Until Proven Guilty

Until Proven Guilty By J.A. Jance, Until Proven Guilty The riveting debut appearance of Seattle detective J P Beaumont from the New York Times bestselling author of Kiss of the Bees and Birds of Prey The little girl was a treasure who should have been ch
  • Title: Until Proven Guilty
  • Author: J.A. Jance
  • ISBN: 9780060518684
  • Page: 287
  • Format: ebook
  • Until Proven Guilty By J.A. Jance, The riveting debut appearance of Seattle detective J.P Beaumont, from the New York Times bestselling author of Kiss of the Bees and Birds of Prey The little girl was a treasure who should have been cherished, not murdered She was only five too young to die and Homicide Detective J P Beaumont of the Seattle Police Department isn t going to rest until her killer pThe riveting debut appearance of Seattle detective J.P Beaumont, from the New York Times bestselling author of Kiss of the Bees and Birds of Prey The little girl was a treasure who should have been cherished, not murdered She was only five too young to die and Homicide Detective J P Beaumont of the Seattle Police Department isn t going to rest until her killer pays dearly But Beaumont s own obsessions and demons could prove dangerous companions in a murky world of blind faith and religious fanaticism And he is about to find that he is himself the target of a twisted passion and love that can kill.
    Until Proven Guilty By J.A. Jance,
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      Judith Ann Jance is the top 10 New York Times bestselling author of the Joanna Brady series the J P Beaumont series three interrelated thrillers featuring the Walker family and Edge of Evil, the first in a series featuring Ali Reynolds Born in South Dakota and brought up in Bisbee, Arizona, Jance lives with her husband in Seattle, Washington, and Tucson, Arizona.Series J.P Beaumont Joanna Brady Ali Reynolds Walker Family

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    1. 2.5 stars This is the first book in J.A Jance s long running J.P Beaumont mystery series Detective J.P Beaumont Beau is a Seattle homicide cop who s recently acquired a new partner, Detective Peters As the story opens Beaumont and Peters are assigned the case of a strangled five year old girl named Angela Barstogi The detectives learn that Angela and her mother belong to a secretive cult headed by Pastor Michael Brody a fire and brimstone preacher who rules his flock with a whip literally he bea [...]

    2. Because I respect the opinion of two of my librarian friends who love J.A Jance s J.P Beaumont Series, I decided it was time to give one a try With 21 in the series I won t lack for reading if this proves a hit Just as Beaumont says of his new partner, Peters There s so much to learn before you can function as a team I m getting to know this new character He works homicide Detective in Seattle He s tall, 6 3 , downs MacNaughton s like it s water, and if it s healthy he s not eating it He s divor [...]

    3. The mystery part of this was good, but it was derailed by an unlikely romance that was featured than I would have liked I am not a romance fan and I don t like it when the book goes off on a tangent Four stars for mystery and two stars for romance averages a three star read.

    4. The audiobook version of this detective story kind of threw me because the same man narrates Michael Connelly s superior Harry Bosch detective novels so my brain wanted to make J.P Beaumont into Harry Bosch Not going to happen Not a bad start for the detective series, though I liked the setting Seattle a lot and I liked the simplicity of the character who didn t have a lot of emotional baggage as so many characters do these days, but I dislike it when a character is introduced at being good at h [...]

    5. I have now read two mysteries by J A Vance, Hour of the Hunter and this one, Until Proven Guilty While the former was different due to its setting in Arizona tribal lands and its use of tribal legends, Until Proven Guilty is a straight forward detective novel and high on the adrenaline meter It has a interesting plot involving a religious cult and plenty of false trails that eventually lead to the surprising ending I enjoyed the straight forward style and Jance pulls off a nice thriller even if [...]

    6. It s like a romance novel strike that, Disney fairy tale with descriptions of sex and mentions and actions of murder and domestic abuse and a sad ending, OF COURSE.Somebody on noticed that J.P behaved and thought like a woman I think that person was right, and that fact makes the narration not work I got tired of learning about why J.P did weird things, like start his dishwasher once a week whether there were dishes or not Boring details like that I m all for details, honestly, but the author [...]

    7. One of the least believable mystery books I ve read A guy from the phone company solves the mystery but the gullible detective is too busy marrying a woman he s only known for a week to call the guy back Total drivel

    8. Some names appear on the bestseller lists and every once in a while I decide to give a new author a shot hoping to discover somebody new and fresh I have no illusions almost inevitably it falls into the guilty pleasure pile at best But this book stunned me I was able to finish the book because I was fascinated by the possibility that I might be reading the worst piece fiction ever created I have no words for the juvenile level of word craft It hurts to think back and to try and recapture the fee [...]

    9. Although the narrator is a man, the book is obviously written by a woman, especially the sex scenes I ve read another one of her books that was much better The book starts out well with the murder of a child and a religious cult but the appearance of the love interest ruins it, I think The child s murderer appears out of nowhere with little or no preparation.

    10. Damn What a cloyingly, nauseatingly crap book This is not a detective mystery story, it s a gag inducing, shut off your brain and shake your head at the stupidity, love at first sight crap story The detective instantly falls head over heels in love with a rich woman in a red dress and red car who magically appears at a funeral First thing this hardened detective does Well he tells her everything about the investigation Then it gets better, after some really cheesy conversations, terribly cliche [...]

    11. I m not sure if I can try reading another of these books, even though so many seem to love them At first I was really enjoying the tenor of the writing and then groan in comes this very stupid love interest I groaned every time they had a conversation or Seems like the love interest was some kind of fantasy fulfillment for the author and I absolutely hate that in a book especially when it doesn t seem to enhance the narrative Plus, I thought we were trying to solve a crime and I was hoping for [...]

    12. This book is ridiculous A supposedly smart detective marries a woman one week after meeting her despite the fact that there are practically BRIGHT NEON SIGNS pointing to her as the murderer he s looking for I can hold my disbelief to a certain extent when the story is good but even I have my limits, and the story wasn t very good here And my God, the sex scenes I felt genuinely embarrassed for the author if that s what she thinks sex is.

    13. I don t know about this series if this is the first book Beaumont marries a lady only knowing her for a month while in the middle of a homicide of a child That is as ridiculous as it sounds As I was listening to the book, I was hoping for something that would make me overlook some of the romantic scenes in the book But none prevailed even with the discovery of the the person who murdered the child was revealed and captured This mystery book is heavily laced with romance and I m not even sure if [...]

    14. This is the first book in J.A Jance s J.P Beaumont series I ve already been reading her Joanna Brady and Ali Reynolds mysteries, set in Arizona, and I m delighted to find that this series, set in Seattle, looks to be just as enjoyable as the others I ve heard that it s important to read the series in order, and after finishing this book, I can see why, as we find out who Anne Corley is and how homicide detective Beaumont can afford to live the way he does It was a terrific read, with a fascinati [...]

    15. This book was a bit difficult to get into It seemed dated but i didnt read any reference of dates I picked up this book for 1 on Nook and it was listed on BN s Top Choice so I figured, why not Half way thru is when i figured out that it was published in 1985 Now i understood the reason it was dated The story was good, and since it centered around a polygamist cult, I just couldnt help myself The story was like watching an episode of SVU or CSI so it kept my interest There is sexual content and l [...]

    16. This started out great, maintained a high really good then plunged into the land of piece of crap in the last 40 pages or so.It s a mystery the reader, with any good mystery, should have a chance of solving the mystery before the characters do They should be given the necessary information, then left to it, just like the characters.Instead, Jance took the last second revelation path, and it turned out to be a character who was never even a suspect until that last second.Dreck Won t be reading an [...]

    17. I had read her first two Brandon Walker books quite awhile back I remember thinking that if I didn t know if J.A was a male or female author, I would have guessed a male So, since then I ve gathered quite a few of her long running J.P Beaumont series, it was time to try one.This was a very good debut, written 30 years ago God, I m getting old I put myself back in the mid 80 s, Det Beaumont, veteran of the Seattle police dept feeling out his new partner Good suspense, wit and I like Beaumont, goi [...]

    18. i think this is the first in the j p beaumont series i ve read some, including books from later in the series from reading early and late, it seems this one series where the character develops over the series into a deeper, complex character that makes reading each new book, adds character development as well as a new plot i will continue to seek out and read other books in the series.

    19. I found this book way too predictable, I mean come on, a strange woman in a red dress shows up at the funeral and throws hereself at the detective and we are not supposed to know that she is the bad guy Seriously And what about the fact that there was really very little investigating going on It was formulaic, it had no depth whatsoever and the main character was not even that interesting.

    20. Hmmm a 1 NookBook and it wasn t worth much I guess it was written in 1985, so maybe the books written later in the series are better What can I say I read it, it wasn t great and i wouldn t tell me friends to read it.

    21. J A Jance will be at The Book Carnival, 348 S Tustin Street, Orange, CA 92866 in on Monday, September 11 at 7 00 PM to discuss the newest J P Beaumont novel, Proof of Life, number 23 in the series With that in mind, this is a good time to look at J P s first appearance in Until Proven Guilty, published in 1985 Until Proven Guilty is a first person narrative by Jonas Piedmont Beaumont, called Beau by many, but he prefers to be called J P The easy conversational style gives the reader the feeling [...]

    22. In JA Jance s Until Proven Guilty, the first installment in the JP Beaumont mystery series, this debut would captivate you and make you want to keep reading for sure When Seattle Detective JP Beaumont and his partner Ron Peters first arrrived at the scene of the crime of young Angela Barstogi s death While they look into the circumstances of it, they learned that his mother had ties to the cult inside the Faith Tabernacle search That might them question everyone and everything around them, while [...]

    23. J.P Beaumont is a detective in Seattle and we first meet him standing over the broken body of a little 5 year old girl in a Holly Hobby nightgown A girl he could too easily imagine as his own Beau is a detective who is old school and been through the school of hard knocks His wife left him and took the kids to a new life and a new husband 5 years back, he s breaking in a new partner and he isn t sure it s going to work, and he s got a local reporter who is after him for things that happened in c [...]

    24. You should never judge a book by its cover, they say Read this, and you ll say you should never judge a woman by her looks Anne Corley is probably the prettiest novel character there is Yet she turns out to be not so pretty on the inside The protagonist JP Beaumont meets the richy rich Arizonian damsel, who turns out to be a widow, Anne Corley in a seemingly unrelated event From that point onward, everything just happened too fast After only a couple of days, they re sleeping and on their one we [...]

    25. Book number One in the J.P Beaumont series by J A Jance 3 stars Beaumont investigates the murder of a 5 year old girl whose family is part of a religious cult The easy suspect is the child s mother or the preacher who teaches extreme physical punishment for personal sins, but in short order, both of those suspects have also been murdered Now the child s father mother s estranged husband becomes the prime suspect and is arrested even though there is no evidence connecting him to the crimes And, w [...]

    26. For a in depth review, please visit my blog, Chorley Chronicals, HERE This was my first J.A Jance novel, and I absolutely plan to continue the series It s not often that I read books where the main character is a male, but it certainly was a welcomed change I enjoyed the testosterone of the story and hearing about a love type story coming from a male s perspective J.P Beaumont is one hell of a main character and I thoroughly enjoyed the plot of the book It was not like any other plot that I ve [...]

    27. This is a good start to J.A Jance s J.P Beaumont series Although it was written in the 80 s it isn t too dated to put the reader off The reader is introduced to J.P as a divorced Seattle cop with an arch nemesis in the press, Max Cornwall There is a child found dead off the side of the road and J.P is on the case It turns out that the victim, Angela, is a child of a local cult member Beaumont is thoroughly frustrated when he can t get a lead in the case At Angela s funeral he meets Anne Corley, [...]

    28. It took me longer than it should have to finish this book, but that s only because I dreaded this book from the very beginning The book, to me, reads like a film noir movie which makes the book seem cheesy even when it is aiming to be serious I found the story very predictable and formulaic which kept me from being surprised by the twist ending The main character J.P Beaumont came off as ridiculous to me, because he came off as gullible and I found his kind of dis likable I actually wish that th [...]

    29. If I read another mystery thriller in which a male detective cop ex cop turned P.I refers to a woman as a broad , I think I m gonna scream Is it the decade in which the book was written The 1980s and early 1990s seem to be where I m getting snagged by this dismissive, sexist attitude toward women and minorities, and ethnic groups, and basically anyone who is not a white alpha male Maybe to our collective credit we ve become a little enlightened in the past quarter century Is it the gender of th [...]

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