The Friends

The Friends By Rosa Guy, The Friends A powerful award winning novel about friendship Phyllisia Cathy She is fourteen Her problems seem overwhelming New York after life on her sunlit West Indies island is cold cruel and filthy She is
  • Title: The Friends
  • Author: Rosa Guy
  • ISBN: 9780440226673
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Friends By Rosa Guy, A powerful, award winning novel about friendship.Phyllisia Cathy She is fourteen Her problems seem overwhelming New York, after life on her sunlit West Indies island, is cold, cruel and filthy She is insulted daily and is beaten up by classmates What Phyllisia needs, God not being interested, is a friend.Edith Jackson She is fifteen Her clothes are unpressed, her stA powerful, award winning novel about friendship.Phyllisia Cathy She is fourteen Her problems seem overwhelming New York, after life on her sunlit West Indies island, is cold, cruel and filthy She is insulted daily and is beaten up by classmates What Phyllisia needs, God not being interested, is a friend.Edith Jackson She is fifteen Her clothes are unpressed, her stockings bagging with big holes Her knowledge of school is zero She has no parents, she swears and she steals But she is kind and offers her friendship and protection to Phyllisia And so begins the struggle that is the heart of this very important book the fight to gain perception of one s own real character the grim struggle for self knowledge Alice Walker, The New York Times
    The Friends By Rosa Guy,
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    1. Rosa Guy

      Rosa Cuthbert Guy was an American writer.Rosa Guy was raised in the USA from the age of seven and now lives in New York She immigrated to Harlem, New York in 1932 Soon after, her parents, Henry and Audrey Cuthbert, died After, she and her sister went to many foster homes She quit school at age fourteen and took a job to help support her family.During World War II she joined the American Negro Theatre She studied theatre and writing at the University of New York Most of her books are about the dependability of family members that care and love each other Her works include Bird at My Window 1966 , Children of Longing 1971 , The Friends 1973 , Ruby 1976 , Edith Jackson 1978 , The Disappearance 1979 , Mirror of Her Own 1981 , A Measure of Time 1983 , and New Guys Around the Block 1983 , Paris, Pee Wee and Big Dog 1984 , My Love, My Love, or the Peasant Girl 1985 , And I Heard a Bird Sing 1987.She is divorced from Warner Guy, with whom she had a son, Warner Guy Jr.

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    1. I ve read The Friends when I was a little younger and the again recently, I m surprised that I forgot how interesting this book is It tells the story of a young girl,Ruby, who has a hard time fitting in with American culture She is from Haiti, I assume, and she is extremely smart, but, sorry to say, ignorant in a way When her entire class is mean to her and one person Edith saves her from further trouble, she manages to lose her temporarily all because she thinks she s better and above the one p [...]

    2. I just finished reading this book for the second time, and it s one of the best books I ve read for young adults The story centers around Phyllisia, a young girl from the West Indies who has just moved to Harlem Phylissia is intelligent and strong willed When a poor girl named Edith sticks up for her in class, Phyllsia realizes, with some distress, that she ll have to pretend to be her friend Thus begins a story that investigates social economic class in a very personal, experiential way My stud [...]

    3. Great look at the cultural shocks newly arrived female teen Caribbean has in Harlem s volatile early 1970s Again, some twist on the adult caregiver child dynamics as well as the class, race, institutional break downs Unfortunately there aren t novels from this genre and equally regretable, Rosa Guy s other sequels Ruby and Edith Jackson are no longer in print I m told Ruby is very good Poitier s Measure of a Man is a great insight to Phy s and her family s experiences prior to coming to the US. [...]

    4. IRB 3 This book was extremly great If you are from the carribean like myself you will be able to relate to the protagonist Philliysia It was a very great book filled with drama and suspense I would also recamend this book to teenagers who have a difficult time communicating with there parents.

    5. I admit I m curious about what happens in the next two novels Guy wrote with these characters Ruby, Edith Jackson , and the fact that I m curious means that the story achieved its ends, somewhat

    6. For fourteen year old Phyllisia Cathy, the problems that she has as well as her lifestyle have become increasingly overwhelming Having recently arrived from an island in the sunlit West Indies along with her mother, father and sixteen year old sister, Ruby Phyllisia finds it a very difficult adjustment to live in New York After growing up in such an idyllic paradise, she finds New York cold, cruel and filthy nothing at all like her previous home She is insulted daily and is constantly beaten up [...]

    7. Language and mention of rape make this book suitable for young adults or adults The Friends is a highly emotional voyage into the mind of a teenage girl who immigrated from the West Indies to Harlem It gives insight into the thought processes that motivate teenage and adult behavior There are characters to be hated and characters to be admired but in the end the characters can at least be understood The following statement by Mom was important to understanding she and Calvin s roles in the novel [...]

    8. An okay book While the plot has all the hallmarks of the a classic YA novel, the writing lets it down a bit The West Indian speak was cool, but not cool enough and a bit all over the place really What was most interesting this book is the divisions among black classes Middle class children shocked to realized that father s restaurant caters to poor black customers black middle class snobbishness towards to poorer people, especially when it relates to shabby clothes and the hypocritical propriety [...]

    9. This novel was ideal for me because it was one that I could strongly relate to Like the protagonist, Phyllisia, I also moved to New York from the West Indies around the same age I also had the same problems adjusting to my new environment as she did However, it was the differences in our lives that keep me interested in the story Unlike me she was not welcomed by loving arms, but cruelty, especially in school Phyllisia was beaten and tormented by her classmates daily, until she meet Edith Jackso [...]

    10. I absolutely Love this book It is so interesting, and the word choose is perfect It really made me open my eyes, and see around me I would definitely recommend this book It is really hard for me to find an interesting book, that will always keep me on my toes, but when i picked this book up and started to read, it made me so well it s just unexplainable Even though I am only 11 years old, I really love this book I sometimes just sit and think What would it really be like if I was in that time pe [...]

    11. I had never heard of Rosa Guy until my cousin mention a book by her last month Well as it was Ms Guy gas been writing for years The Friebds is the story of two friends, Edith Phyl, that are classmates in NYC Phyl newly arrived from The Island that is being bullied and beaten by the other classmates for being different and a good student Edith eventually comes to her defense This is a story of family issues, coming of age,differences in attitudes and cultures I really enjoyed this story to the po [...]

    12. I read this book in 1975 when I first started teching One of the kids chose it from a selection of black books which I bought from my own money as the school wasn t interested in these books haven t come a long way After reading her book review and a discussion I too the book home and read it overnight.

    13. This was an odd little book It s not that I strongly disliked it or anything It s just that there seemed to be a lot missing The characters seemed disconnected and irrational, so it was hard for me to connect relate to them Usually I can relate fairly well, so this surprised me.

    14. I loved this book It was a very quick read At first, it was slightly hard to understand the context of which it was written but, reading through till the end brought me to not being able to put it down I loved reading about the hard friendship between the two girls Very fascinating.

    15. I loved this author when I was a teenager many moons ago The fact that she was from the Caribbean and wrote stories from her immigrant perspective also helped.

    16. I gave this book 8 10 This book seems to be set for people who do not understand how hard it can be for some people living sufferin by poverty or racism

    17. So far the book is good.Her problems seem overwhelming i think she is lonely she only wants Edith but why can she make other friends

    18. One of my favorite booktalks in the 90 s The friends are Phyllisia, newly arrived in Harlem from the Caribbean, and Edith Jackson, a girl who is often picked on in school.

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