Just One Taste

Just One Taste By Louisa Edwards, Just One Taste Bad boy chef Wes Murphy is dreading his final semester cooking class Food Chemistry until he meets the new substitute teacher Dr Rosemary Wilkins is a feast for the eyes though her approach to fo
  • Title: Just One Taste
  • Author: Louisa Edwards
  • ISBN: 9780312356477
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
  • Just One Taste By Louisa Edwards, Bad boy chef Wes Murphy is dreading his final semester cooking class Food Chemistry 101 until he meets the new substitute teacher Dr Rosemary Wilkins is a feast for the eyes, though her approach to food is strictly academic So Wes decides to rattle her Bunsen burner by asking for her hands on advice on aphrodisiacs Rosemary is a little wary about working with Wes, whoseBad boy chef Wes Murphy is dreading his final semester cooking class Food Chemistry 101 until he meets the new substitute teacher Dr Rosemary Wilkins is a feast for the eyes, though her approach to food is strictly academic So Wes decides to rattle her Bunsen burner by asking for her hands on advice on aphrodisiacs Rosemary is a little wary about working with Wes, whose casual flirtations make her hot under the collar But once they begin testing the love enhancing power of chocolate, oysters, and strawberries, it becomes scientifically evident that the brainy science nerd and the boyish chef have some major chemistry together and it s delicious
    Just One Taste By Louisa Edwards,
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      Louisa Edwards was born in Austin, but grew up in Virginia, where she started reading romance around the age of eleven She graduated with honors from Bryn Mawr College and landed her first job in publishing as an Editorial Assistant at Berkley and built her own list of authors, earning a promotion to Assistant Editor.Then real life romance ensued Louisa married a journalist and moved to a small town in Ohio where she critiqued restaurants for the local paper and began writing the Recipe for Love novels, a series of contemporary romances with a strong culinary theme Her debut novel, CAN T STAND THE HEAT, was released by St Martin s Press in September 2009 to rave reviews The second novel in the series, ON THE STEAMY SIDE came out in March 2010, followed by JUST ONE TASTE in September 2010 The series will continue with TOO HOT TO TOUCH on sale August 2, 2011 , SOME LIKE IT HOT November 29, 2011 , and HOT UNDER PRESSURE April 2012 , a trilogy about a team of talented chefs in a high stakes culinary competition Louisa recently moved back to Austin with her husband They and their two dogs are already completely in love with it

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    1. Wes Murphy is not quite what he seems On the outside, he looks like every other student at the Academy of Culinary Arts, if a little bit older, but inside is a constant struggle He was raised by a con man to be a con man and he does his best to avoid that fate and make a better life for himself But when Dr Rosemary Wilkins takes the temporary teaching position in his Food Chemistry 101 class, Wes first instinct is to manipulate her somehow in order to ensure a good grade As she fumbles with her [...]

    2. My overall impression of this book is the author was trying too hard I think it s a classic example of a relatively new writer with a successful book or two and who then feels the strain of living up to expectations The humor was often forced and the character of Rosemary too over the top But first, I ll go through what I did like about the book.Pros Louisa Edwards can still write well when she relaxes and goes with the story Parts of this book are wonderful, poignant, and engrossing Also, and p [...]

    3. I absolutely love this series However, I ve been so invested in the characters at Market that I cared less about Wes and Rosie s relationship than I did Jess and Frankie s There were parallel s in both relationships, but the HEA for Jess and Frankie was far emotional for me than Wes and Rosie And is it me, or did that fact that Jess and Frankie were gay seem to come up so much than in the other books Part of why I had enjoyed them as secondary characters in Can t Stand The Heat and On the Stea [...]

    4. Great character definition, but the author didn t show enough action using the characters talents and weaknessesORY BRIEF Wes was raised by his con artist dad who scammed people for a living As a result Wes has a knack for reading people to see their weaknesses and desires He never went to college and wishes he had been a better student They traveled a lot and he was pulled out of school to help his dad with scams At one point Wes was placed in a halfway house for juvenile offenders This was the [...]

    5. Wes Murphy has turned his back on his life as a former con artist and wants nothing than to become a chef He just has to get through one final semester at the Academy of Culinary Arts His final class causes him grief even though he gets good grades and is at the top of his rotation His goal is to do his externship for Executive Chef Adam Temple, who owns the upscale Market restaurant in Manhattan What he doesn t count on is his teacher, Dr Rosemary Wilkins Now Wes has another goal on his mind, [...]

    6. This was really good I enjoyed it about as much as I did the first book in this trilogy much than the second It is set in the same world, and we encounter the same characters, so that was satisfying, however this book definitely had its own plot arc I think the best thing about it was the quirky heroine Rosemary is something of an outsider to the group we have been following the last two books, whereas Wes, the male lead, is a part of Adam Temple s kitchen staff But her quirky genius, bumbling, [...]

    7. Louisa Edwards did a great job of blending humor and deeply emotional characters to make this story so real Despite being brainy and seeming to have everything, Rosemary is like most of us, looking for love from someone who will love her for who she is Wes has personal demons to battle and some serious trust issues, but when he finally realizes how much he loves Rosemary, he lays his heart and soul on the line Wonderfully written and well worth your time to check out.

    8. Another entertaining book from Louisa Edwards I especially liked the socially inept heroine of this one and thought she and the hero were a great match I appreciate strong settings, and Edwards has given professional kitchens a vibrancy and vitality that I ve loved in all three books.

    9. I haven t read the others in this series but I definitely want to now I enjoyed this story Wes has reformed his ways from his youth and is seeking to make a new life for himself He encounters the lovely and brainy Rosemary a substitute professor and insinuates himself into her well ordered life I loved that he was so taken by her logical, intellectual outlook and found himself captivated by that just her beauty The romance is slow to build and that seems right as well I was also thrilled that s [...]

    10. The third book in this hot series pits student chef Wes against his chemistry teacher, Rosemary an intentional pun on the herb, perhaps But studying aphrodisiacs together leads to love and lust for both of them if only Wes can come clean of his past Interspersed is the continuing relationship of Jess and bad boy Frankie and whether they can work it out.

    11. This is my first Louisa Edwards book I had a blast reading it.Ms Edwards contemporary romance is a blend of witty dialogue, like able characters, fun references to pop culture and two protagonists that are complete opposites Full review posted on BN bookclubsrnesandnoble t

    12. Well written with emotionally driven characters, and plenty of humor Some of the food mentioned is positively yummy

    13. Wes Murphy spent his formative childhood years grifting and conning with his Pops They were a bunko team swindling to get by and make a buck But that all changed when one con too many landed Wes in a halfway home, where he discovered and nurtured his love of cooking.Years later and Wes is making good on his talents, studying at the acclaimed Academy of Culinary Arts He s in his second to last rotation, with high hopes of gaining an internship at Adam Temple s infamous Market restaurant in NYC Th [...]

    14. My rating 3.75 5 starsOkay, so I absolutely love Top Chef and Iron Chef America I enjoy a few other food related shows as well but have never really picked up a food chef related novel before I admit they interested me enough to add them to my TBR list So when I was approached to review the latest installment in the Recipe for Love series I thought it was a great chance to see if I d enjoy some food fiction I m happy to report that JUST ONE TASTE was fun, sweet, and deliciously romantic Yeah, I [...]

    15. OMG, this book was good The absolute PERFECT culmination of this wonderful trilogy I have fallen in love with these characters and can guarantee you that I will re read these books again and again Review reposted from my Smitten with Reading blogMy Review The absolute PERFECT end to this wonderful trilogy These books blend the perfect combination of fun quirky characters, wonderful insightful story lines, mind blowing heart wrenching emotions, and absolutely wonderful food and recipes It is such [...]

    16. I would rate this book a 3.5 I ll admit, I was skeptical I fangirly squealed Can t Stand the Heat, then felt lukewarm toward Too Hot to Handle How would I receive Wes, a new character at Market and Rosemary, a scientist not even in the restaurant business, the main characters of Just One Taste WesI ll come back to him I may have a little girl crush on Rosemary How could one not, with little moments like these Pulling that sweater over her head and feeling the static electricity lift every stray [...]

    17. Just One Taste by Louisa EdwardsContemporary Aug 31st, 20103 1 2 starsWes Murphy, a chef want to be, has to take Food Chem 101 Unfortunately, it looks like passing the class is going to be a challenge, until the Academy hires Dr Rosemary Wilkins as one of the new substitute teachers Serious, geeky Rosemary is attracted to Wes, a bad boy with a loveable mutt, but tries to resist this alien feeling When they partner up to conduct experiments on aphrodisiacs as part of Wes s final project, the attr [...]

    18. This is the 3rd book in the series and even though it was sexy, cute, and quick I wasn t as interested I am not sure if the theme of restaurant chef or the implausible premise of the story lessened the attraction but, I did skim through some of the details to get to the dialog Even though overall I liked the story, it wasn t as good as the previous books The hero Wes had been introduced in the earlier books, he wasn t memorable enough to me to warrant his own book, but by adding Rosemary who was [...]

    19. This is the final book in the Market trilogy It was a satisfying end, wrapping up the relationship between Frankie and Jess quite nicely Much like the first book, Can t Stand the Heat, the best part of this book was the story of Frankie and Jess They were nicely developed and never felt like the secondary plot I liked that they were consistent through the entire series and were by far my favorite part.The same cannot be said for the main characters of Rosemary and Wes For vast portions of the bo [...]

    20. There are a lot of things that Louisa Edwards does well Descriptions are amazing She does place extremely well And she writes love scenes with exceptional hotness It s her characters that keep me from loving her books She doesn t write characters that move me They are just a little too outside of normal Wes actually isn t He s the son of a con man and when he gets caught in a compromising position with his former food chemistry professor he allows the school president to blackmail him into takin [...]

    21. Just One Taste is the third installment in the Recipe for Love series I have enjoyed the series and this latest book was no exception.The blurb from the book is all about Wes and Rosemary s romance However, there is a secondary romance, one featuring Jess and Frankie a gay couple that has been playing out over the course of the series and finally came to a head during this book This couple got nearly as much playtime as Wes and Rosemary and it is a shame It s almost as if both stories were short [...]

    22. Wes Murphy is a bit of a play boy but a really good chef Wes is honing his skills at the Academy of Culinary Arts Wes is almost done He can t wait The classes are so boring Wes has only one class left Food Chemistry 101.Dr Rosemary Wilkins is filling in as a replacement for Food Chemistry 101 Things just got interesting for Wes, when he meets Rosemary Who knew that there were so many different aphrodisiacs Just One Taste is the third book in the Recipe for Love trilogy I have enjoyed every one [...]

    23. I thought this one was alright For some reason I had a hard time starting this And it wasn t one I just couldn t put down I like the story line, and the cast of characters at the Market Resturant were very colorful, and likable I could feel the attraction between Wes Rosemary at times, but I want to say Edwards really played up Rosemary s smarts, so it seemed like she wouldn t didn t respond like a woman would I mean really, what would you do, if you did the wild thing with a guy on the lab floo [...]

    24. 4 starsI started out loving this book Rosie and Wes were such a wonderful pair Rosie was stellar with her sci fi references from Buffy to Battle Star and having a few Spock dreams to boot made her brainy and exceptionally clever in a fun almost self depreciating way I kept loving the book until Wes s father made his big appearance, shortly after Rosie arrive in NYC view spoiler I wish everything went differently after that point From the Rosie Wes situation to the Wes Pop s situation and how Ros [...]

    25. Of the three wonderful books in this series, Just One Taste is definitely my favorite.Almost all of this can be credited to one character Rosemary.Seriously Rosemary totally made this book for me She was so adorably geeky, it was impossible not to love her from the start She was quirky, hyper intelligent, but also bumbling and awkward She wore a lot of nerdy shirts for which I give Louisa Edwards extra brownie points such as a Star Wars shirt and even a Browncoat shirt.Throughout the book, Rosem [...]

    26. I think Louisa Edwards is a closet geek There I ve said it Not that that s a biggie, as I m a self avowed geek myself Hurrah for girl geek power grin Ok, ok Enough of the silliness.Wes hides his past from everybody, not trusting that they d want him around if they knew where he s been and what he s done Rosemary hides from people in general, uncomfortable with social interactions where her brain overtakes her tongue.With all that hiding, how on earth did they show up as co stars in a romance nov [...]

    27. This was my favorite book of the trilogywhich isn t actually saying much The book is still devoid of any REAL NY flavor just mentioning Central Park doesn t count as flavor Wes and Rosemary were my favorite H h so far, but describing Wes as a bad boy chefridiculous He s a chef with a troubled background, but he does not fit the bad boy mold At all The kid s breaking himself to try and go straight Wearing a leather jacket does not make you a bad boy.Of course, this was actually my favorite book b [...]

    28. I love Louisa Edwards books If you enjoy cooking shows and the world of cooking, I think you would enjoy these romaces Plus, every time I read one, I wanted to run to my kitchen and fix a tasty meal One of my new favorite recipes actually came from her second book Just One Taste is the 3rd book in this series The books should must be read in order as many characters reappear in this novel, especially the continuing story of Frankie and Jess which wraps up nicely in this book In fact,I think Edwa [...]

    29. OMG YES I finished this book with a huge grin on my face I just love the way Louisa Edwards writes food, and working with food And Rosemary was a huge geek, which is always cute, and the romance was so, so satisfying, but my favorite thing, my very favorite thing, is that this book has one of my all time favorite tropes the con artist dad The one who really does love you, who doesn t understand why you aren t grateful for the wonderful training they gave you in childhood, who you haven t heard [...]

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