The True Gift: A Christmas Story

The True Gift: A Christmas Story By Patricia MacLachlan Brian Floca, The True Gift A Christmas Story Liam and Lily are doing all they can to find a friend for White Cow With help from the community they have a Christmas they will never forget
  • Title: The True Gift: A Christmas Story
  • Author: Patricia MacLachlan Brian Floca
  • ISBN: 9781416990819
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The True Gift: A Christmas Story By Patricia MacLachlan Brian Floca, Liam and Lily are doing all they can to find a friend for White Cow With help from the community, they have a Christmas they will never forget.
    The True Gift: A Christmas Story By Patricia MacLachlan Brian Floca,
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      Patricia MacLachlan Brian Floca

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    1. Patricia MacLachlan Brian Floca

      Patricia MacLachlan was born on the prairie, and to this day carries a small bag of prairie dirt with her wherever she goes to remind her of what she knew first She is the author of many well loved novels and picture books, including Sarah, Plain and Tall, winner of the Newbery Medal its sequels, Skylark and Caleb s Story and Three Names, illustrated by Mike Wimmer She lives in western Massachusetts.

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    1. Patricia MacLachlan is a wonderful author I actually didn t like the story, but I finished reading it through to the end because of her great story telling she has an incredible knack for sucking you in.The story A title like The True Gift shouldn t be bestowed on a story that is devoted to a cow I m not an animal person to begin with, but having such a strong emphasis on a cow, and making that cow not lonely for Christmas, is pretty ridiculous I wish it would have been an old man or woman, a st [...]

    2. Liam and his sister Lily spend time with their grandparents at Christmastime every year They ve earned money for presents and brought many books with them to while away the time until Christmas But something threatens to spoil the holiday White Cow is alone in the field since her companion donkey has been returned to his own owner Liam is concerned that she is lonely Thus begins the heartwarming tale of a Christmas gift that seems impossible This short book for children is a delightful reminder [...]

    3. A brother and sister go to stay with their grandparents for Christmas, just like always But, this year, their grandparents cow, White Cow, is all alone in the field because the donkey who used to graze with her has gone back to her family Young Liam feels a connection with White Cow and senses that she is lonely and he wants to do something to help her Even if it means spending less time at the beautiful Lilac Library where the children usually love to go during the Christmas holiday , even if i [...]

    4. Oh my goodness this was a nice surprise I was in the car today and had a bit of a drive I wanted something holidayish Clicked on the library app on my phone and did a browse of the holiday books being offered This one came up I was not familiar with it BUT.I love me some Patricia Sarah Plain and Tall MacLachlan Yes I do So I nabbed it thinking I could not go wrong.And I didn t A sweet read Noticing White Cow on the cover also was a hint I would like this little book White Cow quickly becomes a p [...]

    5. Well, I kept meaning to read this book since it came out as it is in my library, after all So at long last, I just sat down during a quiet evening shift and read it cover to cover, enjoying Floca s illustrations nearly as much as MacLachlan s writing.Perhaps I shouldn t have been surprised by the ending but my mushy old heart was truly touched I had to leave the desk and hide for a while as I have been cursed with one of those complexions that turns deep red and stays red for a long time after a [...]

    6. MacLachlan here writes a Christmas story about a brother and sister who find the meaning of Christmas through helping a cow yup, a cow lead a less lonely life MacLachlan is always a dependable writer, and this book is a good selection for kids in grades 3 5 looking for a Christmas story, but there isn t a whole lot of there there in this slim little Christmas book.

    7. I did not care for this brief book, which I read aloud to my daughter The characters, and the brother sister relationship at the center of the book, did not ring true, and the climactic Christmas Eve surprise seemed very improbable I have no particular fondness for cows, which probably removes me from the intended audience for this book.

    8. A beautiful story, poignant and heartwarming I liked the character journeys, and I thought the siblings and grandmother were surprisingly well developed for so short a story I also liked the realism this story lacks so many cliches that abound in Christmas literature Here, there are no outlandishly tragic circumstances, no misers turned saint, no dead parents, and no miracles And yet, despite this, all the beauty and heartache of the holidays is captured in this straightforward and unexpectedly [...]

    9. My youngest and I read this slim novela in a single sitting we just couldn t stop reading The story may be slight and the language spare, but the actions of the two determined and empathetic children leave an impact as they share a true gift, one that can receive no return It s a lovely holiday read.

    10. I nice early reader but, for literary content and great story, it was okay I wasn t thrilled I was disappointed as a Patricia MacLachan story, early chapter book or not a good story can be told simply

    11. Very cute story and children who are sensitive and like animals will love it Not quite a great story but still a gentle read with a kind message

    12. A good bedtime read for child and or adult An adorable story about compassion, kindness, love, and doing the right thing for others both animals and people Beautiful illustrations.

    13. This is a cute story about being selfless and determined The illustrations are beautiful and the story is sweet This would be a great starter chapter book for younger children.

    14. A sweet chapter book about a lonely cow and a boy who loves her Read aloud with the boys over 4 nights We all enjoyed

    15. Patricia MacLachlan s soft, endlessly gentle writing style has always seemed to be the perfect potential vehicle by which to tell a Christmas tale After decades of producing some of the most enduring classics of our time in the realms of both picture books and chapter books, Patricia MacLachlan has given us just such a holiday story Liam is a wonder He views the word around him with the eyes of a true artist, gauging the depths of the feelings of those he comes in contact with and allowing himse [...]

    16. As the sun streamed through the window this morning, I took this book off the shelf and spent delightful time reading another of MacLachlan s lovely books.This author has a special way of softly unfolding the story I ve read most of the books of this Newbery award winning author and she never fails to disappoint.Lily and Liam look forward each year to the Pre Christmas visit to their grandparent s farm Avid readers, the two love the slow pace of farm life in the winter, of time to read, time to [...]

    17. Patricia MacLachlan is far and above one of my favorite writers Her writing style is the true gift of this story Every book of hers that I ve read has broken my heart a little, in the sweetest way, and this was no exception Her works are so lyrical, like poetry than prose and getting swept away by her words is so easy, like swinging in a hammock with the gentlest of breezes.In the story, brother and sister Liam and Lily are going to their grandparent s farm to spend the holiday season Instead o [...]

    18. When Lily and Liam go to stay with their grandparents during the week leading up to Christmas, Liam becomes troubled by the presence of White Cow She is alone in the paddock Does she get lonely Is she sad He feels that she must be, and therefore, he wants to find her a friend They don t have a lot of money, but when a family advertises that they want to sell their calf, Liam knows that is the friend for White Cow So, he sells all his books to the used book store to gain the extra money they need [...]

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