Ghosts of Wyoming

Ghosts of Wyoming By Alyson Hagy, Ghosts of Wyoming An unsentimental vision of the west new and old comes to life in a gritty new collection of stories by the author of Snow Ashes In Ghosts of Wyoming Alyson Hagy explores the hardscrabble lives and
  • Title: Ghosts of Wyoming
  • Author: Alyson Hagy
  • ISBN: 9781555975487
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ghosts of Wyoming By Alyson Hagy, An unsentimental vision of the west, new and old, comes to life in a gritty new collection of stories by the author of Snow, Ashes In Ghosts of Wyoming, Alyson Hagy explores the hardscrabble lives and terrain of America s least populous state Beyond the tourist destinations of Jackson Hole and Yellowstone lies a less familiar and wilder frontier defined by the tension wrAn unsentimental vision of the west, new and old, comes to life in a gritty new collection of stories by the author of Snow, AshesIn Ghosts of Wyoming, Alyson Hagy explores the hardscrabble lives and terrain of America s least populous state Beyond the tourist destinations of Jackson Hole and Yellowstone lies a less familiar and wilder frontier defined by the tension wrought by abundance and scarcity A young runaway with a big secret slips across the state border and steals a collie pup from the Meeker County fairgrounds A chorus of trainmen details a day spent laying rail across the Wyoming Territory, while contemporary voices describe life in the oil and gas fields near Gillette A traveling preacher is caught up in a deadly skirmish between cattle rustlers and ranchers on his way from Rawlins to the Indian reservation on the Popo Agie River Locals and activists clash when a tourist makes an archaeological discovery near Hoodoo Mountain With spirited, lyrical prose, Hagy expertly weaves together Wyoming s colorful pioneer and speculator history with the notoften heard voices of petroleum workers, thrill seeking rock climbers, and those left behind by the latest boom and bust.
    Ghosts of Wyoming By Alyson Hagy,
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    1. Alyson Hagy

      Alyson Hagy, a novelist and short story writer, was raised on a farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and now lives and teaches in Laramie, Wyoming.

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    1. The eight, spare, elegant short stories in Alyson Hagy s new collection, Ghosts of Wyoming left me haunted too at the end Hagy has sculpted her writing down to such leanness that, if she had written a few words less here and there, I d have been lost But instead, I was drawn down by the tow of her words and became part of the scene I didn t care what the characters said or did I just wanted to be with them It takes powerful writing to make me so docile Now, having finished the book, here I am, b [...]

    2. Hagy did a terrific job dragging the reader into stories they had to think about Throughout most of the book, she switches from serious to comedy short pieces.My favorites in her collection are Superstitions of the Indians and Lost Boys The first is a comical short piece about an Indian woman and a book with a mind of its own The main character is a bit dense to start, but eventually comes around to help the Book and Indian woman The second piece haunts me with the lost I had to sit and really t [...]

    3. Not typical ghost stories, but some beautiful writing Her description of place and character development in short story format was good.

    4. A Book Review of Ghosts of Wyoming By Alyson Hagy Review by Tammy Dominguez Alyson Hagy s book, Ghosts of Wyoming, is an interesting collection of short stories that span a variety of space and time Her style of writing is transgressive in the sense that she seems to jump around and begin the story in the middle, then writes about the end, or circles back to the beginning again Many of her stories endings are ambiguous and leave much to the reader s imagination Even the title caused some dissent [...]

    5. I would actually give it 3.5 stars as a collection Some of the individual stories would score higher Alyson Hagy is a skilled storyteller Many of the stories in Ghosts of Wyoming Graywolf Press feel like the type that would be told around a campfire than put down on the page, particularly Superstitions of the Indians The best of the bunch is the first story in the collection, Border It has a contemporary feel than the other stories, and it sets the tone for a very different collection that the [...]

    6. Ghosts of Wyoming by Alyson Hagy was easily one of my favorite short story collections of this year 2010.For years, Hagy has been producing solid fiction that, for the most part, flies under the radar literature that sadly goes unnoticed by most of the reading population in this country Far too few people have picked up the novels Keeneland and Snow, Ashes and the short story collections Graveyard of the Atlantic, Madonna on Her Back, and Hardware River Like the others, Ghosts of Wyoming deserve [...]

    7. 3.5 My favorites are Border, How Bitter the Weather, and The Sin Eaters I love the opening paragraph of How Bitter the Weather I judge their hands I say to myself, yes, that guy fights fires in the mountains Or no, that guy s not a roofer, no matter what he claims Armand has spadelike hands, troweling hands, and they convince me he speaks a certain kind of truth He woos me with the fused joint of his ring finger, the corrugated grasp of his palms It seems possible that he quarried rock in the Au [...]

    8. Well I m glad I didn t pay money for this Although Hagy is a good writer that can turn a nice phrase i.e We are mere acquaintances, people who stipple one another s lives with greetings and farewells my favorite or Thanksgiving is coming up it s time to tangle the family knots among many others, I feel her content is lacking For instance, I don t get why, except that she lives in the state now, that Wyoming is the setting for most of her stories Her writing is character driven and she never uses [...]

    9. I m not afraid to admit that there are certain parts of Ghosts that I just don t get Whether this is attributable to my lack of immersion in the Western culture or just my lack of comprehension is beyond me Regardless, the works on display here just feel sad and that sadness bleeds through the pages You won t have to have seen tumbleweed on a dirt farm road to feel the melancholy and regret that courses thick through the air among this cast of characters Atop all this, the words on paper just fl [...]

    10. This is a collection of short stories Some of the stories were great Others, I didn t enjoy as much She nails most of her characters very well The last in the volumne, The Sin Eaters, is an historically based character study and exploration of values, racism,and the role of religion in the settling of the west.I also enjoyed The Little Saint of Hoodoo Land, in which a young girl comes to terms with her own personal mistake, and copes with her mother s emotional instability which is, in turn, wov [...]

    11. Ghosts of Wyoming is compilation of fictional short stories that take place in the U.S s least populated state Very well written with enough detail to get your imagination working while not hindering the progression of the story.The book is kind of vague in describing it s purpose Only after I read the first story did I realize Ghosts meant shadows of former selves or past semblances of the characters haunting the present This lead to slight disappointment and, unfortunately, disinterest in cont [...]

    12. There is much to love about this very cohesive story collection Hagy s use of ghosts as metaphor and actual spooky plot device, her deep appreciation of Wyoming s history, and her transformation of Western motifs from the stuff of genre movies to true literary grit Not to mention her ability to describe a landscape ribs of wind polished granite began to emerge from the tresses of prairie But for some reason I liked the idea of this book than I liked the actual book it never crossed over into ca [...]

    13. I am a new fan of Alyson Hagy Her collection of short stories is haunting, and she uses varying timeframes, characters of all ages and stages, and fresh prose to create her stories Sentences like The biggest mountains in the range, Copper and Hoodoo and Sharp, took twilight into their teeth reflect her ability to give something as often written as sunset a new view Hagy knows Wyoming as well as Proulx, and bares its landscape, rugged inhabitants, and lore throughout her writing.

    14. I had high expectations for this book of short stories Now, I don t consider myself a dim witted reader but several of the stories I just didn t get The stories are very well written but I felt the mood and intent of most of the them were too subtle and slow I was imapatient hoping to be rewarded with a story that left me somehow altered I can say that only three of them came very closeif not succeeded in doing that.

    15. A fun read here, I sort of felt like you really had to know Wyoming to truly appreciate the book Some of the stories left me wanting much , not sure if that is a good thing or not Extremely well written.

    16. Really enjoyed this book The writing is efficient, lean and well paced.The characters and places are vivid, colourful and the stories are haunting indeed, particularly the second story How Bitter the Weather.

    17. Some wonderful writing, notably the verbs, but I wasn t always sure what it added up to A rare treat to read something set in Wyoming Not generally a big fan of ghost stories, and this didn t change my view.

    18. The short story is a hard form to do well, and Alyson Hagy does it very well The stories are each distinct and have their own flavor each represents a different moment in time and a different experience of Wyoming.

    19. Great imagery of a place I have not yet visited, in literature or in person Hagy blends contemporary circumstances with the legend and mythology of the old West quite well Could have done without the sad scenes with dogs though.

    20. Absolutely haunting Hagy effortlessly shifts voices and times in this collection of stories bound together by their Wyoming setting.

    21. Great short story author Also has several other books both short storie and novels that are excellent as well.

    22. A month long discussion of this book appears at Emerging Writers Network emergingwriters.typepad during May aka Short Story Month 2010.

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