Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog By Dylan Thomas, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog The Young Dog of the title is of course Thomas himself this volume of autobiographical stories by the great modern poet who shows his waggish humor at its best his exuberance verbal magic in specta
  • Title: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog
  • Author: Dylan Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780811202077
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
  • Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog By Dylan Thomas, The Young Dog of the title is of course Thomas himself, this volume of autobiographical stories by the great modern poet, who shows his waggish humor at its best, his exuberance verbal magic in spectacular display It also shows him a spinner of tales a creator of memorable characters.The peachesA visit to Grandpa sPatricia, Edith ArnoldThe fightEThe Young Dog of the title is of course Thomas himself, this volume of autobiographical stories by the great modern poet, who shows his waggish humor at its best, his exuberance verbal magic in spectacular display It also shows him a spinner of tales a creator of memorable characters.The peachesA visit to Grandpa sPatricia, Edith ArnoldThe fightExtraordinary little coughJust like little dogsWhere Tawe flowsWho do you wish was with usOld GarboOne warm Saturday
    Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog By Dylan Thomas,
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      324 Dylan Thomas
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    1. Dylan Thomas

      Dylan Marlais Thomas was a Welsh poet who wrote in English He is regarded by many as one of the 20th century s most influential poets.In addition to poetry, Thomas also wrote short stories and scripts for film and radio, with the latter frequently performed by Thomas himself His public readings, particularly in America, won him great acclaim his booming, at times, ostentatious, voice with a subtle Welsh lilt, became almost as famous as his works His best known works include the play for voices Under Milk Wood and the celebrated villanelle for his dying father, Do not go gentle into that good night Appreciative critics have also noted the superb craftsmanship and compression of poems such as In my craft or sullen art and the rhapsodic lyricism of Fern Hill.

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    1. I found the Welsh laureate s prose not of enormous interest to mine palate a couple of the stories concerning the canine artist s earlier childhood, such as The Peaches , painting a vivid scene of class disparity, and A Visit to Grandpa s , a slow, black, discombobulating tale of a disturbed relative, were captivating As the collection progressed, I found the stories less riveting and harder to particularly hurl myself at with readerly gusto, regardless of the frequent passages of tremendous pro [...]

    2. I started telling my friend this story from my childhood when I realized I had no memory of the event It wasn t my childhood at all but Three Peaches Dylan s stories are so natural and absorbing that they settle in with you.

    3. Dez contos que relatam momentos da vida do autor, durante a inf ncia e adolesc ncia.Gostei muito dos primeiros contos de quando ele era menino e da inoc ncia e perspic cia com que observa e descreve pequenos pormenores do comportamento dos adultos Depois cresce, vai para a escola, vai acampar com os amigos,en o tenho paci ncia

    4. There were always a few Dylan Thomas poems in our English lit books in high school Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night was the most prominent but I don t think I really got it until I heard a recording of him reading A Child s Christmas In Wales in his incredibly rich, expressive and tender baritone The stories in this little volume are in that vein quaint and loving reminiscences of his boyhood Wales, but unsparing, and richly evocative Here is a short sentence about drinking beer as a young [...]

    5. There was a time when Dylan Thomas s poetry was a necessary obsession for literary adolescents But then we grew up These days most of the poems don t seem convincing, but the prose and Under Milkwood still hold their own.If the title is a not so sly dig at Joyce the collection of stories invites and is haunted by a damaging comparison with Dubliners.Thomas s prose sings and the stories of growing up in Wales are memorable One Warm Saturday , the last story, has been a favorite for decades Its po [...]

    6. Bu kitab n arka kapak yaz s nda yazar n en b y k eseri olarak g steriliyor gibi bir ibare var Bunun do ru oldu unu sanm yorum nk , Dylan Thomas ok b y k bir airdi ve dolay s yla en b y k eseri iirleri olmal Thomas n bu tek d z yaz eserinde, ba l k olarak James Joyce un benzer isimli bir kitab na ve Joyce un me hur k pek korkusuna bir g nderme var Bu ilgi ekici olsa da eser, eli y z d zg n bir ekilde kaleme al nm herhalde yani ho ocukluk an lar ndan fazlas de il.

    7. Dylan Thomas identificabil pentru cine tie c t timp cu inubliabilul do not go gentle into that good night a construit Portretul artistului ca t n r c ine din zece povestiri care i adun con inutul din experine ele directe ale lui Thomas, toate legate de v rstele primelor descoperiri revelatorii copil ria i adolescen a Desigur, ele pot fi citite n orice ordine prefera i, f r team c pierde i vreun fir care le ordoneaz asta de i exist c teva personaje i peisaje recurente, dar f r ca ele s condi ione [...]

    8. I don t like Dylan Thomas short stories nearly as much as his poetry and Under Milk Wood, but he certainly has a way with words, with descriptions that are fresh and different For that it gets an extra star than I would normally give it.A couple of these stories A Visit to Grandpa s and One Warm Saturday are really going to stick in my mind.As with Under Milk Wood, likely to reward rereading I d read The Peaches and Extraordinary Little Cough before, and I liked them this time I also liked them [...]

    9. The man truly knows how to spin out a meandering, beautiful sentence You can bet he read his stories aloud, in the editing stage at least Autobiographical stories, set in and around Thomas native Swansea, Wales, ranging from young boyhood to early adulthood Conflicts are subtle eg, in the outstanding opening story, the rich visitor sticks her nose up at the tin of peaches, failing to understand or care that it s a rare treat for young Dylan s family, a luxury saved for special occasions Great co [...]

    10. There s a great deal of interesting characters to these stories and though they don t really knock you over the head, they tend to stick with you for awhile in all their small subtleties What I really enjoyed about this book is, and excuse me for being very Holden Caufield y but none of the characters are fake or phony even the guy who convinces two women he loves them both There s a sense of innocence to these Welsh human beings even when their intentions are not so good and there s also a huge [...]

    11. This was such a good read He has such a way of describing people and situations It s really worth reading actually made me laugh out loud which doesn t happen a lot with books It s a collection of short chapters about his childhood and his days as a newbie journalist in Swansea With lots of eccentric Welsh characters all over the place I especially loved the chapter when he was little and was staying with his uncle and aunt and his mad cousin who had built a church in the farmyard barn or the on [...]

    12. Thomas is better known as a poet ex Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night but here he uses prose, or, accurately, prose poetry Thomas parodies the title and the structure, but not the content, of Joyce s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man , and Dubliners Whereas Joyce gave us windows into his youth in Ireland of the late 19th to early 20th century, Thomas writes of Wales circa the 1920s Most of the stories are straightforward, but one or two are highly symbolic and make no sense when taken l [...]

    13. It was a kinda slow at times, and sometimes it didn t really keep my attention The end is really good, but I m not sure if it is sufficiently good to make up for the slow rest of the book It s definitely well written, many of the descriptions are really quite beautiful, but overall it was just okay The style was nice, and if I spent time thinking about the book and what it was saying I probably would have liked it .

    14. I especially liked The Fight and One Warm Saturday I haven t read any Dylan Thomas before, but I really enjoyed the atmospheric feeling of his prose I think the predominant themes of isolation, loneliness, and longing were captured beautifully in the exploration of coming of age in the city Seems to me he has a pretty vast and deep understanding of the human condition.

    15. I was doing research in Swansea, Wales while reading this book, which is a perfect locale since Thomas is from the area I was not ready for Thomas engaging language He refuses to idealize his characters, so by addressing their contradictions, he gets into their complexities like a drunken Uncle Jim who he holds in affection even though Jim abandons him for hours to go into a bar Further, the book is funny From The Fight Mr Samuels complained once a week that boys from the school threw apples and [...]

    16. Kumar LuvJanuary 18 at 5 49pmDylan Thomas wanted to write poetry But poetry did not pay bills A sure way of getting some money was to write short stories for various publications An additional benefit of this was that the stories could be compiled together and some cash can be generated from book sales This is how Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog came about.These are autobiographical stories, fairly straightforward despite being poetic , and almost nothing like Joyce s Portrait It may be a [...]

    17. Meh This was not an ideal starting point to reading Thomas I liked a few of the earlier stories but the book as a whole was pretty slow going for me, and I found it progressively harder to maintain my concentration on the text His descriptions can be really beautiful though, so I m still looking forward to reading his other works.

    18. I thought this was great The language was beautiful, as you would expect from a poet, but there was a lovely tone to the writing, a love of place, of family and people that shone through Evoking childhood as an adult is not as easy as Thomas makes it look A delightful read I climbed the stairs Each had a different voice Wonderfully evocative and naturally poetic.

    19. A great writer, I just wasn t that into his short stories On to his poetry, where I should have started, I think.

    20. Thomas is a Top Five author for me Under Milk Wood is what I would take to a desert island if I could only take one book.

    21. With a title nodding at James Joyce, Thomas first prose collection after several volumes of poetry was published in 1940 Also autobiographical, these ten somewhat bittersweet stories cover different periods in the author s childhood, later youth and early adulthood These stories are tenderly written, though they have than a fair share of humour and are definitely written with a twinkle in the eye They give an interesting insight to the lower middle class childhood and coming of age Thomas had i [...]

    22. Bought from the second hand book shop in Rhos on Sea, North Wales Who Do You Wish Was with Us was the best of the bunch.

    23. This is early, quiet, observant Dylan Thomas, someone at home on the byways and beaches of his native Wales He was already a poet when he published it, and although it shows off some of his rhythmic skill, the interest here is in the particular, in people As he writes in an early story Gwilym was a tall young man aged nearly twenty, with a think stick of a body and spade shaped face You could dig the garden with him Many of the most effective stories are written from the perspective of children [...]

    24. nainte de a ncepe s citesc Portretul artistului ca t n r c ine, n mintea mea deja ap ruser c teva flash uri cu imagini posibile dintr o carte cu un astfel de titlu mizerie, s r cie, be ii, femei i, pe ici pe acolo f r me de poezie Thomas i a c tigat mare parte din faim murind la nici patruzeci de ani, iar restul desigur, scriind Situat undeva ntre influen ele pop art i psihedelice, galezul impresioneaz prin pasajele analitice i explor rile sinelui de i introvert, reu e te s devin popular A a cum [...]

    25. A memoir of poet Dylan Thomas life in Wales, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog is amusing on the outside with its catchy Joycean name, but that is not enough to save Thomas prose writing, which I naively assume is everything his poetry isn t I haven t actually read much of his poetry is that a bad thing The format is interesting though instead of writing about his childhood days in a singular storyline, Thomas tells it in short story format, which reminded me of the setup of the Dubliners an [...]

    26. Most of the stories in this collection were overtly descriptive, appealing to the senses, ones which you would enjoy reading while in your free time sitting by the river, or under a tree, free from all stress of daily life However if you are looking for something that would make you think for some time, this is not the book for you These short stories are autobiographical in nature and the arrangement is chronological to the author s life In the first story, the narrator is a small kid, who does [...]

    27. Dylan Thomas wrote stories exactly the way I would like to write witty, playful, wonderfully and unusually descriptive, and poetic as heck Chiefly known as a poet, it makes sense that he spends way of his time here chiseling out perfect phrases and sentences than bothering about narrative While each story does have a very interesting plot, there are many, many paragraphs dedicated to fascinating descriptions of people, landscapes, houses, or inner feelings mostly of young Dylan himself As he wa [...]

    28. Excellent book I read it for a class and we kind of treated it as a novel than a short story collection for the purposes of the class, but it s the book that I chose to write my final paper on The short stories are very good, and most are sad or bittersweet, but not all Also, the narrator for the most part is Thomas himself, which means he s a very boyish boy and mannish man You know, stuff like getting into fights with kids and becoming friends over that, getting drunk a lot when older, etc It [...]

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