Laced with Desire

Laced with Desire By Jaci Burton Denise Rossetti Joey W. Hill Jasmine Haynes, Laced with Desire What a hot foursome The authors of Unlaced returns in an all new anthology of stories about corsets and un corseted desires Rough hands rounding the curves of a soft warm body caressing stroking ed
  • Title: Laced with Desire
  • Author: Jaci Burton Denise Rossetti Joey W. Hill Jasmine Haynes
  • ISBN: 9780425232293
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • Laced with Desire By Jaci Burton Denise Rossetti Joey W. Hill Jasmine Haynes, What a hot foursome The authors of Unlaced returns in an all new anthology of stories about corsets, and un corseted desires Rough hands rounding the curves of a soft warm body caressing, stroking, edging her toward exquisite pleasure Seduction is a cinch in these four sizzling stories from the hot authors of Unlaced And that s not just talk These women deliverJa What a hot foursome The authors of Unlaced returns in an all new anthology of stories about corsets, and un corseted desires Rough hands rounding the curves of a soft warm body caressing, stroking, edging her toward exquisite pleasure Seduction is a cinch in these four sizzling stories from the hot authors of Unlaced And that s not just talk These women deliverJaci Burton breaks the rule about mixing business with pleasureJasmine Haynes explores the lust of a former supermodel who needs to finally fulfill a no holds barred sexual fantasyJoey W Hill reveals the erotic bond between a master and the beautiful submissive who stole his heartAnd Denise Rossetti goes beyond the limits of desire when she pairs a battle scarred veteran of love and war with a woman who s just as fearless and twice as dangerous.
    Laced with Desire By Jaci Burton Denise Rossetti Joey W. Hill Jasmine Haynes,
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      180 Jaci Burton Denise Rossetti Joey W. Hill Jasmine Haynes
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    1. Jaci Burton Denise Rossetti Joey W. Hill Jasmine Haynes

      Jaci Burton is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling, award winning author of over 70 books She lives in Oklahoma and when she isn t on deadline which is often , she can usually be found wrestling with her uncooperative garden, wrangling her dogs, watching an unhealthy amount of television, or completely losing track of time reading a great book She s a total romantic and longs for the happily ever after in every story, which you ll find in all her books Visit her website at jaciburton for excerpts, book information and contests.

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    1. Review for Honor Bound by Joey W Hill ONLY WOW WOW WOW.What a very beautiful story.Peter meets his lady in a BDSM club and after one night of play he knows that she is the woman for him Coincidently they are both in the Army and are due to be deployed They meet the next morning at the airport and Peter declares that he wants to see Dana when they both return and that he will write to her These first few chapters weren t particularly riveting and I honestly thought I wasn t gonna like this one, b [...]

    2. rating for Honor Bound by Joey W Hill 5 2nd read May 20151st read January 2013Quote No one s touched me for so long, Peter Not like this Like I m real and Not broken Reaching up, she touched his face Yeah But I am broken, aren t I She was killing him He circled her wrist, held it and turned his mouth into her palm, nuzzling You re wounded, sweetheart That s all You ll heal, if you give yourself a chance.

    3. This review is just for Honor Bound by Joey Hill as I ve yet to read the other stories.It s a 4 star story for me as another Knight of the Boardroom find his forever girl This started off a bit meh as Peter meets an experienced sub in a BDSM club but the story absolutely explodes to life when something shocking happens to Dana and the whole story takes a much emotional journey and Joey Hill is so good at dragging out her character s innermost feelings.Really could not put it down.

    4. 4.5 Stars5 out of 5 for hotness4.5 heartsHow long did it take me to get hooked 4% Seriously at the 4% mark I already had shivers running down my spine in anticipation I can t get over how much I love the Knights of the Boardroom Not only do I get a severe case of the swoons due to their extreme dominance but they all have such big hearts You know I ve never really been convinced of the enjoyment that can come from a BDSM relationship Although the thought of someone putting me on my knees and mak [...]

    5. What an excellent collection Three of the four stories are contemporary erotic romances, the fourth seems a timeless otherworldly but not paranormal fantasy.Jaci Burton tells the tale of two old acquaintances who start with the intention of no strings sex The exotic Hawaiian settings are beautifully described The contrast of the return to everyday business life was a great metaphor The protagonists had to get past fears and grow to acceptance of feelings in order to get their happily ever after [...]

    6. Review only for, Novella 3 knights of the Boardroom Honor Bound by Joey Hill Well alright, alright alright.Yep, much better I really liked these characters and their journey Definitely much legitimate than the last book Peter and Dana s story was compelling both in the military, both already into the scene unlike the last 2 books so actually, their initial meeting and further story is completely believable I thought Hill did a really great job of contextualizing the characters and their overall [...]

    7. Several separate stories in this one Joey Hill s Honor Bound is third in the novella Knights of the Boardroom series about corporate Doms meeting their true love subs this time she tells Peter s story.Gotta say it This is a winner 5 STARS La Petit Mort by Jasmine Haynes 4 starsShe s a great writer I think it would be harder to write a good story that is that short but she did it in this anthology.No Strings Attached by Jaci Burton 4 starsGrieving widow decides to resume her love life after a lon [...]

    8. Again not a recommendation for most of my sweet reading GR friends, but if you like A LOT of kink in your sex of the D s and BDSM variety you should give this series a try It has a great storyline with characters that stick with you well after reading it AGHHH This one killed me Anytime you add somebody who has suffered a terrible trauma while serving in the military it makes my heart break a little bit Peter never really did much for me outside of sounding like a HOT HOT Dom, but he stole my he [...]

    9. Jaci Burton s story 3 stars It was a quick predictable read, no great twist or turns Jasmine Hayne 3,5 stars Again predictable, still there was drama and dept of charactersJoey W Hill Skipped I am not a BDSM fan, sorry.Denise Rossetti 4,5 stars Loved the stry and both characters even their names Best story in the book for me Overall, I give this book 4 stars.P.S I love the cover Am I the only one that wants the same lingerie

    10. Loved, loved loved Honor Bound by Joey W Hill It s Peter and Dana s story and it is beautifully written My heart broke for Dana and Peter during their reunion I loved reading their amazing story and because of it I wish it had been longer.

    11. Four stories I felt like I wasted my time and could have been reading some really good shit Instead I decided to plough through The first two stories were ok But next BDSM was a little unsettling The fourth I didn t bother with.

    12. I borrowed this book only to read the Knights of the Boardroom by Joey Hill It was good I liked the corset The other stories in this anthology were fine.

    13. HONOR BOUNDI was very pleased with this story It is nice to see an author write a story about someone that isn t perfectly beautiful This is about a disabled veteran and the man that loves her Actually both main characters are veterans but only one is wounded badly while being deployed in Iraq Anyone that has read the earlier stories knows that Peter Winston is part of the National Guard and has already serviced one tour of duty The story picks up as the guys are throwing a farewell party for Pe [...]

    14. I only read Jaci Burton s No Strings Attached and per a recommendation I tried Joey W Hill s Honor Bound I also started La Petite Mort by Jasmine Haynes but I only got to the third chapter and decided that the story couldn t appeal to me less While I could relate to the woman s predicament, I honestly could not, in any way, conceive of using sex as a coping device Speaking from experience I can say that not only was it the furthest thing from my mind at the time but I would also think that a doc [...]

    15. I picked this up at the library on a whim, and I was very disappointed I didn t care for any of the four stories All four stories have the same controlling, dominating alpha male type I really don t care for it, and it can veer into behavior that is very stalker ish For instance, in the first story, No Strings Attached, view spoiler the man follows the woman to Hawaii he just happens to know where she is staying without her knowledge, watches her for a day or two, watches her get involved with a [...]

    16. When I read the first anthology Unlaced I fell in love with the authors offerings in each of the short novellas In this anthology by far my favorites are Joey Hill and Jaci Burton s These two took me straight from my recliner into the story line with the characters In Joey s story of course that would never happen in real life as not into the BDSM scene personally, in Jaci s though my heart pitter pattered right along with her sexy widow and her husband s best friend I would love to say that my [...]

    17. The first two novellas in this anthology were okay, but I really didn t care for the last two, particularly the final one The last novella was in an unfamiliar world, and there was no explanation of the rules of that world I m sure that previous works by that author introduced this environment, but, for readers just stopping by, things were confusing and often out of context I m not a big fan of series material being part of an anthology like this one In my opinion, anthologies are for stand alo [...]

    18. No Strings Attached Jaci Burton 4 starsA cute story about a woman who finds lust and love after several years of widowhood.La Petite Mort Jasmine Haynes 4 stars contains a threesome This one has older characters, and I like the hero s determination.Honor Bound Joey Hill 4 stars BDSM I was afraid of it being too much BDSM, but it s not and I liked the characters.Rhio s Dancer Denise Rossetti 3 stars Fantasy That was quite enjoyable, but I didn t really connect with the characters, I don t know wh [...]

    19. I only read the first 2 stories in the anthology and I enjoyed them After trying to read Joey W Hill story in Unlaced and not finishing it had to stop after 3 chapters I wasn t in the mood to try another story by her and since I don t like to read sci fi romance I skipped the last book but in the first place I bought the anthology because of Jaci Burton and Jasmine Haynes books so I don t mind that I didn t read the other 2 stories.

    20. Though all of the stories in this anthology are good, most of my four star rating stems from the Joey W Hill story Honor Bound, part of her Knights of the Boardroom series, was heartbreakingly beautiful, especially for a D s story I loved everything about it All of the four short stories in the book focus on the story and not so much on the sex although there s still A LOT of sex , which also gives it another star in my book A highly recommended read, for the JWH story alone.

    21. I purchased this compilation for Honor Bound but did read a couple of the others I d give this installment of KOTBR a sold 4.5 stars It seemed to be driven by an emotional story with the secondary focus on the sensual I m not usually a fan of M s relationships, however, I did feel this one had a balance often not found in others.

    22. I liked this anthology a whole lot better than the previous anthology by these authors Unlaced I almost skipped this book because that one left me feeling meh I m glad I gave it a chance The first three stories were outstanding, and Joey W Hill s story was especially power packed with emotion and detail I didn t get into the last story, but that s just my personal taste.

    23. I loved this anthology I found a new great author in Jasmine Haynes I also got to read short stories featuring some of my favorite authors Joey Hill s story made me cry it was so beautiful she is absolutely one of my favorite author s and the story was great offering military support and unconditional love I highly recommend this anthology

    24. The first and second stories were steamy but predictable The third story was by one of my favorites, Joey W Hill I was reminded of why she s one of my favorites The characters were vivid and emotional even if the storyline felt a little far fetched The last story was pretty good but the ending was boring.Wish there d been a few surprises but overall it was okay


    26. If you are looking for a book full of sexual abandon this is the book for you The stories were all pretty good with the exception of the last one, I didn t care for that one I was surprised by how much I liked the story with the Master Slave relationship as that is not my usual thing, but this one was very sweet in it s own way.

    27. Very good stories in this one Normally these books sit on my shelf and get read in between other books But this one I read from cover to cover without jumping to another book Loved all the characters and story lines.

    28. my rating is for Joey Hill s Honor Bound I loved Dana and Peter s story, great depth of character provided by Miss Hill I enjoyed the cheeky and playful dynamic between the two, not serious bdsm roles.

    29. This is the first piece of Peter and Dana s story They are both extremely strong, independent people, together they are invincible, but duty calls and they are only given one night What comes next is not only heart breaking but what true love is all about Joey W Hill hit the mark on this.

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