The Last Hero: A Life of Henry Aaron

The Last Hero: A Life of Henry Aaron By Howard Bryant, The Last Hero A Life of Henry Aaron In the thirty four years since his retirement Henry Hank Aaron s reputation has only grown in magnitude But his influence extends beyond statistics and at long last here is the first definitive biog
  • Title: The Last Hero: A Life of Henry Aaron
  • Author: Howard Bryant
  • ISBN: 9780375424854
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Last Hero: A Life of Henry Aaron By Howard Bryant, In the thirty four years since his retirement, Henry Hank Aaron s reputation has only grown in magnitude But his influence extends beyond statistics, and at long last here is the first definitive biography of one of baseball s immortal figures.Based on meticulous research and extensive interviews The Last Hero reveals how Aaron navigated the upheavals of his time fighIn the thirty four years since his retirement, Henry Hank Aaron s reputation has only grown in magnitude But his influence extends beyond statistics, and at long last here is the first definitive biography of one of baseball s immortal figures.Based on meticulous research and extensive interviews The Last Hero reveals how Aaron navigated the upheavals of his time fighting against racism while at the same time benefiting from racial progress and how he achieved his goal of continuing Jackie Robinson s mission to obtain full equality for African Americans, both in baseball and society, while he lived uncomfortably in the public eye Eloquently written, detailed and penetrating, this is a revelatory portrait of a complicated, private man who through sports became an enduring American icon.
    The Last Hero: A Life of Henry Aaron By Howard Bryant,
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    1. I picked up the audible book from the library It s long Part of it could have been cut for in my opinion I don t see how it related to Henry, sure it was baseball but I don t want to hear all baseball statistics for that time period Just what matters There just seemed to be too much of it Just give the important ones Rtc

    2. Aaron s characteristic aloofness cripples this book from the outset He s so carefully guarded his persona and image that Bryant is forced to dwell on his statistics and his contributions to African American baseball, but these aspects have been covered elsewhere, and so feel pedantic and one sided here Bryant does his best with a difficult subject, and has certainly compiled a workable body of research, even if his vanilla writing doesn t really carry all of it efficiently But again, the subject [...]

    3. Hank Aaron is an American hero, and he deserves respect He also deserves a decent biography by a man who doesn t smother his subject with an avalanche of faint praise, backhanded compliments, and and endless stream of defensive apologies from the author Howard Bryant tries so hard to make Henry Aaron into a transcendent figure, and yet the harder he tries the Hank just looks like a nice, not too bright guy who hit a lot of home runs Mind you, I m sure there s to Mr Aaron than that But Howard B [...]

    4. Like many young baeball fans of the 1970s, one of my favorite players was Hank Aaron the others were Al Kaline and Roberto Clemente I was at just the right age to be excited about his breaking of Babe Ruth s all time home run record, and watched live on April 8, 1974, when he took Al Downing deep for number 715 At that time he was the toast of America, but it was no secret, as revealed in Howard Bryant s fine biography of Aaron, The Last Hero, that it was a trying time for the man.Henry Aaron th [...]

    5. Really enjoyed this book Great for history fans and baseball fans If you are not into baseball, I would pass But as a baseball fan and Milwaukee native, I loved this

    6. Hank Aaron has a rightful place in sports history, but his legacy should be far greater In many ways, he was hampered by his time, place, and personality He came into his own during the last gasp of the Negro League, after Jackie Robinson broke the initial barrier, and had to share the spotlight with Willie Mays a much colorful, media friendly personality Unlike Jackie, Henry came from the deep South, and he was always much warier rigthfully so about the media portraying him as a dumb black cou [...]

    7. Great overview of Aaron and his life When you consider that the book starts in the 1930 s and goes through Bonds breaking Aaron s record, you really get a sense for how much life Henry has lived It s remarkable that he did so much both within and outside of baseball In particular, it was interesting to get an insight into how the home run chase really was, how he actually felt like he lost something during it The context was also fascinating It was cool to see Aaron in the context of the civil r [...]

    8. A really heartfelt and touching compendium of Henry Aaron s life and career A son of the Jim Crow South, the man rose to the pinnacle of baseball and American achievement The book was a turgid read for me for the first third of it because I have little interest in baseball history, names, and records To the baseball fanatic though this may actually be the best part of the book I prefer his life story, his overcoming of the odds and his contributions to social progress in general and baseball in [...]

    9. There are books that do a better job of recounting Henry Aaron s brilliant baseball career but the strength of this book is its exposition of how our society shaped Henry Aaron and how he, in turn , profoundly affected our society The book does an excellent job of portraying the times in which he grew up, rise to prominence as one of the first African American baseball superstars and how he spent his years after playing baseball still impacting people s lives It is a great complement to a book s [...]

    10. Very good book about the Atlanta Braves icon Warts and all biography As a long time Atlanta Braves fan, I now understand why the fans and the city never really warmed to Henry Aaron In spite of his refusal to play to the fans or the press, I now better appreciate his awesome baseball skills.

    11. Enjoyable, but could have been about half the length Aaron s playing his cards close to the vest means you finish still not thinking you have much insight into the man himself, but it s a good window into the inner world of baseball from Jackie Robinson to the steroid years.

    12. FINALLY I feel like this book took me much to long to read mostly because I just wasn t a fan of the writing Bryant just didn t make me feel excited about reading his book.Let me make a full disclosure I made a challenge to myself to read all the biographies in my library As I walked down the aisle to the beginning, I saw alot of political names I was dreading coming to those names I got to the beginning and found this book Henry Aaron I was not happy, because if there is one sport I care nothin [...]

    13. While Barry Bonds was pursing the all time home run record, we of course were treated to lifetime perspectives of Henry Aaron I d been casually aware of Aaron s heroics, being a lifetime fan of baseball and its various rich databases it didn t hurt that, until the debut of David Aardsma, Henry ranked first alphabetically , but hadn t gotten much of a sense as to what the man was about Hence, when I saw this book available at a reasonable price, I eagerly picked it up.By and large, this is a good [...]

    14. Another great book about one of the game s greatest It really does delve into what the author thinks what makes Henry Aaron the man he is He distinguishes between Hank and Henry Hank the public baseball play who broke the unbreakable record, and Henry, the introverted man who came from the challenges of of being black in the 1930 s 1940 s United States If you love baseball and love a hero, this book is for you.

    15. A tremendously well written history of the last 100 years, of social change, and of course baseball Tracing the Aaron family through the social changes of the 1900s The unique role that Hank played in integrating the game, as it evolved from an east coast only sport into a nationwide business with all of the influences of tv, demographics, and the steroid era.

    16. A good biography of Aaron, his baseball career and life A good blend of his baseball life and his life outside baseball.

    17. I ve admired Henry Aaron for a long time, and yes, I am old enough to remember the hoopla surrounding his home run chase I was eleven years old when he broke Babe Ruth s all time home run record, and that moment, and the controversy surrounding an African American man breaking one of the hallowed records in the game, has always remained with me.Before I go back to the home run record and a discussion of it, it s important to note that the title of the book is A Life of Henry Aaron, no Hank Aaron [...]

    18. Many people age 25 or younger simply know Henry Aaron as the guy who held the home run record before Bonds He was the avuncular fellow that appeared on the jumbotron in San Francisco when Barry hit 756 and congratulated him Aaron s statistics are legendary He is in the top five in baseball history in home runs, runs scored, RBI, games played, at bats, total bases and hits What is impressive is his consistency Aaron hit at least 20 home runs every year for 20 years Or, if you prefer, every year [...]

    19. Hank Aaron seems to be a man lost in time He was never as flashy as Mays, as historic as Robinson, or as white as Mantle and because of all that he gets forgotten when it comes to discussions of the greatest of all time Aaron was a blue collar ballplayer who treated the game as a job no basket catches, no stolen home plates, no drunken evenings in the outfield, he just showed up, put in his time and went home There are no crazy Aaron quotes or outrageous Aaron stories, there is just the work he [...]

    20. A beautiful, passionate, detailed, formidable but approachable saga of the life of a great ballplayer and a man whose career transcended baseball and should inspire all Americans, even those like myself who aren t into pro sports Howard Bryant has done endless research and uses Aaron s long career and afterglow to tell the story of American baseball from the late days of the Negro League and the first years after Jackie Robinson began to integrate the game, and with it a great swathe of the stor [...]

    21. Outstanding biography of Henry Aaron Bryant explores the difference between Hank Aaron, the public persona of perhaps the greatest all around baseball player ever who, unfortunately I think, is mainly associated with one feat breaking Babe Ruth s career home run record, and the real, intensely private individual, Henry Aaron Briefly covers Aaron s childhood and adolescence, then proceeds year by year from his rookie season in 1954 to the World Series championship in 1957 through the end of the 1 [...]

    22. Henry Aaron is an immensely complex figure, and Bryant s excellent, though sometimes trying, biography does him credit Bryant fills the book with too much sort of meta commentaries on baseball and its history, tries to show Henry as a part of the game s story This is appropriate, even necessary the problem is that Bryant too often leads you to believe he s writing a book of baseball history, not a biography of one man His recountings of games seem to go on endlessly, and often fall flat and soun [...]

    23. Henry Aaron Hank was or less just the name used to refer to him as a baseball player should be a larger than life figure with all of his accomplishments in baseball When he broke Babe Ruth s career home run record in 1974, it was one of the most exciting moments in this young baseball fan s life I was 8 at the time However, the home run record seems to define Aaron in just one small part of his life, and for just one part of his career Bryant tries to flesh out the whole person that Henry Aaron [...]

    24. This biography of Henry Aaron was well balanced between a review of his baseball career that will appeal to both the casual and serious baseball fan and an analysis of Aaron s private life, especially as it was impacted by the racial issues.My generation started following Henry Aaron after he had playing for years, well after baseball was starting to be integrated and after the civil rights movement of the early sixties So we didn t really appreciate that Henry Aaron grew up in the deep south an [...]

    25. I really liked this book on Henry Aaron by Howard Bryant I had already read a couple times, If I Had a Hammer by Aaron himself and thought it couldn t get much better than that, but I wanted to also read a biography on him to see if anything was missing My conclusion is the two books compliment each other very well Read both of them, Aaron s first if you have the chance Bryant s book does a great job of moving the pace of the story and taking a little longer during the times I really wanted to l [...]

    26. Howard Bryant traces the life events of baseball great Henry Aaron Bryant creates an interesting story with a good balance of baseball and civil rights issues Disclaimer My idea of watching baseball is to watch Sports Center on ESPN and just get the best plays I love sports, but an entire baseball game is too slow with too much spitting and scratching.No one wants to see that.I was mostly interested in how race relations changed over the years through the eyes of baseball Bryant supplies all of [...]

    27. Hammerin Hank was a boyhood hero from my days of playing unsupervised neighborhood ball all summers at Dale Hall officially Dill Hill but mispronounced by all , catcher for our organized teams in Fargos Roger Maris League , and Strato o matic table top baseball all winter at our neighborhood club, The Game Room.A claim to fame for me is that Roger Maris and I both played football at Shanley High School for the legendary Sid Cichy at least 15 years apart and with a huge talent differential.I ment [...]

    28. A must read for Braves fans it filled in gaps for me about the Milwaukee Braves , but will leave you not sure what to think about Aaron It s the story of a man blessed with amazing physical talent and character, but apparently limited communication skills, who s lived his entire life through the prism of race The book indirectly tells the story of being black in America as a baseball player from hard core segregation to lack of acceptance by some death threats over taking Ruth s home run record [...]

    29. In the style of Steve Maraniss, Bryant brings us the life of a sport legend in the context of US history excellent description of Jim Crow and its impact both on the US and Henry AaronBryant also brings to life the years of integration, affecting baseball, the US and Milwaukee making this a meaningful historical document is also personally meaningful as I was a young Cheese Head just forming an interest in sports when both the Packers and the Braves began their ascension to the top of their resp [...]

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