The Perfect Nest

The Perfect Nest By Catherine Friend John Manders, The Perfect Nest It s the perfect read aloud A flustered cat is on the verge of crying fowl in a farmyard story that will crack kids up Jack the cat is building the perfect nest It s bound to attract the perfect chick
  • Title: The Perfect Nest
  • Author: Catherine Friend John Manders
  • ISBN: 9780763624309
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Perfect Nest By Catherine Friend John Manders, It s the perfect read aloud A flustered cat is on the verge of crying fowl in a farmyard story that will crack kids up.Jack the cat is building the perfect nest It s bound to attract the perfect chicken, who will lay the perfect egg, which will make the perfect omelet And sure enough, a chicken shows up Caramba , but so do a duck Sacr bleu and a goose GreatIt s the perfect read aloud A flustered cat is on the verge of crying fowl in a farmyard story that will crack kids up.Jack the cat is building the perfect nest It s bound to attract the perfect chicken, who will lay the perfect egg, which will make the perfect omelet And sure enough, a chicken shows up Caramba , but so do a duck Sacr bleu and a goose Great balls of fire Feathers get ruffled and Jack gets much than breakfast in a funny tale rich in detail with a sweet final twist.
    The Perfect Nest By Catherine Friend John Manders,
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      245 Catherine Friend John Manders
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    1. Catherine Friend John Manders

      Catherine Friend had what she calls a boring childhood, but she says that boring was just fine because it gave her time to read She read so much her parents had to set a no reading at the dinner table rule She was slightly shy as a child, but enjoyed playing Beauty Parlor with her sister, taking family trips, and watching STAR TREK and TIME TUNNEL She studied Economics, but because of her love for books and stories, she eventually found herself drawn to writing Since then, the author has written six children s books, including THE PERFECT NEST, a hilarious read aloud illustrated by John Manders and two books in Candlewick s Brand New Readers series She is also the author of the acclaimed adult memoir, HIT BY A FARM HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BARN When it comes to her writing, Catherine Friend likes to try new things and seek new challenges but she always likes to write stories that make her laugh Catherine Friend lives on a small farm in southeastern Minnesota which inspired both THE PERFECT NEST and HIT BY A FARM There, she raises sheep, goats, and llamas, and has an energetic border collie named Robin.

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    1. Luke and I both agreed on the rating for this one it was a 5 star read aloud But ONLY if you read the characters in different animated voices The chicken is Spanish Icaramba , the duck is French Sacre bleu and the goose is American Great Balls of Fire.Even my husband laughed out loud when I was reading it out loud that alone is worth a 5 star rating Another reason I m giving this a 5 star is because it has helped to restore my son s interest in picture books He s all of 5 years old but fancies h [...]

    2. A cat in overalls, a Mexican chicken, a French duck and a hillbilly goose I don t know why The cat builds a cozy nest with pillows and romantic lighting in the hopes of luring some poultry in there to lay an egg for his breakfast I won t spoil it by saying .

    3. Read because I am trying to track down the author s memoir of farm life and want to know how hard to look This is great fun, so I will look hard for all her other works The illustrations are a perfect fit I especially like it when Jack view spoiler in a red riding hood, with the hound, hide spoiler cries Wolf, wolf and I would like to see of Manders work.Sorry for spoilers ahead but some ppl need to be warned of some things before they buy a book or share it with their children I think all of y [...]

    4. One of my new favorite picture books fun to read aloud with the different voices Plus, Amelia loves chickens right now, after meeting the Beck chickens.

    5. The perfect nest Rece smith 3 4 17 A lonely cat goes out to find food and builds a perfect nest to attract birds to lay eggs in the nest Although he gets what he wants at first , but towards the end he ends up getting something that he can never replace , love.WARNING Spoilers and Discussions of Essential plot elements follow Exposition The cat , Jack , builds the perfect nest to draw the attention of a bird to lay an egg Throughout the story three birds end up fighting over the nest and when th [...]

    6. I wasn t crazy about this book There is a lot of opportunity to use your voice in different ways if that s your thing.

    7. I was laughing the whole way through the book A cat named Jack loves omelets, and he delivers the perfect set up for acquiring eggs for his breakfast There is just one problem The nest is too perfect, and he can t get the birds to leave The twist at the end will warm your heart You may start a farm after reading this great picture book.While you are reading the book, use the appropriate accent It makes the book come alive, and your children will want to read it again and again.

    8. Category Grades K 3, Book 1The Perfect Nest is a fun book for children who like to laugh and for adults who like to read to them In fact, there are several opportunities for the reader to add voices making it an even funner experience It s the story about a farm cat named Jack, who comes up with a plan to get himself an egg to make an omelet In order to make his plan work, he creates a nest no mother bird can resist, and by doing so attracts three mother birds They all lay eggs in his nest and J [...]

    9. Jack the cat has the perfect plan He builds the perfect nest in the barn, complete with a welcome mat and twinkle lights, and waits for a perfect chicken to lay a perfect egg to make the perfect omelet for Jack Sure enough, a chicken comes along and lays a small egg in the perfect nest Unfortunately, a duck waddles by and decides she must lay her egg in the perfect nest And wouldn t you know it, a goose has the same idea It takes Jack a while, but he is finally able to lure the squabbling poultr [...]

    10. Grades K 4thThis is yet another example of a simple, tride and true storytelling device coupled with dynamic art can combine to create a great children s book Author Catherine Friend takes a device that can be seen in a number of children s stories, using three characters focusing on one object of desire, creating mixed reactions and responses One of the things I really appreciated here in the text are the voices in the text Different languages Spanish and French are used here to distinguish the [...]

    11. The Perfect Nest by Catherine Friend and illustrated by John Manders is the PERFECT read aloud book for young audiences Jack the cat builds a perfect nest to attract a chicken who will lay eggs to feed his omelet passion A Hispanic chicken does come along, but she is soon joined by a French duck, and a Southern goose all who lay an egg, but soon grow tired of the too crowded nest and leave to find another Just as Jack the cat is about to devour their eggs, one and then another and another of the [...]

    12. This hilarious story features Jack, a wily feline intent on obtaining some eggs for a yummy omelet In order to lure some egg layers within his reach, he prepares a comfortable nest for some feathery creature His plans are successful, and a Spanish speaking chicken, a French speaking duck, and a goose all lay claim to the nest, and lay eggs of different sizes Jack is unable to snatch the eggs because the layers won t leave no matter what he does In desperation, he sends them off to find a better [...]

    13. Audience PrimaryGenre Picture BookPre literacy strategy Picture walk going through some of the books exciting or interesting pictures previously marked by the instructor and having the students discuss what s in the picture and make inferences about what they think is happening in the story For this book, I would definitely try the picture walk strategy The pictures in this book are so bright and fun, I think it would be an excellent exercise to get the children engaged in the book Some of the p [...]

    14. Originally rated G by Karen GuthrieJack the cat is determined to build the perfect nest, complete with fresh hay, fluffy pillows and a welcome mat He needs this perfect nest because he wants to attract a chicken who will lay the perfect egg An egg that will make a tasty omelet But Jack didn t count on his nest attracting a chicken, a duck and a goose The three eggs would really make a wonderful omelet To get the three birds to leave the nest, he tells them of an empty nest they don t have to sha [...]

    15. Jack the cat is hungry for an omelet, so he builds the perfect nest to attract a chicken to lay an egg But Jack s nest works a little too well because it attracts not only a chicken, but also a duck and a goose who all lay eggs despite the squabblingd won t leave Jack eventually tricks them into leaving, but by then the eggs are ready to hatch and Jack finds himself the parent of three little demanding birds who are decidedly not omelet material What is he to do I like that each of the birds get [...]

    16. Be careful what you wish for Jack the cat builds the perfect nest hoping to lure a chicken to lay eggs for his omelets The nest is so wonderful, however, that a chicken, a goose and a duck all fight over the nest each leaving an egg in turn After Jack chases the birds out of the nest, he is ready to make an omelet when the eggs begin to hatch Jack tries to lose the babies, to no avail Soon enough he realizes that the nest is perfect for him and his new baby birds The colorful gouache illustratio [...]

    17. The Perfect Nest is a perfect book for your perfect child The story is centered around a perfect nest that Jack the cat built for a chicken to lay an egg for his breakfast It worked perfectly well because he got, not one egg, but THREE However, that was the start of Jack s problems.I love how the problem escalates making it trouble for Jack fun for the readers The ending is predictable because I ve read lots of stories with this premise and the outcome is always the same But what makes this sp [...]

    18. I love this book The Perfect Nest is about a cat named Jack who wants to find some eggs so that he could make an omelet he has a rooster, duck and a chicken who all lay eggs and want to stay in the nest they fight over the nest until Jack comes up with a way to get them to leave so that he can get the eggs Jack cracks the eggs and each one ended up being a baby The story gets even interesting from thereThis book is a very good book to use to integrate language French, Spanish,and English togeth [...]

    19. The Perfect Nest is about a cat, Jack, that built a perfect nest to attract the farm animals to use his nest to lay eggs His plan was that once the chickens and duck laid their eggs he would make omelets Well a duck, chicken, and a goose all laid an egg in the nest and then discovered they all had laid an egg in the same next Jack hid and watched them all fight over it and he finally told them there was a perfect empty nest at the farm down the road They all left racing to get there and Jack wa [...]

    20. Craving the perfect omelet Jack the cat decides to build the perfect nest to attrack the perfect bird to lay the perfect egg Jack soon learns though that sometimes getting the perfect thing is difficult than someone would think and that what you want in the beginning can change in the end.This book is a great way to show children that sometimes perfect can cause problems and that the perfect package can come in many different ways From a language standpoint the book has a chicken that speaks Sp [...]

    21. Every week, I take my 23 year old daughter who has Down Syndrome and severe autism to our public library Mentally, she is a lot like an 18 month old child I choose between five and ten picture books to read to her Each book needs to have relatively few words, interesting pictures, and needs to seem like a story I would enjoy If I enjoy it then I will read it to her Typically, I don t like to read a book than once because I get bored easily, but I make an exception with these library picture boo [...]

    22. Jack the cat builds the perfect nest The nest was not for him, it was for a chicken to come a lay an egg so he can have breakfast The chicken laid an egg but so did the duck and the goose, which all three fought for the prefect nest Jack tried everything to get to the eggs but everything failed Lastly he told them that the farmer next door had a perfect nest too and did not know why they were all fighting for that nest All three ran Jack was admiring the eggs when they began to hatch Jack knew h [...]

    23. This book s use of space was very good Most of the pages were filled completely with the picture itself with the text in a corner or lightly shaded area This is great for pulling in the reader and shows that the illustrator was going for the best overall reading experience The book is also fairly large in size, so it is nice to see that the pages are not consumed with large borders or wasted space On pages that focused on the big picture idea, there was no white space at all Some pages used a di [...]

    24. What s up with all the animals wanting omelets This is the second book I ve read recently on this same topic Jack the cat builds the perfect nest and attracts 3 egg layers who make contributions to it Unfortunately, by the time he s able to get rid of them, the eggs are ready to hatch and instead of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Jack has 3 baby birds who think he s their mama Since he can t possibly eat them like this, he gives in and snuggles up with them in their nest because it really is perf [...]

    25. K 3 grade listening The illustrations in this book are fabulous, you really get a since of what a chickens nest might look like The cat is so big he takes up 2 pages The use of Spanish and French is this book is great The big bold words really jump off the page at you This would be very appealing to children with the cat, chicken, goose, and duck I absolutely love this book and cannot wait to add it to my library I think children would find it very funny.Science MathYou could do a lesson plan on [...]

    26. Multicultural literature book 7This book is about a cat that wants to make an omelet so he builds the perfect nest for a chicken to lay an egg Later on a chicken does come and lays an egg, but a duck and a goose come and they both lay an egg Then the three birds start to fight about who gets to have the perfect nest while Jack the cat tries to get them out of the nest Jack finally gets the birds out of the nest but then the eggs that were layed are hatching and the little birds think that Jack i [...]

    27. A wonderfully funny story of a cat who builds the best nest in hopes of enticing a chicken to lay an egg so he can have an omlet for breakfast This nest not only a chicken but also a duck and a goose The cat can t believe his luck Three eggs But then the three birds won t leave the nest No matter the emergency the cat comes up with they won t leave Finally he tells them that there s a better nest at the next farm over The three birds go flying and the cat finally gets access to the eggsjust as t [...]

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