discovered that this is the third in the series I like to start at the beginning of a series Enough rant, as the title suggests there us light and dark in this tale The dark of a Swedish winter and the light of Spain The light of a stable family and the dark of fractured families The setting is Gothenburg on the eve of the twentieth century the millennium In amongst this is a cruel and sadistic k [...]

    26. I picked this up in London during a 3 for the price of 2 sale on detective novels in translation I didn t even know there was a bit of a craze for Scandanavian detective fiction I like police novels so I thought it would be a good choice The English translation cover description describes it as a police procedural And that s really what it is, with an emphasis on the procedural part Detective Winter is quite a likeable and interesting character, but the book is full to the brim of endless detail [...]

    27. Chief Inspector Detective Winter from the Gothenburg police department works to solve a horrendous murder case Winter is somewhat distracted because he is also going through some major life changes with his pregnant girlfriend moving in, death of his father and impending birth of his first child The story has numerous twists and turns and unfortunately there are way too many minor characters I found this Ake Edwardson mystery to be mostly enjoyable not as good as the Dragon Tattoo trilogy but de [...]

    28. When Chief Inspector Erik Winter returns to Sweden from Spain, where he went to tend to his dying father, he is greeted by a gruesome murder scene very close to his own house Some clues have been left behind, but there is no real trail to the killer While Sweden celebrates the millenium, there is a second murder that seems to be linked to the first Winter must lead the investigation while he and his girlfriend also prepare for the birth of their first child They have also been receiving several [...]

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