Smuggler's Lady

Smuggler's Lady By Jane Feather, Smuggler s Lady Deceiving AppearancesHer auburn hair tucked into a severe chignon dressed in a shabby brown bombazine Merrie Trelawney was the picture of dowdy widowhood and sober respectability No one would guess
  • Title: Smuggler's Lady
  • Author: Jane Feather
  • ISBN: 9780821771839
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Smuggler's Lady By Jane Feather, Deceiving AppearancesHer auburn hair tucked into a severe chignon, dressed in a shabby brown bombazine, Merrie Trelawney was the picture of dowdy widowhood and sober respectability No one would guess that those demurely lowered eyelids hid a sparkle of pure adventure Or that the white hands so modestly folded in her lap could handle a sword as well as any man Certainly,Deceiving AppearancesHer auburn hair tucked into a severe chignon, dressed in a shabby brown bombazine, Merrie Trelawney was the picture of dowdy widowhood and sober respectability No one would guess that those demurely lowered eyelids hid a sparkle of pure adventure Or that the white hands so modestly folded in her lap could handle a sword as well as any man Certainly, no one would ever suspect her of being the notorious leader of the smugglers band who called themselves The Gentlemen Dishonorable IntentionsLord Rutherford, who had just inherited some property in this godforsaken corner of Cornwall, looked upon the local gentry with distaste The men were pompous and stuffy, and the women that Merrie Trelawney, for example were utterly insipid How that auburn haired church mouse had managed to best him in their verbal sparring, was completely beyond him But if she thought that he was finished with her, she was sadly mistaken Something about her struck a false note And though he was not in the habit of seducing country widows, it might make an interesting change at that
    Smuggler's Lady By Jane Feather,
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      227 Jane Feather
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    1. Jane Feather

      Jane Robotham was born on 1945 in Cairo, Egypt, where her British parents were stationated She grew up in New Forest, in the south of England She earned a Master s Degree in Applied Social Studies from Oxford University In 1978, she, her husband and their three children moved to New Jersey There, she worked as a social worker She began writing in 1981 after another move, this time to Washington, D.C In 1984, Feather published 5 contemporary romances under the pseudonym, Claudia Bishop She has published historical romance as Jane Feather, her own name, since 1986 There are over 10 million copies of her books in print.

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    1. I ve wanted to try Jane Feather for a while I bought this one as an impulse buy one evening at Target It is a reprint of an older novel, so it is not available as an ebook Lord Damian Rutherford, is an heir to a dukedom, a son to one of the most powerful families in London However, he is a multi faceted character As a wounded soldier in the Peninsula War, Rutherford is bored and moody He inherits a crumbling estate in the wilds of Cornwall from a slothish cousin Needing a distraction from the te [...]

    2. 2.5 starsI loved the first half, it was worth 4 stars I hated the second half except the last chapter, it was worth a one star.The main characters turned into two selfish, lame, unreasonable, arrogant, childish jerks I couldn t stand Merrie in London, she transformed into a full fledged brat and a bitch Her reasoning for not wanting to marry Lord Rutherford was idiotic It wasn t that she didn t love him, it wasn t that she found him a controlling arrogant ass, it was that she didn t want to give [...]

    3. I do not resent a 2 star book, I do resent a two star 460 page book that can be summed up in six words Arrogant ass tames willful widow.

    4. 3.5 Stars This was picked for me for my March Pick It For Me read It hadn t been on the TBR for too awful long I d previously only read the author s Bride trilogy before, but I really liked them, so I was kind of looking forward to this one I ll admit the idea of heroine as smuggler was intriguing, so that and the pretty cover is what caught my interest Going in, I could tell it was an older romance, the whole tone reminded me of the ones I used to read when I was younger I liked the setting in [...]

    5. Author Jane FeatherFirst published 1986Length 460 pagesSetting Cornwall Regency.Sex explicit and purple first time, closed door otherHero Duke of Keighley s heir and ex Colonel.Heroine Young widow with care of three younger brothers and many debts Head smuggler.In 1984, Feather published five contemporary books under the name Claudia Bishop In 1986, she started using the name Jane Feather, publishing Love s Charade and then Smuggler s Lady both standalones And has gone on to publish a further 35 [...]

    6. This book was first published in 1986 It s set during the Regency period, and it has plenty of the usual clich s of a historical romance novel The heroine acts in a way entirely unsuited for a woman of her social status and upbringing, she runs around in pants, blah blah blah The usual rigmarole.What is most astonishing book, and which made me want to stand up and cheer, is that the clich it skips entirely is the punishing kiss and its attendant gender relations miseries They are both willing pa [...]

    7. An older Jane Feather, somewhat disappointing, ending forced as the author seemed to struggle to work up the predictable ending.

    8. I got this book at my local library s Friends of bookstore, where I bought a grocery bag full of books for less than a buck apiece Score Smuggler s Lady was first published in 1986, so I was prepared to cut it a lot of slack where my modern, feminist sensibilities were concerned The first half of the book, set in the wilds of Cornwall, was great, with engaging characters, lively yet realistic period dialogue, and an interesting plot that clipped along at a fun pace To my delight, Merrie Trelawne [...]

    9. Have you ever been angry REALLY angry at someone, only to have them laugh in your face and belittle your feelings Have you ever had someone manipulate and manhandle you so that you re forced at every turn to do things you don t want to do Most of us remember that powerless anger at least from when we were children, and our parents didn t take us seriously and forced us to do what we were told Now, imagine MARRYING someone like that, and you imagine Merrie s love life Rutherford was so completely [...]

    10. First off, I m surprised at the title since the heroine was the smuggler, not the hero It should have been called The Smuggler s Suitor The first part of the book, situated in Cornwall, was great Our hero was annoyingly overbearing at some points but overall the story was very engaging The children were a fun part of the dialogue It was unfortunate that they were basically ignored in the latter half of the book The heroine was very intriguing Had the book continued in this manner I would have gi [...]

    11. A unique take on the usual British romance novel Merrie has resorted to leading a small band of Cornish smugglers to earn the money needed to redeem her home in Cornwall after her now deceased husband left her a legacy of gambling debts Damian, Lord Rutherford, takes up residence in the godforsaken and unkempt country home of his deceased cousin Lord Mallory Things at that estate are in a serious state of squalor What ensues is the romance between an unsuited pair.I found the story interesting o [...]

    12. I am so not a fan of the hero in this book I don t mind the alpha male who is physically dominating and gets his way but ends up being a big teddy bear for the heroine This guy was different Definitely controlling in a creepy, manipulative way and I didn t like it He would use this demanding tone of voice and word his statements like, I warn you not to do that again or I wouldn t do that again and the heroine would recognize the tone and instantly give in, recognizing the futility of resistance [...]

    13. This book was good, but it didn t capture my attention with the same intrigue that most romance novels do I usually find myself falling in love with the lead male character Not the case with this book In fact, I found Lord Rutherford to be a bit of an a at times in the bookpushy, concieted, arrogant, etc and I thought Merrie was a bit of an unbelievable character Overall, I liked it enough to read all 460 pages of it dang, it did not need to be that long , but it s not a book I d pick up again A [...]

    14. I read a book by Jane Feather a while ago and it was not bad and so i thought that i have come across another good writer Unfortunately for this book i can say that i probably assumed a bit too early Lady Blake is the most annoying character I have ever come across I liked the book at the start but struggled to finish it THe book Is very slow and seems like the writer just stretched it from the middle to the end with some really absurd characters and long sentences which were repetitive in their [...]

    15. I had a copy of this book and it was stolen out of a car years ago I finally mooched this again, from Puerto Rico I believe This copy is extremely weather worn although intact At the end of the day, although it was quite dated, this made for a fun read I did gnash my teeth a bit, between the high handedness of the hero and the stubbornness of the heroine, but all in all a good holiday read Currently in Mallorca.

    16. I usually love Jane Feather, but this book was just a little too unbelievable I get tired of authors trying to make women into men No wonder men get tired to trying to be men when they have so much competition from their sex and then from the women in their lives I like a gutsy character who takes on a challenge, but this book goes too far No Jane Feather book can be a total bust, but this was probably my least favorite of Jane Feather.

    17. Merrie has been left to raise her brothers and live poorly after her husband died, leaving her with all of his debts Rutherford is drawn to Merrie but can t stand her fake, dim witted persona she portrays to all her peers He figures out that she s one of the heads of the smuggling ring in Cornwall and he admires and is attracted to the little adventuress They both find their own niche in the others world, the true art of compromise, and truly find their matches in each other Good read

    18. I really wanted to like it since it started off with an interesting plot but as it went along it got so boring Seriously, how many romance novels do you get to read where less than half way through the book the guy reveals his love for her but she doesn t want to get married It became tiresome after a few chapters and thus I had to discard it.

    19. I ve read many of Jane s books and have loved them, but this one was quite boring at times The length of time it took for the herione to except his proposal was grading on my nervesbut it did have some good parts

    20. I tried, I really did In the almost 200 pages I read there were some good chapters but not enough to keep me interested.

    21. The heroine is the smuggler She s tough, leading a devoted band He falls in love and tries to toughen up his pampered self to show her that it s by her side where he wants to be.

    22. The daring suspense, the comic relief acting, the genuine emotion, and the headlong reckless actions kept making me turn pages I ll end up reading this book again Enjoy

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