The Crimson Cap

The Crimson Cap By Ellen Howard, The Crimson Cap This historical novel is based on the true adventures of year old Pierre Talon who in as a member of the last ill fated expedition of the great explorer La Salle was rescued and adopted by
  • Title: The Crimson Cap
  • Author: Ellen Howard
  • ISBN: 9780823421527
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Crimson Cap By Ellen Howard, This historical novel is based on the true adventures of 11 year old Pierre Talon who, in 1684, as a member of the last, ill fated expedition of the great explorer La Salle, was rescued and adopted by the Hasinai Indians, one of the Caddo tribes of eastern Texas.
    The Crimson Cap By Ellen Howard,
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      445 Ellen Howard
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      Children sometimes ask, Do you write about your own life I have to answer that I do not The reason is simple My own life is boring Yet I would not trade it for anyone else s.I grew up in a large and loving family parents, grandparents, and three children all under the same roof, a big white house in Portland, Oregon At school, I was able, but not brilliant I liked to draw I liked to play pretend I liked dolls, too, right through eighth grade, and only fear of what others would say made me give them up then.Most of all, I loved to read And I dreamed of a time when, a grown up married lady with thirteen children, I would write books.But childhood dreams have a way of getting lost It was not until I was in my mid thirties, after marriage, a child, divorce, and remarriage, that I was able to complete college By then, my family included not only my daughter Beth, but my husband s daughters, Cynthia, Laurie, and Shaley.It was in college that an important thing happened I rediscovered stories and remembered my dream of writing them My first published book was a story for children CIRCLE OF GIVING, 1984.Since then, our daughters have grown up Now we have seven grandchildren I work at home, writing I speak at schools I teach writing I give speeches to teachers, librarians, and others But most of the time, I am at home, gardening, cooking, washing, and ironing and writing.I know my life sounds boring, but for me it is filled with all the adventure, excitement and drama I can find and make in books To me it is the best kind of life

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    1. The Crimson Capby Ellen HowardImagine you have just landed in a lifeboat on a hostile shore Your ship sank days ago, and the only thing you have left to help you survive are a few moldy biscuits, a knife, a pistol, and your knitted hat To top that off, a few days after arrival you discover that there are people already living on that shore, and they don t like the idea of you squatting on their land Time passes without rescue the other guys from your lifeboat begin fighting clearly, it won t be [...]

    2. review for work The cover, writing style, and obscure historical subject of this book lack kid appeal It s hard to keep track of all the named people the list of characters takes up three pages at the front of the book and few are developed beyond basic kindly or evil dispositions While Howard does have the facts of Pierre Talon s life constricting her plot, the ending nonetheless seems abrupt and out of character On the plus side, a few interesting questions are raised about codes of conduct wi [...]

    3. I love this book The setting and the story are captivating It is well written and well researched Pierre faces survival in the wilderness, Indian battles, and the complexity of human relationships, prejudices and what it means to be family He is a wonderful character and the other characters in the book are well drawn.

    4. Pierre s father is missing His mother is ill and his siblings are starving And though he is just ten, he joins an expedition to find help for the failing French settlement on the Gulf Coast where he has lived for the last two years But the expedition becomes lost, the leader is murdered by his own men, and Pierre falls deathly ill Only through the goodness of the Hasinai tribe does Pierre survive For three years he lives with the Hasinai and he comes to love them though he never forgets his fami [...]

    5. The Crimson Cap written by Ellen Howard and published in 2009 by Holiday House While the Civil War and especially slavery are visited frequently in middle grade literature, the background of this book s setting in 1680s Texas is rarely considered Briefly, a young French boy is separated from his family who have accompanied the explorer La Salle as he tries to establish a settlement near the Mississippi River from which to harass the Spanish Although the larger conflict is between the French and [...]

    6. The Crimson Cap is a fictionalized account of a French boy who has journeyed to the New World with LaSalle LaSalle and his group land in Texas, and cannot find the mouth of the Mississippi Infighting among the French and conflicts with the native populations are some of the problems this group faces and then the Spanish arrive to chase the French out of their territory Pierre Talon was a historical figure who lived with the native population for many years in the area now called Texas Howard has [...]

    7. I have just started this and think boys will like the story of adventurous Pierre The eleven year old has been tapped by the famous explorer La Salle to leave a failing colony in coastal Texas to find yes the intrepid explorer La Salle is lost the mouth of the Mississippi and make a settlement to vex the Spaniards who have claimed the southern part of the continent Pierre has left his widowed mother and siblings because he quickly picks up the languages of the natives and La Salle will need a tr [...]

    8. This was a sad story in many ways, yet it showed the persistence and determination of one young boy to locate his lost siblings among a different Indian tribe than the one he had been accepted into after his party trying to return to New France to get some help for his lost settlement was decimated, primarily from internal disagreements It is a heart wrenching and ultimately a heart warming story The author does a marvelous follow up at the end of the book so that you know what happened to the p [...]

    9. A good candidate for younger teens or upper elementary school students needing to read an historical fiction novel French Canadian Pierre Talon sets out as the youngest member age 10 of La Salle s company in what is to be La Salle s desperate final attempt to find the Mississippi and make his way back to New France to get help for his suffering Texas colony A coming of age story with swiftly moving plot, adventure, and interesting characters The haunting cover image will garner second glances Ba [...]

    10. Recommended for gr 5 8 Historical fiction during the time of La Salle and his Mississippi explorations Pierre, a young boy whose family lives at a settlement on the Guadalupe River in Texas, joins La Salle s expedition to locate the Mississippi River and a route to New France He becomes ill and is taken in by Hasinai Indians Pierre is a historical character and the imagined story of what his life was like is fascinating Inquiring minds will enjoy the list of characters, pronunciation guide, map [...]

    11. A delightful little piece of historical fiction that piggy backs off of the the Rene Robert Sieur De La Salle faied expedition Well worth the read I especially like the little addendum that explained the basis for the characters an gave follow up information on what became of the real life characters.

    12. This is about 11 year old Pierre who leaves his family to go with La Salle I like that this is a time period that I haven t read much about in the young adult historical fiction world I also like, so far, that the back story is being weaved into the action of the book I think that s a plus.

    13. I haven t heard much before about the struggle between France and Spain in the New World in the late 1600 s in the Texas Louisiana area All European characters in this story are based on historical figures, and it didn t sound like the author had to add much to make this a gripping story.

    14. Great character development Would love to read in a fourth or fifth grade classroom about courage and self identity.

    15. Historical fiction, French explorer La Salle s expedition from France to the Mississippi 10 year old protag Hasanai Indians Multi dimensional portrayal of different cultures Loved it.

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