Snook Alone

Snook Alone By Marilyn Nelson Timothy Basil Ering, Snook Alone A faithful little dog must survive on his own in the wild in this evocative tale of loss and reunion from acclaimed poet Marilyn Nelson and the inimitable Timothy Basil Ering Abba Jacob is a monk who
  • Title: Snook Alone
  • Author: Marilyn Nelson Timothy Basil Ering
  • ISBN: 9780763626679
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Snook Alone By Marilyn Nelson Timothy Basil Ering, A faithful little dog must survive on his own in the wild in this evocative tale of loss and reunion from acclaimed poet Marilyn Nelson and the inimitable Timothy Basil Ering.Abba Jacob is a monk who lives on a far, far away island with his loyal rat terrier, Snook Every day, from the wee hours of dawn till the sun sets over the sea, Snook keeps Abba Jacob company as he pA faithful little dog must survive on his own in the wild in this evocative tale of loss and reunion from acclaimed poet Marilyn Nelson and the inimitable Timothy Basil Ering.Abba Jacob is a monk who lives on a far, far away island with his loyal rat terrier, Snook Every day, from the wee hours of dawn till the sun sets over the sea, Snook keeps Abba Jacob company as he prays or works, tending the gardens or fixing the plumbing of the little hermitage he calls home But when the two are separated by a ferocious storm, Snook must learn to fend for himself in the wild, all alone in a world of fierceness and wonder Will he ever again hear the loving voice that he waits for Simply and lyrically told by award winning poet Marilyn Nelson and beautifully illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering with wit, warmth, and affection for the natural world, this captivating tale of friendship lost and found conveys the power of faith against all odds.
    Snook Alone By Marilyn Nelson Timothy Basil Ering,
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      Marilyn Nelson is the author of many acclaimed books for young people and adults, including CARVER A LIFE IN POEMS, a Newbery Honor Book and Coretta Scott King Honor Book, and A WREATH FOR EMMETT TILL, a Printz Honor Book and Coretta Scott King Honor Book She also translated THE LADDER, a picture book by Halfdan Rasmussen She lives in East Haddam, Connecticut.For information, please see answers topic marilyn

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    1. Need proof that this picture book ain t for your standard picture book audience K 2nd grade An excerpt Sometimes Snook watched the birds.The fairy terns, arrowlike white creatures,quick and agile, flew in mated pairs,dive bombing the sea and flying homewith little fishes dangling from their beakslike handlebar mustaches.The youngest of readers won t follow, but this is pretty stellar stuff for 4th 5th grade on up Living on an island with his master, monk Abba Jacob, rat terrier Snook is in charg [...]

    2. I listened to a radio interview with Marilyn Nelson and Krista Tippett On Being Nelson s comments made me want to read the complete works of Marilyn Nelson This is Book One for me.This is ostensibly a children s book about a little dog that gets left alone on an island, separated from Abba Jacob, the monk he lives with We first see the quiet life of work the dog has with the contemplative monk at a hermitage and then the life he has after they are separated We see the little dog s loyalty, liste [...]

    3. As children s books go, this has an above average vocabulary, so it s not a choice for the emergent reader However, the artwork by Timothy Basil Erving is so enchanting and the story is a sweet read aloud This is the book you will read with your child over and over again, discovering new secrets hidden in both the language and the drawings each time I picked up the book because the cover drawing looks like our Smooth Fox Terrier Okay, the story is really about a RAT terrier, but the breeds are s [...]

    4. Was a bit skeptical opening this one up as I worried it be another sappy dog book and I don t well with sappy and even less well with sappy dog books now that I have such a companion of my own But I was blown away by it in lesser hands this same story might indeed be a sweet and sentimental tale of friendship, but in the hands of these two it is elevated to something much, much Exquisite.

    5. Snook, abandoned inadvertantly, reminded me of Tom Hanks character in Cast Away, only sadder and sweeter since Snook doesn t understand where his friend went or why The details of the island and the creatures of the sand and sea and the lovely language are matched by the art by Timothy Basil Ering who certainly knows the poignancy in the curved back of a dog, head hung low.

    6. A touching and sensitive story about a relationship between an old monk and his little dog, with a stunning mixture of quirky little line drawings and acrylic full pagers This one will go on my All Time Favourites list.

    7. I was completely immersed in this world of Abba Jacob and Snook I felt like I wanted to join them in their daily activities.

    8. Abba Jacob lived on an island with his dog, Snook Each day their routine was the same They got up at dawn, prayed, worked together, and spent time in companionable silence together Sometimes there were visitors or Abba Jacob headed off to town in his car, but Snook was always there waiting for him Until one day, Snook and Abba Jacob headed out in a boat to help catalog plant and animal species on the islands Snook was along to help catch the rats and mice that were disrupting the birds and anima [...]

    9. Bringing her award winning affinity for poetic description to the task of writing a picture book, author Marilyn Nelson shows that she is at least as good in this medium as she is at the writing of verse Abba Jacob a solitary monk who lives a quite, simple life on an island away from the mainstream population and Snook, his loving rat terrier, become separated from each other one day when they travel to an island away from their regular home to help in the classification of animals on behalf of [...]

    10. Well, I really wanted to super like this one The art of the dog is adorable and the endpapers are great what colour and texture Unfortunately, it s easy to see why it didn t come away with awards The story has so much text that it hinders the function of the picturebook Nelson has way to much detail to leave anything for the pictures to say despite using lovely words and describing interesting places, creatures, and feelings The story would have made a rather nice first chapterbook and avoided b [...]

    11. This book makes me want to read of Marilyn Nelson s work She has a marvelous way with words, her descriptions are vivid and evocative And Snook Alone is a lovely book, filled with warmth.But that said, this isn t a book for young children It s not that children can t understand the loneliness and longing that Snook experiences, but that the poetry of the phrasing is quite refined Sometimes Snook watched the birds.The fairy terns, arrowlike white creatures,quick and agile, flew in mated pairs,di [...]

    12. Snook Alone is about a dog and his owner and he loses his owner and then finds his owner again Snook and his owner love each other very much.I think kids would like it because it s about a dog that tries to make the best of when he is alone and he s waiting for his owner.I think other kids would enjoy it if they were old enough to actually understand the words.My favorite part is when Snook is with Abba Jacob and they are praying and sleeping and cleaning toilets together.Snook alone on the isl [...]

    13. This is one of those really beautiful and moving books, but I don t know how kids would respond to it It s fairly long for a picture book, so it wouldn t work for our storytime The illustrations are done in acrylic and ink, and they really set the perfect tone for the book The story gets incredibly sad, SPOILER ALERT but it has a happy ending The story is just told so well The descriptions make you feel like you re alone on the island with the lonely little pup There are lots of opportunities to [...]

    14. Read this book Snook is a little terrier who lives on an island with a monk,Abba Jacob It s Snook s job to chase the rats out of the garden Snook observes Abba Jacob in his monastic lifestyle climbing the stairs of the tower to meditate, his prayer, his service, tending the garden, the picture of a woman and a child on the table, so many beautiful details Snook and Abba Jacob go to an island and are separated by a storm Snook is left to fend for himself amidst storms and wild creatures, faithful [...]

    15. Themes dog, survival, monk, hermit, faithCharacters Snook and Abba JacobPoetry in free verse tells the tale of a dog regretfully abandoned on an island Not to worry, there is food and water for the dog to survive It s the fight against unknown creatures and loneliness The illustrations in ink and arcylic are warm, loving, and dramatic on the creamy parchment of the pages Abba Jacob, dressed in a toga, draws the reader to the past even though he lives in the present.Reviewed from a library copy.

    16. Quite wordy for a picture book my only quibble , nevertheless this is a sweet story of a beloved dog who is stranded on an island after a storm and waits patiently for his owner to return and get him At first I wondered why it took so long for Abba Jacob to return for Snook, but perhaps from Snook s perspective time is fluid The pictures are endearing and interesting, with an almost cartoonishly cute Abba Jacob playing against the realistically portrayed Snook and his natural surroundings.

    17. Overall I got the feeling of How sweet with this story But there were sometimes that the imagery missed its mark with me Loved the illustrations Not exactly what I m used to, which may be why I liked them Snook is adorable I definitely felt the loneliness, but also the various curiosities available for him to explore while he waited for rescue Too much text for a preschool storytime, and might not be as interesting for a school age storytime But a very good lap read and read alone, especially fo [...]

    18. Nicely descriptive text But holy cow, a gut punch at times Like Hachiko Waits, Jurassic Bark, and Greyfriars Bobby the story of an unwaveringly loyal dog And I m a sucker for that trope.Great adventures for poor loyal Snook along the way, though Far better than just waiting endlessly outside of a shabby pizza joint.

    19. This book is about a sweet doggy who loves his companion, a monk named Abba Jacob I don t think I would read this book all at once to any child because I, myself, got bored It s a book which needs to be taken in sections Still, there s nothing too amazing about it No surprises and it s rather sudden that the boat comes back I didn t particular like the book, but 3 stars for great, vivid wording.

    20. Abba Jacob is a monk who lives on an island with his dog, Snook When a terrible storm separates them, Snook learns to survive in the wild while waiting for his beloved friend to return.I enjoyed the lush descriptions of beach life and Snook s experiences The only false note the illustrations of Abba Jacob gave him a comical appearance which did not seem in keeping with the tone of the story.

    21. Such a cute story Snook is accidentally marooned on an island, and must survive until his owner, a monk, can retrieve him The illustrations by Timothy Basil Ering really make this story In fact, it was suggested by people in my children s literature listserv as a contenter for the Caldecott Medal this year, but it didn t win Well it should win something this year, as this is one of the cutest dog stories I ve ever read Recommended

    22. Beautifully illustrated book Longer story of a dog s wait for his master But Avocaire Island was the center of a vast circle of longing And from the unknown direction Snook s longing came back to him, mirrored in a fractal of moving sea light, one flicker of which was Abba Jacob s prayer Wind, breathing Breath, waves Good dog.

    23. Another wonderful marriage of author and illustrator This is a sweet story about two friends, separation, survival and reconnection, delightfully enhanced by the illustrations which are whimsical and detailed and full of life, just as Snook is And while every word counts here, so does every knook and cranny of illustration A book for young and old to delight in.

    24. This is a melancholy story, one of loss and remembrance, of survival and lonliness It s an unusual story, but tender, too, depicting the bond between man and dog and the love that never diminishes despite the distance between them The illustrations are wonderful and complement the story nicely We really enjoyed this story.

    25. Snook and Abba Jacob live a solitary life on a small island They are constant companions, man and dog, until a ferocious storm separates them Snook longs to hear the sound of his master s voice, but he never comes He waits faithfully Until, one day, at long last, his faith is restored, and Abba Jacob is once again with him.

    26. Joyous, with beautifully expressive pictures, sweeping spreads A book of friendship and belief in reunion belief in what isn t known but felt Cycle of life theme without being didactic I think you could easily give this to someone grieving a loss, whether child or adult Or to someone puzzling out what faith is I loved Snook s faith.

    27. Heartbreakingly beautiful illustration and story You ll find yourself waiting and wishing and hoping right alongside Snook as he learns to navigate the world on his own and wait patiently for his Monk friend to return And of course, the ending will make your spirit soar with happiness and relief.

    28. This is a story for a little bit older child even though it s a picture book How could I not fall in love with this little adorable Snook whose best friend was a monk, Abba Jacob Their love endured the true test of separation I wasn t sure how the story was going to end and was so pleased with how everything turned out.

    29. This is a text heavy, higher vocabulary picture book for older children with good attention spans to learn about longing, hope, and persistence, set against a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean Sweet, achingly heartfelt story and endearing, emotion filled illustrations fill the pages Thoughtful, reflective, spiritual without any identifiable religious bent A wonderful little book.

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