No Beast So Fierce

No Beast So Fierce By Edward Bunker, No Beast So Fierce After serving an eight year term in Folsom State Prison Max Dembo is determined not to return to his former way of life in a realistic suspenseful study of the pressures facing ex convicts as they
  • Title: No Beast So Fierce
  • Author: Edward Bunker
  • ISBN: 9781842430828
  • Page: 342
  • Format: None
  • No Beast So Fierce By Edward Bunker, After serving an eight year term in Folsom State Prison, Max Dembo is determined not to return to his former way of life, in a realistic, suspenseful study of the pressures facing ex convicts as they attempt to negotiate the straight world Reissue.
    No Beast So Fierce By Edward Bunker,
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    1. Edward Bunker

      Edward Heward Bunker was an American author of crime fiction, a screenwriter, and an actor He wrote numerous books, some of which have been adapted into films.Bunker was a bright but troublesome child, who spent much of his childhood in different foster homes and institutions He started on a criminal career at a very early age, and continued on this path throughout the years, returning to prison again and again He was convicted of bank robbery, drug dealing, extortion, armed robbery, and forgery A repeating pattern of convictions, paroles, releases and escapes, further crimes and new convictions continued until he was released yet again from prison in 1975, at which point he finally left his criminal days permanently behind and became a writer Bunker stayed out of jail thereafter, and instead focused on his career as a writer and actor.

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    1. When Max Dembo gets paroled after eight years in the joint, he s starting at square one With no money and no job, how will he avoid falling back into his old habits As a white collar, law abiding citizen, prison has always held a bit of mystique for me I enjoyed The Animal Factory enough to snap this up when it showed up in my BookGorilla email on the cheap.If I ever had any doubts about the ineffectiveness of the American prison system, they would have been shattered by this Max is put back on [...]

    2. EDUCAZIONE DI UNA CANAGLIACredo che Bunker in vita abbia rispettato una sola regola scrivi solo quello che conosci Le altre regole Le ha infrante tutte Edward Bunker Mr Blue accanto a Michael Madsen Mr Blonde all inizio del capolavoro di Tarantino Reservoir Dogs Le iene , 1992.Il primo romanzo la sua vita.Gli antenati paterni sono francesi e Bunker la forma anglicizzata del cognome Bon Coeur, il che sembra ben pi che amaramente ironico considerato il corso della sua vita.Edward nasce a Hollywood [...]

    3. Ed Bunker, the author of No Beast So Fierce, is the only guy in the movie Reservoir Dogs who actually looks like a real criminal That s because he was one, for a long time And then he was in jail for a long time This is his first novel, very auto biographical, with some elements of fiction, and, despite the ugliness of the subject matter real crime , it pulsates with such a raw energy, such an intensity, that at the end of it, when you close it, you have to raise your eyebrows and go Shit And pe [...]

    4. This book stays burned into my mind long after many better written novels have faded A fine portrait of a very nasty individual.

    5. This is as interesting a book, and as intelligent a writer as I ve read all year It is searing, authentic, original,, uncompromisingI don t know quite how to review it, except to say that I ll pound the table on this one If you liked Don Carpenter s Hard Rain, and John Williams Stoner, and like crime novels and thrillers, and psychologically complex and existential characters, try this book It is that good.

    6. There is a song by musician David Baerwald inspired by Edward Bunker called A Prisoner s Dream and in the song, Baerwald depicts that prisoners can also have hopes, wishes, and dreams while being caged from society From listening to the song, it seems as if this song describes prison inmates in the most idealistic of fashion It depicts prisoners as often being the product churned out by society and influences beyond their control and how they, too, maintain faith in humanity while trying to live [...]

    7. Max s black friend from prison breaks out, Max drives up north above the Bay area to pick him up and find him a safe house while the authorities are looking for him Max intends to set him up as a potential partner in crime back in L.A see Great.This is the description of the neighborhood of the pad Max has found for his pal We found him a furnished room in a large Victorian house The room was quite spacious, on the second floor A huge window overlooked the front lawn and tree shaded street It wa [...]

    8. Authentic crime fiction, written behind bars by a man who spent nearly twenty years in the hatch for all manor of crimes, some violent Edward Bunker doubtless called on actual experience for much of the story, which is not so much a plot as an unfolding of events His fictional protagonist, Max Dembo, is a career criminal, dreaming of going straight the day of his release after serving an eight year stretch, his longest incarceration Upon hitting the streets, however, lack of employment opportuni [...]

    9. Il primo noir del Signore del Noir, parola di James Ellroy e io dello zio James mi fido sempre.Veramente bello, anche se ogni tanto pare un po perdersi e dilungarsi.In libert condizionata, Max non ce la fa e nonostante le convinzioni e le ripromesse alla fine ricasca, come non era mai cascato prima.Il tutto sullo sfondo di una LA insanguinata, drogata, corrotta e violenta.Il tutto mettendo in gioco valori, definendoli e poi sbaragliandoli.Nessuno libero in questa societ Le azioni del singolo son [...]

    10. Perch non ci hai neanche tentato Non sei costretto a tentare di attraversare il Pacifico a nuoto per capire che non ce la farai Cos Max Dembo rinuncia a tutti i buoni propositi di redenzione fatti una volta uscito dal carcere in libert condizionata Non un romanzo memorabile come vorrebbero James Ellroy o Niccol Ammaniti ma interessante se si vuole indagare l universo di chi si trova costretto a delinquere perch nonostante le buone intenzioni non conosce altra modalit di sopravvivenza Edward Bunk [...]

    11. I m sure this was groundbreaking when it first came out, but now it feels sadly dated Or perhaps I ve just read too many of these sorts of memoirs, or known too many people like this.

    12. In my quest to escape from the safe little box the books I read normally fall within, I ve challenged myself to pick up things that aren t usually me Edward Bunker s No Beast So Fierce was my first attempt to do that This is an autobiographical crime novel It s written as the memoir of Max Dembo, a parolee from Folsom Prison who has just completed an eight year term Trust me when I say that this isn t the type of book I d normally choose to read Keep that in mind too, while you read this review [...]

    13. Bunker s debut novel is hailed by some as a masterpiece of crime fiction James Ellroy, William Styron and even Quentin Tarantino all sing his praises Bunker even wound up in Reservoir Dogs as Mr Blue.I read a lot of books considered to be crime fiction and Bunker stands apart in what would be appropriately termed prison fiction Max Dembo finds himself released from prison after an year stint Now he s trying to live the life of the straight and narrow Max s conviction is like that of a new relig [...]

    14. No Beast So Fierce by Edward Bunker This was Ed Bunkers debut novel that was written while he was in prison and looking for a way out of a life of perpetual crime and imprisonment that seemed to be his destiny.It also seemingly was the destiny for the main character in this book Max Dembo who we meet while he is inside awaiting release on Parole, he is a career criminal who was schooled in crime while working his way through the childcare system in the US and is hard as nails as he proves on his [...]

    15. Di con este libro porque estaba buscando el de Jackie Brown y descubr que Mr Blue de Perros de reserva era escritor Esta es su primer novela y la neta no defrauda Edward Bunker fue ladr n, asalta bancos, narco, pimp, preso Toda esta experiencia la usa para narrar esta novela en la forja el retrato de un individuo desesperado que al salir de la c rcel intenta ser una persona de bien s lo para encontrarse atrapado en los bajos mundos de Los ngeles rodeado por un espiral de ira y desesperaci n Muy [...]

    16. Max Dembo sa di aver sbagliato e ne ha pagato le conseguenze Ora vuol provare a ricominciare, a sistemarsi, come una persona normale.E ci prova Forse, per , non abbastanza O forse, per uno come lui non c altra via che quella del crimineE un poco di buono, in fondo, e all occorrenza sa mascherarsi da bestia feroce Alla fine, resta il tremendo rimpianto per un occasione sprecata.

    17. Honestly, I would have given 2 1 2 stars It really was a lot of reading about someone who lives a life of crime after getting out of prison Not much interest and really most of the book is about setting up one robbery after another.

    18. Solo soy un lector veraniego de este g nero literario, as que seguramente estar completamente equivocado, pero creedme, yo soy el primero que lamenta que este libro no me haya gustado lo que esperaba esas malditas expectativas.Excepto por un episodio puntual en las dos primeras partes y la breve tercera, me ha parecido un libro flojo S que este no es el sentir general, que todas las cr ticas que he le do la ponen por las nubes, pero qu quer is que os diga, yo no le he encontrado la gracia por ni [...]

    19. I picked this up for insight into the criminal mind It provided some of that, but the author tried too hard to impress For an almost fifty year old book, it still seems timely I never developed any sympathy for Max, and thought some scenes implausible the relationship with the parole officer, and the girl It gets a lukewarm recommendation.

    20. Some good insight here into the criminal mind Cold, calculated, with hints of compassion surfacing occasionally.

    21. He wrote about what he knew most, the criminal lifestyle, and his writing style is under rated if you ask me I liked all of his works.

    22. 4.5 stars A fascinating look at the mindset of the career criminal told in a fast moving narrative of a recently paroled robber, dealer and all around crook.

    23. a distanza di un anno mi capita di vedere un film con dustin h anzi due straight time e lenny due filmoni, tra l altro, specie il secondo straight time come una bestia ferocema che bella sopresa.

    24. This book describes and depicts the realities of life once a person is released from prison I agree with the part of law enforcement and correctional agencies that most prison environments are dehumanizing and not oriented towards rehabilitation or developing personal empathy or insights that will lead to positive changes.However, I also believe that some convicts rationalize their behavior to blame external circumstances or experiences for leading to criminal behavior There is no behavior witho [...]

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