Torpedo Run

Torpedo Run By Robb White, Torpedo Run None
  • Title: Torpedo Run
  • Author: Robb White
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback
  • Torpedo Run By Robb White, None
    Torpedo Run By Robb White,
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      420 Robb White
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    1. Robb White

      Robb White was partnered with gimmick horror film king William Castle during Castle s most popular and productive period Born in the Philippines, White was a preacher s son who held a wide variety of jobs before landing in the Navy during World War II He initially collaborated with Castle on the short lived TV series Men of Annapolis 1957 , then joined forces with the enterprising producer director on the horror thrillers Macabre 1958 , House on Haunted Hill 1959 , The Tingler 1959 , Homicidal 1961 , and 13 Ghosts 1960 He later went back to TV writing, including Perry Mason 1957 , as well as novels.

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    1. I found this book among a pile of readers digests in my grandparents bathroom back when I was about 14 I remember making frequent bathroom visits so I could keep reading, I just thought it was so exciting I wasn t your average girl, apparently and I read it at least twice.I don t know how it would stand up to my developed reading palate now but I have to give it four stars because it stood out in my mind all these years and from what I remember it really was a good story CONTENT Clean

    2. When the beloved Captain of a tight knit PT boat crew is killed, the crew expects their capable Lieutenant to be promoted Instead, the Navy sends them a hard nosed, by the book, fresh from Officer s School Captain Oh, and his role model is William Bligh He doesn t seem to realize that it is the 1940s, and men can t be treated like they were in those crazy old days Peter Brent hates the new Captain as much as any man, but when he sees the crew begin to fall apart, he needs to find a way to salvag [...]

    3. Language 3 4 For sailors prinstine only three words in the entire book.Drugs 3 4 They are sailors, come on There is alcohol and morphine.Sex 0 All guys and Navy in WWIIViolence 2 4 Mutiny, battle violenceThis book is about a PT boat in the Pacific during WWII It is a really tight knit little floating community where the oldest was 21 The captain is the one who hold them all together, but the captain dies and instead of having the XO just take over the Navy insists on putting another guy in the c [...]

    4. I have a special relationship with this novel I believe it was one of the first longer novels I read growing up Surprisingly, even now in 2018, I can still remember aspects of the plot An intense, epic yet intimate WWII thriller, this is the tale of the crew of an American PT boat and it s harrowing journey as it battles the Japanese Navy.

    5. I read this first in 5th grade and was amazed It s still a fun, easy read This was the first novel I ever read that really made me think about fiction and how it operates It s probably not really a five star book but it is to me.

    6. One of the first novels I have ever read as a child The story has always stuck in my head even after a 26 year naval career Slewfoot

    7. I was in an accelerated reading program in the fifth grade and this was the first book I read in that program Already an avid reader, this continued that trajectory.

    8. Set during WWII on a PT boat in the Pacific Scary at times and sad too to think that in reality out of 531 boats 99 were lost The average age to join a PT boat according to was 21.

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