Blauwvos By Sjón Marcel Otten, Blauwvos Een zwakbegaafde meisje wordt gevonden aan boord van een vrachtschip dat in voor de kust van Reykjavik strandt Ze is zwanger Niemand weet wie ze is of waar ze vandaan komt De wat wereldvreemde pl
  • Title: Blauwvos
  • Author: Sjón Marcel Otten
  • ISBN: 9789044506860
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Blauwvos By Sjón Marcel Otten, Een zwakbegaafde meisje wordt gevonden aan boord van een vrachtschip dat in 1868 voor de kust van Reykjavik strandt Ze is zwanger Niemand weet wie ze is of waar ze vandaan komt De wat wereldvreemde plantkundige Fridrik B Fridjonsson ontfermt zich over haar Er ontstaat een tedere relatie tussen hem en het meisje, waardoor ze zich buiten de gemeenschap plaatsen De domiEen zwakbegaafde meisje wordt gevonden aan boord van een vrachtschip dat in 1868 voor de kust van Reykjavik strandt Ze is zwanger Niemand weet wie ze is of waar ze vandaan komt De wat wereldvreemde plantkundige Fridrik B Fridjonsson ontfermt zich over haar Er ontstaat een tedere relatie tussen hem en het meisje, waardoor ze zich buiten de gemeenschap plaatsen De dominee ontzegt haar de toegang tot de kerk omdat zwakbegaafden de dienst verstoren Fridrik zint op wraak Als de dominee, die een fervent jager is, op de sneeuwvlakten achter een slimme blauwvos aan zit, lijkt die wraak zich te voltrekken.
    Blauwvos By Sjón Marcel Otten,
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      Sjón Marcel Otten

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    1. Sjón Marcel Otten

      Sj n Sigurj n B Sigur sson was born in Reykjavik on the 27th of August, 1962 He started his writing career early, publishing his first book of poetry, S nir Visions , in 1978 Sj n was a founding member of the surrealist group, Med sa, and soon became significant in Reykjavik s cultural landscape.

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    1. I have seen the universe, it is made of poems All things change nothing perishes OvidIt always astonishes me when a book can create a vast amount of power and meaning out of such little story and length Set amid the snow and ice of an Icelandic winter, Sj n s The Blue Fox, winner of the 2005 Nordic Council Literature Prize, is as still and quiet as a coffin yet holds a horrific truth inside Sj n masterfully laces two stories together, one of Reverend Baldur s fateful hunt for a blue fox and the [...]

    2. jeff vandermeer s drawing of the cover the first sentence of the book s description on the back cover of my copy is Set against the stark backdrop of the Icelandic winter, an elusive, enigmatic fox leads a hunter on a transformative quest.which is itself an elusive, vague sentence, but it is also the most cheekily appropriate summary one you don t really appreciate until after you ve read the book which you should do because i m not sure how to review this responsibly, without giving away the fa [...]

    3. Transformation.I was getting worried in my own way I had finished two books and written reviews for neither, started on a third, was reading test pages from a fourth view spoiler Sommerregen der Liebe hide spoiler , and had taken receipt of a fifth view spoiler see below hide spoiler which was dauntingly longer than I had expected but with the unexpected potential benefit of being able to use it as a foot stool, when in the middle of doing a task that no one else could do for me I was thinking o [...]

    4. Hmm I bought this just because it sounded interesting, and it made me remember why I stopped doing that The synopsis was better than the book There were so many characters with different names that it got confusing, the format was discombobulated, it was pretty hard to understand and in general I just didn t understand the cohesiveness or significance of any of the events I was glad it was short, and even glad that I was able to finish it quickly I wouldn t recommend this one unless you could r [...]

    5. A Self Righteous AsideSearching for images of a Blue Fox is disturbing Here is a non disturbing picture but for just about every photo of fox in the wild, there is a creepy drawing of cartoonish blue vixen with big boobs, or even worse pictures of fattened and depressed looking foxes being kept in cages awaiting their murder for their fur, dead foxes having been killed for their fur, or well the end result of their murder Now murder might be a harsh word, and some people believe fur is right to [...]

    6. This Icelandic novella set in the late 19th century, is part historical fiction, part folktale or fantasy that blue fox does some amazing things , part morality tale in recounting a two fold story of the Reverend hunter and Herbalist Fridrik Also integral is Abba, or Hafdis, a young woman with Downs, who lives with Fridrik Their story is the warm heart of this tale.There is also some beautiful, and sometimes humorous, prose.The night was cold and of the longer variety p 14 The rim of daylight wa [...]

    7. Ovo je lijep i poeti an, kratak roman, ali bio bi jo i bolji da je duljeg formata Taman kad sam se u ivjela u knjigu, pohvatala likove i surovi islandski krajolik, puf, kraj Pa sad ne znam, jedna od onih knjiga kojima bi istovremeno dala i 1 i 5, to me prili no frustrira Pa zato zlatna sredina.

    8. Kraj 19 og stolje a,Island,sve enik,djevoj ica s Downom,snijeg i Plava lisica.Ima sve elemente da roman bude zanimljiv.Dobitnik vrijedne knji evne nagrade Nordijskog vije a i preveden na 33 jezika.Malo stranica i puno literarne ljepote.Moje preporuke za zimske dane

    9. Evreni g rd m iirden yap lm Kuzeyi haliyle so u u ve sadeli i sevenlere zellikle hitap edecek, flashback flashfoward l umdu umdan ok daha g zel bir kitapt Mavi Tilki.Farkl k lt r ve co rafyalara de inen kitaplar zaten seviyorum da, lmeden nce yap lacaklar listemin ilk s ralar nda Kuzey I klar n g rmek olunca insan kitab b yle ba r na basmak istiyor cidden Bilmiyorum ben ok sevdim ama herkese hitap edece ini d nm yorum.

    10. Tendo como cen rio a g lida e luminosa Isl ndia da segunda metade do s culo XIX, assistimos ao desfile de vidas humanas marcadas pela perda, pela salva o, pela temeridade, pelo abandono, pelo horror.Abba A maior prova do dom nio da natureza sobre o homem, esta permitir que o homem se conven a que pode conversar com uma raposa azul sobre electricidade impunemente O homem pode apanh la desprevenida mas no fim, ela que dele se apodera ou ser o regresso do homem ao seu estado natural.

    11. Katra rindkopa k glezna.Fantastiski.Baud mi.Un Tu esi Island.Un mistik , un ziem , led , ielej s un snieg , un apdom jot, vai caur spuldzi, elektr bai cauri, m j s ien k Dievs.Vai ar esi nu lapsa.Izcils tulkojums.

    12. Lielisks apliecin jums tam, ka maz k ir vair k.Zvaigzn m ir vienalga, kam vi as sp d sv tajiem, slepkav m, nevainojamajiem baltajiem cilv kiem vai pamu iem Vai laps m.Interesantas eksistenci las p rdomas rosino s st sts koncentr t form ar Islandes skaisto, bet skarbo dabu otr pl na lom Tik koncentr ts, ka t pa stam par to neko nevar st st t, cit di uzreiz maiteklis san k.

    13. U tvom svijetu mo da ovo ne bi bila velika vijest, ali ovdje jest jedna je ena umrla, a jedan je ovjek nestao Kratak roman o maloj zajednici sa mjestom radnje negdje na rubu svijeta davne 1883.g na Islandudna ena sa Downovim sindromom, jedan sve enik, lov na rijetku plavu lisicu i puno onog po emu je Sjon postao druga iji u pripovijedanju Sve mi je tek na kraju postalo milije Preporuka

    14. I was toying with giving this novel a four star rating, but further thought brought it down to a three Enchanting as it is poetic even if in a darkly fashion Sj n is exquisite in both his writing and style I did not expect such a superb, thrilling read From the beginning I was hooked by the intensity of scenes due to the sheer focus on detail and the craft of such isolated happenings in an incredibly affective way I commend the author for such an enrapturing ride and the ability to create such d [...]

    15. I have a flu and it s very cold where I live now Yet, I still need to go to work and this short book was perfect to read during these hectic times.The beginning of The Blue Fox reminded me a lot of The Old Man The Sea We encounter a man trying to hunt down a blue fox However, then the story changes and is about a woman with down syndrome who was found on a shipwreck The last part of the book has a magical undertone the fox comes back to life after being hunted and the conclusion of the book is f [...]

    16. it s curious the ways in which a novel that doesn t otherwise astound us can still have of a lingering effect than those that so effortlessly do sj n s the blue fox skugga baldur is a novella set in late 19th century iceland concerning the fates of three individuals or four, if you count that of the eponymous canine as an icelandic novelist and poet, it is nearly inevitable that sj n would garner comparisons to nobel laureate and countryman halld r laxness, given that he is one of but a very sm [...]

    17. Ilustra o de Raffi Andrian A Raposa Azul do island s Sj n, diminutivo de Sigurj n B Sigur sson n 1962 , ganhou o Nordic Council s Literary Prize em 2005.Um romance curto 107 p ginas repleto de intensidade e magia, numa escrita po tica e enigm tica, para ouvir ao som da m sica de Bjork A noite era fria e do tipo mais longo P g 19 O sol aquece o corpo branco com um crepitar hesitante, pode bem ser o c ntico dos p ssaros P g 23 Um p ssaro de Ver o cantouNum dia ensolarado A felicidade trouxe te at [...]

    18. There are short novels that are perfect in their shortness Of Mice and Men, We Have Always Lived in the Castle the top contenders for perfect short novel.This is a good short novel that could be a perfect long novel In fact, it s a short story masquerading as a novel which should be a long novel which could be perfect.The Blue Fox begins with a deceptively simple mini story the word fable here is almost unavoidable of a hunter on the trail of a mythical, possibly magical, blue fox Then the reade [...]

    19. Pequenino mas concentrado com frases muito bonitas e de grande qualidade Um romance que te transporta para outro tempo e para outra paisagem Gostei da onda m stica do livro.

    20. This short novel brings the reader to a magical realm of snow, a blue fox, and a stubborn hunter combined with a big dose of history and fate It has so much potential, but I felt as if Sjon failed in his enterprise and ultimately produced a brief, pretentious novel that brings up so many interesting story lines in a draft format Ultimately, the first part of the novel is the best one as we get to experience a silent hunt through the snow The remainder of the story ties up historical connections [...]

    21. Sept 2011It may have the cutest cover of any book I ve read as an adult, be described as a fairy tale , with a recommendation from Bjork, but this story is far from twee.The original Icelandic title is Skugga Baldur , also the name of one of the central characters not a nice man whom we first meet as he hunts the blue fox The harshness of that sound, and the use of his name as the title, far better reflects the tale and its brutal environment This is not The Snow Goose featuring a rare fox inste [...]

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