Cupid Cats

Cupid Cats By Katie MacAlister Vicki Lewis Thompson Connie Brockway, Cupid Cats From New York Times bestselling authors Katie Macalister Vicki Lewis Thompson and National bestselling author Connie Brockway Stories full of magic love and cats This one of a kind all original anth
  • Title: Cupid Cats
  • Author: Katie MacAlister Vicki Lewis Thompson Connie Brockway
  • ISBN: 9780451230720
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cupid Cats By Katie MacAlister Vicki Lewis Thompson Connie Brockway, From New York Times bestselling authors Katie Macalister, Vicki Lewis Thompson and National bestselling author Connie Brockway Stories full of magic, love and cats This one of a kind all original anthology features stories by three bestselling superstar authors starring the mysterious, mischievous, and magical matchmaking felines of the Cupid Cats Animal Shelter, who asFrom New York Times bestselling authors Katie Macalister, Vicki Lewis Thompson and National bestselling author Connie Brockway Stories full of magic, love and cats This one of a kind all original anthology features stories by three bestselling superstar authors starring the mysterious, mischievous, and magical matchmaking felines of the Cupid Cats Animal Shelter, who assist their owners in finding romance and true love.
    Cupid Cats By Katie MacAlister Vicki Lewis Thompson Connie Brockway,
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    1. Katie MacAlister Vicki Lewis Thompson Connie Brockway

      For as long as she can remember, Katie MacAlister has loved reading Growing up in a family where a weekly visit to the library was a given, Katie spent much of her time with her nose buried in a book Despite her love for novels, she didn t think of writing them until she was contracted to write a non fiction book about software Since her editor refused to allow her to include either witty dialogue or love scenes in the software book, Katie swiftly resolved to switch to fiction, where she could indulge in world building, tormenting characters, and falling madly in love with all her heroes.Two years after she started writing novels, Katie sold her first romance, Noble Intentions More than thirty books followed during the years after Noble s publication Her novels have been translated into numerous languages, been recorded as audiobooks, received several awards, and placed on the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists She also writes for the young adult audience as Katie Maxwell, and for the mystery world as Kate Marsh.Katie lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and dogs, and can often be found lurking around online.

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    1. CUPID CATS SHELTER Bring a little magic and love into your life Adopt a cat goes the opening page of the Cupid Cats anthology This book did bring a little love and magic into my life for two out of the three stories Since this book was an anthology I m going to review each story individually It only seems fair that way One thing to note though is that the shelter Cupid Cats is not the same Cupid Cats in every single story They re different shelters, run by different people, and in different stat [...]

    2. Cupid Cats Unleashed by Katie MacAlisterA Cat s Game by Vicki Lewis ThompsonCat Scratch Fever by Connie Brockway Paranormal Romance July 6, 20104 StarsCupid Cats is a collection of three stories from three different writers, but as the title suggests, they all have magical cats in common Or specifically, cats from Cupid Cats Shelter, whose tagline is bring a little magic and love into your life adopt a cat These cats are supposedly magical and will indeed bring romance into the life of the ladie [...]

    3. This was one of the first multi story books I have read that I enjoyed all three of them Katie MacAlister s story, Unleashed, was interesting and funny I liked how there were characters that I recognized from another book of her s I have read and how even though they were there I didn t feel like if I hadn t read that book I would have been lost I also like the twist on the word cat in the story.In Connie Brockway s story, Cat Scratch Fever, we are brought back down to earth and introduced to ch [...]

    4. Wish I could get back the brain cells I used to read these stories I just wanted something light and fluffy to help me get through some bad sleepless nights What I got NOT CUTE FLUFFY CATS Instead of cats, the book gives you vampires, werewolves, Moravian Dark One , Beloveds , shape changers, theorians , Leshies , Russian Mafia, were jaguars And that s in one chapter How the hell is that cupid cats NOTHING on the cover or back blurb indicated this was a stupid vampire story.Also, KITTY SNUFF STO [...]

    5. Katie MacAlister s story was okay It s a paranormal romance story set in a pre existing universe My favorite was easily Connie Brockway s The love interest is a literal genius with limited social skills but she has a good heart and tries very hard to follow social cues I have to give credit to Brockway I really liked this story even though it involved a single parent I have almost zero interest in reading about children.Finally there was Vicki Lewis Thompson s story I hated this story A lot I kn [...]

    6. I enjoyed the first story Unleashed a lot, but I like the paranormal werewolves and shapeshifters generally in my paranormal romance novels As crazy as the story seemed initially I was able to get into the story and the romance between the main characters I love how her sister was a very annoying but loving I admit it I wanted to kick the sister HARD But that s family The second story, Cat Scratch Fever, I really liked because I have a soft place in my heart for the genius yet socially awkward I [...]

    7. This anthology was a mixed bag for me, typical of my anthology experience I loved Connie Brockway s Cat Scratch Fever I always fall in love with Brockway s characters, and the four in this story counting the cat are no exceptions I know I will reread this one A Cat s Game is exactly the kind of story that keeps me reading Vicki Lewis Thompson a cute, fun read that leaves me feeling the author must have enjoyed writing the story as much as I enjoyed reading it I m just not a big paranormal fan, a [...]

    8. caaaaaaats I thought that there would be one animal shelter that centered all the stories, but in fact it was three separate ones in three separate towns My favorite was Cat Scratch Fever Connie Brockaway , although it took me a while to relax into it because characters kept emphasizing the heroine had not been tested for Asperger s Syndrome Like, take the lampshade down, you ve hung it long enough But after that, it was beautifully bittersweet.

    9. Unleashed by Katie MacAlisterJacintha Ferreira, Fish and Wildlife Department cat whisperer affinity with wild cats called to Cupid Cat s Shelter because of a big cat and she finds a black jaguar passed out on the floor and as it awakens, she is talking to it, asking questions, and he starts to answer her in her mind Avery Scott, likes women, Morovian vampire but one with a soul as born to Joined parents he disoriented at first, and she trying to track the voice finally connect and she finds out [...]

    10. I absolutely loved this this book but particularly Katie s I love everything she writes and this did not disappoint.

    11. Cupid Cats is a collection of three short stories, unrelated to each other but each featuring cat shelters called Cupid Cats Unleashed by Katie MacAlisterWildlife officer Jas is about to be called out to the shelter to retrieve a cat someone left overnight A very BIG cat But this is no ordinary jaguar, as Jas discovers when she arrives to find that she can hear the jag in her mind, and he s telling her that he s no jag at all but a vampire esque creature who has been changed against his will Ugh [...]

    12. Another anthology I loved each story in I m on a roll P Well, anything with cats in it I am inclined to love and this one sure did Katie MacAlister s story was 1st up Oooh, my kitty just stepped on my keyboard when I grabbed the phone and if you are a fan of her Dark Ones, you ll love this short trip into her world when the Cupid Cats shelter workers arrive to see a sedated black panther in their cattery But as the heroine, aka the cat whisperer, arrives in response to a call to her Parks Wildli [...]

    13. Im Buch sind 3 Kurzgeschichten Unleashed von Katie MacAlister A Cat s Game von Vicki Lewis Thompson Cat Scratch Fever vony Connie Brockway Meine Rezension bezieht sich aber nur auf Unleashed Diese Kurzgeschichte geh rt zu meiner so geliebten Dark Ones Reihe und ist dort der 7,5te Teil Es macht Sinn ihn auch wirklich an dieser Stelle zu lesen, da die Handlung in den folgenden B nden noch kurz erw hnt wird Aber es ist f r die Gesamtstory der Reihe auch nicht schlimm, wenn man die Story ausl sst Em [...]

    14. I like cats I like chick lit I like romance with a little magic.But this MEH.Sorry I couldn t read all of it I thought it would be about how the employees of the cat shelter helped their adoptees find human love via feline companions.Story One Cat whisperer meetsShapeshifting Vampire Okaaaay.Twilight and Co are so not my thing, but I tried, I really did However soft porn is not my thing, either, so I skipped toStory Two Social Misfit meets Single Father.It was practically a copy of the old film [...]

    15. Posted at oh my books 2011 I actually read Cupid Cats a long time ago, for Valentine s Day.Cupid Cats is a collection of three stories from different writers Every story has something in common, a magical cat from the Cupid Cats shelter.Unleashed by Katie MacAlister is about a Morovian, a jaguar shape shifter, and a wildlife officer If you like paranormal romance you will love this one, full of action and paranormal characters Unleashed is a novella from her series Dark Ones.A Cat s Game by Vick [...]

    16. An ok anthology Nothing I read stuck with me enough to make me want to keep this book I was expecting them all to take place in the same area, but the cat shelter must be franchised or something.Unleashed by Katie MacAlister Paen s brother, Avery, is turned into a jaguar and dropped at a cat shelter Jacintha, as a wildlife officer is called to help and discovers he is a Dark One who was changed and she is his Beloved Her sister is along for the ride and provides some comic relief as they confron [...]

    17. The first story Called Unleashed by Katie MacAlister was very entertaining and comical, I think I smiled through most of it.It was a very fun read and I was sorry to see the story end so quickly The second story titled Cat Scratch Fever by Connie Brockway was sadly not half as good Actually I couldnt connect with any of the characters in it at all and ended up giving up on it about mid way through The little girl was a spoiled manipulative brat, the dad was a push over and the love interest was [...]

    18. This anthology has 3 stories.The Katie MacAlister story features Cora from her Dark Ones series, as a secondary character It also has Paen and a couple of other characters of the Dark Ones series, some of them I think only appeared after the 8 book the story is marked as happening between the 7th and 8th book.The other 2 stories seem to be stand alone.One features a geeky doctor and part time manager of a cat shelter that falls in love with the company s spokesperson and is daughter with a littl [...]

    19. Unleashed is the first story and I loved it Katie MacAlister has a fantastic sense of humor and I found myself giggling constantly Don t know why I haven t read of her stuff but that is going to change Second story was Cat Scratch Fever , which was a nice story and I loved Edie Was bothered though by how easily she fell into being completely relaxed and comfortable with the sex Her demeanor and behavior at all other times didn t match it.The final story was A Cat s Game by Vicki Lewis Thompson [...]

    20. So I picked up this book because I m a cat lover and wanted to read some mindless romance I usually don t like short stories because they lack backstory and just when you get involved in the story it ends The one story by Connie Brockway was really good and I enjoyed it a lot The others were ok, though the one by Katie MacAlister seemed to try to put way too much into 120 page story It would have been good as a 300 page book or with only one or two of the things that were crammed in the story An [...]

    21. Fun fast read here Three short stories novellas of about 130pages each from three different authors Two of the authors I have read profusely and one I had never heard of but enjoyed nonetheless As a HUGE cat lover, I thoroughly enjoyed all three stories All three had great sex scenes, fun characters, and just enough supernatural cat energy to keep me intrigued Out of the three, I think that I enjoyed Katie MacAllister s story the best simply because it involved a vampire and a cat LOL But all th [...]

    22. Got this one for the Dark Ones story and was not disappointed Had all the classic Katie MacAlister humor that I enjoy and fun story I would normally recommend this book to someone who is debating whether or not they would like to read the Dark Ones series, you know just to get an idea of what the series is like But on this one I can t do that, it is just way too far into the series for a novice I do however recommend the entire Dark Ones series for a light read Oh and the other shorts are good a [...]

    23. This review is about the novella, Unleashed, by Katie MacAlister I will add to it as I read the other stories A great novella to tell the story of Moravian, Avery Scott, brother of Dark One Paen Scott, and how he gets his Beloved even though he has his soul Avery is as all Dark Ones and Moravians seem to be overconfident in his abilities and Jas is a wildlife officer who gets involved with him after getting called to come take care of a rather large cat I loved the twists and turns this story ta [...]

    24. GOOD GOD, I FINALLY FOUND ITE WORST BOOK IN THE WORLD.This s was the biggest waste of my time The writing is atrocious The premise is the most unimaginative crap The pacing is bizarre, unnatural This is one of the very, very rare instances I could not finish a book I couldn t even make it halfway I literally threw this in the recycling bin so it would remain out of circulation, from being passed from donation bin to donation bin.Good riddance.

    25. Cat Scratch Fever was my favorite story its the second one , I loved the geeky smart heroine and the understanding and caring hero I didn t particularly care for the first story but it had a paranormal slant and that isn t my thing The last story was by one of my favorite authors, Vicki Lewis Thompson, but I didn t get into it Overall a good book, it was worth picking it up just for Cat Scratch Fever.

    26. This book is a collection of three stories from three authors all linked by the subject Cupid Cats Animal Shelter Unleashed by Katie MacAlister Cat Scratch Fever by Connie Brockway A Cat s Game by Vicki Lewis ThompsonThese stories are lighthearted and fun to read I felt like a fly on the wall watching all the craziness evolve Each story is seperate and all are well worth the read.

    27. Katie MacAlister, What can I say about the wonderful stories The reason to not buy the books is that you have no money Other than that there is no excuse.LOVE LOVE LOVE her writing style and the humor that makes me laugh out loud and want to reread the books over and over again Very realistic characters and hot ans steamy men.Highly recommend Must Read.

    28. Paranormal anthology I considered the first story paranormal than the other two as it dealt with vampires and weres The second and third I felt were just romance novels with slight paranormal aspects dealing with magic and cats I am a fan of cats and thought the book was cute, but overall was really just ok for me.

    29. pretty good though inconsistent s best, I suppose, that they led with the MacAlister story, because the other two were definitely what I expected when reading the blurb not a shape shifter vampire something or other it was part of a series I haven t read and had way too much going on but the Brockway story was really excellent and the Thompson one okay.

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