Valediction By Robert B. Parker, Valediction The most dangerous man to cross is one who isn t afraid to die But the most deadly is one who doesn t want to live And Spenser has just lost the woman who made life his priority So when a religious
  • Title: Valediction
  • Author: Robert B. Parker
  • ISBN: 9780440192466
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
  • Valediction By Robert B. Parker, The most dangerous man to cross is one who isn t afraid to die But the most deadly is one who doesn t want to live And Spenser has just lost the woman who made life his 1 priority.So when a religious sect kidnaps a pretty young dancer, no death threat can make Spenser cut and run Now a hit man s bullet is wearing Spenser s name But Boston s big boys don t know SpenserThe most dangerous man to cross is one who isn t afraid to die But the most deadly is one who doesn t want to live And Spenser has just lost the woman who made life his 1 priority.So when a religious sect kidnaps a pretty young dancer, no death threat can make Spenser cut and run Now a hit man s bullet is wearing Spenser s name But Boston s big boys don t know Spenser s ready and willing to meet death than halfway.
    Valediction By Robert B. Parker,
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      Robert B. Parker

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the database named Robert B Parker.Robert Brown Parker was an American crime writer His most famous works were the novels about the private detective Spenser ABC television network developed the television series Spenser For Hire based on the character in the late 1980s a series of TV movies based on the character were also produced His works incorporate encyclopedic knowledge of the Boston metropolitan area Parker was 77 when he died of a heart attack at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts discovered at his desk by his wife Joan, he had been working on a novel The Spenser novels have been cited by critics and bestselling authors such as Robert Crais, Harlan Coben and Dennis Lehane as not only influencing their own work but reviving and changing the detective genre.Robert B Parker was one of contemporary fiction s most popular and respected detective writers Best known for his portrayal of the tough but erudite investigator Spenser, Parker wrote over twenty five novels over the course of his career, which began in 1973 Parker s acclaim and his thorough background in classic detective literature helped earn him the somewhat unusual commission of completing a Philip Marlowe novel that the great Raymond Chandler had left unfinished Promised Land and the other Spenser novels spawned the movie Spenser For Hire and a string of made for TV movies.

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    1. Although not Spenser s best, this is still very good, and for all true Spenser fans an essential episode in the development of Susan Silverman and Spenser s relationship.The adventure itself is relatively simple at least on the surface When Spenser is hired to investigate the possible kidnapping of a ballet dancer by a religious cult, he soon finds that the girl has re joined the church of her own free will But Spenser can t convince himself to let matters go The second group of bad guys the chu [...]

    2. Robert Parker was one helluva writer His Spenser novels alone guarantee that he ll be remembered within the noir genre for years to come I reserve the moment to not comment on the Sunny Randall or Jesse Stone novels in this review not to mention his westerns But what is really amazing about Parker is that he put parts of himself in Spenser VALEDICTION is a perfect example of what I am talking about You see, VALEDICTION is a very troubling book for me It starts off with Spenser s gal, Susan, grad [...]

    3. There s nothing sadder than a professional thug with a broken heart.The problems between Spenser and Susan that have been simmering in the background for several books finally boil over Susan gets her psychiatric degree from Harvard and tells Spenser that she needs some time apart She s off to San Francisco for a new job, and Spenser is left devastated With nothing else to do, Spenser takes a case looking for a missing woman who may or may not have been abducted by a Christian cult But Spenser i [...]

    4. Weak 3 stars Not as interesting as others in the series Plot and characters were ok, but nothing special.At the end we learn about a surprise bad guy Not enough was said about that person s motives and actions.I m reading the series because I like the author s witty lines, but they have been less frequent in later books There was one good line in this book Spenser tells someone Hawk will guard him The guy says Can he guard me alone Spenser says Hawk could guard Yugoslavia alone You don t need to [...]

    5. My hopes were running high at the very beginning of this one It looked like Susan was going to be out of Spenser s life Grrrr, maybe not This case for Spenser had a real high body count, and for a PI on an earlier case, who couldn t shoot a guyhe does in this one, than once to save his butt Parker s writing, Spenser s wit and the sharp dressed Hawk, to watch his back makes this series a fun read.

    6. It is years since I read Spenser so I ve started re reading them in order on Kindle This is far and away the best in the series so far Susan has left Spenser for a job and a new man in San Francisco and he s feeling the pain, so to distract him Paul suggests he helps his employer find his missing girlfriend who has been kidnapped by a cult The parallels between the two men s reactions is interesting and reveals about Spenser s character I also like the emotional support he gets from his friends [...]

    7. This is the 11th book of Parker s Spenser series.I generally enjoyed this book but it had its good points and bad points I enjoyed the twist at the end Resulted in the book being about 100 pages longer then the previous Spenser novels but a twist at the end makes it fun I also enjoyed the disruption to the relationship Spenser has with Susan Based on reviews most don t like this but I think it shows that Spenser goes through things we all go through No perfect relationships out there Spenser and [...]

    8. Spenser s world has come unmoored Susan, the center of his life, is off to find herself in San Francisco, having gotten her Ph.D at Harvard see The Widening Gyre Paul Giacomin, Spenser s non genetic very nearly adopted son, steers a case Spenser s way to distract the p.i from his sorrow and dread The case involves the potential kidnapping of a female member of Paul s dance company by a somewhat notorious religious sect Spenser s investigation begins half heartedly, but turns into something much [...]

    9. Susan gets her Ph.D from Harvard in clinical psychology, takes a job in San Francisco, tells Spenser she needs distance, and won t even give the poor man her address Spenser is devastated and self destructive Suicide by bad guy he encounters during this case is a real concern He is taking foolish risks He tries to date, but just ends up talking about Susan throughout his date red flag for any woman In the midst of this personal crisis, Spenser has a case He searches for a missing woman who it is [...]

    10. this was one of the best Spenser books I ve read so far I could relate to what he was going through with Susan even though I wanted him to tell her to kiss off She s a selfish b ch you could tell Parker was pulling heavily from real life experience on this one the way susan keeps spenser dangling is the real story here, the mystery is not nearly as good having read the jesse stone book night passage I can see that a lot of it came from this part of his life too, the writing is very similar.I can [...]

    11. This was my favorite of the Spenser novels thus far It had everything The difficulty in Spenser s relationship with Susan is letting us know them both better The core mystery is interesting Hawk is present and violent Paul makes a non trivial reappearance A story like this makes me regret having been away a while.

    12. This is Parker s best book by far.This is Spenser and Susan s best book, and Paul s too And especially when combined with the previous book Ceremony, something important is happening to Parker in real life, and thus to Spenser.I kept reading the pain inside Spenser from Susan s absence and uncertainties, and I remember those feelings from 30 years ago for me I was Spenser in that way, Spenser was me And I thought, Parker knows Parker has felt this pain, and numbness and confusion Has had his tho [...]

    13. The book opens with Susan, Spenser s girlfriend of ten plus years, getting her PhD after spending time away in Washington Then she announced to Spenser that she had a job in San Francisco and was moving there tomorrow, with no regard to his feelings What Not acceptable behavior after dating for than ten years.In the meantime, Spenser is hired by Tommy Banks to find his girlfriend, Sherry, who was apparently kidnapped by a cult church Spenser finds Sherry but she says she is happy being with the [...]

    14. I m in the final stages of re reading all of Robert B Parker Ten to go, and since I went in reverse, now tackling his earliest work Did you know that essays have been written about Parker s use of wide margins, large fonts, overly spaced words, to thicken the work and make a book In this book, he had yet to resort to those tricks and you get a slender volume with normal pages and tight type It saddened me to realize he was writing this book at the start of his career, and we the survivors know [...]

    15. This was a different Spenser in this book Susan left him to find herself somewhere in San Francisco and left him devastated They still loved each other, or so they said He meets Linda Thomas and falls in love She meets a married guy, but won t marry him when he offers to divorce, because she loves Spenser and won t ever leave him What a crock of Anyway, he gets a case thru Paul whose dance instructor needs someone to find his missing girlfriend She, Sherry Spellman, leaves Tommy for Bullard Wins [...]

    16. Great mystery Check Compelling characters Check Witty dialogue Check All the things you want in a Parker mystery is here and it s helped by the ongoing speed bumps of Spenser s relationship to Susan and Parker s unwillingness to give it a happy ending is one of the strengths of this book as he explores relationships and finding happiness on your own before you can find happiness with a partner.The story starts out simply enough Spenser is approached to find a dancer who was kidnaped by a religio [...]

    17. This is not a bad book if you enjoy reading a story as the main character continues his fall through some type of midlife crisis He becomes so bad at his job he misses several clues or so he says that would have lead to a different conclusion and possibly less bullets needing removed.The story would have been better if that during down times he had not spent so much time drinking and moping There are lots of other books that do the whole moping depressing thing better Spenser is a man of action [...]

    18. A little slowThe plot itself wasn t very entertaining I do like that Spenser has such an outstanding moral character Hawk is dedicated was Ted Just not one of my faves.

    19. In which we meet Rita Fiori, one of my favorite characters I believe this book also contains the first use of the phrase, We d be fools not to.

    20. Twisty Turns As usual, Spenser prevails But he gets surprised in this one A lot What doesn t kill him, makes him stronger.

    21. This is an early Spenser His protege, Paul Giacomin says a friend need help from Spenser Finding the young lady who has been kidnapped takes some time and diligence, but she claims she wasn t kidnapped and she s happy However, along the way he uncovers some strange details with missing information Of course, he sticks with it Susan is in Californiahe misses her a lot and so he uses a lot of time on this There is also the emotional love story going here, too His favorite girl is too far away Good [...]

    22. As the book opens, Susan graduates from Harvard and leaves immediately for San Francisco Bereft, Spenser helps the dance teacher of Paul Giacomin, whose girlfriend has been abducted by the Reorganised Church Of The Redemption, overseen by Reverend Winston Bullard Once he starts digging though, Spenser discovers all is not as it seems, either in the Church or its links to the drugs trade or his life This presents a different Spenser from the one the reader expects and a long way removed from the [...]

    23. Robert B Parker, Valediction Delacorte, 1982 One of the best things that can be said about Valediction is that it sets up the events in one of the best Spenser novels to date, A Catskill Eagle That alone is enough to make it worth reading Its also a little heaver on The Continuing Saga of Spenser and Susan than many Spenser novels judge as you will and buy accordingly Somewhere beneath all that, theres a mystery waiting to happen In this case, Spenser is hired by one of his foster childs dance i [...]

    24. We read this 11th our 12th in Parker s original 39 book Spenser series in quick succession to 8, A Savage Place Three books later Spenser is still in a funk due to his failures in Savage and it doesn t help that lover Susan has graduated from school in DC and transferred to a new job in San Francisco at the moment That she soon enough has a guy friend certainly threatens Spenser s love affair with her, although his commitment to Susan doesn t stop him from bedding a work neighbor upon their very [...]

    25. When private detective Edmund Spenser s girlfriend decides she needs space and experience freedom by moving from Boston across country to San Francisco, he is devastated If she wasn t his life, she was at least a large part of it After a period of depression, bordering on mourning, he finally decided to resume his place in life and go to work A friend of a friend had a problem and it seemed like just the right thing to get Edmund out of his personal abyss A dancer, Sherry Spellman, seemed to hav [...]

    26. I ve been reading the Spenser series and I originally skipped The Widening Gyre and Valediction because they weren t available in the public library system in my city When I read A Catskill Eagle, the book that follows Valediction, it was very clear that I had missed a lot about the developing relationship between Spenser and Susan Silverman That was the motivation I needed to borrow both books on interlibrary loan.What did I learn Susan s feelings about Spenser were uncertain after their experi [...]

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