A Christmas Ball (Includes: Nvengaria, #4)

A Christmas Ball (Includes: Nvengaria, #4) By Jennifer Ashley Emily Bryan Alissa Johnson, A Christmas Ball Includes Nvengaria It is the most anticipated event of the ton the annual holiday ball at Hartwell House The music is elegant the food exquisite and the guest list absolutely exclusive Some come looking for love Some
  • Title: A Christmas Ball (Includes: Nvengaria, #4)
  • Author: Jennifer Ashley Emily Bryan Alissa Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780843962505
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Christmas Ball (Includes: Nvengaria, #4) By Jennifer Ashley Emily Bryan Alissa Johnson, It is the most anticipated event of the ton the annual holiday ball at Hartwell House The music is elegant, the food exquisite, and the guest list absolutely exclusive Some come looking for love Some will do almost anything to avoid it But everyone wants to be there No matter what their desires, amid the swirling gowns and soft glow of candlelight, magic tends to hapIt is the most anticipated event of the ton the annual holiday ball at Hartwell House The music is elegant, the food exquisite, and the guest list absolutely exclusive Some come looking for love Some will do almost anything to avoid it But everyone wants to be there No matter what their desires, amid the swirling gowns and soft glow of candlelight, magic tends to happen And one dance, one kiss, one night can shape a new destiny from back coverFrom Emily Bryan s My Lady Below Stairs, the story of a bastard servant girl called in to impersonate her missing aristocratic half sister with results worthy of Shakespeare, to Ashley s The Longest Night, in which a shapeshifting nobleman attempts to win the heart of the wary woman he loves while on the trail of a spy, to Alissa Johnson s Traditions, the tale of an earl who sets out to woo one woman and falls for her intriguing companion instead, these light, entertaining romps are not typical holiday fare.
    A Christmas Ball (Includes: Nvengaria, #4) By Jennifer Ashley Emily Bryan Alissa Johnson,
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      NY Times Bestselling author Jennifer Ashley writes historical, contemporary, and paranormal romance, historical mysteries, and urban fantasy as Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James, and Ashley Gardner Jennifer s novels have won RWA s RITA and RT Reviewer s Choice awards, have been translated into many different languages, and earned starred reviews from Booklist and Publisher s Weekly More about her books at jenniferashley, allysonjames, and gardnermysteries.

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    1. Christmas Ball was an enjoyable read, but not particularly amazing I had trouble keeping my interest in the stories I m not sure if it was the time of year, being so busy, or that I just didn t find them overwhelmingly interesting.The Emily Bryan story was unique in that the couple were of the working class Jane is the illegitimate daughter of a noble, consigned to work as a maid in the very house of her father She has grown up with her spoiled legitimate sister and an indifferent father who nev [...]

    2. A Christmas Ball by Jennifer Ashley, Emily Bryan, and Alissa JohnsonI did something with this book that I have not done in a long time I read it totally fresh, without reading any blurbs, reviews, etc I had no idea what the story was about There is something wonderful about diving in with no preconceptions whatsoever I started out with Emily Bryan s My Lady Below Stairs I got hooked on this story immediately and was extremely curious about how it would play out I really did not know if Jane and [...]

    3. My Lady Belowstairs Emily Bryan 2 stars This had decent relationship development for a short and I enjoyed this one a surprising bit I also liked the twist at the end However the blase way in which the aristocracy treated infidelity liaisons in this story grossed me out Overall a decent HR short.The Longest Night Jennifer Ashley I don t feel right rating this short since it s part of a series that I haven t read I definitely would have enjoyed or at least understood it had I read the previous i [...]

    4. Fiction needs to have at least a kernel of truth that you can hold on to A groom and scullery maid who both know how to waltz at a fashionable ball And speak proper English And how to properly conduct themselves in society All without EVER having done so in the past I DON T THINK SO When I pick up a Regency Romance, I do not expect to read about a romance between a groom and a scullery maid Damn it, there is a formula to these things, and authors should stick to it.The first story in this 3 nove [...]

    5. 4.25 of 5 StarsYou are cordially invited to Lord and Lady Hartwell s festive Christmas Ball by Best selling author Jennifer Ashley, Emily Bryan, and Alissa Johnson This ball is sure to be the toast of the Ton as all of the main characters some of whom are not who they seem and didn t have an invite are sure to excite and titillate with their unique and sensuous escapades And believe me when I tell you that you will be most glad that they did The book starts off with Emily Bryan s My Lady Below S [...]

    6. A Christmas BallWritten by Jennifer Ashley, Emily Bryan Alissa JohnsonPublished by Leisure BooksDate September 29th, 2009Pages 336Format Mass Market PaperbackISBN 978 0843962505The first story in A Christmas Ball is My Lady Below Stairs by Emily Bryan Emily s characters are refreshing and unique and the witty dialog between them is just what I ve come to expect and I have always loved about Emily s writing.Jane Tate, the illegitimate daughter of nobility, is coerced into impersonating her legiti [...]

    7. Anthology Better than average anthology.My Lady Below Stairs by Emily Bryan This story is about the below stairs staff which I loved I m kind of sick of the ton being about 20,000 people or so Isn t ton 1000 Anyway, the bastard daughter of a her employer has been making kissy face with the groom Her half sister legitimate daughter has run off with an artist and she s asked blackmailed into showing up at a ball and accepting a proposal of marriage on her half sister s behalf The groom isn t letti [...]

    8. There are 3 short stories in this Christmas anthology, but I must say that my favorite was the third, Alissa Johnson s Traditions It s a Regency set romance where the heroine s father is considered mad My grandmother suffered from dementia and the heroine s father displayed similar symptoms I felt connected to the heroine since I knew the difficulty of living with a family member who would at times forget her name or who she was as well as other things And the hero s compassion to the situation [...]

    9. If any of you read my reviews over the past holiday season, you ll know I was on the search for a really feel good Christmas story I didn t find exactly what I was looking for at the time When I was offered the chance to read A Christmas Ball by three terrific historical authors, I jumped at the chance, even though the holiday season was months ago While these three novellas don t quite embody the Christmas y feeling I was after either, it truly doesn t matter because they re each so good That s [...]

    10. Customarily I find anthologies to be disappointing but I was charmed by all of these stories In general they are no lacking or engaging that most other novellas yet their plots and characters are a good degree different It s hard to formulate a great story in 100ish pages but these three stories were entertaining, colorful, a little steamy and unconventional I ve also found two new authors to consume.Solid 3.5 4 StarsMy Lady Below Stairs by Emily BryanThis is my first Emily Bryan story and this [...]

    11. Three stories, all told the night of the Hartwell Ball My Lady Belowstairs by Emily Bryan For a short story, has a lot going on Lady Sybil has disappeared on the night of her engagement, having run off with the man who just finished her portrait Her lookalike, scullery maid half sister has to step in and save the day Oh, and her fiance has a lot of debts and must marry soon but his debts have been paid off by a woman who wants him in her bed Ending is just a little too trite and sappy but I d st [...]

    12. I always like to read the romanatic Christmas anthologies Three stories about one magic ball are presented here I like these stories as they give me a chance to review new authors of romantic fiction I can t say these three are going to be repeat reads The first and third stories are passable It is certainly an interesting take on the Regency Romance to have a story about a scullery maid impersonating her sister for one special evening Plot turns are interesting as all couples involved come off [...]

    13. This was a cute book None of the characters in the story are really related to each other, but somehow each couple ends up at the same Christmas ball at Hartwell House.The first story was probably my least favorite, but was still pretty good It was about a young woman who lives in the household of her father, but she is his bastard child, and is serving as a member of staff She actually looks a great deal like his legitimate daughter, and is pressed into service to masquerade as her half sister [...]

    14. The common thread running through these three stories is Lord and Lady Hartwell s ball The first deals with the disappearance of Lady Sybil Somerville the day before the ball at which she is to receive and accept Lord Eddleton s arranged proposal Sybil s bastard half sister who is a maid in the household is recruited to fill in The main characters are Jane and her boyfriend Ian, the head groom Different perspective from typical Regency romances The second story is part of the Nvengaria series an [...]

    15. This is not a review of the entire book but solely on Jennifer Ashley s story The Longest Night which is a sort of epilogue to the Nvengarian series I was interested in finding out what happens to Valentin and Mary, a relationship that started in Highlander Ever After Unfortunately, this story didn t captivate me like some of Ms Ashley s other stories I felt that the plot was somewhat disjointed and lacked the descriptive power I ve come to expect from her books Mary often was annoyingly judgmen [...]

    16. This Regency Christmas anthology was, predictably, predictable on many levels, but did break some conventions The first story is really a below stairs romance The second story is the most conventional The third is my favorite with an unconventional, endearing hero and a heroine who wears glasses, but, in fact, is not a bluestocking I ve noticed over the years that romances do keep pace with current societal issues In the 70 s there was a focus on woman power, in the 90 s a focus on tolerance tow [...]

    17. I bought this book because of Jennifer Ashley There is a story in the Nvengaria universe, and I enjoyed it The other 2 authors were new to me Emily Bryan s story was silly but fun, mistaken identity, below stairs servants, and other mayhem However, the 3rd story by Alissa Johnson was so good, I will now try to find other books by her Clueless hero, very funny heroine The scene is set when he spies her stuffing an entire piece of cake in her mouth, and is fscinated and intrigued She has had a cru [...]

    18. For a challenge I am completing some of my many anthologies and box sets previously purchased because it had a single book I wanted to read Usually because they were a part of a series A Christmas Ball My Lady Below Stairs Emily Bryan 3 a HEA that involves those who dwelled downstairs Longest Night Jennifer Ashley 3 not the best one in the series but I enjoyed it Traditions Alissa Johnson 5 I really enjoyed this one, just a couple of misfits of the Ton who fall slowly in love, it was beautiful s [...]

    19. Each approaches the Hartwells Ball from different angles, for different reasons, and with mixed results, adding to the fun Separately I think the stories have weak points that could handle fleshing out, if that was possible, but as a whole overall, the three stories are a fun and diverting holiday read for the full review please refer to Romance Reader at Heart

    20. This is an easy, sweet Christmas read with three heartwarming stories The first is a nice take on the Prince and the Pauper, where love is found and the poor relation finds her worth The second is the fourth story of the Nvengarian series and Mary finally finds her love The third is a good story of an Earl in the ton who s plans were changed and he bacame a better man for them, and the heroine realizes not every molehill turns into a mountain Great read

    21. Book rating average of three stories 2.5 starsMy Lady Below Stairs by Emily Bryan2.5 starsThe Longest Night by Jennifer Ashley2 starsTraditions by Alissa Johnson3 stars

    22. Got this book for the Nvengaria story I was really looking for to Mary and Valentin s story I was nice read but not amazing which I was kinda hoping for Did have great HEA and finished series off well but I feel it kinda missed something.

    23. The first two were the best of the lot, the third, was good, but the heroine was a bit wimpy, and given what she d been through, I d expected a bit steel However, it was a good read all in all A perfect book to take to the beach or to spend a night in and read.

    24. My Lady Below Stairs by Emily Bryan 1 star though I liked the concept I didn t like the story or characters The Longest Night by Jennifer Ashley 3 stars Traditions by Alissa Johnson 4 stars

    25. 4 5 For the Alissa Johnson story 3 5 for the Emily Bryan story 3.5 5 average Did not read the Jennifer Ashley story as it did not appeal to me.

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