Boris and Bella

Boris and Bella By Carolyn Crimi Gris Grimly, Boris and Bella Bella Legrossi is the messiest monster in all of Booville Her slime is the slimiest and her grime is the grimiest Alas she is neighbors with Boris Kleanitoff a persnickety ghoul so tidy he vacuums h
  • Title: Boris and Bella
  • Author: Carolyn Crimi Gris Grimly
  • ISBN: 9780152059002
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • Boris and Bella By Carolyn Crimi Gris Grimly, Bella Legrossi is the messiest monster in all of Booville Her slime is the slimiest and her grime is the grimiest Alas, she is neighbors with Boris Kleanitoff, a persnickety ghoul so tidy he vacuums his vampire bats What could ever bring these two together Why, a hoppin Halloween party, of course
    Boris and Bella By Carolyn Crimi Gris Grimly,
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      Carolyn Crimi Gris Grimly

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      Carolyn Crimi, AKA the Pirate Queen, is the author of numerous books for young readers, including BORIS AND BELLA, illustrated by Gris Grimly Of HENRY AND THE BUCCANEER BUNNIES, she says, While I don t have long floppy ears or a pro nounced overbite, Henry and I are kindred spirits, who love books and carrots

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    1. Boris and Bella is a spooky Halloween book by Carolyn Crimi along with illustrations by Gris Grimly about two monsters, Boris and Bella, who are extremely different from each other as Boris is the monster who loves to be tidy while Bella is the monster who loves to be messy When their friends ended up going to Harry Beastie s Halloween Party instead of theirs, Boris and Bella might discover that they may have something in common with each other If children are in the mood for the spirit of Hallo [...]

    2. This was a super cute book.The unclean Bella and the neat freak Boris come together.I had a fun time reading this.

    3. I Love this book The Niece and nephew did too, but this was such a sweet treat I loved the verse and the puns I loved the characters and the setting I love that it s set on Halloween and there is dancing This little book thrilled me as much as the kids and it had me smiling at the end If you like Halloween, please read this book It is eerily fantastic.

    4. I wasn t expecting much from this book Even though one friend whose taste I trust had liked this a lot, the only reason I read it is that it s one of 6 picture books being read for this month s Picture Books Club October theme is Autumn Halloween at the Children s Books group I have no interest in Bela Lugosi or Boris Karloff or their films, or almost any horror films, and I expected this book to have to do with these men I was glad the names were a homage, but that the story was entirely some [...]

    5. This is a perfectly charming story about neighbors Bella Lagrossi and Boris Kleanitoff As their delightfully suitable names imply, Bella loves to be messy and Boris likes things neat and tidy Living in such close proximity, they are bound to bump into one another now and again, and their respective housekeeping habits soon create a rift With Halloween on the horizon, each wants to throw the best Halloween party ever but while they are so caught up in themselves, they don t realize that their gho [...]

    6. I read Boris and Bella and I loved it It was funny, warm, and gruesome all at the same time I totally agree with Brenda on the whole old movie monster feel Those were my exact thoughts as I read it The book is very well written and really puts you in the Halloween mood Attention to detail from beginning to end makes this book especially delightful I love it when you read all parts of a book and the theme continues For example, the author and illustrators bios were hauntingly fun I love the messa [...]

    7. Talk about an ODD couple There is Bella Legrossi, the messiest monster in all of Booville Her slime was the slimiest her grime was the grimiest.Now meet her neighbor, Boris Kleanitoff He dusts his spiderwebs and polishes his pythons Will these two ever learn to get along Well, one Halloween I ll say no this book just has to be seen The Gris Grimly illustrations are TO DIE FOR Each one begs to be pored over so you don t miss any of the delightful scars, warts or stitches An eerily lovely holida [...]

    8. This story has some of the best classic movie monsters featured in it and is a wonderful tribute to horror movie masters Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff The illustrations are reminiscent of the Addams Family or even something from a Tim Burton film A very funny story that highlights the differences in being to neat versus to messy A story that shows opposites can attract and has some very creepy play on words.

    9. This is a fun halloween story that shows how opposites can truly attract The monsters are creepy, but comical and the illustrations have a Tim Burton kind of quality to them The narrative is humorous and the story is sweet, especially for a Halloween themed tale We enjoyed reading this story together and we ve read it a couple of times This book was selected as one of the October 2011 Autumn and Halloween reads at the Picture Book Club in the Children s Books Group here at.

    10. A wonderfully illustrated picture book about two monstery types competing over Holloween parties Bella Legrossi is wildly messy and Boris Kleanitoff persistently persnickety neat Lots of fun and funny details, great storytelling, and everyone lives monstrously happy ever after.

    11. If I was 5, I m pretty sure this would become my favorite book Very entertaining and the illustrations we re clever I suspect this will be a frequent read in our house.

    12. This book is absolutely amazing As a reading tutor I have a really hard time finding books that are entertaining for the kids and not boring The language in this book is not extremely difficult but some of the passages are quite long The deal I made with my student was I would read anything over three lines since those seem to be the difficult passages, not to mention just long for a struggling reader It s an AWESOME read aloud book though.Written by Carolyn Crimi and illustrated by Gris Grimly [...]

    13. A delightful book that targets not only children but also adults thus there is a little bit of everything for everyone Children will enjoying the rhyming of the words and the pictures, especially when the party is under way The writing is also very simple to understand and read so a wonderful little book to bring in the Halloween season Adults who are fans of those old classic horror movies will be able to enjoy matching their favorite B movie actors or find the various clues implying at yet ano [...]

    14. The stars of Boris and Bella by Carolyn Crimi could not be further opposites Bella is slimy and grimy, while Boris takes his cleaniness to the extreme But you know what they say about oppositesey attract In the case of Boris and Bella, none of the other monsters can take either of their shenanigans, and choose not to attend their parties It is at the fellow monster s Halloween party that Boris and Bella realize they fit together perfectly in dance hold, and a twirl around the floor and promises [...]

    15. I LOVE this odd couple story about a zombie and a vampire who discover that although they are very different people, they can be friends, and not just neighbourly rivals Reminscent of Edward Gorey and Tim Burton, but lacking the adult edge of these two, the illustrations are whimsical and endearing.I fell in love with this picture book years before I even fell pregnant I had to have it for Progeny in Potentia.

    16. I really am not a fan of the grotesque, one reason Halloween was not one of my favorite holidays But many children do love it and this book is still absolutely hilarious even with all the gross ity I m not sure younger children would catch all of the jokes, but a listening or reading adult should Funny, and I kind of a love story by the end But it was so obvious and aww that it was gross in ways than one

    17. My daughter picked this one from the library and it s excellent She loves it too, we ve read it every night for about a week and a half Very Tim Burton ish and fun It s about two monsters, one a neatnik and one a slob, who end up finding out they re perfect for each other I expect we ll be buying a copy soon.

    18. I simply adore this book, the story and the wonderful illustrations The names all of underlying meanings and the story is too fun.

    19. Not sure where I saw this, but it was while I was searching for fun picture books to read And I loved this The art is fantastic and the story is really cute, easily comparable to real life.

    20. I really like this story how perfect for Halloween The illustrations aren t quite what I usually like but they are nicely spooky, too.

    21. This sweet fantasy tells the tale of the messiest monster in Booville, Bella Legrossi, and her neat freak of a next door neighbor, ghoul Boris Kleanitoff The two characters cannot seem to get along and are cruel to one another and refuse to invite the other to their Halloween party When their friends can t decide which party to attend because they are tired of the fighting they have to endure when spending time with Boris and Bella they all decide to not go to either Ultimately Boris and Bella h [...]

    22. Freaking adorable This is so fun, and a little bit romantic without the ick factor This would be a great read aloud for early elementary or just great for bedtime The illustrations are super witty and I love all of the word play

    23. With Boris and Bella, I think I may have found a Halloween favorite read Bella Lagrossi is the dirtiest and messiest monster in Booville Her neighbor, Boris Kleanitoff, is the complete opposite, a complete neat freak with nothing out of place Naturally, Boris and Bella are not the best of neighbors To celebrate Halloween, each decides to have a Halloween party, but no one will come They find a common enemy, Henry Beastie, who s throwing a party of his own All their mutual monsters are going ther [...]

    24. Bella Legrossi is the messiest monster in all of Booville Her slime is the slimiest her grime is the grimiest Alas, she is neighbors with Boris Kleanitoff, a persnickety ghoul so tidy he vacuums his vampire bats What could ever bring these two together A hoppin Halloween party, of course Summary Boris and Bella by Carolyn Crimi, illustrated by Gris Grimly, is a wonderfully ooky, humorous monster tale with suitably creepy illustrations of many assorted monsters in watercolor and ink I loved the h [...]

    25. This book is so cute I am going to read it for my class for Halloween The story starts off with two opposite people Boris who is a neat freak and Bella who is a messy girl They both did not like each other and always tried to out do one another One day Bella decided to throw a Halloween party and she was going to invite everyone in the town expect Boris When Boris heard about this he was upset and he too decided to throw a Halloween party Unfortunately everyone called to say they were not coming [...]

    26. I really enjoyed the writing in this book and I found it even interesting that Boris and Bella were actually real people However, I don t know if their characters were based on the real people The story is about two monsters who are complete opposites of each other Bella is the messiest monster anyone had ever seen and Boris is the complete opposite with being obsessively clean They didn t get a long with each other until everyone attended someone else s Halloween party instead of either of the [...]

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