Hotel Paradise

Hotel Paradise By Martha Grimes, Hotel Paradise Internationally acclaimed Martha Grimes once again turns her hand to crafting a story of such rich atmosphere and intricate suspense that she transports the reader to a world unlike any other A once f
  • Title: Hotel Paradise
  • Author: Martha Grimes
  • ISBN: 9780345394255
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hotel Paradise By Martha Grimes, Internationally acclaimed Martha Grimes once again turns her hand to crafting a story of such rich atmosphere and intricate suspense that she transports the reader to a world unlike any other A once fashionable, now fading resort hotel A spinster Aunt living in an attic Dirt roads that lead to dead ends A house full of secrets and old, dusty furnishings, uninhabitedInternationally acclaimed Martha Grimes once again turns her hand to crafting a story of such rich atmosphere and intricate suspense that she transports the reader to a world unlike any other A once fashionable, now fading resort hotel A spinster Aunt living in an attic Dirt roads that lead to dead ends A house full of secrets and old, dusty furnishings, uninhabited for almost half a century A twelve year old girl with a passion for double chocolate ice cream sodas, and decaying lake fronts, and an obsession with the death by drowning of another young girl, forty years before.Like all important events in the past, there are repercussions and ramifications in the present In the world as seen by Martha Grimes, those repercussions simmer and seethe and wind their way through hearts and souls The ramifications can be subtle Or exhilarating Passionate And they can also be deadly.Hotel Paradise is a delicate yet excruciating view of the pettiness and cruelty of small town America It is a look at the difficult decisions a young girl must make on her way to becoming an adult and the choices she must make between right and wrong, between love and truth, between life and death It is a novel with extraordinary range and depth that ultimately becomes a thrilling morality play.
    Hotel Paradise By Martha Grimes,
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    1. Martha Grimes

      Martha Grimes is an American author of detective fiction.She was born May 2 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to D.W a city solicitor, and to June, who owned the Mountain Lake Hotel in Western Maryland where Martha and her brother spent much of their childhood Grimes earned her B.A and M.A at the University of Maryland She has taught at the University of Iowa, Frostburg State University, and Montgomery College.Grimes is best known for her series of novels featuring Richard Jury, an inspector with Scotland Yard, and his friend Melrose Plant, a British aristocrat who has given up his titles Each of the Jury mysteries is named after a pub Her page turning, character driven tales fall into the mystery subdivision of cozies In 1983, Grimes received the Nero Wolfe Award for best mystery of the year for The Anodyne Necklace.The background to Hotel Paradise is drawn on the experiences she enjoyed spending summers at her mother s hotel in Mountain Lake Park, Maryland One of the characters, Mr Britain, is drawn on Britten Leo Martin, Sr, who then ran Marti s Store which he owned with his father and brother Martin s Store is accessible by a short walkway from Mountain Lake, the site of the former Hotel, which was torn down in 1967.She splits her time between homes in Washington, D.C and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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    1. 4.5 starsI admit it took me a couple days to get into this book By the third day, though, I didn t want to put it down It was a very slow paced story, with a lot of extra details on the town or characters Once I got into the story and really liking Emma, I didn t mind those details The characters and town were a life of their own The creativeness of the names of people were something else You also never knew the name of Emma till the very end I m also still trying to figure out what year decade [...]

    2. And I wonder why is it that a growing thing that springs up of its own accord and in surprising places must be just a weed The creepy truth is some poor cooked to death egg on its moon walks Impatient photographers hung around the edges and they were sorry inside the lines I never saw it anyway It was just for a moment, when I was much younger than I am now You know how little kids say they are some age and a half to make sure you won t deny a second of their lives It was before your time minus [...]

    3. Of the four elements that make up a book, I waver among those I love the best I ll have my momentary heart stolen by the plot pace thrillers like the Millennium Trilogy, sure, like everyone, but in my deepest moments of self, I m a character atmosphere woman So Hotel Paradise is bliss for me It s a souffle of atmosphere, with the character of Emma Graham company whipped in The pace is slow to fit the atmosphere and the plot is convoluted as the thinking of Emma herself But I still maintain it s [...]

    4. Good writing More of a literary fiction book than a mystery, though This is book 1 in a series, so you really don t get much of a resolution to the mystery I ll have to continue the story in book 2.

    5. I read Hotel Paradise on the recommendation of my sister, whose taste in books I trust I immediately enjoyed the voice of the 12 year old narrator and not having read anything by Martha Grimes before was not actually expecting a crime novel, and maybe that was a good thing, because this book doesn t really fit that genre I m not sure what genre it does fit ghost story coming of age novel For me, it was evocative of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, as we get this 12 year old girl s view of her world.And [...]

    6. I don t think it s fair to give this book 1 star because I didn t dislike it but I did think it was incredibly boring and finishing it was such a chore It didn t create negative feelings, which some other one star books have done If it hadn t been a book club book, I probably wouldn t have finished it, actually I do respect the author s writing ability and her powers of description, which is also why it got bumped up to two stars, but I just kept waiting for something to happen I didn t feel the [...]

    7. Martha Grimes is amazing How can writing this exquisite also be this absorbing It s like a guilty pleasure without the guilt Or, you know, a pleasurewould be another way of saying that, I guess.

    8. I am trying to figure out why I chose this book to read, why I requested it from the library and brought it home but I just can t remember That said, I m glad I did because I did enjoy the story.This book is a reminder of what a good mystery is supposed to be like Filled with memories of better days gone by, perfect descriptions of food, people and places and enough of a touch of the mystery and a super cute mystery solver to keep the reader guessing and trying to figure out the story.I m not a [...]

    9. Hotel Paradise is a time travel vehicle of sorts It takes the reader back to a simpler provincial time before words such a potitical correctness and social consciousness became part of our vocabulary and nothing was thought of a 12 year old girl working in the family business The 12 year old girl in question is the narrator of the story and although she demonstrates a naivete comensurate with her years she also possesses an innate intelligence, insight and compassion far beyond her chronologica [...]

    10. I enjoyed the 12 year old main character in this book How she interacts with adults is amusing, cunning, and purposeful Emma Graham is the 12 year old sleuth She lives in an old resort hotel with her mother Jen Graham , her brother Will her mother s business partner Lola Davidow , her daughter Regina Ree Jane and her great aunt Aurora Paradise Emma does not have friends her age but she makes friends with many adults in the small town and at the hotel Her favorite friend is the sheriff Emma becom [...]

    11. This book seems to be a book that you either love or hate I personally love it You have to appreciate atmosphere and immersing yourself in another world to full enjoy this book The pace is deliberately slow, but not boring It is told through the eyes of a very likeable 12 year old narrator and it is a blissfully simpler world than the one that I currently live in There s also a really interesting mystery, but reading the book is so leisurely and enjoyable that you don t mind that it takes longer [...]

    12. 2 1 2 starsSeveral times while reading this I was tempted to abandon it But then I re read the rapturous book blurb and some absolutely glowing GR reviews, and kept on going I should have quit while I was ahead Even though parts of the novel were beautifully written, the slow pace just about killed me, and for me there was zero payoff at the end.I feel cheated and robbed I want my time investment back.

    13. I read Hotel Paradise for a book club discussion over on the Chicklit message boards It s probably not a book I would have ever picked out on my own, but I guess that s part of the purpose of book clubs, and I did enjoy it in the end.Hotel Paradise is the story of a 12 year old girl who lives at her mother s hotel and spends most of her free time investigating the 40 year old death of another 12 year old girl Ms Grimes s book is filled with wonderfully eccentric characters, but they never seem o [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this story, especially the 12 year old narrator It might be a bit of a stretch to believe she is as mature as she is but given the amount of responsibility she s giving, I suppose she had to be There were a few techniques the author used that I think worked very well I liked that the setting was never quite clear, although in my mind it was the mid 1950s in New England I thought it was quite interesting that the narrator s name wasn t given till the end, as if no one seemed to t [...]

    15. Une grande demeure abandonn e sur les rives d un lac silencieux Pour Emma, douze ans, petite fille solitaire et pleine d imagination, quoi de plus fascinant Surtout quand cette maison tait celle d une enfant retrouv e noy e dans ces eaux noires quarante ans auparavant Meurtre ou accident L affaire ne fut jamais lucid e, mais dans ce petit coin de l Am rique profonde, avec ses bourgades isol es au milieu des bois, ses habitants singuliers et leurs habitudes jalouses, chacun d tient une part de la [...]

    16. Lordy, I sped through this book over the long thanksgiving weekend I could not stop reading it I loved the descriptions of just about everything, it was fresh and inventive and I love all the kooky characters It s almost about the characters and a portrait of this small town and surrounding small towns I loved the narrator, I found her SO unbelievably relate able to able, even though she is 12 and I am, well, older not just on an I remember how it felt to be 12 way but also in a much relevant [...]

    17. I LOVED this book Didn t know what to expect from it, but it s a wonderful mixture of lit mystery, precocious and ostracized children, eccentric characters, food and wonderfully crafted moments Such a fantastic ending It s kind of like the love child of Wes Anderson and Donna Tartt I newly heart Martha Grimes If you love mysteries, if you love books, if you love food, if you felt alone as a teenager, if you have the blue devils, if you live for stories read this book It s been a while since a bo [...]

    18. I m reading this for the second time, a sure sign in my book no pun intended that it is a good one I also plan to read the two books that follow this one in a sort of trilogy The last book is new to me so I ll see how I like the three as a whole group this time.

    19. Part mystery, part coming of age story, part comedy the heroine, Emma Graham, is 12 going on 30 and determined to solve the mystery of the drowning 40 years ago of a girl her age Likeable characters in a richly rendered setting.

    20. I am enjoying this book tremendously For casual go to sleep reading and I have read a couple of her detective novels, of which she has many, and picked this one up thinking it was of the same series Not so It is full of great imagery and delightful characters.

    21. Normally I love the books of Martha Grimes, and maybe if I hadn t read Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley, I would have taken to this book For some reason I found it slow and repetitive, even though I enjoyed the main character, the time and place.

    22. One of my favorite books, which I m re reading in anticipation of finally reading the third in the series I ve never read a book that so closely relates my way of being in the world.

    23. I finally had to give up on this book I stopped at chapter 15 pg 112 I just couldn t force myself to read any of this book It s slow and tedious I can see where it has potential and I kept hoping it would get better and draw me in, but seriously it never did Seeing that it had a rating of four out of five made me keep reading for longer than I would have if the ratings had been lower I really struggled on this, but in the end I decided I have so many things that I really want to read why keep re [...]

    24. A fun mystery that is not a typical mystery novel This is told from the eyes of twelve year old Emma and it involves a case that happened forty years ago Emma lives with her mother in the Hotel Paradise, a hotel that was popular in the past and now seems to have a few older residents and a few guests Her mother is the chef and Emma helps out with serving the meals Otherwise she seems to have free run of the small town She starts reading old newspaper accounts of the death of a girl who was abou [...]

    25. A comfy read for idle time No horrors or gritty details to disturb the nerves A couple of mysterious deaths are mentioned after the fact and at a distance The mystery serves as a subject to be draped with the chain of thought experiences and fantasies of the narrator Some characters lives become of interest to follow A context of social comedy carries the progress of events Nothing to reread no ideas or keeper phrases Written so the reader may forget that they are reading There are no ridiculous [...]

    26. Thoroughly enjoyable mystery from the perspective of young Emma Graham, a 12 year old girl who is undersupervised and overly curious I really enjoyed seeing this mystery unravel from her perspective I think she is certainly one of my favourite narrators this year.I would recommend this read if you want something Agatha Christie esque, with an American twist, and from the perspective of someone who is figuring it all out along with you.

    27. Let s make it clear this is not a crime story There is hardly any action, it is too long, has many digressions, narrator is not reliable, there is no proper anding or solving the mystery But Martha Grimes mastered art of creating atmosphere with use of words I don t know what is in this book, besides annoying main character, irritiating lack of action, and dissapointing ending, but there is something I gave the book 2,75 stars.

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