Between Two Worlds: My Life and Captivity in Iran

Between Two Worlds: My Life and Captivity in Iran By Roxana Saberi, Between Two Worlds My Life and Captivity in Iran On the morning of January Roxana Saberi an Iranian American journalist working in Iran was forced from her home by four men and secretly detained in Iran s notorious Evin Prison The intell
  • Title: Between Two Worlds: My Life and Captivity in Iran
  • Author: Roxana Saberi
  • ISBN: 9780061965289
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Between Two Worlds: My Life and Captivity in Iran By Roxana Saberi, On the morning of January 31, 2009, Roxana Saberi, an Iranian American journalist working in Iran, was forced from her home by four men and secretly detained in Iran s notorious Evin Prison The intelligence agents who captured her accused her of espionage a charge she denied For several days, Saberi was held in solitary confinement, ruthlessly interrogated, and cut off fOn the morning of January 31, 2009, Roxana Saberi, an Iranian American journalist working in Iran, was forced from her home by four men and secretly detained in Iran s notorious Evin Prison The intelligence agents who captured her accused her of espionage a charge she denied For several days, Saberi was held in solitary confinement, ruthlessly interrogated, and cut off from the outside world For weeks, neither her family nor her friends knew her whereabouts.After a sham trial that made headlines around the world, the thirty one year old reporter was sentenced to eight years in prison But following international pressure by family, friends, colleagues, various governments, and total strangers, she was released on appeal on May 11, 2009 Now Saberi breaks her silence to share the full account of her ordeal, describing in vivid detail the methods that Iranian hard liners are using to try to intimidate and control many of the country s people.In this gripping and inspirational true story, Saberi writes movingly of her imprisonment, her trial, her eventual release, and the faith that helped her through it all Her recollections are interwoven with insights into Iranian society, the Islamic regime, and U.S Iran relations, as well as stories of her fellow prisoners many of whom were jailed for their pursuit of human rights, including freedom of speech, association, and religion Saberi gains strength and wisdom from her cellmates who support her throughout a grueling hunger strike and remind her of the humanity that remains, even when they are denied the most basic rights.Between Two Worlds is also a deeply revealing account of this tumultuous country and the ongoing struggle for freedom that is being fought inside Evin Prison and on the streets of Iran From her heartfelt perspective, Saberi offers a rich, dramatic, and illuminating portrait of Iran as it undergoes a striking, historic transformation.
    Between Two Worlds: My Life and Captivity in Iran By Roxana Saberi,
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    1. Roxana Saberi

      Roxana Saberi moved to Iran in 2003 to work as the Iran correspondent for the U.S based Feature Story News She filed reports for organizations such as NPR, BBC, ABC Radio and Fox News and was working on a book about Iranian society when she was arrested on January 31, 2009 Saberi was later sentenced to eight years in prison on a trumped up charge of espionage In May 2009, an Iranian court overturned the sentence, and she was released.Since her release, Saberi has joined others in bringing attention to the situation of human rights in Iran Saberi has spoken at several human rights events written articles published in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and Chicago Tribune and been interviewed on news programs of organizations such as FOX News, ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, CNN, PRI, NPR, and C SPAN, as well as shows such as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Saberi has received the Medill Medal of Courage, the Ilaria Alpi Freedom of the Press Award, the NCAA Award of Valor, a POMED Project for Middle East Democracy Award, and an East West Freedom Award from the Levantine Cultural Center She was named one of Jaycees 2011 Ten Outstanding Young Americans and was honored by the Japanese American Citizens League as an Outstanding Woman In September 2011, she was chosen as a commended artist for the Freedom to Create Main Prize.Saberi s book, Between Two Worlds My Life and Captivity in Iran, was published by HarperCollins in March 2010 Saberi was also a co writer of No One Knows About Persian Cats, a film documentary about underground music in Iran.Saberi grew up in Fargo, North Dakota, the daughter of Reza Saberi, who was born in Iran, and Akiko Saberi, who is from Japan She was chosen Miss North Dakota in 1997 and was among the top ten finalists in Miss America 1998 She graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, with degrees in communications and French.Saberi holds her first master s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and her second master s degree in international relations from the University of Cambridge.

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    1. Roxana, Bahman said gravely but quietly, I know what this regime is like If you fight it, you can t win These people are dangerous and have no pity for people like you If you don t do what they say, they will keep you in prison for years, and who knows what will happen to you then If they want, they could hurt or even kill you I remember picking this book off the non fiction new release shelf of my public library in 2010 and thinking about how brave I was I d just started reading non fiction, an [...]

    2. I couldn t put this one down, like many of the other reviewers I remember seeing the video footage of Saberi as she was being held, and it was really interesting to see the other side of the story I think probably the two most striking things about her story have to do with the other prisoners, and the irrationality and paranoia of the Iranian government When we learn about the recent history of Iran through Saberi, the thing that stands out is how forcefully the government comes down on differe [...]

    3. That was a tough book, I adored it on so many levels but it deals with a lot of difficult topics It is incredibly painful to see how many people are denied freedom and basic human rights I m glad I read this and I look forward to reading Middle Eastern Non Fiction This book almost made me cry three times Roxana has so much courage and I am so happy that she was able to tell her story.Review can be viewed here

    4. I remember when Roxana Saberi was in the news She was an Iranian American reporter who had been detained by Iranian authorities, and the U.S State Department was pulling diplomatic strings to negotiate her release For many people watching the news, this was just another story of a reporter who had somehow run afoul of the Iranian government s inscrutable laws, and who would, after a few scary moments, be reunited with her family I knew better But I did not know nearly enough.I had heard that Ms [...]

    5. After six years of living in Iran, the country of her father, while doing interviews and research for a book she planned to write Roxana Saberi was roused from sleep and hauled out of her apartment for hours and then days of unrelenting hostile questioning in January 2009 Charged with espionage, she spent than 100 days in the notorious Evin prison, sometimes in solitary confinement and never with than a blanket on the floor for a bed Her interrogators pressured her to make false confessions, t [...]

    6. There was something about this book that was hard to read The story was interesting an American writer in Iran getting arrested and accused of being a spy for the US government Between Two Worlds covers Miss Saberi s time in captivity as she is interrogated.Even though the story was interesting, I found I had to force myself to finish the book The narrator seems distanced from the events themselves which makes me feel distant from her story The events are told in past tense and are constantly in [...]

    7. I read this book earlier this year I found it riveting and I m glad I read it I ve been very curious of different views of Iran a country that has an important affect on world politics not always for the better What I enjoyed about this book is Roxana s humanity She does not write a tome of her heroism, but instead she is not afraid to show her vulnerabilies and her fears She also shows the absurdities of her captors but interestingly, she focuses on her fellow prisoners This is the highlight o [...]

    8. As Albert Camus once said to be free means not to lie Be truthful to yourself, to your beliefs and convictions However, sometimes a long journey to freedom begins with a lie to protect oneself, to protect one s family Just as Roxana Saberi did And she fought through injustice to liberation.An amazing book about one woman s determination, her fight with terror and the story of truth.

    9. This book was fascinating on several accounts First, the techniques used by Saberi s captors to intimidate and coerce her are frightening and telling Near the end, she begins to see through their techniques and realizes that they are really all about power I also found it interesting that the regime is so obsessed with maintaining their absolute power, and justifying their hatred toward America, that they will incarcerate people they know are innocent and force false confessions out of them.Seco [...]

    10. It s easy to criticize your own country and the way it s run when that s all you know This story of Roxana Saberi s experiences in Iran sure made me grateful I live where I do and enjoy the freedoms I do.Miss Saberi is an American citizen and she was born here in the United States to an Iranian father and Japanese mother As an adult, she finds herself in Iran as a journalist She lives there for six years and comes to love the people and the culture But because of the hardliners who run the regim [...]

    11. It was just alright It s an informative book, but I thought it was a little bland Not that I wished she had been, but she wasn t physically abused in the jail, and she really wasn t in there for very long I don t mean to sound insensitive, and maybe it s cause the last book I read was Unbroken unbelievable true story , but this story was a little boring Also, she never says what happened with her and her boyfriend fiance after her release Follow up could have been better, and pictures would have [...]

    12. Fascinating look at an Iranian American journalist s time spent in prison in Iran during 2009 She tells her story well when I had to put the book down I couldn t wait to get back to it to see what would happen to her next, even though I knew she was eventually freed I also liked her depictions of her various cellmates It was very interesting to see this side of the Iranian regime It can t help but make you appreciate America and the freedoms we enjoy and take for granted

    13. A book I have picked up and put down often It is an enlightening and heartening read well written The subject, however, is not light and tends to rile me up as I read Not a book for before bed or for a lazy day Highly recommended for discussion and cultural, political information.

    14. I enjoyed this book so much that I ended up reading it twice within a short period of time Roxana Saberi s inheritance of her father s writing skills coupled with her extensive education in journalism and linguistics, make her a natural writer at heart Although over 300 pages, Between Two Worlds is a very quick read simply due to being one of those rare books that s very hard to put down, especially if one is somewhat familiar with the details of the writer s arrest and captivity Also, the book [...]

    15. Many have read 1984, still know the premise, and most have at least heard of it That said, what we might do if we were in the position of Winston Smith the protagonist of 1984 is not a situation that anyone in a right state of mind would submit themselves to Now this is not to say that Roxana Saberi, who had entered Iran in her mid 20s as a journalist, did She was, however, a sufferer of much of the same mental agony as anyone who is devoured by governments that do not value individuals as they [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book because she generously uses her own experience to bring attention to Iran s policies, politics, and culture that result in the imprisoning of thousands of innocents It s interesting to consider how paranoid yet insulated and thus ill informed the powers that be are a bad combination they believe, or say they believe, for example, that Seattle s Post Intelligencer newspaper is an arm of the CIA because it has Intelligence in its name Thus the regime operates on drastica [...]

    17. This is an easy read, in simple, straightforward language and with a mostly linear structure which I appreciate after having read too many memoirs with ponderous flashbacks Saberi seems very honest and real, if a bit naive and even selfish at first.Early in the book she confesses to made up charges that her interrogators pressure her into, which made me dislike her than a little I mean, come on, Roxana, you ve been in prison for what, a week Don t you have any backbone But then she discovers he [...]

    18. Maybe because I just finished Unbroken , I found this memoir a bit vanilla.Roxana is an Iranian Asian woman who was living in Iran writing a book about the country She was interviewing people of various walks of life, when she is arrested and accused by one of her interviewees that she was a spy for the US.This book is her journal of her captivity and release from prison The US get s involved, she staged a hunger strike, and her parents come from South Dakota to help.She is released, and along t [...]

    19. Roxana s ability to recreate emotions and situations was very strong There were many moments that brought me to tears of joy and sadness because I could relate with how she was feeling in the moment I was so happy she spoke of the two Bah women who she was in prison with Her description of how positive they were and how accustomed they have become was very encouraging These women are STILL imprisoned for 7 years even though Roxana is out I thank Roxana for telling their story and raising awarene [...]

    20. This book is a breezy ready I finished it in a day , but that doesn t mean it is without quality or substance On the contrary, Ms Saberi s book is an excellent example of personal, long form journalism She details her experiences at the hands of her captors with humility, honesty, and, as far as I can tell, a lack of varnish Additionally, she provides valuable insight into the socio political climate of modern day Iran This is the kind of information to which Americans should be exposed, but ar [...]

    21. If you want to succeed in life, this book is for you As long as you are human beings, you run into some difficulties in life whether they are life threatening or a bit challenging for you Roxana knows how to be courageous enough to survive any life threatening incidents Even if you are dealing with your business, big projects, school assignments, relationship, you need to have courage Without it, your knowledge won t help at all The book is about what s happening in the world, especially in Iran [...]

    22. What a story She went from being Miss North Dakota and a top ten finalist in the Miss America project to being a journalist in Iran and then finally a prisoner in Iran This book is the story of her captivity and it captures the reader from the first I enjoyed meeting her in person and hearing her speak about her life in Iran as well as reading the book I recommend it to those who might be interested 2010

    23. I really enjoyed this book, I was following Roxana s situation day by day, and always thought to what is behind the scenes of this story, and when I read this book, I could feel every moment of her life in prison, I can understand what she said completely, I am from Iran, and know how they treat their prisoners I recommend this book to our fellows who like to know about other cultures and countries.

    24. I recommend this book to my friends, eagerly doing so since this book is not only a testament to the triumph of the human spirit over adversity, but also a homage to the plight of the Iranian people today, whose rich culture, proud history and political situation are also touched upon in this great work by Roxana Saberi without losing focus of the story.

    25. A fascinating account of journalist Roxanda Saberi s 100 days in Iranian prison Written without bitterness or recrimination, Saberi shows a love for the Iranian people and country of Iran while calling out it s corrupt leadership.

    26. I read this book over two nights I couldn t put it down Saberi does a great job of explaining the cultural, political and religious aspects of Iran in the context of her captivity It also gave me a new appreciation for the freedoms and rights we have in the United States.

    27. I liked this book, but in a way it was hard to read Not that the writing wasn t good, but just the fatigue induced by ongoing outrage at the injustice of it all.

    28. very good so far,,,,,finished this book a while ago,,,,, it was ok, started out good then got not boring but just a little too long,,,

    29. I enjoyed the book I had to review it for my book club It was very repetitious Three hundred pages could have been cut down to fifty It was interesting in parts

    30. Interesting story of an Iranian American writer being imprisoned in Tehran for about 4 months I did learn about the Bahai faith and how it is persecuted in Iran.

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