Unlikely Hero

Unlikely Hero By Sean Michael, Unlikely Hero Eric doesn t know where else to turn when his daughter is kidnapped so he calls on his powerful ex lover Brock Brock never expected to hear from Eric again but he never got over the man either Whe
  • Title: Unlikely Hero
  • Author: Sean Michael
  • ISBN: 9781603708128
  • Page: 143
  • Format: ebook
  • Unlikely Hero By Sean Michael, Eric doesn t know where else to turn when his daughter is kidnapped, so he calls on his powerful ex lover, Brock Brock never expected to hear from Eric again, but he never got over the man, either When Eric comes to him to help find the three year old Josie, there s no way Brock can turn him down He has the money and the contacts Eric needs, and he can t let Eric walk oEric doesn t know where else to turn when his daughter is kidnapped, so he calls on his powerful ex lover, Brock Brock never expected to hear from Eric again, but he never got over the man, either When Eric comes to him to help find the three year old Josie, there s no way Brock can turn him down He has the money and the contacts Eric needs, and he can t let Eric walk out of his life again Not after all these years.Brock has no idea what he s letting himself in for Together, Eric and Josie turn Brock s world upside down while they work with police and private security to find the people who took Josie, and to keep Eric and Josie safe while they do Even as they get to know each other again, Brock has to fight the feelings he still has for Eric, at least for time being, which just makes it all that much harder Can Eric and Brock find out who wants to hurt them before it s too late, or will Brock fall off his pedestal as Eric s hero
    Unlikely Hero By Sean Michael,
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    1. I really really really did not like this.1 Brock was constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY calling Eric baby there were pages of conversation where every line Brock said had baby in it Have a conversation with your husband wife significant other Every line you say to them, insert baby Does it not sound crazy after the third time or so Yeah I know it s insignificant but for some reason little things drive me up the wall Like if I m eating with someone and they re scraping their teeth on their fork It [...]

    2. A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsFor me this was an interesting reconnection romance, with the added twist of suspense The kidnapping is only the inciting incident, bringing Brock and Eric back together Then, there s a lot of drama regarding Eric s recovery, Josie and Brock becoming acquainted, and the ramp up of sexual tension that occurs the longer Eric and Josie stay in Brock s fortress penthouse while the bad guys are on the run I liked the sweet way Eric and Brock treat one another, and Josie s [...]

    3. Just Like SugaaaaaarWell I loved it if that isn t obvious from the star rating This actually my favorite book from thos author What do you think of when you think Sean Michael books Repetitive phrasing, simple sentences, sex A LOT of sex This book Not so much.Oh, the repetitiveness and simple sentences are still there but there s story because there s less sex I adore that I usually skim as fast as possible through Michael s coupious number of sex scenes but I didn t have to do that with this o [...]

    4. Abandonado en el 10% quiz s, despu s de nueve a os sin verse pasan al baby y love con una facilidad pasmosa, pero la estrella es por esta frase lapidaria Don t make me smack you, baby se habr quedado a gusto el angelito.

    5. 4.5 of 5 StarsFIRST IMPRESSIONS I d heard a few positive reviews of this via my Twitter pals so I thought I d give it a chance I ve never read anything by this author before because I ve heard that many of them are M M M stories and I m always a little wary of those But I d heard this one was sweet and after reading so many Harlequin s lately OMG The angst I really needed something a bit on the sugary sideIN CHARACTERS Brock is a rich, workaholic businessman living the good life the Lexus, the [...]

    6. 4.5 starsThe blurb has described the plot so I won t repeat it What I like the longing tensions between Eric and Brock It s obvious that they still love each other even after being separated for 9 yrs Josie is a nice girl, but just like other 3 yr old kids, she sometimes throws tantrum and draws pictures on important paper, not realizing what paper she uses her crayons on no misunderstanding or unnecessary drama The reason Eric left Brock before is clear and understandable One thing I m not sure [...]

    7. 3.5 stars This was definitely a sweet romance story For the most part I enjoyed it, but the one thing that kind of bugged me was all of a sudden after a nine year absence Eric just shows back up and it is if nothing really happened but they broke up I could understand it the way they were acting if it was only maybe one or two years, but nine years people change and they way it was written they didn t I liked Brock and would have like to know about his past and what made Eric leave him The sto [...]

    8. it is definitely a sweet romance I struggled with many parts of the story and plot though I just erased a 4 paragraph review because I realized that I really didn t understand many of the decisions made or some of the major plot points When I listed them out it, I found it was mostly the whole book Character motivation troubled me too I am probably being way too analytical on this one I am sure most people will think this one is great, especially since it is not all sex from page 2 on.

    9. I read all his books and this one is different I loved it, too Just a different side of Sean The guys are wonderful and the kid is so special and well done The love is sweet and it was a departure for him and I loved it Well done, Sean.

    10. Bottom line up front Cute and engaging, this is one of the better Sean Michael books I ve read in a long while And, quelle shocker, it isn t even pornolicious The rest What, is it Hook Up With Old Boyfriend week This is the first of two books I read in as many days featuring blasts from the past I shoulda stopped at this one, cuz the other bookbut that s a whole other review.Eric and Brock had a thing going some nine years ago However, Brock was on the high powered career fast track, while Eric [...]

    11. First let me talk about Josie I have 2 girls, ages 6 and 4.5, and Josie, who is 3, grated on my nerves a bit Talking in 3rd person was probably the worst for me At 3 my kids were talking, but not like Josie was But, there were times when she was talking like a 2 year old then a 5 year old It was annoying I could get her behavior from she was going through, but from what Eric said about her not liking strangers she sure did take to Gordon, Max, Lacy, etc I could see her clinging to Brock, because [...]

    12. I loved so much about this but there were a number of things that fell flat enough to lower my rating to 3.5 stars although I did round up because of the action There was good suspense and action and danger, but the book was sexist with all the women either evil or stupid except two that were in very traditional roles There was a really cool princess story, though Some parts dragged and were wholely unnecessary A couple of things weren t resolved that hopefully will be in a sequel I liked that t [...]

    13. One of my favorite Sean Michael books so far So different from the Hammer series and the constant sex More of a family drama romance The one thing that drives me batshit crazy though is the use of man during intimate conversations Like, I love you, baby then Yeah, man, love you too Man MAN WTF That just sounds all kinds of wrong Other than that and the need to suspend belief for a while, I really did love this one.

    14. An unusually sweet romance from Sean Michael Don t buy this one expecting a high heat rating However, if you re in the mood for a nice, sweet romance then this is right up your alley Although I missed Michael s steamy scenes, I highly enjoyed this story I wish there were M M books featuring parents There s something very heartwarming about single dads.

    15. How to describe this novel Spellbinding suspense intersperced with heart wrenching romance might be the short version Two men who still love each other but have been apart for nine years due to a lack of understanding and communication, a cruel threat to one of them when his daughter is kidnapped, and a mix of suspense and romance that had me on the edge of my seat might be the longer description Add in a little girl who is too cute for words, and I was enchanted Any way I look at it, unlikely H [...]

    16. Forgettable and boring So much wrong with this one I may do a further review, but I need to sort out my thoughts first Made hundreds of notes in the ebook all of them negative This book has a great premise, and I was excited and had high expectations, but it was executed horrendously.

    17. More about a family than a coupleWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 6 10PROS Brock is a lovely specimen of Knight in Shining Armor He has not only the desire to give Eric everything he could possibly want, but also the means to do so I liked the way Eric tells Brock so matter of factly that Brock is the love of his life There s probably an average amount of sex here, as far as m m novels go As far as Sean Michael novels in particular go, there s practical [...]

    18. If not for the writing style, with that snapped dialogue where characters give you enough words to understand what they are saying but no , I would have wondered of who was the book I was reading not for sure by Sean Michael, where was the sex When someone criticizes a book by Sean Michael, I always hear the same thing it s only a continuous sex scene, there is no story, no dialogue In Unlikely Hero I was at than half the book and or less the two men had only exchanged a chaste kiss on the for [...]

    19. I really liked this Sure it was totally unrealistic I mean seriously Eric dumps Brock nine years earlier because he felt that Brock didn t want what he wanted, a family Eric adopts Josie 6 years later She is now 3 She is kidnapped and suddenly Eric shows up in Brock s life again 9 years later Of course Brock drops everything to help his old lover No anger over Eric s disappearing act 9 years earlier No bitterness over Eric just walking away from what apparently was a really good relationship No [...]

    20. I really wanted to love this story Normally I love Sean Michael s books when they are full of love and warmth I liked his books with kids and I expected nothing but a pure awesomeness.I really like the story, the plot, the blurb, but it was not enough this time.First of all it is almost impossible for me to believe that after NINE YEARS Eric and Brock are still in love They haven t seen each other, haven t spoken, have never tried to reconnect during all this time and then BOOM they are back tog [...]

    21. What the heck is wrong with Eric He dumps Brock because he was massively insecure and wanted a simple life with kids and felt Brock would get tired of him so he beats him to a punch Then he adopts a baby six years after that 3 yr old gets kidnapped and he runs to Brock and just expects him to help Then Brock finds out he was named legal guardian of Josie in case Eric dies WHY You left him nine years ago and expect him to pick up the tab and exhaust his connections for what should be your respons [...]

    22. Overall I liked it, but it wasn t without its flaws It was light and fluffy There is lots of dialogue so that makes this a fast and easy read This was such a slow book When I think of Sean Michael and I think page 2 will be hot sex Not well into half of the book, with average sex So, first I m a mom, and not only that but an elementary and pre elementary sub teacher Josie drove me up the walls The way they interacted with her yup drove me up the walls I was having a whole lot of trouble with a 9 [...]

    23. So everyone always asks for less sex in Sean Michael s books well they get that here However, they also get a syrupy plot, ridiculous dialogue and an unbelievable story I really didn t care about Eric and Brock and thought Josie was annoying.

    24. I loved this book Josie is adorable There were some issues, like the length of them being apart and how quickly they fell back in together, and the MC taking over Everything and making it all perfect like a fairy Godmother Other than that, really good.

    25. Well Whaddya Know I ve read some of this author s recent works and always came away with the thought, One trick pony The things I ve read by Sean Michael lately have basically been PWP Imagine my surprise when I discovered this re release of a 2009 publication was not that Was it spectacular No Was it a compulsive page turner No Was it an improvement on everything else I ve read by this author Yes It begs the question What happened But really, that s academic and not really the point of this re [...]

    26. Eric s daughter is kidnapped from her daycare and left a ransom note on his car I m not sure when the daycare noticed her missing, as Eric just picked her up and noticed she was gone, or what but instead of calling the police, he calls Brock his ex from nine years ago Now, I m not sure what Brock does, but he seems to have infinite money and kidnapping experts on his payroll, so they jumped in to try to get Eric s daughter, Josie back Now, nothing in the beginning of this story goes by protocol [...]

    27. The fast paced start really grabs you with the action and drama until it gives you time to breathe and get to know the characters Eric reaches out to his ex, Brock, when his three year old daughter, Josie, is kidnapped Without even thinking about the time that has gone by, Brock immediately jumps to help, and starts to discover that despite being the one to break up all those years ago, Eric has always believed him to be The One, much like Brock always thought Eric was The One who got away.Brock [...]

    28. Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement Before you decide to read this book, you need to know in advance that if you don t like books that revolve around children, this book is not for you Single dad Eric turns to his ex boyfriend for help when his three year old adopted daughter is kidnapped Eric is a wreck and in desperate need of Brock s help Neither Eric or Brock have gotten past their lo [...]

    29. 3.5 Sweet StarsI was on the fence with a book by this author I have read reviews in the past and let the skew my judgment So I decided to give it a try I am pleased that I did because I enjoyed it There are some things I didn t like the book but don t let that deter you The flow and pace are good the writing was ok and the people are very likable to a point The premise is what pulled me into it Who doesn t love a single dad that would do anything for his child This is a sweet and romantic story [...]

    30. Wow What a completely unexpected read There is definitely danger, there is intrigue, and there is love Sean Michael has a winner with this book that is for sure I was in the edge of my seat the whole way through this read and you definitely do not know who the bad person is until Sean is ready to reveal them That is what made this read so good.Eric is frantic the first time Brock sees him after so many years Brock has always been in love with Eric so for Eric to come to him in his time of need h [...]

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