Around the World in Seventy-Two Days (Dodo Press)

Around the World in Seventy-Two Days (Dodo Press) By Nellie Bly, Around the World in Seventy Two Days Dodo Press Elizabeth Jane Cochrane wrote as Nellie Bly was an American journalist author industrialist and charity worker She is most famous for an undercover expose in which she faked insanity to s
  • Title: Around the World in Seventy-Two Days (Dodo Press)
  • Author: Nellie Bly
  • ISBN: 9781409915690
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • Around the World in Seventy-Two Days (Dodo Press) By Nellie Bly, Elizabeth Jane Cochrane wrote as Nellie Bly 1864 1922 was an American journalist, author, industrialist, and charity worker She is most famous for an undercover expose in which she faked insanity to study a mental institution from within She is also well known for her record breaking trip around the world Bly focused her early work for the Dispatch on the plight ofElizabeth Jane Cochrane wrote as Nellie Bly 1864 1922 was an American journalist, author, industrialist, and charity worker She is most famous for an undercover expose in which she faked insanity to study a mental institution from within She is also well known for her record breaking trip around the world Bly focused her early work for the Dispatch on the plight of working women, writing a series of investigative articles on female factory workers She travelled to Mexico to serve as a foreign correspondent In 1888, Nellie suggested to her editor at the New York World that she take a trip around the world, mimicking Jules Verne s book Around the World in Eighty Days In 1894 she retired from journalism, and became the president of the Iron Clad Manufacturing Co For a time she was one of the leading women industrialists in the United States, but mismanagement forced her into bankruptcy Forced back into reporting, she covered such events as women s suffrage convention in 1913 Her works include Ten Days in a Mad House 1887 and Around the World in Seventy Two Days 1890.
    Around the World in Seventy-Two Days (Dodo Press) By Nellie Bly,
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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Nellie Bly was the pen name of pioneer female journalist Elizabeth Jane Cochran She remains notable for two feats a record breaking trip around the world in emulation of Jules Verne s character Phileas Fogg Bly completed the trip in seventy two days , and an expos in which she faked insanity to study a mental institution from within In addition to her writing, she was also an industrialist and charity worker Bly died of pneumonia at St Mark s Hospital in New York City in 1922 aged 57.enpedia wiki Nellie_Bly

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    1. Nelly Bly s epic account of her trip around the world, undertaken as a publicity stunt in 1889 1890, has an unmistakable aura of Gilded Age enthusiasm about it, but it s also the work of a remarkable woman Bly was a mold breaker in every sense of the word she went places and did things that women had never done before Her record breaking trip was but one of many striking exploits in fact, probably her most daring feat was to get herself committed to a women s insane asylum for ten days in order [...]

    2. Nellie Bly pen name for Elizabeth Jane Cochrane was an American journalist who lived around 1864 1922 In this volume she chronicles her journey around the world where she broke the fictitious record of Jules Verne s Phileas Fogg, making the trip in 72 days She even takes time out during her travels to visit Mr Verne in France

    3. I enjoyed this book for the most part It is a good story and step back to a different era, if you can get past her somewhat bigoted, arrogant remarks about some of the cultures she happened upon She did redeem herself a bit as a not too ugly American with her descriptions of the Japanese culture And considering she wrote this book after writing Ten Days in a Madhouse, where she demonstrated such compassion for those subjected to the conditions there, she apparently only empathize by personal exp [...]

    4. I really wish the editor had added illustrations and photos to this printing There are so many antiquated and or foreign boats, carriages, etc mentioned that it would be greatly beneficial to have pictures rather than having to put the book down every half page and google something As it is an around the world travel account from the turn of the last century, it would have been all the engrossing to have map depictions of her path and the places she stopped along the way, photographs of cultura [...]

    5. I highly enjoyed her lighthearted tale of her adventurous trip around the world For the time period she was exceptionally ambitious for a woman She was definitely groundbreaking both as a woman and a journalist Although it was obvious publicity stunt she tackles it with journalistic integrity and spunk.There are several passages that are, softly put, passively racist It is a product of the times in her ignorant view of the cultures she encounters It is seen in most travel literature of the time [...]

    6. An enchanting, true account, of a brave and daring woman who endeavored to challenge the protagonist of Jules Vern s novel and travel around the world in less than 80 days It was a pure delight to read The writing style lovely and descriptive and her account chalk full of wonderful history I especially loved her chapter that described her voyage on the Oceanic and captained by none other than Captain E.J Smith All in all a delightful and much recommended read

    7. Nellie Bly manages to circumnavigate the globe in her targeted time with only a little piece of hand luggage, a custom made dress, and the endless financial support of the World newspaper They do cheat a little by putting on a special express train to get her across the United States I thought this book was charming, and aside from the dull clang when Bly uses terms now considered racist, I found her quite open minded for a Western traveller She is thrilled by things like curry and catamarans, a [...]

    8. Trail blazing woman in a time of progress I was born at the tail end of era of progress So I can understand the energy and excitement tthat Bly and her readers experienced I understand that Bly engaged in unconventional and risqu behaviors in just pursuing the goal of going around the world and surpassing her goal of 75 days I just don t know what revelance this story has for us today I can see this story possibly firing a young girl s imagination, maybe I enjoyed the story and found nothing sur [...]

    9. Whoa Nellie Sorry I had to say that THE coolest lady journalist and a century before her time This book was gripping mostly Really interesting to see her view of the world As a woman and journalist, so cool to read a bit about how she got along Torn between four and five stars , get half stars already But I know this is one I ll think on for a long while, in spite of the couple of lulls DEFINITELY worth a read.

    10. Highly enjoyable true story from journalist Nellie Bly who in 1889 set out to beat Jules Verne s fictional hero who went round the world in 80 days I especially enjoyed the part where she met Jules and Mrs Verne at their home I also greatly admired her spunk in setting off with one suitcase crammed so full that she couldn t lock it.

    11. I m finally getting around to reading these pdf files of Nellie Bly s writing so first here are a few links Nellie Bly online her writings, all available for download as pdfs, including scans of the newspaper articles, such that you can see the surrounding text and illustrations Really great stuff PDF file from here is only 91 pgs long, not a long read Celebration of Women Writers Around the World in 72 Days, online version, UPennAround the World in 72 Days articleIt seems odd but currently thos [...]

    12. The Inside Scoop on Nellie BlyOn September 22, 1887, Nellie Bly accepted a dangerous undercover journalistic assignment for The New York World She was to commit herself to one of the lunatic asylums and write a plain and unvarnished narrative of the treatment of the patients therein Less than a month later, The New York World published Bly s account of her ten days spent in the mad house Her shocking expos revealed atrocious conditions and appalling treatment of the women being kept at Blackwell [...]

    13. While not as entertaining as Jules Verne s Around the World in Eighty Days, being non fiction, the book was thrilling It was different to be cheering on one intrepid girl on a gargantuan voyage Considering the limitations most women faced, Nellie Bly was the kind of example that gave them a vision of what it was possible for them to do While Jules Verne entertained us with exotic adventures, Nellie actually lived an adventure that brought pride to every citizen in the United States and most of t [...]

    14. On November 14, 1889, pioneering American journalist Nellie Bly set out to endeavor to beat the fictional Fileas Fogg at his own game and travel around the world in less than 80 days Her editor is initially dubious no one but a man can do this but a year after the idea is first floated she sets sail from New York to London.Her exact route, as she told Vules Verne himself, whom she met in Amiens, was from New York to London, then Calais, Brindisi, Port Said, Ismailia, Suez, Aden, Colombo, Penang, [...]

    15. Nellie Bly s stunt style of journalism is nothing new to us But in 1885 and NO internet her reporting was ground breaking for her time For me, the shocking thing about reading this was how even after a hundred years women, minorities, and immigrants continue to struggle for equal pay and equal rights There have been major strides in women s rights, but women are still paid less than men and reading about it over a century ago makes it even sad When Nellie brought up the idea of herself travelli [...]

    16. Elizabeth Jane Cochrane, better know by her pen name Nellie Bly, was an American journalist during the Victorian era who decided to beat the fictional record of Phileas Fogg of going around the world in less then eighty days Around the World in 72 Days is the account of her travels.It was a fantastic read, better than I was expecting Nellie Bly has an endearing journalistic voice and reading her exploits is very entertaining She s also quite against the grain when it comes to what a lady should [...]

    17. A whirlwind adventure across the globe by the 19th Century American journalist, Nellie Bly Keeping in mind that she is a product of her time, with certain cringe inducing attitudes regarding the inhabitants of the countries she visits, this is an enjoyable account of a record breaking experience.The book reads as briskly as her journey passes, with details filled in the longer she spends in a particular spot While we don t really get to know Bly that well, her mischievous sense of humor and adve [...]

    18. If I had physically read this book, I d probably have given it four stars However, I listened to it as a free audiobook and the reader was EXCELLENT I felt she accurately reflected the voice and good natured, spunky spirit of Nellie Bly Nellie s race around the world to equal or best the record set by the fictional Phileas Fogg makes for an enjoyable bit of light reading Sometimes Nellie can come off as a bit smug, callous, and culturally superior, but for the most part her observations of the p [...]

    19. Nellie Bly is a fucking hero and everyone should know her name and her story What a badass I ve wanted to be like her for at least 14 years Her example has allowed me to do everything I was scared of doing I only wish her complete articles were available, and not just a selection I ll be reading her biography soon and I m really looking forward to it.

    20. This was a re read for me I read it a dozen years ago and liked revisiting it Nellie Bly Elizabeth Cochrane decided to challenge the Jules Verne s Around the World in Eighty Days and set off to beat the time This was in 1889, at the age of 25 This is remarkable to me because it was an era where women didn t go do things like this, especially on their own and the technology of today wasn t around to make it easier She did it in 72 days, 6 hours and 11 minutes And this included 15 days worth of un [...]

    21. What a fun book A good friend of mine hi Silvia recommended this little book and I am so glad she did I got to meet Nellie Bly her pen name and her interesting life story I also got to hear I used an audiobook how Nellie set up to try to beat Jules Verne s fictional character s record of going around the world in 80 dayswell he did it in 79 days to be exact Just the chapter where she spends the day with Jules Verne and his wife is worth reading the whole book It was fun to compare both books and [...]

    22. Born Elizabeth Cochran, this intrepid woman took the name Nellie Bly when she began to work as a reporter in New York City in the late 1880 s She did much work doing undercover reporting on the abuses of the day towards mental patients, workshop girls and street orphans.In 1889, inspired by Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne, she undertook to do the same trip, but in a shorter time Traveling by ship, train and carriage, she circumvented the earth in an astounding 72 days, a feat quite un [...]

    23. 3.5 starsThe Google Doodle a few weeks ago reminded me that, although I d certainly read about and idolized Nellie Bly as a girl, I had never read her actual writings This is what my library had to offer and I did thoroughly enjoy it This book is an abridged version of her writings from the around the world trip and it FELT abridged I don t know if that s because of the newspaper writing style of the time, or because much was left out I look forward to seeking out the complete version and findin [...]

    24. I first became interested in Nellie Bly when I was in 4th grade and read her biography She was an amazing woman who was far ahead of her times This book includes a good selection of both her famous and less famous articles, along with a short introduction to each that provides historical context From the hell of Blackwell Island and WWI to the amazing personalities of Susan B Anthony and Belva Ann Lockwood ran for president before women could vote , the selections are not only interesting but hi [...]

    25. The book was very well organized and annotated While I enjoyed many of the articles, the primary work, Around the World in Seventy Two Days waswellring Setting aside the widely inappropriate racist comments as a product of the time period, the whole piece was self serving and flat I would have expected a young woman seeing the color, smells and sights of the wide world to be a bit curious and enthusiastic but that was not the case.Nellie Bly was interested in describing the condition of the ro [...]

    26. Heard at Forgotten Classics podcast, read winningly for us by Mary Reagan from LibriVox.Intrepid woman reporter Nellie Bly sets out to see if she can beat Phileas Fogg s record from Around the World in 80 Days All with one satchel, one dress, and a sunny spirit of determination.As we can see from this book s title, she pulls it off It is an exciting adventure and one that takes us back to the late 1800s Thoroughly enjoyable.

    27. I really enjoyed this, though parts of it were really slow I wouldn t reread it because it s slow and dated but it was a fascinating peek into the time period and a woman s mind of the era It was fun to see the world through her eyes though many of her observations would be considered racist today Definitely worth reading.

    28. Written in 1890, this is a memoir of Nellie Bly s 1889 1890 trip around the world, which she completed in seventy two days.It was well written, better than I expected I suppose I only wished that the author had thought to add some photos She described so much and illustrations would have only added so much to the memoir.

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