Тайнството на юни

Тайнството на юни By Tove Jansson Aneliya Petrunova,
  • Title: Тайнството на юни
  • Author: Tove Jansson Aneliya Petrunova
  • ISBN: 9789545274374
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
  • Тайнството на юни By Tove Jansson Aneliya Petrunova, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
    Тайнството на юни By Tove Jansson Aneliya Petrunova,
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      327 Tove Jansson Aneliya Petrunova
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    About "Tove Jansson Aneliya Petrunova"

    1. Tove Jansson Aneliya Petrunova

      Tove Jansson was born and died in Helsinki, Finland As a Finnish citizen whose mother tongue was Swedish, she was part of the Swedish speaking Finns minority Thus, all her books were originally written in Swedish.Although known first and foremost as an author, Tove Jansson considered her careers as author and painter to be of equal importance Tove Jansson wrote and illustrated her first Moomin book, The Moomins and the Great Flood 1945 , during World War II She said later that the war had depressed her, and she had wanted to write something naive and innocent Besides the Moomin novels and short stories, Tove Jansson also wrote and illustrated four original and highly popular picture books.Jansson s Moomin books have been translated into 33 languages.

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    1. Tove Jansson is really kind of amazing This is only the second books of hers I ve read, the other being The Summer Book I was impressed then by the subtlety of her writing and her nuanced depiction of complex, contradictory human beings, but I wasn t entirely surprised it was an adult book, written about people Jansson knew well personally I was not expecting a short children s book about cute made up creatures to display the same level of insights into human nature and behavior But it totally d [...]

    2. Take all the self help manuals and holy books in the world, chuck them off a cliff, and replace them with this The Moomins hold the key to a happy life Volcanos Great floods Natural devastation Separated families To the Groke with them Let s all light a lamp and have some marmalade with our tea

    3. Mieleen muistui selke sti muumijakso, jonka olen n hnyt lapsena.Pidin paljon, muumikirjat selv sti osaavat lumota i st riippumatta.

    4. Tohle l to bylo skute n bl zniv Pova te v buch sopky, zaplaven Mumin dol , rodina ije v plovouc m divadle p inesen m povodn a Muminek ve v zen A nikdo nedok e elit t mto katastrof m s v t m klidem, ne Muminkova maminka I ty nejv t protivy pozve ke stolu a pohost je t m, co zrovna m.A koliv v e zm n n nep zn osudu uvrhnou cel Mumin dol do chaosu, nen to truchliv p b h, ba naopak je to snad nejsrandovn j Mumin kniha, kter si nezad s bl zniv ma francouzsk ma komediema.Je legra n st o tom, jak Mumin [...]

    5. I ve liked all Moomin books this far, but somehow this one appealed to me even than usual The writing style and the atmosphere of the story are exactly as magical as they should be on a Midsummer night, and despite the rather absurd and adventurous happenings the book left me with a very peaceful mood There s almost something Shakespearean in this, even though there are no fairies The play within the story is hilarious, and the whole theatre thing just made me laugh so much I also fangirl Snufk [...]

    6. Ack, I love it huggles book Snufkin is my FAVORITE EVER 3 He s so awesome and just the best And what he did about the signs and his twenty four little woodies GAAHH SO CUUUUTE 3 I about died from the adorableness and awesomeness of this Also, I love Little My She s hilarious XD All in all, great little book 3

    7. I love these stories They re ostensibly for children, but there s so much deep wisdom in these books that an adult mind will relish them As I have been doing.The book kicks off with the eruption of a volcano which causes a tsunami which floods Moominvalley, swamping the Moomin house up to the second floor The reaction by the Moomins and their friends is one of resigned whimsy Why not cut a hole in the floor in order to look down into the kitchen from above and see what it looks like underwater B [...]

    8. This book seems like it was written by an angel I love the Moomin comic strip, as reprinted by Drawn and Quarterly, but I was not prepared for a dense, epic, beautiful journey that I was given here This is as close as we re going to get to the world where Dr Seuss wrote a novel What a great thing this is.

    9. Mattinata calda e afosa, come rimediare Con i Mumin alle prese con un inondazione, no Tornano gli spensierati troll Mumin nati dalla penna e dal pennello di Tove Jansson, alle prese con eruzioni e inondazioni che li obbligano ad abbandonare l adorata casa per approdare, il caso di dirlo, in un teatro galleggiante Li accompagna un allegra ed eterogenea comitiva di troll Mimla e la cattivissima sorellina Mi, la perennemente depressa Misa, il filosofico Spinetto Naturalmente, non possono mancare gl [...]

    10. One of my all time favorites, and perhaps my favorite Moomin book altogether It is magical, filled with comforting wisdom about life and how to deal when a crisis hits Moominmamma is the greatest character of all times, I just freaking love her.

    11. This endeared the Moomins and their friends to me much than I anticipated Things happen, as if in a dream, where the valley floods and Moominmama is worried about breakfast and coffee They float around on their house until it starts to sink and they move to another floating house.It s endearing and I love everyone s attitudes of going with the flow and not worrying too much about things because they ll all work out It s reminiscent of Pippi, and I m really getting a feel for Swedish or Swedish [...]

    12. Among warm and comforting books for children, this has to be one of the warmest It takes its character from Moominmamma, who greets every new event however seemingly problematic as a delightful experience for instance, when a rising sea floods her house, she s charmed by how unfamiliar the kitchen looks seen underwater from the ceiling Further, she has a supreme lack of worry, saying, Only bad people fare badly This faith is of course entirely justified in this book s world in fact, even the hou [...]

    13. Half way through the Moomin series Another pleasant little adventure, if a tad weird The Moomin family et al are flooded out by some volcano activity and take to the seas, somehow catching a lift in an adrift theatre Certain family members get lost and go bobbing about elsewhere and, well, the usual weirdness ensues.Snufkin wasn t in this until over half way through, though he does have a memorable criminal encounter with the despicable park keepers and has to hone his parenting skills, and try [...]

    14. I just love this book It s a fine juxtaposition to be reading two Scandinavian authors at once Jansson of Moomin fame and Stieg Larsson, who wrote the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo They are quite opposite and both fascinating in their own right.I find the Moomins charming, funny, and always surprising If you ve never read them and enjoy a good children s story along the lines of Winnie the Pooh with the wit of Pippi Longstocking then you might enjoy these wacky and wonderful books.

    15. Nokkelasti rakennettu tarina kaikkine eri k nteineen ja n k kulmineen Keskeiset hahmot ovat saaneet mukavasti syvyytt persoonaansa, ja uusia j nni tyyppej riitt my s, vaikka n in lyhyess mitassa osa suuresta hahmogalleriasta harmillisesti j hieman sivuun etenkin kerronnan jakautuessa useampaan eri juonilinjaan Miskasta ja Homssusta olisi mieluusti kuullut enemm nkin.

    16. I read the Moomin books for the first time when I was about eight, and eighteen years later, I love them than ever These stories are sweet and silly, but they also explore existentialism and melancholy, and Jansson s prose is so good Looking back, I really think she was one of my first writing teachers And she saved me from seeing everything literally.

    17. How lovely to read about the Moomin family again I realised while reading this that I ve watched the anime A LOT, as I was hearing the characters voices in my head all the time Such a nice and cozy evening read

    18. I really like the Moomin books, and found this one as delightful and charming as the others I ve read A fun summer read

    19. Herkullisia hahmoja, mielikuvitusta villitsevi tilanteita, vaaraa, laittomuuksia, korkeakulttuuria, v litt mist , huumoria, ist vandalismia, luonnonkatastrofeja, ihmissuhteita, psykologiaa, filosofiaa, pakomatka ja selviytymist kriisitilanteissa Kaikkea t t yksiss kansissa Vaikeitakin persoonallisuuksia k sitell n l mpim sti ja ymm rt en T ss on pariin muuhun muumikirjaan verrattuna yhten isempi ja selke mpi juoni Monen hahmon tarinaa kuljetetaan tahoillaan ja lankoja solmitaan lopussa yhteen Ta [...]

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