The Lone Texan

The Lone Texan By Jodi Thomas, The Lone Texan Three days after arriving in Galveston newly widowed Sage McMurray finds herself taken hostage in a robbery She fears she may never see Whispering Mountain again when the outlaws decide to auction th
  • Title: The Lone Texan
  • Author: Jodi Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780425230626
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Lone Texan By Jodi Thomas, Three days after arriving in Galveston, newly widowed Sage McMurray finds herself taken hostage in a robbery She fears she may never see Whispering Mountain again when the outlaws decide to auction their pretty captive off to the highest bidder, until a tall stranger offers twice the highest bid.
    The Lone Texan By Jodi Thomas,
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      170 Jodi Thomas
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    1. I love Jodi Thomas and I have almost all of her books, but I have to say that I haven t been overly impressed with the Whispering Mountain series One thing I did really like about it was Drum and I was eagerly awaiting his book Unfortunately, I felt like it was a big letdown and this was mostly because of Sage s character She just really annoyed me She was supposed to be 23, a fully grown adult, and a doctor, but she was so immature She was constantly wanting to pick a fight with Drum and wantin [...]

    2. I d like to make a sarcastic suggestion for a new title for this book She s Just Not That Into You This was my least favorite book by Jodi Thomas so far, which is really disappointing because up until now I have really enjoyed all her books I just couldn t connect with the two main characters Sage and Drummond They both seemed really immature weird considering their professions as a doctor and a Texas Ranger I also never really felt that they suited as a couple despite the insane amount of times [...]

    3. Loved Drum Saget too muchhahahaLoved the ending.From all the books in the series that I have read so far which is 6 , this one was my least favorite I liked Sage well enough before this, but in her own story, I was annoyed with her undecisiveness about her feelings for Drum She knew that she was attracted to him, and he has proven again and again how important she was to him, so why can t she accept him The reason Because he was younger than her, that at first she still thought of him as the boy [...]

    4. I really, really liked Roak in Tall, Dark, and Texan He s everything I love in a hero, including his rising gunslinger career Sage was already annoying, but I was prepared to love this just for Roak But, my problems with this book were numerous and not all with Sage Roak went from this mysterious character to a stalker ala Edward Cullen watching Sage while she sleeps after breaking into her hotel room and reading letters from her in Teagan s desk Creepy Not romantic Creepy Age had not made Sage [...]

    5. I enjoyed this historical romance with fast paced exciting action I really liked the hero, a younger man who always knew heroine was the woman for him and pursued her even though she was a bit over resistant Doctor Sage is kidnapped and Drum, who she s know since she was young, comes to rescue her.

    6. I loved this book and I hated this book Jodi Thomas never disappoints me but I have to say this time she was borderline disappointing Since the beginning of the Whispering Mountain series I have been rooting for the coupling of Drummond Roak and Sage McMurray And the book starts out wonderfully I fell in love all over again with Roak He is a man s man and he knows what he wants and he wants Sage To quote him She s mine, she just doesn t know it yet Sigh Sage however, almost ruined the book for m [...]

    7. This was just kind of ok for me, I wanted from Sage and Drum s romance I expected then I got it what I am trying to say It seemed there were too many other sub plots going on to focus on just them That being said, I like my romance to be focused on the main characters.I also felt that Sage s change of heart when she all of a sudden loved drum, just came out of left field she was quite annoying and very immature Howevere I think that stemmed from being the little sister of 3 overbearing control [...]

    8. Love this series.Drummond Roak really has his work cut out in loving the fiercely independent, intelligent and skittish widow Dr Sage McMurray How many times dose Drum have to marry Sage before she ll see him as a man accepted she s hitched.It s a beautiful love story and shows that loving a woman, a man will totally reinvent himself to be worthy and go to hell back to keep her safe.This may be my favourite so far.

    9. Final book in Whispering Mountain series Enjoyed the rugged western feel Always liked Drum and Sage but took awhile for Sage to see sense

    10. 4.5 starsApart from the first book, I am absolutely in love with this series I was anticipating Drum and Sage s story from their very first encounter with one another and I am so happy that they didn t disappoint because they were absolutely adorable.Drum s absolute love and adoration for Sage since he was a kid was heart wrenching I feel like the love since childhood trope is kind of over used and at times cheesy but here it was written so genuine as it seemed the only kindness that Drum had ev [...]

    11. Finally, Sage and Drummond s story As the fourth book in the series you already are acquainted with the characters and care about them Unfortunately, Sage lost her common sense, and acts plain stupid , not to mention downright mean There is so much violence and action that the relationship takes second place There are long portions of the story when they are apart and you re just rushing to find them together again When Sage and Drum are together and talking the dialogue is great and engaging Th [...]

    12. Book 4 of Whispering Mountain belongs to Sage McMurray and wild child Drummond Doak grown to 6 1 manhood He has learned to read and works for the Texas Rangers as a tracker and hired gun Shooting your rescuer is not good karma but then your rescuer could make a better effort to identify himself and his intentions The McMurrays are collecting strays Doak, Duck, a widow with 3 girls, and now the 2 Smith boys.

    13. Suka sama jalan ceritanya,suka sama actionnya,suka sama romancenya,suka sama MC nya yg anak bandit,terbiasa diremehkan orang terus jadi texas ranger,yg terbaik malah dah gitu tetep setia suka sama si FC sejak dr kecil,walopun ditolak tolak tetep setia nungguin si cewek mau sama diasweet bgt

    14. The story flows like a boat in still water, no storms, no strong wind, no suspense at all A relaxed read when you have nothing else to read in your shelf.

    15. Really enjoyed the characters in this books visiting old family s memories and watching growth of new roles maturing

    16. Drummond Roak found out that Sage had finished medical school and was returning home He went to Galveston to meet her ship and bring her home to Whispering Mountain Roak met Sage and her nurse friend, Bonnie Faye Pierce, who had traveled to Texas with her Drummond took them to the local hotel Bonnie was quiet, very tall and skinny Her parents had raised her to be afraid of everything, even going outside Her and Sage grew close at the medical school they both attended Bonnie s parents had died an [...]

    17. readertoreader indexm fThe Lone Texan By Jodi Thomas BerkleyOctober 2009A Whispering Mountain NovelSage McMurray has been gone from Whispering Mountain for three years, six months, and a few days, and Drummond Roak has spent this time growing up and becoming the kind of man that will make Sage proud She has finished her medical training back east, and will embark in Galveston in about a week He wants to be the first to welcome her home.When Sage and her friend Bonnie dock in Galveston, Sage real [...]

    18. I tagged this as Native American romance, but it s ties to that are slight Sage McMurray s mother was Apache, which is mentioned a couple of times but really isn t in her character or the story.Mixed feelings here Drummond Roak was interesting because of his angst and the lone Marlborough man image There were some nice parts where the author delved into his head, showing his internal pain even as he showed no reaction or emotion I appreciated that, and it rounded his character a bit .I did not l [...]

    19. First the good thing about this book The Hero He is what you expect from a Texan historical Physically fit I mean good looking , the best at what he does in this case assassination or plain killing , and the best part of him is that he is a one woman man He held a torch for the heroine since he first saw her and still is mooning over her even after all this years As a character he is alive and relate able so he is a character I do not mind reading over and over again especially with how much ded [...]

    20. THIS SUMMARY REVIEW WAS COPIED FROM OTHER SOURCES AND IS USED ONLY AS A REMINDER OF WHAT THE BOOK WAS ABOUT FOR MY PERSONAL INTEREST ANY PERSONAL NOTATIONS ARE FOR MY RECOLLECTION ONLYI love Jodi Thomas and I have almost all of her books, but I have to say that I haven t been overly impressed with the Whispering Mountain series One thing I did really like about it was Drum and I was eagerly awaiting his book Unfortunately, I felt like it was a big letdown and this was mostly because of Sage s ch [...]

    21. Drummond Roak, the title character in author Jodi Thomas The Lone Texan , is a man determined to win the heart of the contrary, fiery, and beautiful woman whom he has loved since he was fifteen years old That woman is Sage McMurray, slightly older than Drum, and newly returned to Texas from a five year stay in Boston, MA During that time, Sage fulfilled her dream of becoming a doctor She also married and soon became the widow of her much older mentor Accompanying Sage as her nurse and assistant [...]

    22. Bujug setelah baca selesai baru nyadar klo ini buku ke 4 dari series ini Pantesan aja selama baca gw rada bgg, kok Teagan ud punya anak byk Hadeuh Elex kebiasaan nih, nerbitin buku ngacak Untung nih buku rame n lebih seru alurnya dibanding buku pertama yg ud diterbitin Elex Klo engga nasibnya akan seperti buku pertama yg blm selesai juga gw baca ampe sekarang Satu lagi yg kurang dari buku ini, endingnya kurang greget, biz kok perampok yg kesannya kejam n sangar, mati begitu aja, trus kemana tuh [...]

    23. I ve always loved Jodi Thomas novels, and have been impatiently awaiting for this one I loved the fire between Drum and Sage and couldn t wait to hear their story Plus I loved all the McMurry men so I d hoped to get a taste of them involved in Sage s life as well.I ll still give the book five stars because I love Jodi s writing, and it was a good story, though I had expected something a bit different I would have liked to have seen them together with all the tension they shared in the pervious [...]

    24. One of my favorite members of the Whispering Mountain series This book follows Sage and Drummond and their rocky relationship, along with trying to overthrow a powerful band of outlaws This book has a lot of adventure that is really enjoyable, but honestly the hard part is warming up to the romance between Drum and Sage The two are constantly bickering and arguing throughout almost the entire book, which can be annoying, but what keeps you reading is how likable the characters are.Also I am not [...]

    25. The Lone Texan is something nice, with a good flow And even I read it on early Jan now is early March note to future myself I still have some pics from that book.What I remember There s a childhood friend between two family Heroine is came back to her home after divorced and there was Hero who like her since a long time ago, even she s gone and married.The conflict began when Heroine get kidnap and going to be sold But jengjeng comes Hero to rescue her and after that I forgot.The point is, it s [...]

    26. I loved this book This book is about Sage who was rasied by her 3 brothers She met Drummond years ago and still sees him as a boy Drummond has been in love with Sage since he first met her even though he s a few years younger than her He s only problem is getting her to belive that he s the man for her.Drummond goes off to become a Texas Ranger and Sage goes off to become a doctor, and widow She gets kidnapped and Drummond comes to her rescuse This story is about a man finally learning what love [...]

    27. I think I ve liked this one best in the series These books are a little hard for me to read because there is violence in them but that would be almost impossible to remove because of the setting and timeframe Sage is one of my favorite characters so I was excited to read her story I have also liked Drummond s character since he was a boy tied up in the barn for being a horse thief I liked getting to know him better in this book as well.

    28. I fell in love with Drummond Roak in previous Tall Dark and Handsome stories however this book was a disappointment Sage was a pure brat and tiresome to read After awhile I felt that Roak just needed to give up the fantasy of her and meet a woman in his league The story between Bonnie and Bradford was this book s only redemption Once I got to the end I started skimming through the Roak Sage mess and only reading about Bonnie and Bradford I hope the rest TDH novels are better.

    29. April selection for BN Romance Readers group.The tall, dark hero pictured on the cover coupled with the She s always been his destiny snippet led me to think this would be just another toss away romance To my surprise, there was a good deal of story to read about a hero and heroine with background and character depth A good secondary character story added to the enjoyment of this book.

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