The Bones Below

The Bones Below By Sierra DeMulder, The Bones Below A clear voice of her generation Sierra DeMulder s writing offers a gritty sincere perspective on the subtle joys and modern pains of living Her debut collection The Bones Below delicately carries th
  • Title: The Bones Below
  • Author: Sierra DeMulder
  • ISBN: 9780984251537
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Bones Below By Sierra DeMulder, A clear voice of her generation, Sierra DeMulder s writing offers a gritty, sincere perspective on the subtle joys and modern pains of living Her debut collection The Bones Below delicately carries the reader to a place of brutal, beautiful honesty DeMulder s personal revelations complete a touching portrait of the young artist and her fearless exploration of the human eA clear voice of her generation, Sierra DeMulder s writing offers a gritty, sincere perspective on the subtle joys and modern pains of living Her debut collection The Bones Below delicately carries the reader to a place of brutal, beautiful honesty DeMulder s personal revelations complete a touching portrait of the young artist and her fearless exploration of the human experience, bare in its rawest and most tender forms.
    The Bones Below By Sierra DeMulder,
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      207 Sierra DeMulder
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    1. Sierra DeMulder

      Sierra DeMulder is an internationally touring performance poet and educator, a two time National Poetry Slam champion, and a thrice published author of The Bones Below, New Shoes on a Dead Horse 2010, 2012, Write Bloody Publishing , and We Slept Here Button Poetry, 2015 A 2014 McKnight Fellowship recipient, Sierra s work has been featured on NPR, Huffington Post, The Advocate, and In addition to performing, Sierra is the curriculum director of the Slam Camp at Indiana University, an annual writing summer camp for high school students, and one of the founders of Button Poetry, the largest digital distributor of spoken word in the world Her latest full length collection, Today Means Amen, was released early 2016 by Andrews McMeel, publisher of Calvin and Hobbes, The Oatmeal, and NY Times bestselling poet Lang Leav.

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    1. I can t so hard I love Sierra DeMulder s writing every fucking letter of every fucking word Poetry is something that is insanely difficult to describe and even if it weren t I still could not put words to her poems.I m going to tell you guys my favorites With poems I will leave quotes for, and others I won t You get what you get The first six are the best of the collection in my opinion During the Month it Took You to Leave Me There are six states pressed like stubborn flowers between the last t [...]

    2. This book was read for the readwomen month I wish I had seen her perform all of these I discovered her after listening to her The Tampon Poem , and knew that I needed to listen to all of her other slams my favourite soon becoming her To Michelle Bachmann Click on those links and listen to what she has to say, the first one will be funny and important, the second one important as well, but extremely sad Then after listening to her, read this, for even though it is not as strong as her slam poetry [...]

    3. Go read this book I don t care if you don t like poetry Go read this book By far some of the best modern poetry I have ever read, if not THE best modern poetry I ve ever read This woman, she is a wordsmith You can feel the emotion she puts into her poems, like Mrs Dahmer, and Static She covers everything her exes, a shooting, the mother of a serial killer I am in love with this book, and I m going to have the privilege of working with Sierra DeMulder in June at the Gustavus Slam Poetry Camp I am [...]

    4. You know a book is good when you are torn between going to sleep and continuing to read You know a book is amazing when you turn a page and wonder why the poet named a poem acknowledgments , quickly realizing that you ve finished and wondering how that happened Well, let me tell you this book is AMAZING.This collection is so fantastic, seriously I m flabbergasted not a word I use lightly, by the way at the rawness of the poems DeMulder holds nothing back, and she doesn t punch lightly A few of t [...]

    5. Incredible Some of my favorite quotables It s a complicated anger to be jealous of your own skin.There is an orchestra on my neck shaped like yourfrom all the nights you held me the wayyou only hold something slipping.You still feel like a sound caught in my throat Would Mary be forsaken if Jesus had not grownto be the son God had intended to father If he did not wear a crown of thorns,but instead wrapped it around his knuckles Will I be forgiven for the sins I did not commitbut created I will c [...]

    6. Sierra Demulder s poetry isn t for everyone It s matter of fact, observant, and sometimes very simple You might read half the book and not yet be impressed But let me tell you something about Sierra Demulder s poetry When you land on the poem that does connect to you, it won t be some fanciful string of words that takes you back to a fine summer day when you were twelve The poem that connects to you will be raw, and it will be so stark and self aware that after a handful of poems you just skimme [...]

    7. Modern pains of living, beautiful honesty said by Karen Finneyfrock Those words nail down DeMulder s poetry with a stake through your eyes that leave them glued and watering for The whole collection is worth checking out Here is some that stand out for me Some Like it Hot Paper Dolls Under Apron Come Sit Heel Stay Heart Apnea Sawdust

    8. Words are primal in this collection emotion stripped of shields Great reading sublime if you can catch a live performance of this talented poet.

    9. I wish I was the one with the needle and thread.I would hem her hands over themselvesso she would know how it felt to be helpless One A.M.I think I ve made my stance on contemporary poetry very clear i.e i do not understand or care , but collections like this give me hope.A friend gave this book to me on a Saturday night and I quickly lamented that I do not read poetry, nor do I know how to read poetry His response was, Just keep reading And so I did I read this and sort of yelled at some of the [...]

    10. The poems written by DeMulder tell a feeling An emotion is evoked every single time one of her beautiful words is read I fell in love with each of this poems and consumed this book in a few hours I didn t want to rush into it, I swear I said to myself that poetry shouldn t be read like that, in a day, and so I tried to put it away but it was really hard And sooner than expected, the book was finished and I was left being inspired with all of these emotions I highly recommend this book to all lov [...]

    11. This is poetry about waking up at 7 am, drinking coffee and sitting on your front porch watching the sun rise, then set, then rise again This is poetry about the one thing that still makes your mother smile This is poetry about the pain, and job, and everything in between that comes from living life with your heart on your sleeve and a pen in your hand This is poetry that ll make you understand why people become poets at all This book is why people become poets.

    12. I loved you head over handleslike my first bicycle accident before the mouthful of gravel and blood,I swore we were flying words that are etched into my heart forever i love this woman and her writingso, i ve been seeing this quote everywhere for years and i never knew it was about an abusive relationship the context of domestic abuse gives it a whole new meaning.

    13. Not bad One of my favorite lines Am I the ocean Are you drowning in everythingI don t say when I m awake This is a nice break from all the fiction I read.

    14. This book was given to me by a friend and is the first actual book of poetry I ve ever read The back cover says it best, it s brutal and beautifully honest.

    15. ONE OF THE MOST COMPELLING BOOKS OF POETRY I HAVE ENCOUNTEREDunningly uniquea fresh voicea fresh perspectiveBeautiful.

    16. Sierra s voice is raw but meticulous Her poems are the perfect balance of simplicity and complex abstract imagery It s just beautiful I have no words, just go read Sierra s

    17. Loved it I found Demulder on YouTube her performance of Paper Dolls drew me right in and made me buy this book Definitely going to get a copy of her newest work.

    18. Sierra s voice will quiet a crowded room These poems are fresh and ring clear The words will reverberate through your bones.

    19. DeMulder s poetry is succinct and powerful, to a point She speaks through a young and vibrant voice, and her poetry packs a punch She s following the somewhat recent trend running through millennial poetry which is to speak about the everyday and to be accessible to all readers In that sense, what she s doing works for her intended audience However, among the hits in this collection, there are many misses There s some material that seems overdone and tired poetry written as the other woman, a po [...]

    20. thebookloversboudoir.wordpresDeMulder has become one of my favourite poets after reading this fantastic collection and her collection Today Means Amen The Bones Below is a striking collection of contemporary poems I loved it This collection contains poems that I love the most, emotional, deep, intense poems about human frailty and emotions Thankfully, there are no poems about trees or meadows or baby lambs to be seen The subject matter of The Bones Below is diverse and includes everything from e [...]

    21. This was so beautiful Smaller than its rival of which I have recently read, No Matter the Wreckage by Sarah Kay, this collection holds slightly less poetry, and therefore has less filler poems My favorites here were definitely the tribute biographic poems Some Like it Hot, about Marilyn Monroe, Mrs Dahmer, about the infamous serial killer s mother, Static, view spoiler the tale of a school shooter s descent into insanity view spoiler Overall, I loved this, and am eager to pick it up again just t [...]

    22. This was actually incredible I didn t have super high hopes for this when I randomly found it on Scribd because I d never heard of it, but it was amazing There s so much covered in here Definitely adding Sierra DeMulder to the list of poets I need to read from

    23. The Bones Below is beautifully written with a remarkably unique voice I don t think this is DeMulder s best work but it s pretty freaking great.

    24. People say, when you marry someone, you marry their family Was that your fatherfingering me on the couch in front of your siblings Was he the one who made you ignore the no sto slide them under the pillow with your hands Sierra DeMulder, Cycle of AbuseThere is something so special about Sierra DeMulder s writing I associate her with a brightness a whimsical, romantic spirit And while that may be true, so much of her writing is about death Either a physical death of someone dying or a death of a [...]

    25. When the apocalypse comes, so will we Demulder simply has a fantastic way with words Her metaphors alone make this collection stunning and original, when a meteor crashes through our kitchen ceiling Tackling the subjects of relationships, the existence of God, virginity, gender roles, family and even the minds of serial killers, every poem has something different to offer, whether it s heads in freezers or apocalyptic sex Previous reviews have described the collect as intensely personal , and I [...]

    26. I love this anthology Sierra is one of my favourite poets I love how she can write from lots of different points of view I can t even pick a favourite poem from this because they are all breath taking and amazing A few of my top ones though are For my exes, Paper Dolls, Mrs Dahmer, Taxidermy, Static, Cycle of Abuse and One AM I just love it and one of my favourite lines is she makes every blinking eyelash a collision I just want everyone to read her work because it changed my views on poetry

    27. I kind of went back and forth on this one There were some poems I really liked Mrs Dahmer , The Other Woman , Taxidermy and Misplacing Their Ring Fingers stood out for me and others I was lukewarm on or didn t really enjoy Unfortunately, the poems I wasn t into outnumbered the ones I liked I think Demulder has an interesting style this book just wasn t consistent or developed enough for me Also some pretty obvious typos, which were distracting from the content.

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