Dragon Precinct

Dragon Precinct By Keith R.A. DeCandido, Dragon Precinct Humans and elves dwarves and gnomes wizards and warriors all live and do business in the thriving overcrowded city of Cliff s End to say nothing of the tourists and travelers who arrive by land an
  • Title: Dragon Precinct
  • Author: Keith R.A. DeCandido
  • ISBN: 9780743467704
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dragon Precinct By Keith R.A. DeCandido, Humans and elves, dwarves and gnomes, wizards and warriors all live and do business in the thriving, overcrowded city of Cliff s End, to say nothing of the tourists and travelers who arrive by land and sea, passing through the metropolis on matters of business or pleasure or on quests The hard working, under appreciated officers of the Cliff s End Castle Guard work dayHumans and elves, dwarves and gnomes, wizards and warriors all live and do business in the thriving, overcrowded city of Cliff s End, to say nothing of the tourists and travelers who arrive by land and sea, passing through the metropolis on matters of business or pleasure or on quests The hard working, under appreciated officers of the Cliff s End Castle Guard work day and night to maintain law and order as best they can Gan Brightblade is one of the world s greatest heroes and a personal friend of the Lord and Lady of Cliff s End So when he s brutally murdered in grubby lodgings in Dragon Precinct, on the eve of a great quest, the Captain of the Guard puts his two best investigators on the case The half elf Danthres Tresyllione and ex soldier Torin ban Wyvald soon discover that the crime scene is empty of any forensic evidence physical or magical They have no clues, and the heat is on.The Lord and Lady want their friend s murder solved now The populace is mourning the loss of a great hero The ever unhelpful Brotherhood of Wizards could take over the case at any minute And then another member of Brightblade s party turns up dead.
    Dragon Precinct By Keith R.A. DeCandido,
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    1. Keith R.A. DeCandido

      Keith R.A. DeCandido Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dragon Precinct book, this is one of the most wanted Keith R.A. DeCandido author readers around the world.

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    1. Keith R.A DeCandido never met an entertainment franchise that he didn t like I ve heard it rud that he s pitched a series of novels focusing on that former fat guy Jerod from all of those Subway commercials and that may end up being entertaining fare than his fantasy themed riff on CBS s juggernaut CSI franchise with Dragon Precinct, a largely tepid but thankfully quick read Don t get me wrong DeCandido and others has done a scholar s work in sinking the Star Trek franchise into the worst level [...]

    2. Cliff s End is a city state ruled by Lord Albin and Lady Meerka who have a rather progressive Castle Guard as in their guard spend less time actually guarding the castle and dealing with the day to day major and minor crimes of the city which are many and varied as the city is home to humans, elves, gnomes, dwarves and many other species Within the castle guard are the six Detectives who police the city which is subdivided mainly along economic lines into precincts named Gryphon The Castle , Un [...]

    3. Dragon Precinct Unicorn Precinct, published by Dark Quest Books, are the first two books in a series, by Keith R.A DeCandio, the third of which, Goblin Precinct, is set to come out in the spring.Set in the city state Cliff s End, the books follow two detectives, who strive to solve crime in a city filled with elves, trolls, gnomes, wizards, halflings and other fantasy creatures A Lord and Lady rule the city, along with a cadre of Nobles that seem destined to get in the way of the bad guys and th [...]

    4. This was a fun quick read Not a horrible book, but nothing spectacular either The book does not have a great end to the mystery and frankly was a little weak But, I liked the characters and their interaction enough to buy the second one.

    5. Author Keith R.A DeCandido s Dragon Precinct is a fun read and an admirable beginning to a series of stories about a small squad of detectives trying to enforce the law in a very strange place.How strange Well, the cops who work out of the Dragon Precinct live in a world populated by humans, dwarves, elves, trolls, hobgoblins, and other magical folk It s as if Ed McBain s 82nd Precinct detectives went over the rainbow one day and wound up in Wonderland DeCandido demonstrates impressive world bui [...]

    6. Dragon Precinct mashes up two of my favorite genres of books mysteries and fantasy I enjoyed the off beat characters, the plot pacing, the tone, and even the coarse language Then again full disclosure I am friends with Keith and could often hear him reading it in my head.The good This is a really unique take on fantasy The main characters are not one dimensional, as can happen with so many fantasy novels It s part of a series, so I ll get to revisit these characters and this world again It can t [...]

    7. In Cliff s End, Danthres Tresyllione and Torin ban Wyvald are the best detectives the Castle Guard has to offer They get called in when a hero from the Elven Wars is murdered in a seedy inn, but there are no clues to follow The M.E says there is no presence of magic and they can t find any physical evidence either Yet when the Brightblade s comrades start falling dead, the pressure s on Dragon Precinct is a relatively short book and even so, it s put together very well and is full of adventure I [...]

    8. This was an interesting book If you take a basic cop mystery and set it in a fantasy port, you get Dragon Precinct Our heroes are two detectives who have to solve the murder of a Hero note the upper case Since the Hero in question dropped dead with a broken neck and no residual magic on the scene, the investigation is non trivial to say the least.This was a fun book, though I had a few issues with it keeping it from getting than 3 stars First, to give it that gritty cop drama feel, the author i [...]

    9. Police procedural set in a heroic fantasy world.I enjoyed this, but I did feel the mystery cheated a little While it s possible to work out who is the murderer quite easily, how they did it is impossible to spot because a whole lot of relevant information isn t given until the denouement As for why they did it while something is mentioned fairly early on, I doubt you d see the significance because until the end, there s no way to connect it to anything else.On the other hand, the characters and [...]

    10. What do you get when you cross a buddy cop movie with Lord of the Rings A fun novel by Keith DeCandido, that s what A group of questers a hero, an elf, a dwarf, two halflings, a priest, and a barbarian walk into a bar Sounds like the start of a bad joke, but when they start getting murdered, it s up to two detectives to get to the bottom of why, and what this has to do with another investigation into a bunch of bad black market glamours going around the city.The book reads a lot like a media tie [...]

    11. Imagine a classic fantasy quest story A group of adventurers coming together to fight against a dark sorcerer who is rising from the dead The night before they are do to depart, the seek lodging in the local inn The morning after, one of them is found murdered in a locked room Quickly the local constabulary assigns their best investigators to the case, but as the bodies start to stack up, can they find the murderer before they lose their jobs to the politics of the local nobility.A great detecti [...]

    12. Not a bad book I am not into Police procedurals and I was not sure what to expect The author does a great job of creating unique and interesting characters, especially characters that are normally the background characters in most stories.This book puts those detectives or guards at the front of the story.As you read this you get this tiny view into what has to be a very large world You hear of past battles and villains that attempted to destroy everything, but you don t have that traditional He [...]

    13. What a great concept take a typical DD ish city, filled with Elves, Half Elves, Halflings, Dwarves, Magic Users, etc and throw in a typical Law Order ish police force investigating a variety of crimes Most notably, a serial killer knocking off legendary members of a band of heroes embarking on an epic quest.Not the greatest fantasy novel I ve read in the last few months but such a fun one, I hated for it to end The detectives and most of the supporting cast were a lotta fun, and I could spend a [...]

    14. The title says it all I just do not know what to say LOL I mean it was a great book but didn t really draw me in enough to say OMG WOW what an amazing book I felt like I was just reading Not READING as being totally engrossed in the book The mysteries don t seem like important mysteries to get interested about Something s missing But I do love the idea of sci fi paranormal detective work I mean the cops being literally characters like goblins, elves, etc etc It s a nice twist That was the bigges [...]

    15. The book reads like a police procedural set in a DD type world A group of heroes from the last big war meet up at a tavern and start dying The ME Magical Examiner claims no magic was used to kill them The author takes all the conventions of a CSI type police show book and adapts them to fit the fantasy setting.Oh, the formatting for the epub verison is awful It claims 1341 pages but every screen is three pages after the previous one.

    16. My beloved police procedurals in a fantasy setting, how did I not read this earlier Finished this in two days pfft, grad school and immediately picked up the next one I m looking forward to seeing a lot of the relationship between Danthres and TorinOne note I hate accents and dialects being written into dialogue I d rather have it noted and described than explicitly written Somehow, this time, it didn t bother me That s some masterful dialectifying.

    17. Alright, but not great A police procedural fantasy mash up is a fine thing, and this is decent enough, but it s always on the slightly wooden edge of entertainment value and plays out as if it is ultimately about the fantasy than the police procedural, which isn t really my preference Still, I might check out the rest of the series.Oh, also the case s solution is kind of pulled out of nowhere.

    18. This was a nice mystery I loved the descriptions of each precinct in the cuty state I enjoyed how the mystery played out This story reminded me of the tv show Barney Miller ok, so I am dating myself but still it did remind of that tv show I liked the interaction between the detectives, guard and the common folk.

    19. Full disclosure Keith is a friend of mine.This was a whole lot of fun, very reminiscent of Pratchett s Vimes novels, but with a plot that s tightly focused I wanted background information about the world they were in, than just the hints we were given but I suppose that s what sequels are for and I look forward to reading them.

    20. Quick and fun read This is primarily a buddy cop murder mystery set in Cliff s End, an over crowded city filled with dwarves, humans, wizards, etc A group of travelers stop in Cliff s End to obtain passage to begin an adventure One of their party members is murdered in a mysterious and impossible way, leaving the two detectives with little to go on and high demand for a quick resolution.

    21. A quick, light read Or re read, in this case I can t give it a high rating because it suffered on re read The characters don t develop during the story and I didn t develop any attachment to any of the characters Interactions between the characters seemed stilted and formulaic, suggesting that they felt the same way about each other.

    22. The best lines are quoted in the blurb, there is not much point proceeding beyond it A party of adventurers about to embark on a quest are being killed off before they start, the local precinct investigates It is then a police procedural with a fantasy twist A lacklustre attempt at straddling two stools.

    23. Basically Law Order meets a Dungeon Dragons game meets LOTR sort of This was a fun read as well and not exactly what you would expect from a fantasy novel I m not sure what to say about it exactly other than it was fun to read The characters were fairly interesting, although I wish some of them had been fleshed out outside of their jobs.

    24. Generally enjoyable story Some interesting characters, some just a pain in the neck The mystery part of the book was not terribly well done, because we didn t get some key information about the world s magical system until very late in the game at which point, it was too easy to figure out the mystery.I think I ll try the next one.

    25. I ll be honest, I absolutely picked this one up for the title I didn t have huge expectations, other than basic competence perhaps because I ve had a bit of a bad run with similar book selection techniques lately , but it actually turned out to be quite entertaining Nothing revolutionary, and not entirely what I was expecting based on the title, but an enjoyable way to spend an hour or two.

    26. The characters in this book are fantastic Each has a unique quirky personality that is fun to discover The story is interesting.My only negative for this book is that it does have a bit of language in it, which makes it less fun to read But beyond that it s a great read.

    27. I had a moment at the beginning fearing this was a stereotypical DD style hero quest, then it took an interesting turn into detective work I will probably read , as I like the characters and feel, but I will hope that future volumes have rigorous editing and proofreading.

    28. I adore this book It s a police procedural mystery, but set in a Fantasy world One of the cops is a half blood elf It s part Law and Order and part Dungeons and Dragons Funny, imaginative, meaningful and a kick ass mystery to boot.

    29. This was better than I remembered.Good police work.Fun tracking down false leads.Like reading an episode of Hill Street but with elves and magic Now I am ready to find the rest of this series.Keith, good work.

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