Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade

Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade By Barthe DeClements, Nothing s Fair in Fifth Grade Jenny knows one thing for sure Elsie Edwards is a fat thief who steals people s lunch money to buy candy So when the book club money disappears why is the whole class punished Nothing s fair But soon
  • Title: Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade
  • Author: Barthe DeClements
  • ISBN: 9780140344431
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade By Barthe DeClements, Jenny knows one thing for sure Elsie Edwards is a fat thief who steals people s lunch money to buy candy So when the book club money disappears, why is the whole class punished Nothing s fair But soon Jenny realizes some things aren t fair for Elsie, either Elsie is on a strict diet, but when she starts losing weight, her mother won t buy her new clothes Instead, sheJenny knows one thing for sure Elsie Edwards is a fat thief who steals people s lunch money to buy candy So when the book club money disappears, why is the whole class punished Nothing s fair But soon Jenny realizes some things aren t fair for Elsie, either Elsie is on a strict diet, but when she starts losing weight, her mother won t buy her new clothes Instead, she plans to send Elsie to boarding school Suddenly everyone wants to help Elsie Nothing s fair in fifth grade but sometimes things get better
    Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade By Barthe DeClements,
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    1. This is pretty much the most horrible thing I have ever read I had this book when I was a kid and I have to cringe now when I read the way Elsie s character is written, what everyone says about her she s fat, so she s automatically gross and what she says about herself First we hate her because she s fat and gross, then we hate her because she eats everyone s food obviously she does, don t forget she s fat and that s what all fat people do and then she steals their money too Oh, but she s smart [...]

    2. I d just like to say to those of you who think this book was not a real representation of fifth grade and it was over the top , this was a pretty realistic representation for me Granted I don t remember all the details of the book, but I remember relating to it at the time I actually read this book when I was in the 5th grade the year it was published and I was the fat blonde girl My day at school consisted of being taunted and teased Kids would act like I smelled bad I didn t and made jokes tha [...]

    3. Blubber, take note THIS is how you do a Fat Girl storyline.For one thing, Elsie Edwards is actually fat, not just pudgy She s clearly obese, she eats for comfort, she steals people s food and lunch money, and she s been in trouble for her bad habits And yet you still feel sympathy for her because even a sneaky thief with an eating problem doesn t deserve the bullying she gets from her classmates and for her own mother to treat her like shit and blatantly favor her spoiled little sister.Jenny Saw [...]

    4. When I was in 5th grade, I encountered this book under some odd circumstances while staying at a girl s house I picked it up and started reading, and was hooked.I love it I loved it as a kid, and having recently ordered it online and read it again, I love it all the as an adult, and can appreciate how excellent it is on a deeper level The characters are just totally REAL That s the best way to put it I could relate to them, boys and girls alike Their dialog was spot on and nearly 100% accurate, [...]

    5. It gets two stars because it was easy to read, but I think there are much better books available that address bullying a childhood obesity Also this book writes about so many child safety issues One a three year old sitting in the front seat of a car Two children hitchhiking from a stranger and riding in the back of their truck Three a grade five student staying home alone and cooking dinner and other food in the oven and on the stove

    6. You guys have to understand that when this book was written, they didn t ACTUALLY deal with body image problems This book was actually written by a teacher and her class It s pretty amazing that a teacher got a book published by having students write what happened next

    7. Found this book in my local little free library Overtaken by nostalgia took it out Started reading it on my walk home and was shocked to see that I had either read it so many times when I was a kid that I knew way too many lines from it, or that so many lines had stuck with me as a kid Chapstick made our lips shiny Be a sport, Red Her legs looked like two bed pillows with the ends stuffed in shoes I haven t read anything else by Barthe DeClements and I don t know why I think this book may have t [...]

    8. While reading this book, I did not remember the fifth grade being this bad Of course there was teasing and taunting going on, but I do not think it got as bad as this I do think that this book is a good read for fifth grade girls because it shows the struggles and cattiness that sometimes does go on amongst pre teen teenage girls A new girl has moved into their school, and no one seems to like her because she looks different The first chapter is entitled The Fat Blonde Girl, which basically sets [...]

    9. I don t even think at the age of 10 11 I would have enjoyed this book Being the fat kid myself, I found it so degrading at first I suppose that is reality but I never heard such things in my time growing up Perhaps I am glad that I never had to listen to those things.I felt bad for Elsie I felt bad that the author dumped so much crap on her life in this book It was like she was punishing the fat kid Maybe the author herself was the fat kid growing up The children are evil and cruel, so than I e [...]

    10. I don t know fifth grade wasn t too bad for me But I loved getting ready for the fifth grade and reading about other fifth graders Plus, Barthe DeClements once taught at the elementary school I attended, so that made the book even special to me, especially when I, with my elementary schoolgirl enthusiasm, wrote to her and gushed about how much I loved the book, and I thought it was so cool that before she became an author, she taught at the school that I was then at She was really nice and wrot [...]

    11. I was a bit sad seeing how many 1 star reviews this book had, when it had really resonated with me as a pre teen I think it was mostly because it gave me hope A lot of people are saying how cruel the portrayal of Elsie was, but a lot of kids in my classes were a lot meaner than that She doesn t seem to have many things thrown at her or anything Perhaps it hasn t aged well and kids are kinder now If anyone s interested, I think the Jezebel review does it justice than my dim memories of it could [...]

    12. I read this book when I was a kid and there are parts of this book that I still think of as an adult My parents got this book for me in hopes that it would make me want to be thin I didn t have self esteem issues or body image issues until I read this book and realized that I was Elsie and that is what people thought of me Fat, ugly and gross This lead to eating disorders and severe self esteem issues Did this book cause all my problems issues No Of course not, but it did make me aware of myself [...]

    13. I remember reading this book about the time I was in fifth grade It made me laugh out loud Now, it made me cringe.

    14. I read this back in 5th grade no, really, haha and I really enjoyed it i really hated 5th grade but then I hated school overall At first, the fat kid in here seems like a stereotypical fat child stealing food, and lunch money but later on in the book her character is nicely fleshed out pun not intended and you get to see she s actually a decent girl when given a proper chance discipline.You see how she got fat in the first place, an that she has issues because of her parent s divorce and how her [...]

    15. Well, that s done, finally While Jenny s one of the most unsympathetic narrators I ve seen in a while the horrible adults that surround her, including her parents, make the children s behavior understandable Ugh Just ugh view spoiler While Jenny does make a certain amount of improvements throughout the book, such as actually defending Elsie, she continues to describe Elsie by her weight, loss of weight, how not so fat any she is, etc There s a faint feeling of guilt by the end of it, but it was [...]

    16. Nothing s Fair In Fifth GradePLOT There s a new student in Mrs Hanson s class named Elsie And not only is she fat she s OBESE So immediately that puts her off to the rest of the class Even so when there lunch money starts coming up missing Obviously it s got to be Elsie The popular girls Diane, Sharon, and Jennifer treat her like an annoyance until Jennifer starts messing up in math and then and only then does she come around to accepting Elsie And the they get to know one another the Jennife [...]

    17. When Elsie joins the fifth grade class, the students resent her for stealing their lunch money and make her life miserable because she s fat.This is a re read of a book that I read and liked as a kid Looking back from an adult s perspective and from changing views of acceptance , I felt like I was being smacked in the face by the kid s behavior This is obviously written before it was not ok or at least not as ok to make fun of fat kids Even Elsie, the fat girl, says she knows she s gross Ouch Th [...]

    18. This book still resonates with me, about a decade later It brought to light eating disorders, and how girls perceive their weight even as young as ten years old I struggle d with my weight from a young age and reading about someone else dealing with these issues was eye opening I remember the very last page view spoiler the overweight friend is walking with her friends and stops walking and says, I can see my feet when I look down hide spoiler and that struck me to the core A very important book [...]

    19. I really liked and appreciated this book when I first read it, when it was first published Upon re reading, I am less enthralled The portrayal of a fat child is completely unsympathetic, trite, and offensive Weight is presented as a symptom and burden of emotional problems, with weight loss presented as the only laudable goal and the solution for all problems The characters are shallowly drawn and frankly cruel I found this quite an unpleasant read and could not recommend it.

    20. Elsie is the new student in Mrs Hanson s fifth grade class Because she is overweight, the class immediately starts to make fun When lunch money starts disappearing, Elsie is the likely suspect When she is caught, she is put on probation and her mother decides to send her to boarding school the next year In the mean time, Jenifer sees that Elsie gets an A on every math test and asks if she can tutor her She comes to like Elsie and labors to change her mother s mind about boarding school.

    21. This is one of those books that remains engrained in my mind from elementary school when I first read it All I can recall about this is something about this little girl being able to see her feet when she loses enough weight, her own Principal calling her absolutely skinny or something like that It was a total mindfuck for me.

    22. Funny enough I read this book in fifth grade I don t really remember that well what happens but I know they try to help an overweight friend.

    23. Like Nobodies and Somebodies by Doris Orgel, Nothing s Fair in Fifth Grade is a middle grade novel dealing with the subject of bullying among tween girls It was originally published in 1981, and I read it for the first time sometime in the mid 1990s Prior to my re reading, I remembered very little of the story just that there was a girl named Elsie, who was overweight, and who had some family problems I was correct about this, but Elsie is not the story s main character The story is told from th [...]

    24. I read Nothing s Fair in Fifth Grade with my daughter, a fifth grader We were both apalled at the openly ugly and mean behavior of the people in this book toward the fat, blond girl, Elsie I m glad this kind of bullying seemed anachronistic and over the top to her Hopefully, things are better for most kids now than they were in 1990 when this book was written Here are a couple of examples from the book I never thought of Elsie as a human being Just a fat girl It was embarrassing the way Kenny st [...]

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