Night Shift

Night Shift By Lilith Saintcrow, Night Shift Jill Kismet Dealer in Dark Things Spiritual Exterminator Demon Slayer Not everyone can take on the things that go bump in the night Not everyone tries But Jill Kismet is not just anyone She s a Hunter
  • Title: Night Shift
  • Author: Lilith Saintcrow
  • ISBN: 9780316032728
  • Page: 470
  • Format: ebook
  • Night Shift By Lilith Saintcrow, Jill Kismet Dealer in Dark Things Spiritual Exterminator Demon Slayer.Not everyone can take on the things that go bump in the night.Not everyone tries.But Jill Kismet is not just anyone.She s a Hunter, trained by the best and in over her head.Welcome to the night shift
    Night Shift By Lilith Saintcrow,
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      Lilith Saintcrow

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    1. Lilith Saintcrow

      Lilith Saintcrow was born in New Mexico, bounced around the world as an Air Force brat, and fell in love with writing when she was ten years old She lives in Vancouver, Washington, in a house full of stray cats and children.

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    1. 3.5 Ok, I admit, this one was a bit of a surprise.What I expected is this I got something like this So yup, it was a pretty good book It was fast paced, I had no time to get bored or to skim And I liked the idea, I liked the characters For some reason, I liked the lame male character And the good part is that it made me curious about what s going to happen, and that doesn t happen as often as I d like.

    2. The first book in Saintcrow s Jill Kismet series I liked it well enough to try out book two, but I did have some major issues with Jill I like my heroines strong and capable, not bitchy and condescending And her woe is me attitude to her pact with Perry well, nobody forced her to sell her soul to a demon in exchange for super powers Tough, girl, live with it Also, her moaning about Mikhail s death on every single page got old pretty fast too Mikhail, oh, Mikhail No, don t think about him, Jill S [...]

    3. Cities need people like us, those who go after things the cops can t catch and keep the streets from boiling over We handle nonstandard exorcisms, Traders, hellbreed, rogue Weres, scurf, Sorrows, Middle Way adepts all the fun the nightside can come up with 2.5 starsJill Kismet is a Hunter and if you ve ever read an urban fantasy before I m sure you can guess what that title implies, my quote notwithstanding She s a very typical bad ass female lead with a enough back story to create a bit of fil [...]

    4. 3.5 Sometimes you can pick who buys you, and for how much That s what power really is The story has a lot going onbut it s confusing Jill is a Hunter, a rare human that fights monsters and hellbreed who walk the earth and sometimes get out of line Since she s accepted a mark from the master hellbreed of the series, she is tainted but with improved power and survival capacity The book opens with her grieving her deceased teacher, which is a large part of the current story Since the killer wasn t [...]

    5. I read this BEFORE the Dante Valentine series, and I think it would have helped a lot to read the other series first, understand the world better I still enjoyed it On book 2 now.

    6. I love Lilith s Strange Angels series, and saw this and decided to give it a go, so i start reading and my first thoughts after the prologue is WTF It feels as if I m reading a second or third book in a series when the author is sure that her his readers know the concept of their world and doesn t need to explain everythingTHIS IS THE FIRST BOOK NOT THE SECOND OR THIRD Then I went to read some reviews and found out that to understand it better you need to have read her previous series but what i [...]

    7. Jill Kismet is a hunter She belongs to a small group of humans that have trained in the art of killing and hunt the things that go bump in the night Sound familiar Yeah, it should, since it s the plot of countless other urban fantasy novels Still, I have to hand it to Mrs Saintcrow for trying to inject some new facets into this tired genre Like her heroine sold her body to a demon which gives her supernatural powers That s new right No yeah you re right.What made this one even harder to read is [...]

    8. My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned My wrist burned Etc etc etc etc etc.Then GD do something about it Ef [...]

    9. This is a DARK urban fantasy set in the contemporary times in a city in the American southwest This author also wrote the Dante Valentine series, which is also extremely dark and one of my favorites, though it is set far in the future I was hoping with all my might that the Jill Kismet series would be set in the same world as the Dante Valentine series, just at a different point on the timeline, but alas, I wasn t that lucky Jill s world has always had supernatural aspects weres, demons, disease [...]

    10. Night Shift is Urban Fantasy gone hardcore Protagonist Jill Kismet runs and guns her way through so many of Hell s denizens you wonder why the Hellbreed ever stick their heads above the ground at all.Jill is a hunter, a human trained to lay the smackdown whenever the supernatural starts messing with the normal world She s also chock full of demonic power thanks to a pact she made with a demon called Perry.The entire book could have gone wrong at that point as a super strong, quick human protagon [...]

    11. okI did not feel like I was reading the first book to this series I felt like I was reading the second book of this series Things that needed to be explained were not explained in depth and the things that were explainedwell who cared Every other paragraph was about her charms tinkling in her hair and her scar burning I didn t even know who her teacher was until I was pages into it She just kept referencing to Mickael or however you spell it and I had no idea who he was.All the flash backs didn [...]

    12. It was an interesting read, but I believe that I wasn t in a mood to read dark fantasy so I will return to the series in the future when I will appreciate it

    13. 3.5 starsI enjoyed this book quite a bit but it took me forever to read for some reason I m hoping it suffered a little from 1st in a series syndrome and the rest will pick up a little bit.Jill is a Hunter she keeps her city safe from demons, aka hellbreed But in order to be the best Hunter she can be, she has made a deal with the numero uno demon in town He lends her extra strength, power and uber fast healing ability in exchange for a couple hours a month of her time He has a bit of a masochis [...]

    14. While I did not find the first Jill Kismet novel as fascinating as the first Dante Valentine, it was still pretty darn good.Unlike Dante s sci fi futuristic world, Jill lives in an alternate, present day universe Religion plays a bigger part in people s everyday lives, probably because of the beings that go bump in the night namely the hellspawn, and the humans known as traders , who barter their souls for favors It is Jill s job to bump back, hard Jill is a former prostitute, saved and mentored [...]

    15. This was an interesting story Jill Kismet is a hunter, which is bascially a exorcist demon killer protector of innocent sorceress She has traded with a hell breed demon for some extra powers, and once a month she has to go to him for an hour, and beat him up Not sure why he wants that, I think he wants Jill to become evil or something Anyway, there is a hellbreed that is on the loose and killed 5 cops Tore them to pieces and left those pieces on a major highway Jill has been called in to figure [...]

    16. First, let me start by saying that I read some reviews for this book and there are quite a few people who mentioned it would have helped in understanding the current story world if they had read Saintcrow s Dante Valentine series first While it may have helped in getting a feel for the author s writing style, Danny s world and Jill s aren t the same Dante s is futuristic, complete with gadgets, weird fabrics, technologically enhanced modes of transportation, which makes everything feel markedly [...]

    17. Take the basics of Anita Blake circa books 4 10, sprinkle in a tiny dash of early Rachel Morgan The Hollows , a pinch of Joanna Archer Signs of the Zodiac and bake it in an Underworld crust and you d get Jill Kismet Marked by a Hellbreed, Jill Kismet has something the other Hunters don t an edge The only trouble is that being tied to Perry through his mark also means she owes him Once a month she gets to spend some quality time with the sort of bad guys she goes out to kill every night With Hell [...]

    18. First read 27 October 2010 This was good There were a lot of parallels with other sci fi novels I ve been reading Jill Kismet is a blend of Faith Hunter s Jane Yellowrock, Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels, and Julie Kenner s Lily in that they are all experienced, capable women with a hard past behind them and interesting love lives.The weres in Night Shift remind me of Sherrilyn Kenyon s Dark Hunter series, Keri Arthur s Riley Jenson, and Charlaine Harris Stackhouse series.The story itself takes place [...]

    19. Basic plot demon hunter badass chick kills demons Nuff said.General impression not particularly original, but not uninteresting Our hero here is a hunter apparently part of some loose affiliation with the church and the police I say apparently because the book lacks exposition There is never an actual job description for her, or of what she went through to become a hunter There are snippets, but I kept feeling as if I d missed something important Like a whole book giving the necessary background [...]

    20. What a terrible book The story was dull, and the writing repetitive and uninspired I skimmed the last 50 pages, and it took me a long time to read this book, it was just so dull I should have found something else, but I have a hard time not finishing a book The use of italics drove me nutty a good writer doesn t need to use italics to emphasize a word, plot point, or situation How many times do I need to hear about her wrist scar, etheric force, or her leather coat The author even includes a glo [...]

    21. 3,5 Salamyhk inen, hieman synkk ja ehdottomasti toiminnallinen loppuun asti Maailma oli j nnitt v el m n ja kuoleman, maan ja Helvetin sek muiden yliluonnollisten asioiden kuten demonien ja ihmissusien kanssa Hyv aloitus ja kyll jatkan sarjan parissa Pericles ja h nen osansa t ss tarinassa vei useasti huomioni muista

    22. gotta love an asskicking female Liked her a bit than Dante Valentine since she doesn t seem to whine so much or question She DOES do that and it is annoying, but not nearly so much as Dante whom I was yelling at to JUST TRUST JAPH HE S THE LOVE OF YOUR FRICKIN LIFE This one has gumption.

    23. Positively in love with this book with a kick ass heroine, heart wrenching tragedy, tonnes of sharp weapons, cute weres and twisted mysteries to solve, it s the perfect novel to snuggle up with and read deep into the night.

    24. I love the character Lilith Saintcrow writes here She s whole, but with a past She knows who she is, and she s not embarrassed or ashamed A strong female hunter character in an urban paranormal world.

    25. As I read this first person narrative, I kept wondering whether it was extreme urban fantasy action or heavy melodrama not only did it switch back and forth but often had melodrama in the midst of narrating a battle More than once I asked myself, why am I still reading this Well, if you re reading Night Shift and wondering the same thing, hang in there The last six or seven chapters made the whole thing worth it for me Although the narrator Jill Kismet s emotional nature reminds me of a twelve y [...]

    26. I have so far only read the first book in this series although I have the omnibus edition It really inspired not much in me neither massive love nor massive throwing of books or even tablets across the room It held some very interesting concepts including but not limited to the whole hunter of the supernatural thing By nature of being a hunter which is still simply a human albeit a trained human , she is capable of catching supernaturals especially the demonic hellbreed variety than the polic [...]

    27. 4,5 5Mon avis en Fran aisMy English reviewVous connaissez tous mon go t pour la fantaisie urbaine, alors comment ne pas succomber cette nouvelle s rie de Lilith Saintcrow Il faut dire qu il y a tout, une h ro ne comme on les aime, des d mons, des garous et bien d autres choses encore.Jill Kismet est une jeune femme hors du commun En effet depuis la mort de son professeur et seule personne qu elle aimait, elle est devenue la chasseuse attitr e de la ville Essayant de s endurcir comme elle le peut [...]

    28. The real question is, what took me so long to get around to reading this book What I LikedI thought Jill was great Saintcrow has managed to write an urban fantasy heroine who is confident and independent, yet human She has also managed to avoid writing an MC who is the kind of bitch you d never want to work with you know the type the kind that makes every personal interaction into some kind of pissing contest, is rude to everyone but thinks she s funny , and still manages to twist her ankle when [...]

    29. I loved Night Shift It s a gritty, dark urban fantasy with demons, weres, and things that go crash in the night The humor in the book alternates between black humor and dry wit, at least that is how I read it It reminds me of the humor nurses and doctors that work in an emergency room develop They do it because if they don t, the things they see overwhelm them, and they burn out My husband has this sense of humor, so I know it well The dry wit comes mostly from Saul, the were that sort of attach [...]

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