Ausländer By Paul Dowswell, Ausl nder When his parents die Peter is sent to an orphanage in Warsaw But Peter is a Volksdeutscher German People s German blood With its blond hair and blue eyes seems a perfect specimen of the Hitler Youth
  • Title: Ausländer
  • Author: Paul Dowswell
  • ISBN: 9788466641340
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ausländer By Paul Dowswell, When his parents die, Peter is sent to an orphanage in Warsaw But Peter is a Volksdeutscher German People s German blood With its blond hair and blue eyes, seems a perfect specimen of the Hitler Youth Someone want to adopt it and that s what making Kaltenbach professor and his wife are delighted to host such an Aryan super at home Will be the envy of others But PeWhen his parents die, Peter is sent to an orphanage in Warsaw But Peter is a Volksdeutscher German People s German blood With its blond hair and blue eyes, seems a perfect specimen of the Hitler Youth Someone want to adopt it and that s what making Kaltenbach professor and his wife are delighted to host such an Aryan super at home Will be the envy of others But Peter is not quite believe that the specimen Begins to develop their own ideas Peter does not want to be a Nazi, so I will risk The most dangerous risk that could run in Berlin in 1943.
    Ausländer By Paul Dowswell,
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      246 Paul Dowswell
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      Paul Dowswell Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ausländer book, this is one of the most wanted Paul Dowswell author readers around the world.

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    1. YA historical novel set in Nazi Germany Very well written and absolutely riveting The story follows Peter an orphan in Nazi occupied Warsaw who has German blood The Nazis decide he is racially valuable, and take him to Germany to be raised as a Hitler Youth by a German foster family.At first, Peter is grateful for his improved life better food, better clothes, better education But he soon sees how totally the Nazi government controls not only the foreigners auslanders and Jews, but also the Germ [...]

    2. My teacher recommended I read this book for a teenage reviewing challenge, and I m really glad she did because I really ended up enjoying this book.This book is incredibly underrated, and I feel this book is a lot better than some other books I ve read that have been set in Nazi Germany This was also one of the first young adult books I ever read and I think the fact it was a young adult book made it even better, because this book was able to explore how impressionable teenagers in Nazi Germany [...]

    3. I really loved this book It was extremely touching and well written There a lot of books flying around under the topic of World War 2 and this book, though on the same topic, gives us a different outlook insight on it Reading this book I felt as if I was there with Peter main character Though he is in fact Polish he looks like the perfect German Volkdeutscher of German blood I also loved this book because it s a very believable if not likely story and is something I plan on reading again and aga [...]

    4. Trigger warnings Antisemitism, racism, death of a parent in the past , car accident.Based on the blurb, this sounded intriguing Unfortunately, it proved to be meh than anything for me While the concept of a Polish boy sent to live in Germany following the death of his parents was definitely unique, the characters lacked emotional depth for me The writing was pretty choppy and it didn t always feel finished That said, it s a pretty unique viewpoint a teenager in Nazi Germany who s living with th [...]

    5. Una historia interesante basada en hechos reales, el inicio y el final tienen un ritmo fren tico, y un tanto lento hacia la mitad del libro, me gust mucho.

    6. Cover Blurb Yes or No I really like the cover there s no second guessing where and when this book takes place, and its general subject matter It s intriguing, attention grabbing, ominous, and exciting at the same time Or maybe that s just because I absolutely love WWII stories.Characters Unfortunately, this isn t the book s strong point To call the characters cardboard is harsh and untrue, but to say that I became attached to them is also a falsehood Peter Bruck, the protagonist, starts out as a [...]

    7. I would love to give this one a solid 3.5 stars The only reason it would not be higher in my ratings scale is the fact that I felt the writing to be inconsistent The story on the other hand is one rarely found when dealing with youth WWII literature While I have read numerous stories of jewish holocaust victims in hiding or on the run, valuable in their own way because to ignore that what happened in literature is criminal for numerous reasons, it is always equally as important to get a sense of [...]

    8. Ongelofelijk, zoveel nieuwe en schokkende dingen gelezen over de nazi praktijken.Dat je al zoveel weet en toch zoveel nog niet.

    9. I picked up Auslander because recommended it to me, and then I found it in my library The minute I read the blurb, I knew I had to read this book I am a huge fan of historical fiction, especially novels set in World War I or World War II So, I especially enjoyed this because it was set in a period of history I enjoy reading about World War II and I couldn t put it down It did what books set in the war tend to do shock, fascinate and be totally absorbing I also really enjoyed the occasional bits [...]

    10. Thoughts on the Overall Book This was a very well written historical fiction story, well researched and exciting While it might have had some slow parts, I liked the fact that it seemed like a real story, than actual fiction The author did a wonderful job portraying what life was like back in the Nazi occupation and this book even went to extremes that I hadn t really heard about before, but, as explained in the author s note, were completely accurate For me this book was actually very eye open [...]

    11. Auslander is the German word for foreigner, and British novelist Paul Dowswell s 2009 novel to be released in the U.S by Bloomsbury in August 2011 spins a compelling tale of one foreign youth s experiences in Nazi Germany When Peter s parents are killed in the German invasion of Poland, he is sent to a Warsaw orphanage along with other war orphans But 13 year old Peter is one of the lucky ones he s Volksdeutscher of German blood, with blond hair and blue eyes He s therefore selected to be adopte [...]

    12. I really loved this one The historical detail, plot, characters, and background are all done exceedingly well This will definately rank among my favorite WWII books for youth My only bone to pick, however, is where I found this book in the children s section of Chapters This is not a book for young children, it is a book for teenagers Granted large parts of it would not be unacceptable to younger ones, but the extreme course language in certain parts, the detailed explanation that one of the cha [...]

    13. In Auslander, Paul Doswell reveals the story of a young 13 year old boy with blue eyes and blond hair who had just recently lost his parents to a Nazi tank during the German Invasion of Poland This boy s name was Peter Peter grew up on a farm just south of Warsaw, but just after his parents were killed, Peter was sent to an orpanage in Warsaw Since he had a German complexion, Peter was adopted by a Herr and Frau Klatenbach, who had three daughters As Peter is forced to move to Berlin with his ne [...]

    14. SPOILERS ALERT When I found this book in the library and read the blurb, it drew me in straight away Auslander is a German word which translates to mean foreigner This book is a story about a young boy Piotr and what it was like to grow up in Poland as a Nordic looking perfect Aryan specimen when the Nazi s began their occupation This story follows Piotr from his parent s death and being taken for racial identification to his adoption by a respectable German family and his eventual escape from N [...]

    15. I would say THE most amazing book I have read in a long time I know I say that about every book mostly but I really loved this one.Okay I ve said it before If you saw me on the bus reading this and you knew me pretty well, you would think Rebecca wouldn t read that kind of thing And it s true, I probably wouldn t but it s history Which I L.O.V.E Yes, it needed the dots When I loved about this book, is that it is like your perfect guide to History GCSE Everything I ve covered in the Rise of the N [...]

    16. Young Piotr Bruck shivers as he waits naked in a draughty corridor to be examined by two men in white coats with curious instruments The year is 1941, the place Warsaw and Piotr is an orphan and outcast, not Polack but Volksdeutscher a Pole of German ancestry The queue of boys is split into two and Piotr prays not to be sent to the right, to the covered army truck visible through the open doorway He does not know the meaning of the truck but senses it cannot be good Instead his blond hair and No [...]

    17. I did not love this book, but it was a good read The beginning was interesting, with the main character describing his feelings toward the Nazis and Germany, being adopted into an important family, making new friends Historical information was disseminated subtly throughout the text The depiction of stress and tension growing was good But I did not like the ending It was one of those endings where the suspense builds and builds and then there is a kind of letdown, an Oh, that s it The epilogue w [...]

    18. I love historical fictions so I had high expectations for The Auslander Sadly, I didn t enjoy it as much as I should The biggest problem I had with the book was the characters Peter, out protagonist, was flat most of the time I felt like I didn t really know him at all He sometimes lacks emotions when talking about his parents and his past His interactions with other characters seemed a bit forced Peter s opinion about the Germans changed so quickly that it wasn t very convincing to me There nee [...]

    19. I really enjoyed the view point of this book The author really explores the characters thoughts, emotions and changing beliefs I found this a realistic approach to a sensitive and horrific time in our recent history Many holocaust books take the views of the jewish people and other victims This would be a great book for teachers to read in school because it focuses on those who are letting, or helping it happen The main characters evolution from blond Nazi poster child was very believable, it di [...]

    20. 3,5 estrellas.Al principio se me hizo un poco pesado, porque el resumen en la solapa hizo que creyera que iba a tener mucho m s suspense, cuando en realidad el suspense y la intriga son s lo las ltimas 60 p ginas A n as , me ha parecido una lectura muy interesante, en la que se muestra que la realidad es mucho m s complicada que los buenos vs los malos , gracias a que todos los personajes que ha creado el autor, incluidos los secundarios, son redondos y no planos.Rese a m s extensa pr ximamente. [...]

    21. This book is between 2.5 and 3 stars The story is good and helpful to understand of WW2 Germany, but slow in some places and very little suspense Surprising ending which helped the book s story appeal

    22. Me pareci un libro olvidable, esta entretenido pero nada mas, no se adentra en los personajes, la historia no es la gran cosa, tiene ciertos aspectos que me agradaron pero no encontr nada especial en el, pero no me pareci malo, simplemente es X, para pasar el rato.

    23. Jaren geleden heb ik de zeer interessante studie van Marc Hillel over het Lebensborn project van de nazi s In naam van het ras gelezen.Ik verwachtte in dit boek meer en grondiger verbindingen naar en informatie over dat project te vinden Maar het is blijkbaar meer een avonturenroman voor adolescenten, waar op zich uiteraard niets fout mee is Het verhaal zelf leest vlot en is bij wijlen spannend verder bevat het voor leken ook wel interessante informatie over de politiek die de nazi s voerden met [...]

    24. 12 45 books read in 2017 Super spannend en geweldig geschreven Dit boek laat precies de reden zien waarom ik boeken over de tweede wereldoorlog zo interessant vind hoe voelt het om in Duitsland te leven Hoe is het om te leven in een land waarbij de regering je een kant verteld, maar je zelf een andere wereld ervaart Dit boek is enorm meeslepend en op het eind heb ik niet geslapen EN Extremely exciting and amazingly written This book tells exactly the story of WW2 that I am interested in how does [...]

    25. Pour mon dossier de litt rature jeunesse sur la Seconde Guerre Mondiale, j ai choisi ce roman pour aborder l embrigadement et la vie en Allemagne pendant cette guerre.Le roman nous permet de suivre Piotr qui d couvre l Allemagne nazie Au d but, il est subjugu par la Luftwaffe et tout ce qu il d couvre Berlin Il ne pose pas de questions Lorsqu il rencontre sa voisine L na, il d couvre tout ce que cherche cacher les nazis.C est un roman puissant qui nous permet de vivre dans le Berlin l poque nazi [...]

    26. Livro incr vel Muito bom para entender um pouco mais sobre como era a cultura alem da poca e a vis o da popula o sobre o governo de Hitler e a Segunda Guerra Vale muito a pena

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