The Midnight Hunt

The Midnight Hunt By L.L. Raand, The Midnight Hunt Medic Ryon Drake has never been good at following protocol so she doesn t think twice about rendering emergency care when a young girl s life is at stake even if the girl is in the throes of Werefeve
  • Title: The Midnight Hunt
  • Author: L.L. Raand
  • ISBN: 9781602821408
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Midnight Hunt By L.L. Raand, Medic Ryon Drake has never been good at following protocol, so she doesn t think twice about rendering emergency care when a young girl s life is at stake even if the girl is in the throes of Werefever and any sane mortali should know better It isn t the bright shining pain of the bite or even the wrenching agonies of the fever that convinces her everything in her life hMedic Ryon Drake has never been good at following protocol, so she doesn t think twice about rendering emergency care when a young girl s life is at stake even if the girl is in the throes of Werefever and any sane mortali should know better It isn t the bright shining pain of the bite or even the wrenching agonies of the fever that convinces her everything in her life has changed It s the way she feels about the blonde with the silver blue eyes leaning over her hospital bed when she finally wakes up Sylvan, the Alpha of the Adirondack Timberlake Pack the one woman Drake can t have And the only one she wants The first in the Midnight Hunters series.
    The Midnight Hunt By L.L. Raand,
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      Radclyffe writing as L.L Raand.

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    1. What can I say Well there really is a lot of throbbing lady bitsd lots of lady fluids being splashed around But it s only lady bits I mean it s the L in LGBT So no man bits And honestly, it s really rather good I mean the sex is.well I guess innovative is as good a word as anybut if that s all there was to the book it would get old quickly But the story, the little there is of it is exceptional So I can hardly believe I m doing this, but 4 Steamy Stars.or nipple clamps.or something.

    2. Other than being a world where nearly every woman is a lesbian, this is a VERY different series by Radclyffe As a matter of fact, when I began the series, I didn t even know that L.L Raand is a pseudonym for her If you thought she wrote details about surgery because she s a retired surgeon, after reading the elaborate detailed world in this book you ll swear she s also a werewolf The Midnight Hunt describes a violent world of preternaturals, primarily werewolves and vampires in this first book A [...]

    3. Lesbian urban fantasy, concentrated on werewolves and a little on vampires It s okay, but is essentially a smut fest with little character or plot development If it really needed to concentrate so much on sex and mating and male like genitalia, it really should ve been 200 pages longer to actually have a STORY The POV shifts are jarring, as well It shifts from one point of view to another randomly Also, even though I m a lesbian myself, the almost everyone is lesbian thing irritated me.

    4. Well that was odd.Interesting to see a shifter critter that allows females to have power and stuff A lot of them go in the women are bitches direction To a certain extent I ve attempted to steer clear of those types of books, so I only really have one example of that Dead in the Water in which the women are expected to fuck on demand And while sex is important in this story super super important , people still have power to say yes or no.Good grief the amount of sex and sexual tension running t [...]

    5. Too much sex is just boring Also sex is too strange view spoiler with werewolves women with twisted genitalia so that actually they are males hide spoiler , and too compulsive, characters are clumsy because of sex.No romance, no humour, no courtship.I did like the adventure in the rare moments when there was no sex I found the story intriguing, but I don t know if I will go on with this series.

    6. Okay so reading some of the reviews I almost feel like readers aren t understanding the story that Raand is trying to tell about the Weres I ask that future readers pay close attention when she explains how they are connected, why they re such sexual beings, the mating call, and why that call is so strong I think it s brilliantly written She tells you exactly what to expect and gives it all There are a few different story lines in this first installment You have the Weres and Vampires as a whole [...]

    7. Okay so I know the sex is part of the wolf thing and all, but still, this is erotica than it is romance When two women bond or mate for life on an almost pure physical basis it s just not romantic for me It s biology I like when women actually talk to each other before they fall in love But for what it is, it is a great book I didn t really expect any different It s not bad taste at all, and it s really hot It s Radclyffe after all, you can t really go wrong with her But, I thought a lot about [...]

    8. I must have read this book, and portions of it 10 or 12 times now It is ground breaking among the flush of were vampire books filling the shelves now LL Raand s weres are wolves who can transform into human form, rather than the traditional people who turn into wolves they behave like wolves The sex is so hot, and the action so fast it will leave you panting The author behind LL Raand s first title is Radclyffe, already an alpha among romance writers But just when you think she can t get any bet [...]

    9. Well well, this book surely stirred my feelings Although in a negative way.The first thing I don t like is there are just too many characters While Drake and Sylvan s relationship is pretty great, though a touch na ve and it surely could use writing, I couldn t care less about Jody and Becky and about Niki and another nth someone It feels they are just a mere afterthought that the author put into her book so it has than hundred pages.The second there is just too much sex The book would feel m [...]

    10. This seems like it is written from the mind of a seriously disturbed individual The dominance submissive dichotomy is one thing but the sex scenes border on sexual assault in every single one there is violence Not to mention the language used is entirely heteronormative I had to keep going back to make sure I hadn t misread the she s for he s The anatomical changes don t make any sense in the real world and seem wholly driven by a desire to make the women seem like they have penises The only way [...]

    11. Okay, I really don t like shifters or vampires I have failed to read several shifter books recently I finished this one, though, which is an endorsement of Raand Radcliffe s writing, and I ll def be getting of her stuff amazed this is the first of her I ve read , but not shifters Or indeed vampires.That said, if you like shifters I imagine this would be cracktastic Very hot, nice romance if you like mates stuff, lots of werewolfy stuff, very convincingly done, vivd, wolf bits used well, lots of [...]

    12. One word Fanfic.This book focuses way too much on sexual needs and describing them The word release appears almost on every page As a result, the story isn t well developed and characters look like puppets of their desires without brains Review by Naomi Clark sums it up pretty nicely beware of spoilers.People who liked everafter will probably like this too.

    13. So there are already a lot of reviews that touch on the over use of weird pseudo hetero sex in the book, but that wasn t what bother me the most.It was the inconsistent power paradigm between the different races At one point in the book, from Sylvan s POV, it is explained that there is some question as to who is at the top predator among the Praetern with her stating that Were s can rip out a vampire heart with their bare hands.Later in the book, at Jody s house, it is made apparent that Were s [...]

    14. This is Radclyffe writing as L L Raand and making her foray into the burgeoning Urban Fantasy Lesfic subgenre There are quite a few lesfic books out now with slated to come out this year I enjoyed the book it was kind of like early Laurel K Hamilton, but knowing Radclyffe, it may go the way of the Anita Blake series and overdose on the hot and heavy and frequent sex Unlike the latter books in the Blake series, Rad always has a pretty solid begining, middle and end and lots of action and plot po [...]

    15. Why did I wait so long to read this It s been in my queue for quite awhile and knowing how much Radclyffe s writing gets under my skin, I can t believe it sat for so long Oh well, now I have the rest of the series to enjoy This book is an explosion for the senses Even if you take out the exceptionally hot and steamy sex scenes, the rest of the story is just as gratifying The author creates a world rich with exciting and dangerous characters that practically jump off the page Radclyffe just write [...]

    16. Everyone s horny the book But it was fun I just wish these types of books had substance, everything always relies on the magical mate bond that has no explanation, no emotional connection, just lust Instant magical attachments outta nowhere doesn t do it for me But other than that the politics of the world are interesting same as the cultures of the various preternatural species I ll pick up the sequel too.

    17. ExcitedThis story had romance, hot wolves, and mystery which wasn t figured out so hopefully happens in the next story Although some readers may have a hard time with the bisexual, lesbian and gay sexual scenes but I loved it I love how Drake, which is an interesting name, stands up to the wolves even as a human The back and forth nonsense between Drake and Sylvan was getting old real quick so I m glad that didn t last forever I also liked how the POV s blended My favorite part of this story is [...]

    18. If you love werewolves, love female protagonists, and enjoy reading love stories, then this is an excellent series I couldn t put the book down This is L.L Raand s first paranormal series and I think she did an excellent job L.L Raand is the pseudonym for bestselling romance author Radclyffe, who written over 30 lesbian romance novels I love werewolf, vampire, or any paranormal type story So, when I read the synopsis on this one, I had to get it and read it I was skeptical because of the lesbian [...]

    19. I have alway s enjoyed Radclyffe s books but this one just IDK I feel as if there was alot of the story line cut out and OMG it seemed like all they thought about or did was SEX It was OK, I will be honest and say that I did enjoy the romance brewing with the vampire Judy and Becca, who I might add I think is African American, so kotos for you Radclyffe for stepping outside the box and writting about an interacial couple again I do plan on buying the sequal to this book because I have to see wha [...]

    20. Radclyffe s typical dynamic of hard butch with a soft center cool femme is multiplied exponentially by the werewolf alpha dog storyline and it doesn t really work for me Despite having an enormous paranormal world to build and inhabit, this feels really small Worse, it s clear Radclyffe isn t comfortable in this genre because she makes the mistake of thinking that writing the first in a paranormal trilogy means not having to actually write a story arc with an end This just sort of stops I assume [...]

    21. This is dull porn I read it because I thought it was urban fantasy, maybe with some paranormal romance elements Unfortunately, it s porn in a paranormal setting Most of the book is sex scenes, many of which are BDSM, some abusive, a few disturbingly non consensual, and none particularly arousing The plot is very weak, like a novella that s been padded The characters are flat, unengaging caricatures The relationships are based on need , obsession and instinct , rather than love or trust By halfw [...]

    22. The ending was very rushed, but honestly, it doesn t really matter The plot was just a feeble excuse for a paranormal romance sextravaganza and I m not too mad at it lol There were werewolves, vampires, humans, werewolves vampires, and all of it gayyyyy Problem is that dominant female werewolf sex is bizarre Not sure why they needed pseudo penises or why vampires don t have them , but they were everywhere You really shouldn t need an explanation of why, because you know, you re reading a book ab [...]

    23. It wasn t bad, but I m so sick to death of the aggressively dominant wolf stereotype that I had to ding this one a star for it.

    24. So, I read this book as part of a challenge and it filled the requirement of a type of book I have never read before I have read a few books where the main characters and subsequently many of the minor characters were gay, but never with lesbians It was recommended to me with the warning that it was filled with lots of gushing female parts See this funny accurate review for details.The scholar in me really wants to understand the physiology of our female leads and how their sex actually works, [...]

    25. In the end I liked this book overall The plot was engaging, the writing wasn t horrible or annoying to me, and it sets itself up for sequels and multiple romances Pretty good, I d say.Something I really liked is that both Drake and Sylvan are dominate, which in my head means they re both kinda butch, although I rolled my eyes at Drake s name.I was oddly flattered when I realized this book was set in Albany I ve lived in the Capital District most of my life and I don t think I ve ever read a book [...]

    26. I ll come straight out and say it I didn t finish this book Hell, I didn t even get halfway through it I couldn t because of the pseudo penises Sure, the first abrupt POV change was a bit jarring, but overall it wasn t a big deal The griping about needing sexual release for the first quarter of the book was a bit annoying, but I got past it What did it in for me than anything else was that the female werewolves had pseudo penises.I ll be the first to admit that, while the Alpha dynamic can get [...]

    27. I thought the first book was very good and look forward to the next book in the series The story has a well developed plot and progresses very well.A side note for me and the reason for the three stars page 110 of this book makes mention of an ER nurse that was an ex US Army corpsman I absolutely abhor if the details that deal with military personnel are not correct with respect to their professions I take no issues with certain liberties taken, but there is absolutely no such thing as a US Army [...]

    28. I ve read bad reviews of this book and I understand them, but I must say that if you can get over a bit of head hopping, werewolf behaviour when it comes to sex, love and loyalty, this book is absolutely awesome A new favourite and I need to check out from this author.

    29. I liked this story, I really didd I want to find out nextbut I m not sure if I can stand quite so many of the sex scenes It seemed as if every couple pages contained tangling and the word clitoris over and over.

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